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It's not a crisis but it does make me grind my teeth!

There are certain folders that WinXP will not let me delete and some certain files as well. As an example, I cannot delete the Crogram filesnetmeeting folder. I don't use the program, won't use the program and never will - I just want it gone! I am able to select all the files in that particular folder and delete them - but in a matter of seconds, they all re-materialize. I can't delete program filesoutlook express even though I don't use it and don't want it. I cannot delete program filesmsn gaming zone even after I used Add/Remove Programs | Windows Setup to remove all internet games form my system. The folder is now EMPTY and I am unable to remove it from my system.

Any ideas? I am the only user and I am the administrator on the system. This was not a problem last week; I just recently reinstalled XP and the new service pack. I just don't see a good reason to keep proggys on my system that I do not use. Also, don't like to clutter my Program Files directory with empty folders.

I Upgraded My Windows7 Starter To Ultimate Recently And Everything Was Going Fine, But I Wasn't Happy With The Disk Space Because I Had Ubuntu As Second OS And I Wanted More Space For Win7. ( Ubuntu Was In The same Partition As Win7 C: ). I Searched For Ways Of Increasing The Size Of The Partition But I Didn't Understood Them So I Deleted Ubuntu. The Space Wasn't Recovered (Unallocated Space) So I Still Searched For Ways Of Making The Partition Size Bigger And i Found a Way That Said If You Right Clicked The Gray Square Of Disk Utility And Click a Phrase That i Don't Remember You Can Show the "Resize" Option Of the Partition.i Did That and i Received a Notification Dialog That Said That Said That If i Do That All The Partitions (OS's, Files, And Drivers) Would Be Deleted And I Like A DUMB Clicked "Ok" At Next Restart There Was No Boot Manager, The Boot Just Loaded Again And Again. So I Installed Ubuntu Using a Bootable USB (Current OS) And There Was No "Install Alongside Other OS" Option. I Tried To Run Windows 7 Setup Again Using a Bootable USB, But I Get Stuck at The Part That You Must Select The Drivers Needed So Windows Could Read The Partitions. I Have The CD With The Drivers But i Have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Netbook With No CD Drive So i Downloaded All The Drivers That the Factory Installs From And Saved It on A USB But the Windows 7 Setup Doesn't Recognize The Drivers, It Only Recognize The USB But Not It Contents(Drivers).
Please Help Me, I Want To Keep Using Windows 7 And All Programs i Need Windows But It Seems Like Ubuntu Is My Only Option.

Hello, I have Windows Vista. I have two partitions--one for OS/Programs and one for documents. I attempted to install Windows 7 RC to the OS/Programs partition and everything was looking fine, but when I returned there was an error message to the effect of "required driver not found." It then said setup was reversing the installation and no changes would be saved. The computer rebooted and booted to a setup rollback program, but that program failed with an error regarding "winpeshl.dll."

I saw that it still had my Windows Vista OS listed, so when it restarted I attempted to boot into Vista. The Windows 7 installation continued and booted my into a Windows 7 sans all my programs, drivers, etc.--a completely clean reboot. Some of my files on the primary partition were saved, but all of my program files were wiped out. I checked my second partition to see if my files were still there, and all the folder architecture is still there but all the files are gone. The partition is still listed as having 40 GB or so used, so I assume the files are still somewhere.

I attempted to install Windows 7 again to see if it would fix everything and now it's a completely clean install--my second partition is listing as only have 1 GB used. I'm assuming that somewhere in the process of transferring settings/files/etc. the installation failed and all my files are still encoded or something, and may still be accessible. Is this true? Is there anyway to get any of my files back? I think the second install of 7 may have wiped out any data that was remaining, choosing instead to backup my "settings" of the previous Windows 7 installation. I have all my documents backed up minus 1 or 2 days, but it would be great to get all of it back without fussing with the backup, not to mention all my programs/OS settings/drivers/etc. Thank you for any help you can provide!

I have two problems with Offline Files in Windows 7 that maybe you can shed some light on. I have narrowed these problems down specifically to Offline Files in Windows 7 and have manufactured some workaround solutions, but they are not great.

This is a really long forum post, I apologize. I broke it up into sections so it would be easier to reference in replies.

Setup background: everyone in my company has mapped our file server share as “X:” and within that folder there is a “Company” and “Employees” folder. The Employees folder has a folder with each employee’s name, which they then have available offline. No other folders are made available offline. For example, I have the X: drive, and only “X:EmployeesElizabeth” is available offline to me. As expected, files that aren’t available offline are accessible only through a VPN if working off our network.
Problem 1: Working remotely with VPN, even when not slow, yields an “Offline: Not Connected” status. This happens quite often with coworkers that work remotely. NOTE: This is different than the “Offline: Slow Connection” status. No matter how many times I refresh, try to access the X: drive, it still shows as “not connected.” Reconnecting the VPN only results in a split-second of the X: drive showing as “online” and it immediately goes back to “not connected.” However: I know it is connected since I can access other folder shares on the same file server and in fact it has pretty good speed and no problems doing so. Having Offline files enabled has created some sort of confusion in Windows.

A workaround solution that we made has been a huge pain: If we create a different share on the file server for the “company” folder and the individual “employee” folder, then map them as different drives (Y: and Z:, respectively), then the user can access the “Company” folder with no problems (since this way there are no Offline files available at all on the Y: drive). This is a terrible solution since it doesn’t solve the connection problem – remote users need to sync and Z: will still not show as being online (again, even though Y: connects with no problems). Have any of you encountered this? Is there a permanent solution out there rather than the workaround solution we had to use?

Problem 2: Having Offline Files enabled somehow causes a “file path does not exist” error when trying to save a document while working online (on our network/not using VPN). This is a strange one and I have only seen it with one coworker so far. He was getting a “file path does not exist” message when going to File > Save in any program (Notepad, Office, anything – it didn’t matter) and trying to save to a “Company” folder location. He was working online at the time. If he saved it to his desktop and dragged it into the desired location, it copied over with no problems. We found that we had to go into “View your offline files” and “Delete offline copy” of the Company folder (even though no offline files in that location were enabled at that time) to get the error to go away. This worked for a while, but then the problem reoccurred and the only way to get it to disappear for good was to disable Offline Files altogether.

In this case it seems like Windows was getting confused again. The path obviously existed since we could use Explorer to find the path, and navigate to the folder location in the Save dialog. Has anyone seen this error? How can I get offline files to stop messing with Windows’ idea of valid file paths?

Any help with these problems is appreciated. If you have some other forums to suggest as well please share them. I am at wits end and am not finding much in the ways of Google search.

Please help! I am trying to install XP home edition on my computer. The install seems to go along fine until I try to "delete the primary partition" (I want to start clean). It says "Unable to perform ...partition contains temporary setup files required to complete install." what am I doing wrong ? Can anyone help?

Many thanks!


The file in the title of this thread, for which there is a shortcut on my Win 7 desktop,is in the folder C:UsersRoyAppDataLocalMicrosoftWebSetupSour ces, which is a Subfolder of WebSetup.I assume that when I installed Win 8 on a separate partition the WebSetup folder was automatically created on my Win 7 partition as part of the installation process. Is that correct? Also, since I keep up to date images of the Win 8 partition (using Macrium Reflect Professional edition) can I safely delete the WebSetup folder from Win 7?

Apart from the above, in the root directory of my Win 7 C drive there is a C:ESDWindowssetup.exe file, and the Details pane of Properties shows the product version as 6.2.9200.16384, exactly the same version as the WebSetup.exe file referred to above. Is this just a coincidence?

Advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards, Roy

So I want to reinstall XP on my other computer. It has one to many viruses and whatnot on it to operate in a manner that doesn't drive me crazy. However, I don't know where my install disk is. So I turned to the internet. And I found this tutorial:

How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD/DVD from a Pre-loaded/Preinstalled Windows System (

Only problem is, I can't find the file "C:I386". It only leads me to assume that it was deleted sometime ago. Is there a way to download the files that are in this file, because searching the internet has lead me nowhere.

All help is appreciated, thank you.

Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.
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I bought my windows 7 on physical DVDs. The ultimate x64 OEM Dvds fresh out of the box.
I deleted my hard drive partition and formatted my hard drive to wipe it clean. Now when I try to install Windows 7 onto my computer, the DVD boots and the installation begins. The installation will complete the "Copying windows files" task in seconds, but sticks at 34% on "Expanding files" for about 30 mintues. I will then receive an error that reads "Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the application. Error code: 0x80070017".

I researched this error but couldn't find a resolution. One suggestion was to download my hard drive's drivers onto a pen drive and load them in the installation, but this didn't help.

I also tried installing Windows XP Home and received the same problem.
and im 100% sure the dvd is fine because i also copied the entire dvd into my laptop and it was copied cleanly

The error in this case has nothing to do with the copy. I have used many different Windows 7 builds, many different DVDs, burning at different speeds, all producing the same problem.

I really don't know what to do, I just want to get my computer up and running again!

here is scren shot where its stick

in google searches. i found a guys with exactly same problem as me.
and what they were always talking about is "HyperTransport" related to bios but i couldn't find anything in bios with this name.
his answer so solve the case was: "there are two options in the BIOS Setup called K8 KN HT Speed and K8 KN HT Width both as Auto . The thing is: I've heard that maybe the problem was related to HyperTransport . So I've put K8 KN HT Speed to 1x and K8 KN HT Width to 8 8 "

so what should i do ?

Okay, I'm screw, ever since last night, my HP ask me (yes she did) if I want to switch my graphic (I have dual graphic one is intel and one is ATI mobility Radeon), I click okay to switch to power saving graphic intel, and so the screen blacks out. It never respond after black out, I made hard restart and screen freeze at the win 7 icon. No lucky, I hard press again and start up to ask me if I want to scan for my previous startup problem, I did and it tried fixing the problem til next morning. No luck, give me a choice of to do a HP recovery or system recovery, some how I must have accidentally click on HP recovery and preceded to click through all the warnings, til it was at 1% then I realized that it was going to delete all my DATA!!!!!!

Well, I was still very sleepy when I decided to terminate that power shut down.
So power up: "BOOTMGR is Missing Press Crtl-Alt-Del to restart"
I went through F11 system recovery to try and see if I can still recover, but no luck, later i tried some steps in cmd window:

got error says I have zero OS installed!

Bcdboot c:windows also give me failure when attempting to copy boot files

I restarted, try and try again, but now it won't even let me into system recovery says "BOOTMGR is missing" now I can't even access my command to try some recovery without totally deleting my files.... I tried burning a win7 ultimate iso to a DVD and try boot from there but it says no OS system found.

My computer is HP touchsmart with switchable graphic, HP has a recovery partition that can restore my computer but I don't know how to access it now. Can't get pass the screen of BOOTMGR is missing...

I learn my lesson don't touch computer til im fully sober. I may have done the DVD bootable wrong. And now I NEED EXPERT HELP! MY NOVICE SKILL HAS TAKEN ME NO WHERE, PLEASE EXPERTS REPLY WITH INSTRUCTIONS..........

My original system is win 7 home premium 64x, but all I have at my disposal is a copy of win 7 ultimate 64x.
Some specs of my computer:
HP touchsmart with switchable graphic, intel i5 and ATI mobility
Only has one OS: Windows 7 Home premium 64x
Has HP recovery partition, and 300GB of other space.
have this InsydeH20 Setup Utility Rev. 3.5 and currently all I can do is do some random scans.. Primary hard disk self test, and then memory test, I don't expect to see any problems since I have this done with in the HP system recovery environment..

I was just doing a disk cleanup in Vista Home Premium and noticed that many of the boxes are not ticked. I was wondering what is best to leave alone. I know that you can delete the Hibernation File cleaner, but then cannot use that option. Since I never use the Hybrid Seep or Hibernation (or whatever it's called) I was wondering if it would be OK to delete that file. It's almost 3 GB and would free up a lot of space. I just turn my computer on in the morning and have the screen saver set to kick in after 10 minutes, but never on the sleep setting. Also the other files (Downloadable Program Files, temp. Internet files, Setup Log files, thumbnails, Per User Windows error Reporting, etc.)....Which of these can be deleted and which should be left alone? I read in the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Vista, that you shouldn't delete your Temp. Internet files too often as it would slow down your web browsing. BTW, has anyone else seen this book by Koroush Ghazi? It was recommended by someone on one of the forums and I've used it to set up Media Player and a few other things. It has a lot of suggestions for tweaking IE, which I did , but have since done a system recovery so everything's back to default...but I digress.. any suggestions on Disk Cleanup?

Ok I posted yesterday but I am still unable to conclude this problem. I have
one single partition using all available space. I am using the XP boot Disk
trying to delete this partition so that I can wipe out all of the junk that
have accumulated on my computer in the past year. Now after I go through the
set up where it asks me to choose the partition to reinstall windows Xp I
chose the delete option pressing D yet a message comes up saying that I
cannot delete it since it needs setup files on this partition for the
reinstallation. I tryed installing over the preexisting XP in the prexisting
partition and I still have all of my crap there waiting for me but now I
cannot access my old user info. So for example when I go to add and remove
programs it says I have none. I was trying to remove Xp through that be it
will not let me. I have tried DOS and I understand that this method is
impossible if I am trying to delete the system which is supposed to perform
the deletion. I am getting ready to go back to school and I am agrivated. I
cannot believe that I am stuck with all of this crap and unable to do a clean
installation. I have done 20 tutorials but none of them list my problem. I
have done this before without FDisk so I am confused. Please help I am going

I can't understand this and have never seen it before. I can't delete or
edit registry entries soon as I do, then go to another folder
in the registry and back again then the deleted entries are back. What the
hell is going on...........I did have some spyware that I finally got rid
of, but maybe I didn't. Adaware and Norton antivirus come back clean. As
far as I can tell Permissions are set high for me to be able to edit the
registry....I right-clicked on the run folder to check. What I'm trying to
delete is a spyware entry for SM1BG.EXE. I have deleted the .exe file from
the system, but I can't delete this entry from the registry......I also
can't get MS Money to not load Money Express at startup. I have reinstalled
and updated MS Money 2002. The problem seems to be the registry is write
protected or something agaist manual far as I know programs
are installing and uninstalling they must be editing the

Does anyone have any help to offer on this? I have never had to change any
settings for this before.....I am logged in as the Adminstrator....actually
only 1 user setup on this system. Please email back also besides




I'm having a verry annoying problem with my current setup.

- we have a small office network on a single LAN segment, with around
15 computers.
- all computers run XP pro
- 2 computers are HP boxes, others are Samsung. all came with XP
preinstalled by the vendors.
- all PCs are part of the same network / workgroup, with no domain.
- all PCs have 2 NICs, but only using one (the other is disabled),
excepted one PC connected to the internet (for itself only, it's not
sharing its connection)

we need to have one PC act as some kind of file server: other
computers read and write files on its disk every few seconds.

problem is:
- when HP acts as file server: no problem
- when Samsung acts as file server: even though I can see and get
files from explorer (my network places, etc... or even through
shortcuts...), when I use an application to reach the files (MS Excel
or Java application), the first access is OK, but the second freezes
the application for around 20 seconds.
- at the same time, on the other computer (the file server), the file
might appear as empty (size = 0Kb), and trying to access it (it's a
text file) brings up a frozen notepad... after around 20 seconds,
result can vary: either the file is still here, intact, or sometimes
it has also simply disappeared: even though it show as present in the
explorer, trying to delete it brings up a "file seems not to be
present", and it's then removed from the view.

- at first I thought that was a NIC related issue, but we changed NICs
several times, and are still experiencing the same problem.

so I'm wondering if there is any configuration that should be tweaked
in order to have the samsung communicate cleanly with other PCs.
I'm thinking especially as issues such as:
- services that would prevent a second connection from the same PC
(authentication ?)
- services that would not be started on the samsung PC ?

interesting enough: the problem comes definitly from the samsung setup
- HP have no problem communicating together
- samsung & HP - problem
- samsung & samsung - problem

I would really appreciate some help from MS specialists...



IE SearchBar


blazefind. removal instructions


These are all Microsoft files.

Description: Microsoft English Natural Language Server

nls302en.lex = MS Office Dictionary File

Description: Search Assistant Controls

Description: Search Assistant UI


Are these all updated????
Cswshredder , Spybot search & destroy, HijackThis, Bazooka spyware scanner.

Open each one and UPDATE, then run the scan!!

Ad-aware's latest update recognizes BlazeFind.
Spybot S & D recognizes BlazeFind.


You can't just run this right after you download and install it.
You need to UPDATE it first!!

After BlazeFind is gone.

I suggest that you run System File Checker...
Start | Run | Type: sfc /scannow | OK
Have your XP CD ready to stick in your CD drive.

If you have XP Home and it asks for your XP Pro Cd, stick the CD in the
drive *first* and then type the command.

scannow sfc (sfc.exe)

And then look here

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Click on the ? Icon to Expand

[?] Why doesn't Search work?

You'll probably need to install the srchasst.inf file.

This may fix your
[[Error: "A file that is required to run Search Companion cannot be found.
You may need to run setup".]]

Hope this helps. Let us know.

In ,
PSY hunted and pecked:
I have the same problem with others caused by search assistant, my
Spybot detected this thing and I quickly stop my browser. I deleted
some search assistant registry. I run cwsshredder. When I right click
on the task bar, I goto tools , I still can see this Search Assistant
and it is still working.

I prevented it from changing my quick launch and the search box at my
task bar.
However there are few files i couldn't delete in folder

they are : msgr3en.dll , nls302en.lex , srchctls.dll , srchui.dll

Apart from this, my original Windows explorer's search function was
not working ( click Start Search For Files or Folders)
An error messeage pop up :
"A file that is required to run Search Companion cannot be found. You
may need to run setup."

I have : Cswshredder , Spybot search & destroy, HijackThis, Bazooka
spyware scanner.
Any suggestion to my problem?

I believed the Access user setup was saved in "Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosotOfficeAccess.pip". So, if I delete this file, I expected my setup would go back to the default. I customized my Toolbar, but even after I delete Access.pip, the customized Toolbar show up. Where is the data for the customized toolbar stored?

I need to transfer someone's customized toolbar to someone else's. Copying the Access.pip didn't do the job. How can I do that?


I have decided toe install again Windows XP (reinstall) to fix a problem with my computer. During the installation, something went wrong and I have to stop it (it seems that one file was missing). I restart my computer and the system asks me if I want to start Windows normally or if I want to restart the setup program. Finally I have fix the initial problem and I don't need to install againWindows.
Now, I can I delete this screen prompting for a standard start of Windows or to start again the setup program.
Thanks for your help,


I was working in the registry and came across an entry for the RAS Phonebook. Did a Google search and it seems to be connected to Dial-Up Networking, which I do not use. Can I delete the subject phone book without creating Windows problems.
Please do not ask why I want it removed, I like to remove things/files that do not apply to my Windows XP setup or my programs

I created a trivial VB6 program for a friend. I used the Package and Deployment Wizard to create the setup package.

Recently we reinstalled Windows XP on her laptop. We reinstalled all the software that she used before, but this program will NOT install.

After running setup.exe from the ZIP file, we see a screen that says "Install" at the top, and "Copying Files, please stand by" in the main window. It seems to hang, and mostly locks up Windows. I can shutdown Windows, then after I restart, I get messages about how the setup program was deleted, and did not finish completely.

It also tells me about the ST6UNST.001 file in the C:Windows directory. According to this log file, the setup program crashed shortly after the "bootstrap" section.

I have Googled to try to find the cause of this problem. So far, I have not found anything conclusive.

================================================== ==========
Contents of file: ST6UNST.001
================================================== ==========

%% This file contains information about the installation of an application. %%
%% It will be used to automatically remove all application components from your computer
if you choose to do so. %%

NOTE: Beginning of the bootstrapper section

CONFIG: Title: "Mc-TagIt"

ACTION: RegKey: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCur rentVersion", "SharedDLLs"

(File currently on disk was already up to date)

(File currently on disk was already up to date)

(File currently on disk was already up to date)

(File currently on disk was already up to date)

(File currently on disk was already up to date)

(File currently on disk was already up to date)

(File currently on disk was already up to date)






NOTE: End of the bootstrapper section


I recently installed XP Home Edition V5.1. I have setup 4 users on the system, one as an administrator
the other 3 as limited accounts.

I then installed a LabTec webcam (from the admin account) and gave all users access. The cam works fine
except when I want to take a still Pic. The still picture is saved in the each users directory
My DocumentMy PicturesLabtecAlbumPictures. When logged onas the admin this works fine, however the limited
accounts get the message " Drive C: is not accessable or not ready". Any other application (word, notepad, paint)
can write & save to the dir. I have reported this to Labtes but they tell me it is a XP issue.

I have tried the following

1) Changed the limited account to admin. The Picture is saved fine.
2) Checked the file and directory settings are R/W
3) deleted the directory & recreated
4) Coppied the directory sttructure from the admin account
5) reinstalled the app

Nothing apears to work.

Help, before I go mad.

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