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Good morning

Can you please help? I have a problem when loading windows. It says error with hal.dll corrupt or missing. I have created a dos bootable disk with the hal.dll file on the disk. How do I copy the file from the disk to the hard drive, using dos commands? Is the correct thing to do?

Thanks you

After the 9/14/10 Microsoft patches/updates, we received the BSOD (0xc000007b error) "winsrv.dll is not a valid image".
The computer was a Dell Dimension 9100 with XP-Pro SP3. This machine had all the current updates.

Here is how we resolved the problem:

We were able to start in Safe Mode & discovered the winsrv.dll was updated with KB2121546 update.
In Add/Remove Programs (with "show updates" checked), we removed KB2121546 and 3 other updates: KB2259922, KB2347290, & KB975558.
We re-started the computer in Normal Mode - no problems or error messages.
We ran CCleaner 2.35, then Malwarebytes 1.46 "Quick Scan" (no malware)
We installed Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (9/10). Note, we were curious why this update did not install before the other updates.
The computer had an older version of Zone Alarm Security Suite ( We updated ZASS to (upgrade setting).
We ran sfc /scannow - Reviewed Event Log - no problems were detected.
We ran hard drive "error checking" - Reviewed Event Log - no problems were detected.
We re-installed KB2121546 & rebooted the computer into Normal Mode - no problems
Then we re-installed the remaining 3 updates, rebooting after each - no problems.

Our "guess" was the older version of Zone Alarm Security Suite caused the problem, but that is just our guess. Some of the other items may have been unnecessary, but, by now, we were being very cautious,

Please help...
After rebooting I get an error message: "Error Loading C:WINDOWSimage.dll The specified module could not be found" Is this a problem and how can I fix it?

Hi all,

I've got a problem with my WMP and am hoping for some help in fixing it..

The problem came on when I decided to use the "rename and rearrange" option in WMP9 to sort my music collection. This has largely worked in that it has renamed and rearranged most of my using into folders by artist and album, but it seems to have killed my WMP in the process. Now I get a fatal crash from WMP within 10-30 secs of opening it, unless I turn off the "retrieve additional information from the internet" option in Tools>Options>Media Library.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this kind of thing, a check through the MS groups and support centre hasn't turned anything up.

The error details indicate a problem with drmv2clt.dll, but no error code to search on.

At a guess I could probably remove everything from my media library, and assuming that cures it, run the search to add my music back again? Any better ideas?

Turned my boss' computer on this morning and saw that it was doing its automatic update; and in fact, was installing SP3.

When the computer re-booted, I got a blue screen and the following message:

STOP: 0xc0000139 {Entry Point Not Found} The procedure entry point GdiGetBitmapBitsize could not be located in the dynamic link library GDI32.dll.

Microsoft tells me:

CAUSE This issue occurs if you install security update 948590 (security bulletin MS08-...This issue occurs if you install security update 948590 (security bulletin MS08-021) before you install Windows XP SP3 RC2 or RC1. You may experience this error because the version of the Gdi32.dll file that already exists on the computer is newer than the version of the Gdi32.dll file that is included in Windows XP SP3 RC1 or RC2. Additionally, the existing version of the Gdi32.dll file is incompatible with the version of the Gdi32.dll file in Windows XP SP3 RC1 or RC2.

They then print this resolution:
To resolve this issue, use the Windows XP CD or the startup disk to restart the computer. Then, use the Recovery Console to replace the incompatible version of the Gdi32.dll file. To run the Recovery Console, follow these steps:
Insert the Windows XP startup disk in the floppy disk drive. Or, insert the Windows XP CD in the CD drive. Then, restart the computer.

Note If you are prompted, click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD drive.
When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console.
If you have a dual-boot computer or a multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you want to access from the Recovery Console.
When you are prompted, type the administrator password.

Note Press ENTER if the administrator password is blank.
At the Recovery Console command prompt, type the following commands. Press ENTER after each command.
ren %windir%system32gdi32.dll %windir%system32gdi32.dll.old
copy %windir%servicepackfilesi386gdi32.dll %windir%system32gdi32.dll
Note These commands back up the current version of the Gdi32.dll file and replace the Gdi32.dll file by using the correct version.
To exit the Recovery Console and to restart the computer, type exit at the Recovery Console command prompt, and then press ENTER.

Well, the problem here is that when I put the Windows CD in the drive and press f2 to go to set up, NOWHERE do I see a prompt that will take me to a Recovery Console. I never even see a Welcome ot SEtup screen and I cannot get this thing to a point where I can download the file - or do anything for that matter. So, I am now stuck with a that shows this error message on a blue screen and won't let me do anything else.

Has anyone had this happen, and can you suggest what I might do at this point?


I recently started to get a message at boot up that is on the black screen and says something about power problems I did the test and did not see get any trouble report so since then (about two weeks) I have just been hitting one of the F keys that it instructed me to do so that I can skip the testing
Now since that
- I have tried to re-access my Turbo Tax and when it tries to open it gets to the place where is says Initializing Cab Framework and then it tells me - ERROR REPORTING to Windows etc
- TOday AVG tells me along with kernel32/user32/and shell32.dll have CHANGED
- along with ntoskrnl.exe CHANGED
I know that exe. files and dll files are critical files - are all these problems inter-related and what should I be doing about it

PS I also think I may have downloaded some files off of the net - I also did virus scan in free AVG and came back OK

Since none of the PCs for which I am responsible has "Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System", a Point Of Sale application, installed, I thought I might as well update them.

So far I have installed SP3 on 19 work and home PCs and laptops, which has taken between 11 minutes (for the newest Dell Optiplex 330) and 62 minutes (for an ancient just-about Pentium IV PC with 256 MB of RAM) from start-of-install to receiving the machine back usably after the reboot. No problems were experienced, except that the Windows Scripting Host command prompt window which appears during the post-reboot startup occasionally displayed well over a dozen identical error messages in rapid succession, rather than the single word "Done" which appeared on the other PCs, before terminating, apparently normally. (In fact you get two command prompt windows, but I've never seen anything displayed in the second one.)

Thankfully, I encountered no instance of the snappily-titled Windows XP SP3 BSoD Endless Reboot Loop with Stop c0000139 on GDI32.dll Error.

This information is just to give some idea of how long the SP3 installation process might take on your PC when SP3 again becomes available, once Microsoft has put a check in that your PC isn't running the above POS application!

Thanks to Alan for the original link to obtain SP3 (it was a 316.4 MB download, by the way)...

In a recent attempt to install new trading software, InfinityAT, both their tech and me kept getting error msg indicating that regsvr32.exe was not allowing the install to complete. I search MS for troubleshooting this and found one thread that sounded helpful. It suggested that I run several wu*.dll files in sequence and all worked except wucltuil.dll (could not find module). These were run as regsvr32 c:windowssystem32*.*

Can this be the problem, wucltuil.dll is missing or corrupted? I've done a dvd startup and repair but to no avail. I really don't know where to download this dll from microsoft, if that is possible. I've attached the error msg generated by InfinityAT if that can help. But I definitely need some help.


I keep most of my files on one PC at home but often work on another. When I access the files from one particular Win 7 system (only a few months old) reaching out to my 'server' PC, it is not unusual to have a problem. If I'm trying to email a file using Chrome, Chrome will pop up a DLL error and not send the file that I'm trying to attach. Regardless, look at one or two files on the 'server' pc, and I end up with 3 Explorer.exe processes, all of which are unresponsive. If I right click the taskbar, it too then becomes unresponsive.

Some background;

The PC I'm working on is a SandyBridge I7 mobile running laptop with 8gb and a 450mbps trendnet wifi dongle. Nice, new, fast machine running Win 7 Home Premium. Except for this. The 'server' is running Win 7 Pro, 16gb also with a SandyBridge I7-2600k (not overclocked), 1gb hardwired (ASUS P8P67 Deluxe mobo).

Once the problem occurs, I try to use new task in task manager to shut down the PC. It nearly always hangs at 'shutting down'. I'm using shutdown -r as the command. I eventually have to power it off and then turn it back on.

Possibly related; system icons, especially the volume icon, keep disappearing. I do the fix from the MS answer site of deleting the 2 reg keys that control the system icons and all come back just fine, but a reocurrence always happens within a week.

The laptop is fully up to date. It's an HP DV7 with HP printers and lots of HP stuff on it. Runs wonderfully until this happens. It is set to 'hibernate' (shake the mouse and it is up in a few seconds prompting for login or finger swipe).

Any ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

When I start my machine, as Win 7 64-bit is just starting, I get an error message:

winlogon.exe - Entry Point not found
The procedure entry point InterlockedExchange could not be located in the dynamic link library

I hit return and as the Windows flag is just appearing, another message:

userinit.exe- Entry Point not found
The procedure entry point InterlockedExchange could not be located in the dynamic link library

I hit return and Win 7 starts as usual.

I don't use this machine and it isn't restarted very often, so I have no idea when the problem started or what might have caused it.

There were no usable restore points.
System repair from original DVD didn't find a problem.
System File Checker didn't find anything with kernel32.
Regsvr32 gave the following message:


DllSuite (commercial dll repair software) found nothing with kernel32.dll and could not help. ReimagePlus--same story

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you.

Whenever I try to load Outlook 2003 I get an error message that says "The add-in C:Program FilesWOPR 2003|WoprMAPI.dll" could not be installed or loaded". If I click on OK the message disappears and Outlook loads. So the only problem is that the message is annoying. What do I have to do to get rid of the error message?

In the zipped database, login as user John with password john and open the client form. John has a user level of Admin and should not be able to delete a record. Delete is turned off properly until you click in one of the selection boxes at the top of the form and then click on the (locked) main body of the form at which point delete is enabled again. I cannot for the life of me track down what event is allowing this to happen or how to make it stop which is quite crucial for me. The social workers I am working for are quite willful in finding new ways to get around security.

There are many many things that won't work on this form, all the extra stuff has been included to stop all the error messages that will occur if they aren't included. (And, yes, I know the one-to-one design of tblNewcomer to tblISAP is inefficient but there are historical reasons for this and almost 200 queries that are based on this design. The thought of making it more efficient is too horrible to contemplate! )

You will need to have the Mousehook.dll file in the same folder or you will get error messages.

I installed IDimager Pro Version 5 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine and it appeared to install correctly in the X86 programs. However, whenever I attempt to start the application, I get a Runtime Error 217. I have performed all the normal registry cleaning; remove and reinstall procedures. The error and information messages I get in Windows 7 Event Viewer are as follows:

Error Message from Windows 7 Event Viewer

Faulting application name: IDimager.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x2a425e19

Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdbdf

Exception code: 0x0eedfade

Fault offset: 0x0000b727

Faulting process id: 0x153c

Faulting application start time: 0x01cb13260f30c28d

Faulting application path: C:Program Files (x86)IDimager ProductsIDimagerIDimager.exe

Faulting module path: C:Windowssyswow64KERNELBASE.dll

Report Id: 4dde561a-7f19-11df-940b-00221576694a

Information Message from Windows 7 Event Viewer

Fault bucket 1918837260, type 1

Event Name: APPCRASH

Response: Not available

Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:

P1: IDimager.exe


P3: 2a425e19


P5: 6.1.7600.16385

P6: 4a5bdbdf

P7: 0eedfade

P8: 0000b727



Attached files:

C:UsersDonald PC2AppDataLocalTempWER3D8A.tmp.WERInternalMeta data.xml

Thank you for any assistance.

My neighbour's computer can't get past the boot stage, coming up with:
"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file."I've checked the boot order and run some basic diagnostics on the drive but as I can't get past the error, have decided that a re-install is probably the easiest/best solution. The pc is about 5 years old, so the cleanup a re-install would provide would have great advantages.

However, am I right in assuming a re-install will obliterate all his 'My Documents' and sub-folders? I personally never use these folders, keeping 'my' stuff in a separate folder if not on a different partition, so I've never had to find out the hard way. He's happy for me to fit a new drive for the re-install and see if we can recover his personal stuff from the original if I make it a secondary drive, and I think this will be the most efficient method to resolve the problem.

I have installed win 7 full version 3 times and a friend of mine had win 7 installed on a new laptop. of these installs the laptop and one of my systems appeared to work for the first few boots and then services started not running. The system said that the dll could not be found to start the service. Finally the system started reporting that "you may have been the victim of software piracy". After a total reinstall everything worked fine. It seems as if the win 7 installer is somewhat unstable and does not always do a complete install. My recommendation is to test the s#!t out of the system with several reboots to force this error to show its ugly head.

PS. All of these were full installs on a clean formatted drive.

1. Have any of you experienced this on any of your installs?
2. If so have you found what is going wrong?

ive VB6 code thats been running for 5-6 years. We rolling out a new SOE image (standard operating environment).Now when the code runs the following error message displays
error -2147418094 remote server doesnot exist

I found this related article in MS http://support.microsoft.com/kb/186063/en-us
instead of excel, im using Word as the object

i can do the workaround thats not a problem.

ill need to do some analysis on the new pc image builds to determine the differences

my question is
would this message be caused, related to, or side effect from possibly a ms patch, hotfix, dll update? or other...
know where/how I can find out this type of information?
anyone else come across this issue?


I just started receiving an error message when I open Google Chrome. The message states that the application failed to start because nspr4.dll is missing, then Chrome starts anyway. nspr4.dll is the Netscape Portable Runtime, so I assume it must be used somehow for compatibility within the program and that the only thing not started is this compatibility function.

I searched for the error message in Google and found a workaround in a thread on Chrome's help forum, but it doesn't explain why it happens.

The fix is to copy nspr4.dll from Program Files>Firefox> to the Windows>system32 directory. (Alternately some copied it to ProgramFiles>Chrome)

Some other answers in the thread stated that after doing this, a new message popped up saying a couple of other dll's were missing, all were found in the Program Files>Firefox directory. Copying them to system32 fixed all of the machines.

Since this seems to be a common problem I was surprised there was no direct answer on the Google Chrome Help site, but just a thread from users in the forum.

Forum members
Can anyone assist with this problem on a ASUS Notebook Vista Ultimate system which I'm updating via Windows update service. The owner of the system has not had any Internat access since late 2007, so it really needs updating ASAP. The computer has beeen updating successfully up until this point over the few days and I was ready to install SP1

Vista SP1 downloaded and installs OK via Windows Upate service - Approx 140Mb. Dialogue box reports installation successful and requires RESTART of computer.
Reaches STAGE 3 of 3 at about 80% . Then simply and suddenly restarts to flickering black screen listing file access stopping at single line with error report as

!!Oxc0190036 1461/82512 ActionQueue.dll
System then hangs No K/B or mouse response. My Action needed Reboot to F8 Vista menu use Repair Function- Restore to SRP just prior to install of SP1 . System and Vista then restarts OK.
PROCESS repeated TWICE same result each time. Running in circles ??

Many Thanks. Do I need a copy of SP1 and SP2 on disk, Do I try to install from safe-Mode .... Any suggestions.

Hello there,

Used www.decrapifier.com as per "Windows 7 for Dummies" to clean up some unwanted trialware and now when I log on I get a "mwlDaemon.exe - System Error" box.

It tells me that "sysenv.dll is missing. Try re-installing the program to fix the problem."

I am very much a novice with a computer and am unsure as to what is my next step?

Any ideas?


If I try to add or remove Windows components by going to Settings/Control Panel/Add,remove programs/WindowsSetup I get into problems. I get an error message from Rundll32.dll that says an error has occurred in the program. Clicking ignore does nothing and clicking close brings up a further message that rundll32.dll has made an illegal action and will be closed down.

The Windows setup window now shows no entries at all and I have to reboot the computer.

Any suggestions?

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