connecting win7 to xp peer Results

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I have an existing XP peer-to-peer network called "fred" to which I would like to connect win7 computers. With win7, either the homegroup or workgroup works, with the win7 computers seeing each other.
The XP's see the workgroup, but the win7's don't see "fred".

How do I connect the win7 computers the the "fred" network? Should be simple, but I haven't figured it out.


Dear all,

I am running a domestic LAN (Wired and Wireless) ADSL with a mixture of Win Xp Pro SP3, Vista and Win7 Pro SP1 computers.

Until about 16 January all machines have been able to access shared resources with no problems Except the Vista box which has always required extra permission settings.

Since around the above date I have not been able to browse the network using Explorer, Map Network Drives, open shared folders or Connect to Shared Printers. I normally browse the network using My Computer, Folders Button and expanding My Network Places, Microsoft Windows Network, 'Workgroup', Computer etc.

The XP Machines cannot see the Workgroup computers "The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available".
On the Win 7/Vista machines, workgroup machines (XP Vista or 7) (with shared folders) are not listed under Network in Explorer.

However, where I have recently accessed a shared folder, that folder remains visible in My Network Places (XP) and when visable, is accessable.

I have noticed a change in the Folder sharing, permissions area. I have set everything I could find to full Access for Everyone with no improvement.

I have dropped/uninstalled all firewalls with no improvement.

There is a Netgear NAS on the LAN and it is working fine. Read/Write etc all good on mapped drives M:, P:, R:, V:, however the NAS itself is not visable in the Workgroup.

Noting the change in Permissions above, could this be the result of a Windows Update?

Internet access is fine.

Please help anyone

I am building a small network of PC's that are modified for machine vision applications. The "appliances" have 4 dedicated Ethernet ports for the cameras and 2 for network connections. These machines do not connect to anything other than a peer to peer automation network. The trouble is that the appliances will be located on the machines scattered throughout the manufacturing department. I would like to be able to use my laptop to take over the desktop of any of the appliances and modify the programs as needed. The appliances run XP and right now, I am as well. In January I will be getting a new Win7 64bit laptop. What would I need in terms of software for a remote desktop peer to peer network?