can i delete the roaming folder Results

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Hi there,

I really need help, I may have deleted something that is important, yesterday I went into C:/Users/user/Appdata/Roaming to configure something with my Minecraft saves. After I was done Me being my stupid self thought I should delete a folder named "InstallShield" What I really want to know is did I delete something important and can i create another one. Please help, and btw I have already tried using some third party programs to try to get back the folder but I have tried three different Data Recovery programs and still could not find the folder in any of them. Please answer as soon as possible, What is the InstallShield folder for and was it important.

P.S. If you could copy and paste the directory of all of the folders in the installshield folder so I can create a new one if i have to. I'm really OCD about this and i'm stressing out.

Thanks for any help! Matt

We have about 35 users in one of our offices, and each of the PCs on which the users work has a copy of MSO that was installed from a Mapped Drive.

After delving into Group Policy a bit, I noticed that we could publish/assign MSO to the Network, and any future installs on any new PCs or by any new users would be automated via GP. This was a disaster, as people who started or rebooted their PCs noticed that MSO was now no longer avaible. A Dialog just popped up that said it wasn't installed yet on this PC. No choice to start the install, etc.

In a hurry, I quickly removed it from Group Policy, but the damage was done for those people that had been unfortunate enough to start or reboot their PC in that 1-hour period after the GP had been implemented.

Now, although these have been removed from GP on all OUs for both User and Person, MSO continues to bring up this dialog whenever a person 'hot desks'. Even though the software is still installed via the Mapped Drive.

I have gone as far as deleting Roaming Profiles to try to purge this legacy, but it still haunts me/us.

How can I stop Windows/Office from trying to deploy this every time someone switches desks, uses a program they haven't used since this occurred, etc?

Can I delete the Files from the SYSVOL folder, which is where I presume these GP settings reside?

Any help or advise would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). When I installed it on my new home-built PC, I entered the account name 'Admin' when prompted. This creates the default administrator account. I subsequently created two standard user accounts for me and my wife. However, I have since had problems with some software not installing properly for use with the standard user accounts, and was forced to change my standard user account into an administrator type.

That left me with two administrator accounts, Admin and mine. So I took the decision to delete the original Admin account. This has all worked fine, except I have been left with an annoying couple of folders associated with the Admin account that I can't remove. They are C:/users/Admin/AppData and both in Local and Roaming there are folders relating to Microsoft/Windows which I can't remove (it says I have insufficient privelege, or that they're part of a share.)

Any thoughts on how I clear out all remnants of this Admin account to leave my system clean with just the two account, mine (administrator) and my wife's?

(rant on)

Recently I was in the OpenOffice word processing program and saved a file. It saved to this location automatically:
C:UsersGeneAppDataRoamingOpenOffice.org3use rgallery by default.

Later I wanted to find this file and used the search function built into Win7. No problem.

My question is this. Why on earth is a file saved in such an obscure place? Who created the folder called "Roaming"? Not me. What does it mean?

Why does this path start with a Users folder and then find it necessary to have another user folder near the end of the path? Why so many freakin' users? Can I get rid of some of them?

Why is there a user folder called Public? I deleted it and now some programs are complaining. I don't want it, don't need it. can't (apparently) delete it.

There are NO USERS!!! Just me, dammit. Can't I simplify this folder structure?

(Rant off)

I have recently noticed that I have 2 lots of personal folders in my folder list. All the sub folders I have created are duplicated under my personal folders. However the two files are not synchronised. On further investigation I have 3 lots of pst files stored in the following locations:
c:fixed emailmailbox.pst
c:documents and settingsamandamailbox.pst
u:fixed emailmailbox.pst
I only actually want my mail stored on my u drive so that I can have a roaming profile. The .pst file on my u drive is clearly not one of the ones being used currently as the last modified date was back in June. Am I ok to delete my superfluous .pst files and then move the one I want on to the U drive?

Any help much appreciated


Hi Loungers, hope you can provide info regarding what exactly to move in app data from C drive to D drive, ‘Data partition’.

1) Currently in C drive, which should I move?
[Please put yes against file to be moved]

Users/ Default folder / appdata in C: has-


Users/ owner folder / appdata in C: has-


Users/ standard user folder / appdata in C: has-
1. Local
2. Roaming
3. LocalLow

What I gather from the net [if wrong, please correct me]

Create a new ‘app data folder’ in D drive.Go to c:/app data and choose file to be moved.Right click on chosen file and use ‘MOVE’ option to transfer to D drive app data folder.

3) Do I need to send all files in the PUBLIC FOLDER to an empty new ‘public folder’ in D drive?

4) What and how to make changes to registry?

*app data / roaming file in owner folder, C drive.

*app data / roaming file in Standard user folder, C drive.
C drive is called SYSTEM; D drive called BACKUP

*The PUBLIC FOLDER is empty.
*No app data / roaming file
*backups kept in owner.pc

After I bought my new laptop [Win 7 home premium], I found that my screen reader could not read certain information in this new OS. So I asked that shop’s technician to create a data partition and move the data files there. He said he had never done it before but would try, which he did. I think he had done it wrongly because data files have to be moved manually from C drive to D drive [data partition] and in disk cleanup; windows always said nothing to cleanup in D drive. I had been adding and deleting files in D drive.

Now that I have added a standard user account, things got worse:
- An image using standard user was 27 gig but I could neither save to D drive nor to DVD/CD. There was a ‘skip file’ error message.
-An image using owner [admin] was 20 gig. Therefore, 7 gig was missing in image using owner account to do the job.

I tried a test restore yesterday from an earlier backup using owner account. Nothing was restored in both owner and standard user accounts.

I would appreciate any advice and help.
Thank you