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Hello, i have got the following problem. I have been using Windows 7 for more than a month and recently I've noticed a big delay while opening every windows and sub folders( more than a second). What should I do? I have got recent updates, Kaspersky Antivirus (no viruses in it) It's a x64 version, my pc look like following:

striker extreme motherboard (680i), 4 GB RAM Geil 800 mhz, q6600 @ 3 ghz, 8800 GT.

It's very annoying while opening many windows and working on files. Additionally i can mention that the same delay occurs while pressing RMB

Regards, fck.

I have an issue with the Visual Basic Editor window opening itself when I unlock my computer.

Here's what the scenario usually is: I do some work in Word which includes at some point opening the Visual Basic editor. Save my work. Close Word. Hit Control-Alt-Delete and choose option to lock computer to leave my desk.

When I return to my desk and unlock my computer (by hitting Control-Alt-Delete again and typing in my UserName and password), the computer unlocks and the Visual Basic Editor will be open and be the top window. If it has any bearing on the situation Outlook is open the whole time.

This seems to only happen if I've been in the Visual Basic Editor sometime during the day.

Any ideas on how to stop this from happening? It's not a major issue, but can get annoying.

Thanks for any help.


90% of the time clicking on any drive C: D:, cdrom drives, or even my network drives, opens up 2 new windows of that drive. I find it very annoying to have 3 open explorer windows when I only wanted 1. If I open a drive then close the two windows then open the drive again only one window opens. The folder options are set to open each folder in the same window. This just happened on a recent reformat. thanks for helping. forgot to mentioned win 7 pro x64 previous install didn't have this problem

Hi all,

i've a small, but very annoying problem with windows seven 64 bit. i dont know how to express it by words, so i'll just show you the movie recorded by me.

see? here's the problem. its not as smooth as it should be. when im minimizg or maximizing the window its smooth, and theres not problem, but when im opening or closing any window it looks like in the movie.

pc spec:

e7200 @ 2.95 ghz
9800 gt 512 mb
4 gb ram

vista worked properly, fast and i have to say it, better than win seven.. i tried reinstalling drivers for my gpu, i tried many releases of drivers from nvidia, even from omega. all of them behaved the same way (btw. i think theyre fine, cause i can play dirt2 or gta iv on high details without any problem). i know its a tiny problem, but for me, its a to be or not to be thing, if its unsolvable, then ill have to go back to vista..

i hope u will help me

best regards, crying man.

/apologies for my poor english, i tried!

If I have a window or application in the foreground and want to open a folder that is on the desktop (or in another folder) I have to triple click it to open it. Double clicking only selects the folder or file.

For instance, if I have the My Computer window open and I want to open a folder or file that is on my desktop, I have to click once on the desktop to "unfocus" the My Computer window, then double click on the folder or file I want to open. It's very annoying.

I see that others are having the same problem here:
Problem with double-clik on desktop icon, must triple-click
but there was no resolution.

Hello guys, I just registered and I need some help. My computer uses 95-99% RAM everyday even with no windows open. It's very annoying because it cause the computer to run very very slow. I currently have an Acer Aspire 7540 with 2 or 3 GB of ram. Task Manager currently says I'm using 2.69 GB. Can anyone help me?

I have a new computer and somewhere along the line while installing updates to windows 7 I think I accidentally configured my multi-window display settings in a terribly annoying way.

If I have one window open full screen and then open another window from the task bar half-screen to view it, it is only open as long as my pointer is directly on it. If I move the pointer off of the half-sized window it almost immediately minimizes. This makes it incredibly difficult to do work on multiple windows as the same time as they keep minimizing from the screen.

If there are no windows opened full screen then the half windows will lay one on top of the other like normal. However, if the mouse moves from one opened window to the next, whichever opened window the mouse is on will automatically come to the front.

Can someone help me turn this feature off, or remove it if it's a bug. It is unbelievably annoying.


Every time i open the control panel a message window opens saying that windows explorer has stopped working!

Then any option that window offers resets my desktop and bye bye control panel!!!

Very annoying problem...

Anyone else have this problem and know of a solution or workaround for it?



I have windows 7 in dual monitor mode and both screens flash/blink momentarily a couple of times when ever I open up a windows explorer folder for instance from a hard drive. Kind of annoying when your trying to study and revising information on your hard drive.

It is accompanied by a delayed sound which is the device connnect sound, which doesn't seem to occur when I have the sound window open, which I might try leave open, but thats besides the point. lol

Any ideas.

About 3 weeks ago i did a clean install of windows 7 ultimate x64 over vista, and i have had several annoyances at times which never happened on vista.

The first problem is a bit weird and i don't know what could cause it. Basically what happens is i would put my laptop to sleep and when i wake up, i would hear it power up and the lights would come on but the screen would stay black for about 20 seconds. Then i would see the welcome screen but it would come up in a very laggy way, like you would see it appear in blocks. I would enter my password but you wouldn't see the characters appear until after 10 seconds or so, and the startup would take immensely long. The only way i would get around this is a forced shutdown by holding down my power button and a clean restart. So basically from today i just decided to use hibernate instead of sleep to get around this temporarily, its very annoying. Oh and this just happens randomly, most of the time putting my laptop to sleep and wakeup is normal.

My other problem is simply a minor annoyance. Windows explorer would randomly stop working and restart sometimes, it restarts very quickly actually so its not too much of a bother but it usually happens when i open or close windows too fast.

If someone could help me with the first one, i would appreciate it.
Oh if you need the model of the laptop, its a Toshiba satellite A300.

Hey Guys, May just be a stupid problem but is rather agravating. Just installed win 7 on my PC upgraded from Vista. Vista ran pretty good but was slow and tempermental every once in a while. After fighting back and forth to get all my drivers, bluetooth keyboard working and such I just encountered this problem with Internet exploer. When I open Internet explorer my screens go black like they are readjusting resolution sometimes twice and then explorer opens. Same thing when i close it. Very strange in that it is the only program that does this. I thought maybe the beta version 9 was the cause but i put it back to 8 and same thing. This is the only program that does it and i've tried opening it in both monitors or at different sizes and can't seem to find out what is happening. Doesn't seem to effect anything just very annoying. So far besides a mishap with my bluetooth keyboard which is now fixed, everything seems to run like a champ. I just loaded Slightly older driver for my video cardbeacuase the ones from Nvidia would cause 1 screen to flicker whenever a window opened up in it. That is now gone. My card is a geforce 7950GT running dual digital monitors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Greetings all.

Just upgraded to XP Home from Win98. About 2-5 minutes after I log on a
Help and Support Window pops open with the text "Cannot display the page". I
can close the window and the Help and support system can be accessed and
appears to work ok. I am not sure what the Help system is trying to tell me,
but I would like to stop this annoying window...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ...



I am having a weird problem with Outlook 2000 (SR1, Workgroup mode, Windows 98): for some reason, and at apparently random time, when I open a message from the preview pane the message window is opened *behind* the main outlook window (instead of the usual behaviour when the window opens *on top* of the current window). Furthermore there is no way to activate it, although it appears in the task bar. Very annoying (I have to quit and re-launch outlook the regain control).

Any idea ?

Thanks & regards


Don't know what I did, but every time I open the Access help window, either through the menu bar or using F1, the help window opens only as a Windows title bar at the top left corner of my screen. If I click the maximize button, it expands the help window as it should. Everything works Ok, it's just an annoyance.

Any ideas on how to correct the initial display?



When I open a database file by clicking on the filename or clicking on a shortcut to the filename, the main Access window opens as maximized, but the database window itself consistently opens as a smaller window within the main window. This means I have to click to maximize the database window itself every time I open it; in other words, the maximized database window won't stick between sessions. It's only one extra click, but it's annoying. Is there some way to get it to open maximized? Thanks for any available help.

Vance Hamilton

Found the solution: Was getting lots of instability--CPU usage 100%; system freezing;
windows opening small and most annoying I got a MFC 42dll error. "IE will close now"
which would close all open browser windows and crash me to the desktop. It happened
right after the Yahoo toobar download and this is not at all to "knock Yahoo." It's just
to relate the experience--say many attempts wouldn't solve it--and that when I did
get it uninstalled everything returned to normal immediately. It's the last checkbox on
a Yahoo email account and even if you say "No" by unchecking the box, it installs anyway. I suspected
it caused problem because problem happened right after. In addition to the
Internet Explore closing everytime I closed a particular window from a browser reached
site with the "red X" I got tremendous CPU usage often sticking at 100% and slowing
or stopping everything, including opening icons, getting the start menu up, you name it.
I searched for all the MFC 42dll files as advised and eliminated all but the one that
is in System32 in the Windows folder which XP wouldn't let you eliminate anyway unless
perhaps done from the Registry. I checked this folder in Options>Settings>Objects and
there were three associated files:
C:WINDOWSDOWNLOADYCOMP4.02.10.inf 4.096 bytes

Active X Control 128kb (131.972MB)
Created: 5/11/2002 at 2:49PM
This is what I saw when I clicked on properties. I suspected this highly so I tried to delete
it from it's place in objects and it wouldn't let me delete it (said "in use by other programs.")
I opened two Yahoo email accounts did not check the Yahoo toolbar download and found
that this villain (to me) will download anyway. Finally I found an uninstall click on the
toolbar itself. I uninstalled and restarted and it was gone. Immediately my IE windows
opened full size again but most importantly, I can close them and no longer do I get the
MFC 42dll error (I read every KB and MSDN library article on Microsoft Foundation
Class Libraries and Objects)--some in language I don't yet understand and none
of them helped me). I no longer have the problem; I no longer get the error I tried so
many ways to fix, and I no longer have the excessive CPU usage. So obviously something to do
with that Yahoo toolbar download caused this annoying messup in my system. I also
deleted it from the registry in every key under which it was entered and that still did nothing
to stop the error or uninstall the toolbar. If someone enjoys adventure and breaking to
fix, install the Yahoo toolbar by creating a Yahoo email account. It began to be offered
about May 10, 2002 and see if you get the same problem.
I am really interested in how such an innocent download (it was listed as
damaged in Options>Settings>Objects when I rightclicked it and hit Properties
from the context menu). Possibly it got damaged in the download and the
damaged file caused all the problems and not the toolbar itself. I know I'm going
to get the toolbar again anytime I create a new Yahoo acount. But I know
I can get rid of it and the enormous problem--system freezing, killing any IE
window closing all of them and crashing you to the desktop with the MFC42.dll
IE 6 error by going to the "Yahoo toolbar" itself and clicking uninstall there.

Does anyone know why this toolbar caused the MFC42dll error with its
immediate crash to the desktop and the CPU usage and system freezes?
I would sure like to understand this--it's one of the bigger problems I've seen
and I thought I might have to wipe and reload XP which is a pain.



Word 2002 SP3 has just started exhibiting this annoying behaviour. When I have windows open side by side (same instance of word), there is a noticeable delay when I swap between the two documents, during which time the toolbars flicker, and appear to be refreshing.

I have just standard, formatting, and reviewing toolbars visible, and there are no custom toolbars on display.

I don't understand this behaviour, and google doesn't help. Has anyone else experienced a similar phenomenon, and did you find a solution?


Here's an IE annoyance I've wanted to cure for ages. Say you have an IE window open to something, and you want it to stay open to that page. Then you get an email message with an embedded link, or you click on a hyperlink you've previously saved to disk. IE will always use your open window to go to this location. I'd like to know how to force it to open a *new* window for this purpose instead. If you're clicking on a link within IE, you can right click and choose 'open in new window'. But if you're clicking on an email or disk-bound hyperlink, there's no such option. Any ideas?

Thanks, Balarama

I am using XP Home SP3.

While I was working in Excel I opened a File>Save As and the resultant window opened completely full screen. I don't know why but it is most annoying. Can anyone help me return it to normal with a much smaller window that has the ability to be sized by using the cursor in the lower right corner.

As I hunt further this affect also is in place in Word and also during the Open windows. It is not present in NotePad. The actual Excel or Word Windows are not full screen but act normally with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons at the upper right. The problem window has only a ? & close button.

I will also post this thread in Word.

Thanks in advance!

My brother got hit with a bunch of malware the other day when he inadvertently opened an email from an unknown source. His AV program, AVG, notified him of a Trojan (he didn't write down which one) it had stopped from installing or calling home, but his system was borked and had several problems. I worked with him over the phone all day yesterday and several hours today and got most everything straight except for one annoying problem. When he opens IE after a reboot, it generates 55 instances of itself. The only "cure" seems to be to run the AV program. He had removed AVG after the initial infection and installed PC cillin, which I had him uninstall after I thought I'd solved the problem and got him to install Avast. I had to have him install Spybot, and Spysweeper to clean the system and they both found several problems and cleaned them out, but he still has this multiple window problem with IE each time he reboots. Any thought on what could be causing this or where to look in the registry to locate the nasty ?? He is running XP Media Center and IE7.

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