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you two seem to be saying different things so maybe i could get a
little more input. Like i said, This definately was possible using
windows 2000 just have had the problems on XP - and I cannot boot into
safe mode - the machine goes to the error screen no matter which boot
opt you choose. after doing a repair installation - which basicly
involed installing xp again, the machine did boot up which the
previously installed programs functioning. so we probably will make
another image for the other models, but i believe that the models
aren't so different that this should be necessary. I like windows XP
less every day.

I am having a problem after using the files and settings transfer wizard in
sp2. I backed up apporximately 120gb of files and settings onto a new 160gb
HD. I formated my old 160gb windows drive, re-installed windows and attempted
to restore the files and settings from the new HD. It restored about 30% of
my stuff. Most of my settings are correct but the vast majority of my files
are not on my machine. I have tried several times and its always the same
result. It says at the end of the process that 'the follwing files could not
be returned to their original location and must be returned manually'. I
think it then tries to unpack what it couldnt put back in its orignal
location on to the drive where the backup data is located it then cannot
unpack all of the stuff onto that drive because it runs out of space. What i
need to know is if anyone has an idea of a way i can either unpack the 2gb
..dat files windows creates individually or be able to see whats in them and
possibly delete some. Or if there is a way to put it all on to some form of
storage large enough to allow it to put all the unpacked data on the same
drive as the packed data. Or perhaps a solution that will allow the data to
unpack properly in the first place. I have tried downloading the FASTconv
program and i cant get it to run. Would It work if i backed all the 2gb
IMG.dat files to DVD and did it that way? How can i get the wizard to dump
the data it wont put in the correct loaction on the other drive? Its such an
infuriating problem as i know all my stuff is still there its just in a
compressed format. Thanks for your time,

someone please help me.

in short i wanted to add 512 more memory. installed it. booted up, splash
sceeen clicked off the now 1gb xp did not start. system restarted to screen
stating" unsuccessful start of windows xp possibly due to installation of new
hardware or software. [proir to this system crashed replaced MB, CD-RW,
CD-ROM, 512 mb and ops (from me to xp home) some difficuliyy with clean
installation of xp but working fine for two weeks.] i was directed to make a
choise of 1-4 in thirty seconds to start from 1. safe mode. 2. command
prompt. 3. last good configuration. 4. normal start. had to remove the second
strip of memory and select last good confir to successful xp start. switched
the two week old piece of pny 512s133 with the new piece of pny 512s133
systam started fine. checked both pieces of pny 512s133 with norton diag. no
errors found in either one. microsoft tech said that it was my motherboard
which is new. and clicked off the right ammount of memory no matter what was
installed. it seemed that xp recoginized new hardware but would not load for
some reason.
thanks for any input
MS tech said to take it to place and have MB diagnosed?????
God Bless
and have a GREAT thanksgiving giving thanks.

I have been given an old machine to pass on to a local charity officer if I can get it running smoothly. It suffers from random crashes which I know could be caused by many things..... whatever, it needs to have all the old owners files etc taken off and I'm assuming the best thing to do here would be to clear the HDD and re install XP afresh and start from there. My problem is that I believe the OS was originally Windows ME and was up graded within the last 2 years as the XP disc that is with the machine is a (legal) "XP home SP2 up grade " with receipt and key. But no original disc for ME

Am I right in thinking that I wont be able to do a clean install from just the up grade disc on its own? If not does this mean the machine had just as well be scrapped? It's not very hi spec and almost 7 years old so wont be a major loss, but it would be nice if it could be made use of in some way.

I developed an application that access Active Directory objects. I did an installation package and when I tried to install it on a Windows 2000 machine it errored stating it was unable to register the file Activeds.tlb file. I tried to register the file manually using the Regsvr32.exe command and it would only allow me to register DLL's and OCX's. There is an Activeds.dll file that is registered, but I don't know why the installation is trying to register a tlb file that can't be registered anyway! I've clicked on ignore during the installation process but the application wont connect to AD, and I'm guessing that the file name refers to Active Directory Services. Does anyone know a way around this? There doesn't appear to be anything in the MS KB.

When I install it on my development computer I get the same error, but there when I click Ignore, the application will run successfully.

This is so annoying.

OK, I put this in a separate thread so that I can get response to this particular phenomena, if anyone has any clue.
I certainly have had problem, and still have not figured out, how to fix them. See my post: "Major problem, computer do not start..."
This might be related to the other problems, and maybe files have been damaged I don't know.

I have not added any hardware since I installed XP last time November 2002. Anyone who read my other thread might have seen that I tried to solve some problem with move a memory stick from one slot to another. That is the only thing I have done. To day I installed two new drivers; Audio and AGP. That's all.

Well, since BSOD returned to day :Page fault, I thought why not try to boot with msconfig - "diagnose setting". It wont hurt and I can always return setting to Normal start. Normally I never use msconfig. We have Services and other ways. Well rebooted to Diagnose mode and up came WPA dialog - "you have three days to activate." WHAT! Changed settings msconfig, rebooted to Normal, and it's still there.

I don't know so much about WPA, I have read some reports when Windows XP was launched, and know that some changes was made with SP-1.

Does anyone now what might have caused this?

I've just bought a new computer with Windows XP Home Edition. I tried to install Office Developer, but a message came up saying that the version of Windows XP didn't have the appropriate files that Developer needed (option 1 on the developer install disk).

Being too terrified to start stuffing up my crystal clean XP Home OS, I opted to quit.

What do I need to do to install Developer? Are there any 'gotcha's' to be aware of? Do I need to upgrade to XP Pro?

Thanks again!

I have an old graphics program that I got with a camera I purchased in 2003. It worked fine in XP but wont install in Win 7. The setup.exe program fails with this:


I've tried compatability mode for XP and 98 but get the same error. Anyone have any ideas?

I have a network of about 30 computers here, all running Windows 2000. Depending on how you look at it, (in this case, unfortunately) two of the machines on this network are running office 2k3. The problem is that the office 2k3 computers flat-out refuse to open presentations created with 2000. Any ideas? Worse comes to worst, I'll have Office 2000 installed on these machines. Thanks!


Merry Xmas to all

ok installed win 8, clean install on a new drive, worked great, ran it for about 6 weeks, worked great and was happy using win 8 so decided to make that computer my main one, connected another HD to copy all kinds of files from an old win 7 drive (word docs, downloads folder, favorites, and various other pdf docs etc to new win 8 install, went well, then a few days later i unplugged the old win 7 drive from the win 8 computer, on reboot got error that win 8 couldn't start as could not access required device, or a required device isn't connected or couldn't be accessed, i tried safe boot it booted ok, then did system restore no joy, it still failed to boot and again said it had encountered a problem (couldn't connect to or a required device isn't connected or couldn't be accessed) and wanted to restart, error number was all zeros with an E as the last character of the error message.

when i re-connected the other HD it finally booted, grrr usually under all previous version of windows i could connect and disconnect drives at will win 8 seems to hate it, any idea's ?

As i loaded win 8 without that second drive connected i don't understand why it wants it connected to boot, got me fuzzleld !!

the Win 8 install wasn't an upgrade, it was a Clean Install !!

it passed registration and activation and was purchased from a nationwide retailer so it wouldn't be a counterfeit copy hmm, and even then as it was a genuine upgrade it still shouldn't need the old drive connected to boot.

btw they are both sata drives so i cant see that there is a problem with slave or master drives settings.....


Hello there everybody. I just switched to Vista from XP (trust me I didnt want to but had to) and now my .ASF files (vid files) wont play. I get a message saying "An audio codec is needed to play this file. To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web, click Web Help." When I click on WebHelp, it says the following: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file (or cannot play either the audio or video portion of the file) because the Intel IMA ADPCM (11) codec is not installed on your computer. The missing codec might be available to download from the Internet. To search for the Intel IMA ADPCM (11) codec, see" Right. When you click on the "" link you get a message saying the plugin is not available from that site. Great. So now, all my .ASF files (which are video files with NO sound, by the way) wont play. I just went from XP, which played my .ASF files no problem, to Vista, which wont play them at all. This is extremely annoying, and now I hate Vista. Can someone please help me and guide me in the right direction? Has anyone encountered this problem before? Please help!!!!

A few days ago i installed a microsoft powertoy called Tweak UI to try and make my security better on my computer but things have gone bad. my computer will only let me log off using the Task manager but it will let me switch users without loging off and also it wont let me restart or shut down the computer normally. But it will let me hibernate and go on standby. I have gone back into Tweak and put every thing back how i found it but that didn't work so i used the system restore that didn't fix it, i don't mind not being able to shut down its just i don't like pushing the power button to turn the computer off

Hi there...
Could anyone help me resolve a microsoft java virtual machine problem while using ie6sp1..
For some reason whenever i attempt to access a link to a java webpage/chat room or if a website contains java pop ups..the window opens..but thats all it does, and stays blank(apart from showing the active window of the previous page).
I have tried updating the virtual machine but microsoft have stopped supplying it on there support pages..I have also downloaded the sun java machine and this wont work either(all versions)...
I did manage to aquire a download of a microsoft java machine from an alternate site, but this doesnt help the problem after installation...
I am now having to use either opera/netscape, neither of which i get along with, and am running out of ideas, other than a fresh install of windows....
Please..someone help...
I thank whoever may be able to help in advance of their cooperation in this matter [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


My ftp page, on my server. Uisng Filezilla ftp server as ftp server.

happens on 2 different win 7 machines,
chrome doesnt open page, no user name challenge, nada. just stays blank.IE8 gives me a message to use windows explorer (on the windows 7 machine), and a link appears. I click on link and windows explorer opens with the ftp site in the address bar, provides challenge box for user name and pw, and I can use it.SeaMonkey not installed on the win 7 machine, but FF works just as expected, get challenge box.On an xp machine,
Chrome provides a challenge box for a user name and pw, which is good.IE8 loads roop page (pw and user name already stored)Any ideas as to why my windows 7 machines cant open my ftp page? If you need the page, I can IM it to you, but Id like to keep that out of the forums, if at all possible.

BTW, all chrome settings are synced (at least I presume thats what the user sync feature does). All the tabs on chrome on all my machines are exactly the same.

I just checked in my device manager and found and new device installed that I didn't install. It's a WAN miniport (Network Monitor) #2, which has the yellow triangle and exclamation point in it. Windows can't laod drivers required for this device. (code31)

I don't have any wireless hardware on my PC. This was installed on 5/15 and I believe it came with the last the 8 auto updates (18 of them I think) because the dates match. It wont update through device manager, it wont uninstall.

Any body else with this problem...generally I'm pretty good a tracking stuff like this down...not this time.

I have a new install of Windows 8 Home and am trying to log in to a network share. The problem is that it is trying to force me to log in with PCnameusername and the share is expecting only uname. If I click on the change username button it is still forcing me to use PCnameusername and wont let me change it.

I had the same problem with a Windows 7 Professional box and found this solution: Windows File Share From Outside the Domain

1. Start – Control Panel – System and Security – Administrative Tools – Local Security Policy
2. In the left pane, Local Policies – Security Options
3. In the right pane, double click “Network security: LAN Manager authentication level”
4. Select “Send LM&NTLM – use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”
5. Apply – OK

But there’s no local security policy on the windows 8 box, I was thinking maybe because it’s Home and the Win 7 is professional?
Does anyone have a workaround so I can access the network share on my win 8 box?


I have new HP desktop that came with Vista Premium preinstalled.
I do not have a vista instalation disk because Hp does not give them out but insteaad allows you to reinstal from a partitioned space on C drive where HP have supposingly copied the Vista operating system disk files.
How the hell do I go about reinstaling Vista from this machine?
How do I boot to the instaltion files ?
I have tried every boot sequence from the start up screen but my computer just boots up normally into C drive.
HP should have given me the instaltion CD and not dumped me with some crappy alternative method of reinstaling Windows vista!
I have spent hours on the net trying to contact HP and find out how to access the instaltion files from start up but HP do not appear to have any sites anywhere in the world where they give you any options to ask such questions.
I purchased the new machine from JB Hi Fi in Whitfords, Western Australia and after taking my cash they just dont want to know.........(Apparantly not thier concern and I should spend more money with a tech if I want to reinstal system)
Wont be buying anything else from JB Hi Fi either!
nyone out there know how to solve this mstery?
How do I reinstal Windows Vista on to "C" Drive from a set of instalation files which live on a partioned space of the same drive?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

Im the big PC nerd but networking has always been my flaw since windows 98. so heres what happened

I had to do a manual uninstall of panda antivirus (not fun)
and the same day i was having wifi issues.
and now when im in windows 7 it connects to the internet and says its connected. but everything like FireFox and my IM programs (or anything that goes online) wont go online! i know im not banned from my router when i was trying to get my neighbors computer off it because when i boot into vista (same MAC same LAN IP) it connects no problems.

did i F*** something up in the internet connections? did i delete a internet driver or something? cause i know in onld win 98 you could mess up the homegroup settings or something and it wouldnt connect.

other notes: when in windows 7 neither my built in wifi card, my USB wifi card not my ethernet works.
so i know its not a hardware issue because vista works just fine (but its slow i want my fast 7 back)

side question: ive still got my build 7000 ISO can i reinstall (or repair) my instalation with it without formatting?

edit: heres screen shots ( is my router thats why i pinged it)
vista (notice how i advertise my deviantart page )

Hay guys, been a bit of a "lurker" of this place, providied some great info on annoyances of Vista an how to get by

Anyway I'll give this ago an hopfully I can explain my self well enough to get some answers on my issue

Basically after a weeks ( giving it as much time as I can) of trying every thing I know I need some more input into my issue. So any ideas are welcome.
Basically it all started after the monthly WU's rolled out, installed them noticed it took ages to restart, then when it loaded it gets to the splash screen an that goes away then it just reset's I don't get to the vista orb or welcome screen :-(.
Tryed, the whole shebang, shoving my vista OEM disk in an letting it try to auto repair it, it will say due to an error was unable to fix the OS.
Here's the error I get when I let it do it's thing automatically after putting the disk in, word for word.
" The exception unknown software exception ( 0Xc000000e) occurred in the application at location 0x749a2f8."
Then it goes back to the recovery tool menu.
If it helps it wont load safe mode, it loads all the drivers and stuff then black screen with with mouse cursor then it resets. As far as I know it still knows there's an OS, so I don't get why it wont load.
If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say some thing is missing or corrupted, I just dont know what, or were to find it, or how to fix it if this is the case.
Oh I really don't want to clean install it.

Using command line and the bootrec tool, it tells me there's no os, how can that be? When at the start of Vista dvd is finds my installation.
It looks like this. I assume there's some thing installed lol
So how can the tool tell me no os?

Those that dont know what the bootrec tool is. How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista

Oh I'm using 32bit Vista Ultimate, My specs are 500 gb Samsung hdd, Gigabyte ga m57sli-s4, 8800gts 640mb OC, 2gb of ram.

Alright, so I downloaded Windows 7 last week onto my memory stick, and just tried installing it last night. Seems like I ran into a HUGE problem. The setup was going quickly and smoothly choose clean install. Until I got to the very end when it seems like it froze at "Windows is Completing Installation". I googled it and it seems it is because my USB memory stick was plugged in(very known problem it seems) So me being a fool restarted it and unplugged the memory stick thinking it will just start were I left off. I start it up and I get "Setup is Starting Services" at first it said Installation was interrupted setup will resume after restart. So it restarted and I was welcomed with the same screen again "Setup is Starting Services" but instead of saying the Installation will resume thing it just went to a black screen and restarted. Now it just keeps looping around "Setup is Starting Services" and then restarts. Repeat. Is there anyway to fix this? I was thinking of a few ways!

1.) Buy a Windows 7 installation Disc(someone at my work might be able to lend me Ultimate. Will that work if I was installing Home Premium?

2.) Re-download it and plug in the USB device? (most likely wont work?)

3.) Contact Dell since I am under warranty and tell them it turned off in the middle of installation because it overheated? And maybe they can send a recovery disc or something like that.

Please help me if you can I am willing to paypal over $15-20 dollars to whoever can help me fix this without buying anything extra.

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