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Does anyone know of any "bugs" in Access 2003 that would affect copying a record in the form view and pasting the info into a new blank record?
What is happening, if I am in a "filter" mode and I copy a record using the record selector in a form, then click the " * " to create a new record and "paste", the paste is over-writing another record, AND the filtered records are now all records?????

There are some cases in Outlook 2003 where "Ctrl C" and "Ctrl V" do not work but I had been able to get around it by using the Copy and Paste commands from the file drop down menu. I can't find these commands in Outlook 2010. Searching google for them they seem to want you to use "Ctrl C" and "Ctrl V" which also don't work in Outlook 2010 in some instances where I need them to. Are there menu commands for Copy and Paste in Outlook that I am not finding so far?



I am using Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student Edition. When I attempt to copy text on the internet using Ctrl C and then past that text in Word 2010 using Ctrl V, nothing happens. It does not work.
I must right click the highlighted text and then left click on Copy in the resulting drop-down menu, then go into Word 2010 and left click on the Paste button in the Clipboard section of the Home tab. Can this problem be corrected?

Thank you.


Virus? Windows Update? Who knows... but here is the quick rundown of what happened.

We cant open any programs. We click an icon... it thinks about it then nothing. Click on an exe... it thinks about it then nothing. Click on anything that would normally launch a program and nothing happens. This happens in both regular mode and safe mode. So running an anti virus so far is a no go.

We CAN however open the registry no problem, open task manager no problem, click on other things in the start menu, copy past files here and there no problem. As long as it doesnt open a program it is all good.

We have found an exe_fix_w7.reg file on the internet (Windows 7 File Association Fixes) was supposed to produce God like capabilities to fix the exe registry and make everything better, however here is a couple of things that are still going wrong:

1) Original manual instructions we found on the interweb stated:
edit a key at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.exe You want to change the default sub key from "secfile" to "exefile. It also stated changing another key to "%1" %*. In both cases tho, the information was already there and didnt need changing. I ran a seach of the registry and never found "secfile". I also ran a search for av.exe (the virus that causes these problems) in both the registry and puter, but nothing was found.

2) Regardless of the "issues" from point 1, we attempted to run that file association fix but it produces the following error in both regular and safe mode:
Registry Error: Cannot import C:UsersOwnerDesktopexe_fix_w7.reg: Not all data was successfully written to the registry. Some keys are open by the system or other processes. I went so far as to go into the task manager and shut off every thing that I could. I literally only have 10 processes "running".


I am a new member, so hello everyone.

With RDC on XP and Vista I was able to connect to a Windows 2000 and 2003 server, and be able to cut and paste text from local pc to RDC and vice versa. With Windows 7 I can connect to the server, but the Cut & paste feature does not work. Has anyone had this problem and what is the solution.

Thanks in advance,

I am using a Toshiba Laptop for Windows 7. The Left and Right CTRL key is not working properly on my keyboard. I know that this is a very common problem for many people, but I have not been able to find a solution online for mine yet. I have also not found anybody whose CTRL keys have resulted in the same bugs as mine.
With the left CTRL key, I am unable to do any of the shortcuts, including:
CTRL+C. CTRL+V, CTRL+Z, CTRL+A and any others that may exist. On Google Chrome and Firefox, I cannot even do it with CTRL+F and CTRL+J.
When I place my mouse clicker on any textbox (such as for web address or even word document) and press the left CTRL key, items from whatever previous text box the clicker is in are completely copied without any reason. For example, if I selected the web address while was there, and then attempt to do anything involving the left CTRL in a document, I would get something like:
On a side note, pressing and/or holding the left CTRL key (in addition to the aforementioned problems) causes it to beep. This happens even when I am using it on a screen where CTRL button would normally have no effect.
The right CTRL key also has many problems. It still does none of the shortcut functions at all. But pressing it in any way causes text on the page to become bigger and bigger. It is not easy to make it smaller since the CTRL+(-) option is out of the question. In addition, on an Internet browser, pressing it very often causes the screen to scroll down extremely quickly.
I have tried rebooting the computer and System Restore. I have also tried the method of pressing both CTRL keys at the same time in addition to CTRL+ALT+DEL. If there is any explanation for this, I would gladly appreciate it.

We have a couple of people who have frequent problems when doing repetitive copy/paste operations within an Excel spreadsheet. After a time, their mouse locks up, as if the left mouse button is continually being depressed. When they move the mouse, it extends the selection. Clicking either mouse button does not change the behavior or release the selection. The users have to save the spreadsheet using the keyboard, and typically reboot to recover normal mouse operations within Excel.

The two people are working in two completely different Excel spreadsheets. The behavior seems to be sporadic. Any ideas?

I was practicing with excel vba, and i try the disable cut , copy, paste.
I did not like that macro so i deleted it, but every time i open up my excel the cut copy paste on my mouse right click does not work.
When i right click, the option to cut copy paste is grey out, but i can use ctrl+c to copy
any idea how to fix this?
I try opening my excel in safe mode and the right click copy paste cut work just fine.
Please advise

Using a product that uses Excel for designing and creating financial reports. The basic process is that I have a worksheet named T-Income that at run-time is duplicated and renamed Income and processed. The various formulas on the Income worksheet are processed at this time with real values from a SQL Server Database. During design mode all of these functions have default values they return because there is no connection to the SQL Server DB during design mode. The duplication of the T-Income worksheet is done so that the program (An Excel Add-In) never does anything to the original template; T-Income.

Here's the problem, when trying to reference the value on Income from another worksheet I must wrap those cell refs within the Indirect function else the end result of the cell ref is always #REf after the report is processed during run-time. This ref is changed to #Ref because the Excel Add-In will delete any existing worksheets named Income before it duplicates T-Income and renames it to Income. The use of the Indirect function allows for referencing cells on the Income worksheet and not get the #Ref problem.

While the cross worksheet issues is solved via the use of Indirect() additional issues have come into play that would not otherwise be an issue. I'm speaking about Excel's default ability to automagically update cell refs when copying & pasting and using either relative only cell refs or a mix of relative & absolute cell refs. When placing a cell ref within Indirect the ref is always absolute. While this is the desired mode during run-time it kills the report creation process at design time. Imagine that I have a worksheet with 100 cells that each will reference a different cell on the worksheet Income. If I enter the Indirect function in the first cell I can not use the copy & paste feature in Excel and get Excel to automagically update the row & column refs. That sucks but what can I do?

Solution 1: I decided that I could address this via a custom macro. The general logic would be for each cell in range set cell.formula = "Indirect(" + Cell.Formula + ")". I didn't test this simply because this would not always work. If a cell on this summary worksheet is referencing multiple cells on the Income worksheet like this:

=Income!B10 + Income!C10

then the macro would not work because each cell ref would need to be surrounded by the Indirect function. SO what I'm looking for is a way to have code search thru each cell ref within a cells formula and wrap that cell ref within the Indirect function. One additional thing to note is that all the cell refs will be relative prior to adding the Indirect function so there should not be an issue with how to strip out the '$' within the ref before wrapping it within the Indirect function.

Any ideas?

PS - If anyone has an idea of another way to deal with cross worksheet cell refs as I am doing that do not require the use of the Indirect function please speak up.


Now this is strange. Yesterday my shortcut keys ctrl-c (copy) and ctrl-v (paste) were working just fine. All of a sudden they are not working anymore. I have rebooted with no success. Does anyone know what may have happened and how to fix this problem?

I did not realize how much I use these keys until now [img]/forums/images/smilies/ohmy.gif[/img](



Hi -

The copied mark won’t change the format of the selected other paragraph [The clipboard pane shows (‘review not available)]
I think I saw the reason why this doesn’t work with Word 2002 here in a Lounge thread.. I know about Format Painter, but prefer copy/paste, if at all possible.

Thank you.

Hi, all,
I don't succeed solving this issue - can someone help me out?
In attachment you find the relevant database parts.

I have a subform (*) in which I'm not able anymore to copy-paste records, while
- I can copy-paste in another subform (for another table) (**)
- I can copy-paste in the source table to which the odd behaving subform relates (***);
- I can manually fill in (the same) data in this subform.

E.g. I can fill in a new record identical to the one which is already there but I can't copy paste this existing row's cells into a new row.

Any suggestions?

(Or has my database just turned corrupted...?
It used to work... and turned out odd when I tried to fix something through code which didn't work out and is deactivated now).


(*) fsubDossier_ProjectOrig, labelled 'Projects backup' in the main form
(**) fsubDossier_Project, labelled 'Projects'in the main form
(***) tblProjectOrig

ps Fyi: I understand this setup might seem a little odd... but I want to save you from explaining the way I got here unless it's needed to solve the situation.
My initial problem was that I need a backup copy of all entered records' original data (copy-pasted from more than 100 excel files, all with the same format) so I can list at a later stage any changes that have been made during the further processing of these data. One way to achieve a copy, I thought, was to let me & my collegues enter the data twice (the second time by copying pasting them to the 'backup' table through another identical subform in the same main form. I know this is very inconvenient etc, but as my programming skills aren't optimal and I didn't have time to figure out better ways for the moment (important deadline passed already) I did it this way...
At an earlier stage when I was trying to accomplish the backup through code (adding a new record to the ...Orig table each time a records was inserted in the main table), I got an error pointing at double values in a unique indexed field, although I didn't see how that could happen. After I deactivated the code to return to the manual copy-paste situation (and maybe some other steps which I don't remember) I ended up with this situation.

I have a spreadsheet containing company names, stage within a lifecycle, and a $ amount for that particular stage. I've subtotaled the detail by company name and stage and have copied just this data into a new workbook so I can work only with the totals and not all the detail.

The problem I have is that the subtotals by stage don't have the comany name associated with it. For example, since I've done subtotals within subtotals it shows up like the example in the attached file (it wouldn't come out right here).

I want to be able to copy/paste the company name from the company total cell to the empty cells above it so I can do further analysis. I can easily get rid of the " Total" but how do I copy/paste the remaining company name to cells that are blank above it?

I have about 1400 rows, so doing it by hand is not the way to go, esp. since I'll be doing this on a monthly basis. I am new to VBA and I can tell Excel to find the last cell in the region, but I don't know how to tell it to do the rest (I have some ideas, but don't know how to put it in VBA).

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi all. I have a web-based application (as a folder home page in Outlook) that generates (a) a Word document (oDoc) with a named table in it (tblSchedule) full of data AND ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] a mail item based on a custom form (oFinalSchedule). I am trying to copy/paste or insert the table into the body of the mail message, and am failing miserably.

Problem Part 1:
I am able to select the table (tblSchedule.Select) but seem unable to copy the table (using oDoc.Selection.Copy following the tblSchedule.Select line). At least, I do not think it is copying the table to the clipboard, as the clipboard is empty when the code is done running. I know the select method is working because the Word document is left open and the table is selected.

Problem Part 2: Once the table is selected and/or copied, I cannot figure out how to make the table a string (can it be a string?) or an object that can be added to the body of the mail item. Using


I am able to insert "hi" into the body of the message, but I cannot figure out how to replace "strTable" with the selection from Word.

Any thoughts would be appreciated; thanks in advance for your assistance.


I'm a new member of this list and have been using MSO for years, but a copy-paste anomaly has me stumped.

About a week ago I started having trouble with using Copy-Paste to copy documents attached to email in Outlook (not Outlook Express) to my HD. I have done this for years: Select the attachment, press Ctrl+C, change to a folder in Windows Explorer and press Ctrl+V. Bingo, I had my project set up and ready for work. Now, Outlook suddenly is forcing me to right-click the attachment, choose Save As, thread my way to a folder on the HD and click OK.

I can use Copy-Paste to attach a file on my HD to an email I am sending.

Nothing has changed there. Does anyone know what is going on?

Daniel Teague

QUESTION 1 >>>>>>>>>

What is the difference between "importing or exporting" a file and just moving it by "copying" ???
Apparently choosing to "export or import" does "something" to the file to make it workable in the new area to which it is going.
Copying did not work.


On my old computer I used a non-standard word processor called Yeah, Write.
My old HD had viruses and I went from Win 98 on that HD to totally new computer with Win XP.
I simply COPIED in Win Explorer the file called a "drawer" with the memos I had typed in Yeah, Write thinking that I could just swap out that "drawer" ( as it is called in that app ) into the same program on the XP computer. Did not work. None of my memos are accessible.
So I had the SAME Yeah, Write app on both computers and copied and pasted the drawer from the old computer to the new computer not using the EXPORT command.
I think there is an EXPORT function in that app which I guess I should have used.

QUESTION 2 >>>>>>>>

If I access the old HD files ( which I think I can do ) is there any way to either "export" that file ---- OR ----- "run" that app to the point that I can access the "drawer" and "export" it properly so I can hopefully use it.

Thanks in advance.........hope I am clear in my explanation.

Can anyone please suggest a method for copying a dataset or datagrid to the windows clipboard?
I need to do that so that i can paste the whole dataset to a new Excel workbook.
The following code is the original but presents errors on the oBook:
Sub btnExport_onclick
dim sHTML
sHTML = window.Form1.children("DataGrid1").outerhtml
dim oXL,oBook
'this not work for copying to clipboard
set oXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
set oBook = oXL.Workbooks.Add
oXL.UserControl = true

I tried using variable sHTML to contain the dataset but no luck.

Any help woulfd be much appreciated.

(Edited by jscher2000 on 05-Feb-08 14:02. Moved to a new thread and retitled.)At the office, I can't create a new post, so I'm replying to one of my older posts. I'm now using Word 2003. I keep hyphenation on by default. I have a macro that supposedly turns off hyphenation, then copies the selection, and then turns hyphenation back on (code is below). I want to do this because sometimes I past selections from Word into other applications (e.g., something running in Internet Explorer) and don't want the hyphens to appear in the pasted text. I thought my code below worked in versions prior to Word 2003, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Whenever I paste the selection, there is a hyphen in the middle of some words.

ActiveDocument.AutoHyphenation = False 'Turns off hyphenation before copy
ActiveDocument.AutoHyphenation = True

I thought maybe the problem was that the macro was moving too fast and grabbing the selection before hyphenation could be turned off in the selection. If I step thru the macro using F8 in the VB Editor, it works fine!! However, when it runs at regular speed, it doesn't!!

I tried adding ScreenUpdate = Refresh (or something like that) after turning hyphenation off. That didn't work. I tried adding a for loop to try to pause the macro a bit, but that didn't work either (I might not have created a long enough loop, but who knows -- I only use x = 1 to 25).

The following works, but doesn't always give me the results I want when I paste, so I'd like to get the hyphenation on/off method to work.

Selection.NoProofing = True 'Hyphenation not working, but NoProofing works
Selection.NoProofing = False

I thought of the above after searching for hyphenation macros here and running across my original post about the single word no hyphenation macro.

Anyway, the problem with the noproofing method is that I'm copying bulleted lists from a table cell, and the last item does not have a hard return/paragraph marker (just the end of cell/row marker). If I use my hyphenation code, and select the period before the end of the bullet, and paste into my other application, the bullets appear as little dots. However, if I use the noproofing method, the last bullet does not appear (because I'm not able to select a final hard return/paragraph mark at the end).

Any suggestions on getting the hyphenation method to work? Is there some way to force a redraw of the screen that might do what I want? I thought maybe there was a way to turn off the selection, turn off hyphenation, then turn the same selection back on, but I couldn't quite figure that out either. I can't seem to find something to re-select. I suspect it exists; I just can't find it.

Thanks for the help.


Has anyone had problems using PrintScreen in Wiindows 7? I can do PrintScreen and paste the image into a Word document. But, I can no longer copy it from the Word document and paste it into either Windows Live Mail 2011 or Windows Mail (I have both working with Windows 7). I can do "Paste" but I get a blank page. If I move the cursor over the area where I "pasted," the cursor shows the crossbars which indicate something's there, it's just invisible to me. If I attempt to highlight it the area where it should be shows as blue, which means something's there. But beneath the highlight it's just plain white.

I know you can't do printscreen and paste the image directly into the body of the email. You couldn't do that with Outlook Express and Windows XP either. The way it worked then was to first paste the image to a word document. Then select the image on the word document page, copy it, and paste it right into the body of the email. Now, with Windows 7, that second step no longer works. I have to save the word document and then attach it to the email, is a useless waste of disk space (I know I can delete it, but save-attach-delete is annoying).

Does anyone have a workaround so that I can once again do PrintScreen, paste to a blank Word Doc and then copy/paste to the body of an email?

I didn't know whether to post this under email or Windows 7 but figured that it seems like more of a Windows 7 issue than an email issue.


i seem to be missing something (mostly any displayed data) but the articles i've been reading don't indicate a problem.

the code

Using connection As New SqlConnection("CONNECT STRING TO SQL SERVER")

Using command As New SqlCommand(strSQL, connection)


Using reader As SqlDataReader = command.ExecuteReader()

Dim table As New DataTable()
Dim myDG As New DataGrid

myDG.DataSource = table

End Using

End Using

End Using

Doesn't display. When i copy/paste the SQL in question to a query in SQL Server, data is returned. According to one article, there isn't much to think about. With this scenario:

// Display data in GridView

dataGridView1.DataSource = table;

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