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Hello, Loungers; I'm new here. Got a funny thing happening and can't understand why. I use Windows Live Mail 2011 and one correspondent uses Eudora 7. When I email him, at least some of the punctuation gets garbled.

The attached image shows an example. Any ideas?

I tried using a different font but that did not fix it.


I am using Outlook Express 6 with Win XP Home SP3. When I attach an image to an email as an Attachment it does not appear in the text body part of the email in either the Create New Mail window ( or Reply window if used ), the Outbox or Sent Items folders. However, when received, the image appears beneath the text as well as in the attachment. I am not using Insert > Picture from the New Message toolbar to make this happen - it just happens. I have looked through past postings on the subject of attachments on this Forum and in my books but I can't find any mention of this problem. In fact, one of my books states categorically ' attached documents will not appear in the body of the email image '. Does anyone know how to prevent an attached image also appearing in the body of the email, please.
Thank you.
Dave Dale

Please accept my apologies for the length of post but trying to give all relevant info. I am working on the assumption that I have an infection hence posting here if in wrong place please move and let me know.

Desktop PC - Win 7 Prof SP1 (from clean install about 1 year ago) 64bit – 8GB Ram
Laptop Win 7 Prof (SP1 using downloaded SP1 file again about 9 -10 months ago) 32bit – 4GB Ram
Both have static IP addresses.
Windows FULLY upto date as are the browsers.
Virtual Ram handled by Windows (see further down post for reason for supplying this info.)

Security software on both PC’s:
Comodo firewall (free) – Avast AV (free) – Malwarebytes (paid version) – Win Patrol (paid version) – Spyware Blaster – CCLeaner (run at about 4 or 5 day intervals)

There is different software on each PC.
I have been running these programs for a couple of years without problems or conflicts.

Problem details:
This issue is the exact same on BOTH PC’s which are on a HOME Network with the usual shared folderspartitions.
I cannot access the following websites. When this issue started I have no idea because these are not sites I go to on a regular basis. I first discovered it about 1 week ago. There is NO warnings (404 etc other than eventually Time out) Both sites can be accessed on spare (NON-Networked) PC.

When I try to access my Amazon account (see link below – both typed in and using Favourites link) it does not open. I CAN access Amazons’ home page without problems.
It is only when I try to log-in that I have problems here. I have tried accessing both Amazon UK & Amazon US.
I can access which then goes to

The same happens when I try to sign-in to my Hotmail account, or virtually any (secure https:// and or normal http://) MS site[s]. In this instance the sign-in page just never gets there. There are not error message in either case. and Microsoft UK with the same results.

it then goes to and sits there going nowhere. [Blue circle keeps going round and round].

PING [] times out and fails. [IP addresses &]

I CAN access other HTTPS:// sites without problems (I am able to log into other [non-MS]) web mail etc. on both problem PC's) I also have no problems accessing any other http:// site[s]

Steps taken to try and resolve this:
Tried to access site at different times of the day.
Disabled ALL security programs [AV – Anti-Malware – Firewall etc.]
Ran full security scans in Windows and Safe Mode. (Also turned of malicious web site blocking in Malwarebytes to see if this could be at fault)
Ran BOOT scans with Avast.
Set Spybot to run as windows was loading.
Ran Kaspersky emergency boot disk (10)
Ran on-line security scans (Symantic)
Installed and ran SybotSD.
Started and updated Windows Defender and ran full scan.
Disabled GHOSTERY in all browsers.
Tried 4 different browsers (by default I have Opera + FF + IE [8]) downloaded and installed Chrome.
Also tried pinging (the above links) both of which failed.
Ran all browsers, WITH & WITHOUT add-ons.

NO toolbars installed and never has been other than the Avast program.
Re-set DNS cache.
Resetrepaired WINSOCK
Re-set MBR from with-in Acronis (but once again I do not know when this started so (if infected) this could also be infected. I also fixed MBR using Emergency Boot CD and entered
bootrec /fixmbr [enter]
bootrec /fixboot [enter]
Nothing found anywhere.
[I can access the above when I use an old PC (which IS NOT networked) I keep for emergencies and on my phone.]

I CAN doget windows updates (using Auto Check or clicking onto linkshortcut in the All Programs List and [repeat] I CAN ACCESS OTHER HTTPS:// SITES WITHOUT PROBLEMS

Re-inserted an Acronis image (which was 5 weeks old) with same results, but as I said I am not certain when this started so the image might well have been infected [if that is the cause] NO new software has been installed on both PC’s for a few months except for SpybotSD due to this issue.

I have tried all these "fixes" on both DT & LAptop but have decided to concentrate on getting the DT to work at the moment.

Turned off System Restore
Stopped VIRTUAL MemoryPaging File to see if something was lodged in there and came up against something I have never seen (or heard of) before. When I rebooted PC I got message saying windows had created a Temp Paging File. See attachment below for exact details. In 18 years of using PC’s I have never had this message when disabling virtual memory. This might be related or it could be a separate issue. When I cancel Paging file Windows SHOULD NOT create a temp one especially when I have 8GB Ram installed.

Virtual Memory message.jpg

It has been years since I have had to run Hi Jack This on either my own pc's or on the pc's I mantain for other folks and have forgotten exact procedure so please advise for this so that I can post log up. (also post as an attachment or just copy and paste?)

If solutionrepair cannot be found it will mean re-installing windows and programs (ouch)
All passwords have been changed and card details removed from Amazon.

I freelance from home and therefore connect w/my employer as a remote client. My employer uses a Domino
e-mail server running on an AS400 with VPN. They do not have me using VPN at present because of a
conflict with my IP. I receive e-mail through an external public IP address. What I receive from them does not
go thru my IP - Verizon DSL - but what I send does go thru Verizon. I am using Windows 2000. Every week or
so (since upgrading my Windows, Outlook, Word etc) I cannot send e-mails with attachments. The
attachments range in size from 1mg to 7 mgs - our company restriction is 10 mg. When this problem occurs,
my messages sit in Outlook's outbox for hours on end - going nowhere. I can't do anything with them. The
message reads "Mapi spooler has already......." Closing the program does not send them to my draft folder,
opening up again, they are still "Mapi spooling." Without any rhyme or reason, poof, everything starts working
again - but this is usually in DAYS! I do have my personal e-mail setup using Netscape Communicator. Right
now all "Read" receipts for what I do send out successfully from Outlook ends up in my Netscape e-mail -
??? Can anyone help me clear this up? And please - know that I sound more knowledgeable than I am. I just
got off the phone with a techie from work getting the correct info together so I could ask this question!

Version 2.00
Platform Stated as W95 and NT3.5 or greater.
SMTPSEND is a simple command line utility to send Internet email from the command prompt or a batch file. It also allows a file to be MIME attached to the email message being sent. It is a Windows 32 console application and will work under Windows NT Version 3.5 or later and Windows 95.

I've used it on and off for a few years now, and it appears to work OK on W2K.
I know of a few people who use it for automating sending file attachments in reply to incoming mail and for scheduling a test email to themselves to check the status of a remote mail server.

Available here at 7th Wave Software

Hi, I am using IE 8. I am running Windows 7 Professional on a 64-bit computer. I recently sent an e-mail from my Yahoo account with a 1 page Word 2010 document as an attachment. The recipient received the e-mail, but the attachment consisted of a lot of web pages rather than my Word document. Question: Do packets of information sometimes get lost and/or interchanged with other packets of information during transmission? I wondering what happened to my Word 2010 attachment and how the web pages were received instead.

Thank you.


Hi uber geniuses!

I've got a couple of queries, but I've separated them across different threads - I hope that's ok! I thought it would make it easier.

For this one, I need to be able to have the user enter in a row number from the Excel spreadsheet, and then have them select which documents they need to create for that record. I then need each document to open in a separate window (ie, not merged into the one document as Word usually does).

I have set up the basic userform with a button (frmMerge), but Iím not sure where to go from here Ė at a complete loss unlike the other userform, where I at least have something! Is this even possible? Iíve tried looking through the earlier posts here, and there seem to be some that might be similar, but Iím such a beginner that Iím not sure what Iím looking at. Sorry!

I've attached my test database and two test documents with some example merge fields so you can see what I mean. I know my coding is horrible - forgive me, I'm a beginner!


Hi uber geniuses!

I've got a couple of queries, but I've separated them across different threads - I hope that's ok! I thought it would make it easier.

For this one, I need to be able to have the user select multiple row numbers from the Excel spreadsheet (not necessarily in consecutive records), and then have them select one document to merge those records into. I then need each document to open in a separate window (ie, not merged into one document as Word usually does).

I have set up the basic userform with a button (frmMerge), but Iím not sure where to go from here Ė at a complete loss unlike the other userform, where I at least have something! Is this even possible? Iíve tried looking through the earlier posts here, and there seem to be some that might be similar, but Iím such a beginner that Iím not sure what Iím looking at. Sorry!

I've attached my test database and two test documents with some example merge fields so you can see what I mean. I know my coding is horrible - forgive me, I'm a beginner!


I have been having a problem with my Quicken program in that my Help file is apparently corrupted. The Intuit tech support people have been trying to send me an attachment (1.53 MB) that may enable me to correct my problem.

While I get the e-mails I don't get the attachments. I have three e-mail accounts; i.e. Aim, Road Runner and Windows Live. I have checked all my e-mail settings and find nothing to indicate that attachments are being blocked.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A new exploit involving WMF files is circulating. It is described in the following articles, but in brief, if Windows tries to render this file in Internet Explorer or Outlook Express or Outlook or the Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer, bad things can happen to your computer. In the case of Firefox, rendering in the browser apparently does not trigger the vulnerability but if the image is downloaded and rendered through other software, it could be triggered.

eEye Digital Security Research Team Vulnerability Alert, Dec 29, 2005
Microsoft Security Advisory (912840): Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution.
US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#181038
Secunia - Advisories - Microsoft Windows WMF "SETABORTPROC" Arbitrary Code Execution

WMF files are most commonly used for clip art or other "vector-based" art formats, and rarely for ordinary web illustrations. Thus, you could consider temporarily blocking WMF files in a variety of ways. These include ad-blockers, e-mail program attachment blocking, and firewall and antivirus file-extension blocking. The third and fourth articles suggests that WMF files renamed to JPG or GIF could trigger the same vulnerability, which is troubling and makes workarounds very difficult.

Some AV vendors say they are working on blocking it:

Symantec: Bloodhound.Exploit.56 (updated 12/28)
McAfee: Exploit-WMF - need DAT file #4661 or later (updated 12/29)
Trend Micro: TROJ_WMFCRASH.A - "coming soon"

At this point, I haven't researched the above any further, and I'm starving for dinner, but comments and suggestions are welcomed.


This may be the wrong forum for this - and it may not even be an answerable question, but here goes.

Our company works with a new, proprietary program that contains customer information. We can't "scrape" the information to send as plain text in e-mails. We only have two options: type out the information laboriously, or do a screen snap directly into an e-mail (or as an attachment in a blank Word document) and send it to the recipient. Due to the nature of our business, we do lots of these e-mails a day. Screen snaps are bitmaps, which are big files, and the e-mails take a long time to open on our e-mail server.

What I'd like to do is have some sort of a small macro (or program) which would allow you to:

A. Get the screen snap (via Alt Print Screen)
B. Open it in Paint and then immediately save the bitmap as a jpeg.
C. Copy the jpeg to the desktop (or copy it into the body of a new, blank e-mail).

Then we could send the jpegs back and forth (and not go through these steps to create them each time) allowing for faster sending of the e-mails.

Is this a pipe dream? Is this a visual basic or some other type of program?

Thanks for any ideas!


our employees are allowed to access the ms exchange server 5.5 via vpn. mail client is outlook 2000. an employee purchased a new pc loaded with windows me and office 2000. she cannot successfully attach to the exchange server via her DSL connection. old pc with win98/outlook 98 connected fine over the same dsl. she brought the new pc to the office, it will connect to server via local ethernet. the variable seems to be the vpn connection. exchange will prompt her for user/pw/domain, but never successfully logs on. any ideas?

I have discovered that if I try to open a .pdf attachment in an email, I get a message telling me that there is no program to read them or I don't have an association to such a program. I have Adobe Reader X installed and there is an association in the Default Programs section of Control Panel. Any suggestions?

Brand new Win 7 boxes w/Office 2k3.
The users are much older, (80s) and used to 2k3.
Installed Live Mail. Imported contacts and mail.
Gave Live Mail all of the defaults
Everything works fine, except...
From Word, when clicking on File > Send to > Mail recipient (as attachment)
Windows still tries to bring up Outlook even though Outlook is not configured in any way on the machine and has no defaults associated with it.
I have explained to the users other ways of performing the same function, but they find this more difficult.
Any ideas?

I have been looking at the Windows Contacts app that is part of Windows 7 off an on for awhile. I did notice that there is a tab-field for digital IDs that are associated with a card. But, I don't understand how it can be used when associated with a particular contact card.

I'm asking because I recently obtained digital IDs from Comodo for emailing from Outlook 365. I had thought that the IDs that are used in Outlook would also be added to the Contacts card that is in the Windows account that I log into when I do email (I do NOT use an email app in my Administrator account, in an effort to reduce the amount of damage a worm or Trojan can do on my machine). I found that the digital IDs were not added to my Contact card, and I also found that the export format of Outlook does not match a format that the Windows 7 Contact can read.

So I am now wondering why Microsoft included a 'basic app' - Contacts - that can't be utilized easily. It's almost like Contacts is a digital equivalent of an appendix in the human body. I did conduct several searches, but my queries did not unearth any information for attaching digital IDs to a Contacts card.

Even if Windows Contacts is used only my Windows Mail...I'm curious as to why I can't add a digital ID to a particular card. Windows Mail the only app that can write to Contacts?

Can anyone compare Windows Live Mail client (email program on your computer, not web mail) 2010 to both Windows Live Mail client 2009 and 2011? I am interested in the way 2010's toolbar and menus look and act (more like 2009 or more like 2011?), and in image attachment. More on my interest in image attachment is below.

I discovered that Windows Live Mail 2009 with Windows 7 Professional will resize pictures from an explorer window the same way as Outlook Express did - there's just one small extra step.

1. Double click photo you want and it opens in preview (this step was not needed in OE; with OE you select the photo, click Email Photo in the task pane on left).
2. In WLM client 2009: Click Email.
3. Click size you want photo to be.
4. Click OK.
5. An email form opens with photo attached. Not visible IN the body of email at this point but will be when the recipient gets it.
6. Type what you want in the body of the email.
7. Click Send.

In Windows Live Mail 2011:
1 - double click the photo and it opens in Preview.
2. Click Email (at top of Preview window)
3. (this is the obstacle) A window asking you to sign into WLM online opens.
4. You decline.
5. A little square cropped picture of your original photo with the words "Enter Album Name Here, View Slideshow, Download All, This Album Has One Photo and will be available on Skydrive until 4/30/12" shows up. There is no attached photo. This is totally unprofessional for business people, to ask people to go look at an "album" or "slideshow" on Skydrive!
6. OK so instead, you try using the paper clip and browsing to the photo file and clicking your photo so it will attach to the email It attaches - at FULL SIZE so that you are emailing a huge photo, 1 to 5 megabytes in size, to someone and filling up their mailbox with just a single photo. To view it, so they can see the whole thing without scrolling sideways and up and down in the email, then they need to take the extra step of clicking the attached file to see it in Windows Preview. That is so rude, asking people to do extras just to see the photo you sent. What is missing here is that you never get the chance to resize the photo file downward so that a small photo appears in their email body which can be easily seen just by scrolling up and down in the email.

There should be a way to prevent the Windows Live Mail sign in window from appearing. I have tried the various steps suggested here by others but none permanently prevents it from showing up. It is programmed to appear at Step 2 for WLM client 2011, as soon as you click. This needs to be interrupted. The only place I can now think of to interrupt it from is the Registry but I don't know where. Either that or some small program that can be downloaded that will interrupt it. (where oh where are the programmer folks who like to do this stuff??? I saw no such discussion in the programmer forum here.)

So, regarding images, what I am hoping to find out right now is whether Windows Live Mail Client (email program on your computer) for 2010 will behave with photos like WLM 2009 - or like WLM 2010. Anyone here know?


Live Mail has a shortcoming with regard to messages received that are photo emails or have attached photos of photos inserted in the body of the message. There is no way to easily extract those photos and place them in a location that is available for easy access by Photo Gallery.

When you access an email with photos, they are in the content of the email message file. When email message, and subsequently, the photos are viewed, the photo files are temporarily extracted into a temporary folder. When the message is closed, the temporary folder is deleted.

Deleted as in placed into the recycle bin (you could leave them there or extract them to some other location but that seems an unnecessary step).

WLM should have an option to extract and place the photo files in a location normally accessible by Photo Gallery. Typically, this is what we would expect as a normal procedure (as experienced in the MicroSoft Office suite of programs where interchange is routine).

Does anybody have a quick and easy way to extract photos from WLM messages for use in Photo Gallery (or any other photo program)?

After working fine for almost a month after a major system restore and virus purge, I am now getting emails stripped of the header, but mostly email from yahoo, rocketmail and some emails are transferring to the computer when outlook is started and are going into the inbox, some to junk mail, without the to, from, subject and date in the email header and the message body contains the entire email in html code as text, and any attachments are stripped. When I check the webmail site prior to opening outlook, the messages are ok, but as soon as outlook receives them they are screwed up.

I can forward the email from the service to a gmail account then forward it back and get the email as a forwarded ok, but attachments are stripped still.

I was hit by a Trojan called Auleron.A (spelling) a month ago and got rid of the Microsoft Security Essentials my sister had and used Malwarebytes then McAfee to clear the machine and now have the new McAfee. Full scans still clean. I don't want to disable the email scan but wonder if that is what will be needed.

I use:
Windows XP Service pack 3
Outlook 2003, set to not view as plain text
McAfee's latest and greatest virus software

As a Realtor my sister has to get the emails without all the hoops to jump through. Please has anyone else seen this or am I missing the problem?


Running Windows 7 32-bit (current patch level) with above component. All of the following...

Picass 3.9, Paint Shop Pro 9, Microsoft Paint
fail when selecting a photo (jpg file) using the email option, and get error 8CCC003 in WLM.

As part of this process, I have my WLM configured to use my ISP email server (which works fine when I attach photos or insert jpg files directly). It also fails the same way when you select a photo file and use right click to select SEND from the drop down menu. Also, WLM is my default email program (something pointed out in Microsoft posts).

After the email send operation is initiated, when WLM comes up, it opens the Windows Live ID signon dialog. I don't have a Live ID. However, when I close that dialog to let WLM use my normal ISP connection, the generated email gets stuck in the OutBasket with the above error, and all future send/receive operations hard fail until that broken message is deleted.

This computer has XP installed (came with it from the vendor), and WLM 2009. Under that configuration, such email operations work fine as WLM 2009 does not come up with an attempt to use Live ID. The send just runs and the message arrives at its destination.

So, it appears that more recent versions of WLM that use the Live ID login, screw up the message such that it must be deleted, or have a "undocumented" requirement that precludes using WLM for such operations when a normal account uses an ISP email connection.

Anybody else experience this problem or have any workarounds WITHOUT having to resort to using Live ID? Having a Live ID does work (from Microsoft posts) but does expose your messages and files to SkyDrive.

On Picasa help, it is indicated that for this to work, one must use a gmail account or a Google account (where the file is posted to the Google cloud with a reference to the cloud location inserted in the email rather than attaching or inserting the actual file). Also, it is indicated that for Live ID connections, the file/photo is sent to SkyDrive with a reference to the SkyDrive location inserted in the email. This seems overbearing, ignoring normal ISP email services and inflicting my WLM configuration with a bad email message in the OutBasket.

Feedback appreciated. Workarounds?

I am using Windows Live Mail 2011 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

If I want to send pictures in an email, I will add an attachment or just paste them in the message body. No problem. (In Options, I have unchecked Convert messages to photo emails...)

BUT, if I right-click a photo and use Send to Mail Recipient, it attempts to login to SkyDrive. I don't want to. I click cancel and I end up with a useless email message. It has a thumbnail with links that go nowhere.

How can I unlink the Send to Mail from SkyDrive and have it just go to my email?

If I click Send to Mail Recipient, it should attach the photo to an email that I can send. It should NOT attempt to connect to SkyDrive.

How can I do this?


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