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Just like the title says. When I try clicking on the button it does nothing. I am trying to add a printer via the network at school. tried doing it via services.msc but no success there. it would not detect the printer(its a university network, huge.) and i do not know how to figure out the ip address of the printer for tcip/ip. The print spooler is in working condition, tried that already. Thanks for the help!

A: Windows XP (32 bit) Computer service pack 3 with NIC card
I: Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) NIC card
Connected by a cat5 cable.
Computers A can and I can ping each other, the sent and received are seen on the status panel of the appropriate machine I seems to send and receive more data than A.
I have had a panel (several times as I have adjusted settings) asking for a name for this New Network which appears to be accepted, but the after name remains unidentified.
On I (windows 7) the XP computer and the NIC network do not show up.
On A (windows XP) I cannot look at the workgroup.
Each computer has the same workgroup name.
I have ‘run gpedit’ and checked
Local computer policy + Windows Settings + Security settings then Network List Manager Settings
1 My motherboard network connector named correctly. The properties panel has three tabs allowing changes to name, icon and location as I can in the Network and Sharing Center.
This connection works for the internet a wireless network (uses ipad, XP_laptop and Epson printer).
2 Unidentified Networks. The properties panel has one tab, with radio buttons are set to location type private and user permission to user can change location no other buttons.
3 Identifying Networks. The properties panel has one tab only, with one radio button with location type set to private.
These permissions have been changed by following some instructions found on the internet and caused the unidentified network to being changed from public to work.
I do not have Bonjour Service, and my IP addresses remain in place. I have reduced the speed of the faster NIC to 10 half.
Windows cannot find a fault with the network settings.
Please can you help I seem to be going in circles and getting nowhere.

I have an Asus 1005ha netbook running Windows 7 starter that connects fine to my airport express network. The netbook finds my Canon iP5000 printer which is connected to my imac with a usb. The imac connects wirelessly to my network. I have updated the driver which shows up, but I can not print. I have tried running the printer through Bonjour for Windows but can not complete the process due to a message of "You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer."

I also have an Epson cx7400 which is connected directly to my airport . . . no luck there either.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place but just stuck looking for help...
I've got a home network with Homegroup working fine across three /four machines & printers
I've just installed a small test server and loaded Windows Small Business Server 2011 (SBS2011)
I've tried connecting to this server from two Win 7 pc's and having no joy. Also, cannot even see the server on my network from the pc's
If I try to use the sbs2011 connector software (as recommended) I enter Http:///connect and get a software download from the server. This is supposed to make it easy to link the pc to the server and run backups and so-on.
However it fails and gives me an "unexpected error" after trying to log me in (I think).
I cannot see the server at all from the pcs other than by using remote desktop protocol - network search and network sharing both fail to see it.
I've removed my pcs from the homegroup in case that is the conflict but still no joy !
Has anyone else tried to do this and succeeded?
BTW, the server CAN see the other pcs on the network when it performs a network search.

any help or advice would be really appreciated.


Sad Jon

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I am looking for some help.

I am currently living in a college dorm with a desktop and laptop. My desktop is connected to the wall and the laptop is getting it's connection from a wireless router located in the next room.

When I create a homegroup on the desktop, it recognizes all of the other computers in the building, but not those on the wireless network. If I try to create the homegroup on the laptop instead, only the computers on that wireless network are visible.

Essentially, neither of my computers can recognize the other as part of the homegroup.

Is there any way around this so that I can network these two computers and share my printer and files?

The laptop is running Win7 Ultimate 32bit, and the desktop is running Win7 Ultimate 64bit, if that makes a difference.


I'm new to Windows 7 and networking but have an ASUS wireless laptop connected to my home PC by a Netgear ADSL modem/wireless router (DG834GVv2). Both systems are running Windows 7 - 32 bit and can both access the internet. They are both in the same Home Group and have everything ticked under the "Share libraries and printers" options.

I also have a 3rd PC hooked up to the network which is running Windows XP so I've given all 3 machines the same Workgroup name (which is a different name to the Home Group name). It would be good to have the Windows XP computer networked as well but that isn't a priority, I mainly want the wireless laptop to file share with the Windows 7 PC.

The laptop can see the PC on the network and the PC can see the laptop but when I try to access either of them I get the "Windows cannot access " error message and something about check the spelling of the name. When I run the network trouble-shooter it says "Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues" and the Problems Found are "The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken".

I don't really understand this error because as I said they can both access the internet ok and see each other on the network.

Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be because I rang Netgear for help and they wanted to charge me $159 to sign up for one years support.

I have a PC (Dimendion 5150) running XP connected to a printer (Dell 924).
My laptop (640m Inspiron) runs on Vista Home and is connected by a home network. I recently ran windows update (which included a vista print driver) on the laptop and since then i have been unable to print from the laptop.

I understand that there is a compatability issue with the XP and vista print drivers (Journal ID # 07339KX7XD).

Can anyone help?

my Windows 7 pro 64-bit and Windows XP machines are connected via a netgear gs605 switch which then connect to a netgear wpn824v2 router to the internet.

Both Machines can find each other if I type machinename into explorer and files are then accessible by both.
I guess I should be happy that this works since most o fthe posts I've seen are related to people not being able to access there XP machine at all.

However I'm a stickler for trying to get things to work the way they are supposed to. So I'd like to try and get each machine tp show up in the others "Network/network places".

I have already made sure all the sharing settings are set properly in win 7.
In "advanced sharing settings" I've set it to Home network:

Turn on network discovery "ON"
Turn on File and printer sharing "ON"
Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in Public folders "ON"
Media streaming is off
Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56- bit encryption "ON"
Turn off password protected sharing "ON"
Use user accounts and passwords to connect to the other computers "ON"

Windows 7 does see my XP computer if I click see "full map" in "network and sharing center" however it is not click-able.

I have also installed and enabled link "layer topology Discovery on my XP machine.

I have also tried turning off my windows firewalls on both machines and in "norton antivirus 2010" all to no avail... the issue was unchanged.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am having major networking issues.
I’ve two systems that I’m trying to network. One’s a laptop running Windows 7 Beta (Build 7057) and the other is a desktop running Windows XP Pro SP3.

I’ll detail the problem first, and then describe what I’ve done to eliminate the problem (but failed miserably so far). The desktop (windows XP) can see the laptop (W7) and has access to the shared folders and everything. No problem on that account. The laptop (W7), however, cannot see or access the folders on the desktop (windows XP). I want complete and smooth sharing between the two systems.

The network is setup in the following way:
Motorola Modem --> Wireless Netgear Router --> Desktop (wired) and Laptop (wireless)

The desktop and laptop are assigned ip’s from the router.

I turned off the third-party firewall (Kaspersky) on the desktop as well as the Windows Firewall and also the Windows Firewall on the laptop (W7) and tried to run the network then but no go. The computers can, however, ping each other.

I’ve installed the LLTP (something something) on the desktop (XP) but that didn’t really do much except for making the XP desktop visible in the Network Map tool on W7.

On W7, network discovery is ON, file and printer sharing is ON, public folder sharing is ON, password protection is OFF. The network location has been set as private as well.

On XP, I ran the network wizard but again no change.

Strangely enough, I can access the shared folders on XP if I type //computername in W7 and I’ve full access to them then. But they just don’t show in my network folder.

I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I’ve been going through the forums and one of the solutions people seem to be offering is that I should make matching user accounts and passwords on both the computers but that just sounds messed and impractical. It’s the least efficient way of solving this problem. Can someone please help?

I just want a simple file sharing network for my home. Office comes later, there i’ve a domain so that’s gonna be a completely different sorta headache I guess :/

Printer (HP Officejet 6200) is wired to Vista Home Basic (2007 w/ SP2), printer sharing enabled via Netgear router. Laptop-1 (Win 7 Home Premium, 2009, w/SP1) and Laptop-2 (Vista Home Premium, 2007, w/ SP2) "see" printer via network.

When I print anything Print Manager instantly reports "Error Printing". I am clueless as to troubleshoot.

Have run Printer Troubleshoot app. - No help.
Have spent too much time trying to fix.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have a desktop and a laptop computer. I have W7 installed on the desktop and used to have WinXP Pro on the laptop. I was able to share the 1510 (which is connected via USB to the desktop) using the laptop over wireless connection. I just installed W7 onto the laptop and now I get an error message when trying to add the printer to the laptop. The error message I get is:
"Windows cannot connect to the printer. some driver files are missing or incorrect. Reinstall the driver or try using the latest version."

Here is the link to the drivers that I installed. I believe it is the latest version. I also turned off Avast, Win Defender, & win firewall on both computers, but it did not help. One other thing: I am able to share files using either Homegroup or the old fashioned way - using the network connection. I hope there is a fix for this. Any ideas?
Forgot to mention-both Win7 computers are 64 bit. The XP Pro was 32 bit.

Dell Studio Desktop Computer
Windows 7 SP1
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Netgear DG834 Modem/Router

I have a problem with my home network that I have been trying to solve for weeks. Hopefully someone will be able to help (thanks in advance).

Windows 7 reports that I have no network connection (see image) but I DO have a network connection and I can also surf the Internet. I can see and share files on a Compaq computer running Windows XP from my Dell computer and vice versa (albeit only the Dells public folder from the Compaq computer). I tried to share other folders but Windows informs me that I would need to change to a Home and Work profile and not a Public profile.

When I try to do so I am informed that I have no network connection but as I said before I clearly do have a connection. I then tried to fix the problem using the settings in the Network and Sharing Center but when I try to turn on network discovery for the Home and Work profile it does not stick but simply reverts back to the Public profile.

The Windows 7 network map also gives odd readings (see image). It shows the connection to my printer but states that it cannot map to my Compaq computer. Furthermore, it shows that I do not have a connection to the Internet but I DO.

I would appreciate help in sorting these problems out. Attached Thumbnails Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Jul 2005 Age 30 Posts 3,761 Blog Entries63 Re: WIndows 7 Network Problem - Conflicting Information A suspect area would be DNS. Please go to Start -> Search -> cmd.exe

Launch Windows Command Prompt

Type: ipconfig /all

Please specify the DNS servers that come up.


DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

(You will need to scroll up in most cases)

What you want to do, is try switching to manual DNS.

To set your DNS servers manually, see:

Using Google Public DNS

I recommend this because sometimes your router will not pass along DNS information properly when DHCP is enabled and this issue appears. The answer is not to disable DHCP, but to override DNS with custom settings. In this case you could use Google's public DNS and determine if the problem still occurs. The DNS servers I have listed above are Google and OpenDNS, both of which are highly reliable and unlikely to cause difficulties. Please let me know if you find this to be a useful remedy to the issue.

I have been using a mac for a few years (no drivers for vista for high end audio) but downloaded BETA and am loving it!!!

Much faster, awesome, am love, love loving it - -

Anyway, can someone help me and show me how to network as well as documentation on networking?

The following is my set up:

Macbook Pro = Wireless (Tiger, Main Hard Drive, Leopard on External)
Windows XP = Bootcamp, same device as above.
PC= Ethernet, Windows 7
Printer=Ethernet (seen by both machines)

They both see the printer and are all connected to the router. I can see the PC in Leopards side bar but can't connect and can't see the mac from the Windows 7 system.

Help is greatly appreciated.

I put W7 on my Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7429. This is my work Laptop, and i have to connect to a workgroup. There is 1 Vista machine and 7 XP machines. I can see the Vista machine and i can install 2 shared printers off XP machines, but for some reason no matter what i do i cant see any of the XP machines. I had Vista Home Premium on the same Laptop 3 days ago, and i had no problems seeing any of the computers. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks for any help!

UPDATE: so this problem with with build 6801. I just installed build 7000 x64 and i can now see all XP computers!!!

Hi this is my second thread and I appreciate the quick help I got from the first one.

I have never been able to do it in the past with this xp laptop but I was hoping (since I got such great help in my first question), that you guys might be able to help me once again.

I researched in youtube for a way to connect my son's xp laptop to my windows 7 home network, of which my 2 other laptops connect fine to. The people in youtube seem to do it just fine, but their instructions (in each of the videos that I've found), always skip a step or two or are not defined enough with explanation.

My homegroup consists of the following:
Windows 7 HomePremium desktop with Linksys WRT54G and cable-modem
Brother MFC-295CN printer called "Broski"
Windows 7 pro laptop called "Frank"
Windows 7 homepremium laptop called "Josh"

and the laptop I want to connect is Windows XP sp-2 laptop called "Jim"

The only thing I want to tackle first is only to get my winxp laptop to be able to use Broski.

I appreciate any help.


Can someone help me connect to my other PC through WORKGROUP?

I've done turning on the network discovery, file and printer sharing, sharing so anyone with network access can read and write..., & password protect.

Here's a zip file, if you think you know it you can check it

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I have a ZT desktop PC running Windows 7 64-bit on a home wireless network. My printer is a Brother HL-1400 laser monochrome, connected to my PC via USB. About 9 months ago I bought my wife an Acer laptop, (Costco), also Windows 7 64-bit, and was able to add it to my network so it would print wirelessly. About 3 months ago, it would not print, but since most of the printing is done through my PC, I did not immediately look into the problem. Well, my wife would like to again be able to print wirelessly, so I checked all my settings and followed the instructions as I did initially, but I've had no luck getting printing done wirelessly from the laptop. When the print command is given, the printer does not wake, and the print jobs stay in the queue, with no error message on the laptop. System Restore does not offer a restore point far back enough to when the printing worked. It works perfectly when connected via USB. I called Brother, and after they verified the printer was OK, they would not help me further, saying it's a computer problem. I then spent over an hour with Costco concierge service, and they had me reload the printer drivers, but this made no difference. I called Acer, and through remote connect they said that there was a problem with internal conflicts in the laptop, and could help only if I paid about $80 for them to fix this one problem, or about $300 for 2 years.

I would very much appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction so I can again print wirelessly.

I have a Dell Core2Duo laptop with Vista Home Premium 64 with SP2. It's connected to my network wirelessly however I've tried it wired too but that made no difference.

On the network are a number of devices; 2 windows 7 Home Premium 64 machines and a brand new netgear ReadyNas Duo, all wired to the same router.

All PC's and the Nas are on the same workgroup.
All the PC's can see each other (and the NAS) if you click 'Network' from the start menu.
All PC's have file and printer sharing enabled, and the two Win7 machines are running a homegroup too.

However the laptop times out and returns the following error if you click on any of the other PCs/Nas.

Error 0x80070035
The Network Path was not found

Trying to connect to the laptop from any of the other PC's returns the same error message.

I have tried using the same logon accounts an both the laptop and Win 7 PCs. The Nas has no user accounts or passwords and is accessable from all other network devices.

I've tried turning off all software firewalls (Windows Firewall) on both computers attempting to connect, and I've tried a wired connection to the same router.

I can ping ALL devices from the laptop, and the PCs can ping the laptop back via IP address.
The PC's and Laptop can ping each other via host name, but only the Win 7 machines can ping the NAS by hostname.

Both the Win7 PCs and laptop can produce correct 'Network Maps' from the 'Network and Sharing Centre'.

All PC's and the laptop have 'Network Descovery Mode', 'Printer and File Sharing' and 'Public Folder Sharing' ENABLED.

There is no Norton or Macafee running, only AVAST free, Although the laptop did have a Macafee trial when new, which has been removed and I can't see any sign of it's services running.

Hope someone can help this is driving me insane


Just to add all PC's, including the laptop have internet access.

I help administer a three computer peer-to-peer network
running Windows XP Home Edition. All printers are
shared. Most are connected directly to a computer via

At some point ~3 months ago, one of the computers refused
to install software for a new printer, regardless of
installing it locally or via network connection. It gave
a message "Cannot create a file when that file already
exists." at the very end of the installation process.
Since then, I can't install any printers for that
computer (I get the same error message), regardless of
manufacturer... even printers I had previously installed,
but moved to another computer.

All the other computers work fine and dandy.

Any suggestions???

I have a 3 computer network with my main desktop PC connected to a linksys
WRT54G wireless router. A wireless notebook and another wireless desktop.

All 3 computers are able to access the internet.

The 2 wireless PCs can see each other, share files and printers and access
the internet. The desktop that is wired to the router gives me an "access
denied work group not accessable" error. I have windows firewall turned off.
I've tried turning off and uninstalling norton personal firewall and still
cannot get it to work on my network.

This network worked fine prior to doing a clean install of XP Pro with SP 2.
I have tried running the network setup wizard.


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