computer runs really slow in normal mode but fine safe Results

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Hello, I had Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed on a new computer for about a week and a half or so, and the internet was running fine with normal download speeds etc. All of a sudden, a couple of days ago my internet started slowing down gradually and eventually to 56k-like speeds. I was able to temporarily fix it by power cycling but it would just happen again. Now it's gotten to the point where even power cycling or anything else has no affect, it's basically slow all the time. The computer in question is connected to the internet via ethernet (connected from modem into router, and out from router to computer) and there's another computer upstairs which is connected is connected wirelessly with a USB network adapter and it is doing fine.

I've reinstalled the OS already a few times, as well as trying a fresh install of Windows XP, but I'm still faced with the same issue. I usually get around 1.2 Mbps downloads but now it barely hits 40kbytes, and the websites take forever to load or they won't load at all. I've also tried downloading the latest drivers, as well as sticking with default windows drivers, still no luck. Safe mode with networking is still slow, and even connecting directly to the modem makes no difference, as well as using a different web browser. Really tried to figure this out for the longest time and it's getting pretty frustrating.

Motherboard: Gigabyte MA-785GM-US2H
Network Adapter: Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, I'm hopeless!

Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong area but hey, I'm new :P

So today I tried to use the main desktop computer (Windows Vista SP2) and found it was extremely slow to respond, and that any program I opened would imediately freeze. (For example, Spotify, Steam and Windows explorer). Thinking it just needed a restart, I turned it off and in stead used my laptop (Which runs windows 7).

So that was fine for a while, but then about 2/3 hours later after having the laptop on the same network, it started showing the same symptoms (The CPU seems to spend a lot of time at 100% despite nothing visible happening too) . Both have also reported that the nVidea graphics driver 'stopped working but has recovered' (accompanied by the screen flashing on and off for a bit).

I'm not sure what is causing all this, but I'm thinking either an automatic software update gone wrong, or some kind of virus/malware. I did notice a process called lxrautorun.exe running that I'd never seen previously, but didn't find anything bad about it on google.

Since I can't do anything when booting windows normally, I've been restricted to only programs that will run in safe mode. That rules out my virus scanner and windows update, neither of which seem to work in safe mode. So far I've tried system restores and even ran a registry cleaner (CCleaner), neither of which had any effect. I did run a Spybot Search & Destroy scan which didn't find anything.

If anybody can think of anything I can do, it would be a massive help I'm not really sure what's gone wrong yet, never mind how to fix it.

Thanks for your help

Sean you mentioned scanning for viruses though you didn't mention what
AV program you use. You did not mention scanning for adware/malware and
other nasties that AV programs don't catch. Have you done that? Here
are some programs to run for that purpose. After installing update
them, then boot into safe mode and run them. You should update and run
them weekly.



Spybot Search and Destroy

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner

After your system is clean use these programs to help keep it clean:




Sean Walsh wrote:
For almost a month now, my computer takes longer to start up. Sits on
the XP Home Edition page for over a minute or 2 - way longer than
normal. The startup sound seems to "glitch" (plays through but very
briefly pauses once or twice). Whenever I open a program (whether it
be Explorer or a Wordpad file or my HTML-writing program, and so on),
it hangs a bit on initial loadup, but eventually works fine. And if I
try opening that program again later, it loads up normally as usual.
Sometimes Windows moves slow while I'm working with a few programs
open at the same time, but I close a few down and it's fine. And when
I shutdown...there's no problem at all, as quick as ever.

I've tried all sorts of ways to clean up my computer, in event that's
the problem - defrag, error checking, virus scans (which takes longer
too), even checked the hardware with the device manager. And I always
clear out cookies and temp files. But it all completes and checks out
okay, and yet the problem persists.

About the same time my firewall program (Freedom Security & Privacy)
decided to stop letting Internet Explorer connect to the internet,
even though it is on the safe allowed list. I've removed it from that
list and then tried to allow it to work again, but it still won't let
me connect. When I shut the firewall down, IE works fine. And wouldn't
you know it, when I try to log into my account on their site, it is
mysteriously gone. The program still works and my subscription time
hasn't expired with them yet, so I really don't know what that problem

Any chance these 2 problems are connected? Say, if I uninstalled
Freedom would the computer work A-OK once more? Or is there more
nefarious and trickier problems at work here?


I recently fixed an Acer laptop for a friend of mine. The disk was almost full, and the registry was corrupted - this laptop was running VISTA - so this problem may be a part of both vista and 7.

The registry was no hope for, so I used a Linux live CD to copy some files (backup) to an external harddrive. Some of the files was not possible to copy even.. corrupted. the filesystem was NTFS. I then tried to use the built in recovery partition from acer, and it started as normally, but then it hang. it was not able to copy all the files. I supposed the reason to this was some kind of virus, or hardware error.

Temporary solution due to little time - I installed win7 RC, after formatting the main partition, and it worked well.

Yesterday I had the same problem occur to my own acer laptop. My registry was not corrupted, but somehow my filesystem were. By accident my win7 partition was filled up (I wanted only to test win7 so I gave it 16gig of my 160gig, but facts are that I got hooked, and stopped using XP... Dualsystem with XP and Win7) / What happened was that my computer was acting slower and slower and slower, and finally stopped. I had to do a real hard reset.. When I then tried to restart it was extremely slow. the disk-lamp were lighting all the time. I broke off after 20 min, and decided to try in safe mode.. same problem.. Each driver took about 20 sek to load.

Lucky for me I also had Windows XP installed.. YEAH RIGHT!

Winxp were just the same. Windows XP I actually got to work after a while even slow. It took me
ONE HOUR AND TWENTYTHREE fck@@ing MINUTES from I pushed the button till xp was ready. AND its really a slim xp that used to be quick. I tried to move some files, and ended up with Blue screen of death.. ( dumping memory took 15 minutes!!) XP was not starting after because of corrupted registry..

ALL file operations are extremely slow. I have deleted a lot of files, so I got about 20gig free for XP and 3gig free for Win7, but the problem is still there. Even on MY computer some files were corrupted, but I have backup of most of it.

I have not yet tried my recovery option for XP because I'm on holiday. But the strangest thing is:

1. My windows 7 partition is NTFS
2. My xp partition is FAT32

I would consider a Harddisk Issue. YES. But I tested the drive using some tools from CD that I always bring with me. NOTHING WRONG! several software tools got the same result. And on the other PC i mentioned everything was fine after formatting the drive. I believe the same would be here.

My hardware spec are
Acer Travelmate 4230
1gig RAM
160gig HDD
dual 1,6ghz processor

PLEASE do not fill your Windows 7 or Windows Vista partition. I still had about 500meg left, but that was not enough because the swapfile was supposed to be 1gig, (and is not counted i believe)

If anyone got a tip for fixing this, I would be happy, because the problem is still there even after deleting a lot of files.