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Good morning all. I'm not asking for a solution this time, but more a "why". I have 2 computers, a desktop and a laptop. Last Sunday daylight saving started. I'm in New Zealand. Most to my surprise I've noticed that the laptop has the updated time, however, the desktop doesn't. Daylight saving started earlier this year. But why would one computer update and not the other.


I believe I've run into this in the past on XP as well, but I have 3 computers at home on Windows 7 and 2 of the three say that Indiana (East) does not observe daylight saving time. As a result I have two computers with the wrong time, I know I can set it to Easter time and resolve it but I shouldn't need to do this. Has anyone run into this or can point me to an MS article telling me why?

Why does my state have to be different...

Thanks in advance


Describes the daylight saving time 2009 hotfix for the "(GMT+02:00) Cairo" and "(GMT+08:00) Perth" time zones. Update applies to Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.


Provides a hotfix to update the Daylight Saving Time for the Fiji Standard Time time zone for the year 2009 for Windows operating systems.


First, have you ensured that the Current Time Zone setting under Outlook | Tools | Options | Calendar Options | Time Zone is the same as the setting under Start | Settings | Contol Panel | Date and Time Properties | Time Zone? (Menus may vary with OS and Outlook versions.)

Edit: Also, under Outlook | Tools | Options | Calendar Options | Time Zone, make sure the "Adjust for Daylight Savings Time" box is checked

We have a rather serious situation. We have a Windows 2000 Domain (running in native mode) with Exchange 2000 as well. We have a mixture of clients, but the clients with WinXPPro have just noticed that the "Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings" box on their local computers is not checked (we use Norton Ghost to push out the machines and noticed on a fresh ghost that although the setting is checked, it does not hold). Several of them have now adjusted their local machines and had to manually change all appointments in Outlook (2000 Pro, not XP). From what I have read, it appears that the XP clients may be getting their time/date information from the domain controller (which is set to adjust for daylight savings time). My concern is that the clients who have made their local setting to adjust for daylight savings and manually changed their calendars will have an issue after this weekend when the servers actually make the daylight savings change. Can anyone confirm????? I'm desperate...

The most annoying thing has started to happen. Calendar events that once were one day events -- now span two. I know it has something to do with the time zone and daylight savings time. I've set the clock properly on my Office XP Professional computer -- but when I look in Outlook 2002 it is incorrect. If I change it here -- it changes the main computer time as well. Very frustrating. Essentially -- when the box for daylight savings time is selected on one or the other -- it messes the other up. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

This story gets a little convoluted and involves a couple of cross-country moves, two different PDAs and some incredible frustration.

With my old computer, I lived in the Mountain Time Zone, used a Windows CE-based Casiopeia PDA with Microsoft Schedule+ on my computer. Because of some work I was doing for AOL, I had my computer clock set to Eastern Time (AOL's default time) and my PDA set to Mountain Time (two hours earlier), but it all worked. I then reset my computer to Mountain Time, and it still all worked.

Then I bought a new computer with Windows XP. Instead of Schedule+, I switched to Outlook with my old PDA. I moved in September to the Central Time Zone. and tried to switch my clock. Moving the computer clock ahead an hour (and the PDA) made all my appointments move ahead an hour. Because I was starting a new job and a new life, I just deleted everything on my calendar and started over. (I regretted this at tax time, alas!)

Things went fine until the end of October, when it was time to switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. When the computer made the switch, all my appointments in Outlook were suddenly off by an hour. Anything that was an all-day event from midnight to midnight now had a banner over TWO days, stretching from 11pm to 11pm. All my other appointments were an hour early. I disabled the automatic update to Daylight Savings Time and reset my clock. I think I manually changed all my appointment. It was a huge pain in the neck.

Last Sunday, I tried to switch back to Daylight Savings Time. Again, all my appointments want to jump ahead an hour. So, I disabled the automatic feature, set the clock ahead manually, and all the appointments in Outlook went back to normal.

The problem with this is that because my computer clock is not now set to adjust for Daylight Savings Time, my email program (not Outlook, but The Bat!) is not time-stamping my messages correctly. The Bat! wants to pick up the time on the computer clock, which it thinks is Central Standard Time.

I have downloaded Service Pack 2 to get the latest clock fixes -- no difference. I tried tech support with Dell -- they couldn't help. I have asked all my techie friends -- they sent me here.

I just want my computer to work. I want to update automatically between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time, I want to synch with my Palm, and I want the time-stamping on my email program to be picking up the correct time so that emails are again in their proper sequence. I think I should be able to do this. I just want to know how. (And I need the info in plain English, if possible, not too much tech-speak.)

Thanks to anyone who can help.


The threads at,, and being read,
I still can't get my system clock to "stick".
Up here in The Frozen North we are all adjusted to daylight saving, yet each time I reboot, the clock goes back to the pre-Dubya days.

In Win XP SP3 Control Panel I used the Date/Time control to reset the time correctly yesterday morning.
This morning I reboot and find that the clock in the status bar is, again, an hour slow.

In Win XP SP3 Control Panel I used the Date/Time control to check that:
(1) Time zone is GMT-5 (eastern USA & Canada)
(2) Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes is checked OFF
(3) Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server is checked OFF

Originally items (2) and (3) were checked ON.

I have a lurking feeling that this happened to me last year, or the year before.
I suspect that the lack of postings on this as an unresolved problem indicates that I have done something uniquely sinister to my system, but if anyone can suggest a different place to poke a stick at, I'd be happy to give it a try.

I've noticed lately that recurring dates, such as birthdays, now appear on the actual day and the next day in my calendar.

I've checked the source entry for the series and it's correct, e.g., Occurs every April 9 effective 4/9/2007 (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).

But the same entry also appears on April 10, which is confusing.

Is this a result of the Daylight Savings conversion fiasco or a symptom of something more ominous?

Has this happened to anyone else?



At least on Win XP (maybe earlier versions of Win?), I've noticed what seems to be a discrepancy with daylight savings time as follows:

Say I saved a file to my hard disk at 11:11pm on 12 Sept. I then copy it to a thumb drive. It then has the same time stamp; if I looked at it before daylight savings time, the time stamps would be the same. If I try to copy the file from my hard drive to the thumb drive, the Win copy confirm msg will have the same timestamp for both files.

It is now Dec 23. If I try to copy that same file from the hard drive to the thumb drive, I'm asked if I want to replace the 11:11 version with the 10:11 version. I say no. I see this behavior with many files (and I didn't update them an hour later and just save them to the thumb drive) but there are a few files that were created back in Sept and the time stamp agrees in both places.

Is this some kind of quirk in Win XP? Anyway to correct this?



We have a calendar in a public folder. Supposedly anyone can put an appointment in there for all to see. Most of the time it works fine, but every now and then, conflicting information will appear - i.e. the fourth of July holiday appears as July 3rd on TWO calendars, but it's the fourth on everyone elses. A vacation shows up on everyone's machine EXCEPT for one person (different two than the ones who had the July 4th snafu).

Apparently the synching isn't working properly. I found a KBase article that said this could happen if the set daylight savings time checkbox wasn't checked in the Control Panel for time settings - but that's not the problem - they're all checked. Has anyone else run into this or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Cindy K.

Ok, I'm losing my mind. I sync with my blackberry, and all the appointments end up one hour off. The Blackberry is set for the correct timezone, as is Windows. Outlook, however, does not have the "daylight savings time" button checked, and each time I do, and apply and ok, when I go back, it is unchecked again. It also screws with the windows time setting, which is probably a "feature".

Anyone have any ideas what might be going on and how to remedy?

I suppose you could call this post just a reminder of an old problem since I searched this forum and found Post 567324 from 2006.

The first thing I check on my computer each day is my overnight backups to make sure they ran OK and this morning I see that they ran at 2 am rather than the scheduled 1 am - which is BEFORE the automatic DST update I have XP set for! The Shadow Protect log has the correct time of 1 am. In checking around I see that all my backups (I have six weeks on two external drives) have had their file timestamps changed to one hour AFTER the fact. Same thing on about 20 photos that I took yesterday morning. I'm not going to spend any more time looking, but XP has probably changed the timestamp on all the files on the drive. (Can that really be?)

Now none of this is critical to me and I'll just live with it, but just in case someone DOES have a "mission critical" situation, that's my story and I don't know the answer...

Edited to add: Oh, I forgot to say that XP has evidently changed the timestamps on ALL drives, including my Vista drive which was idle last night (Vista not running). I don't have enough recollection about the files on that drive to recognize if they've been changed, BUT I did notice that the clock in Vista was adjusted forward by TWO hours instead of one - I don't know what caused that!

Ever since the PCs at work were updated with the Daylight Savings patch and Service Release 1 for Office 2000, we get an annoying balloon from the printer icon in the taskbar telling us the job was sent to the printer! Is there any way to stop the balloon pop-up? It seems there is a Windows setting that lets you toggle between allowing balloons but I can't remember where it is.


Why did Windows set the clock on my computer ahead by two hours? This happened in both XP and Windows 7.

It appears that when my computer changes time, to/from Daylight Savings, the time stamp on every file on the hard drive gets changed by one hour also. This is now the second time this has happened to me and came to my attention when I "synchronize" the files on my laptop with my desktop using LapLink. I perform this synchronization weekly and typically there are an expected number of files transferred between the computers. However, after a time change, LapLink reports that all of the files on my desktop have changed since the last sync and wants to copy all files to the notebook. A closer look revealed that all of the files on the desktop indicate a one hour time difference from the same files on the notebook - they were sync'd last week and the files on neither computer were modified since that time.

Has anyone else encountered this file time stamp change on change of Daylight Savings time?

Hello Everyone,
I have an old issue with a new twist, for me at least. I'm hoping someone has an idea.
This home office PC has suddenly begun running CHKDSK at startup on every boot and only on the D: partition. The C: partition stays "clean". No errors are found by the chkdsk run. Running CHKDSK /f /r or the version from the My Computer>Disk D>Properties>Error Check does not fix the problem. Using CHKNTFS /X D: does not prevent the chkdsk at startup either; neither does fixing the "BootExecute" line in the registry. Running Recovery Console does fix the problem.........until the next boot.

I'm thinking some some application or service is not shutting down properly and leaving a bit open somewhere and causing this issue. My question is if anyone knows any trick, other than trial and error (of course ) to try to pin the the (possibly) offending application or service. I suppose I can just go through Task Manager stopping 5 or so processes until the problem stops (possibly).

Anyway, as always, thanks for any suggestions, and enjoy daylight savings time this weekend!!

I have 3 windows 2k domain controllers managing one
domain. I have recently deployed some Windows XP pro
workstations and the time between the outlook calendar
and the workstation is different. An hr off to be exact.
The 2k machines have no problems. Yes, I have checked the
local time and regional settings. I have checked the
server and both the time and regional settings are
correct. When I try and uncheck the "adjust for daylight
saving time" setting in Outlook it changes the time on
the local pc. No kidding. I have no idea what is going
on. It is really causing problems with people missing
meetings etc. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
An thanks to everybody who makes this board possible.

Am I to understand that there will be no help for users that still use Windows XP Home Edition with SP1 like myself? Since support for SP1 has been extended there must be some information out there regarding how we stubborn users can set Daylight Savings Time early. I believe that it can be changed manually, but I'd rather not.

If someone has the information I'm looking for, please post it.

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