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I found this forum a while ago & it looked like a good site to boomark. Now it might
come in handy.

I have looked over this forum and have seen some similar to my problem but not the same. Maybe someone can help me with it.

I have a HP Pavilion a810n that originaly came with Win XP. Almost two years ago I upgraded
to Win7 Pro. It ran fine but it wouldn't connect to the net. It was telling me about my
network adapter wasn't right. I took it to a pc shop and they said I needed a NIC card.
They put a used one in (that's what they told me they did?) and it worked fine.

Recently I had to re-install the Win7 OS. My pc will not connect to the net again.

This is what it's telling me:
(( Install a driver for your network adapter
"Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter.
If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver." ))

The pc store that I took it to has since closed down. I am tryin not to
take it somewhere because $ is tight and I just need pointed
in the right direction.

That NIC is still in but I'm thinking it might just be the driver?

It looks like the NIC is made by Agere. I looked that company up but
it merged with LSI Corporation back in 07. I can't find it at the site.

I'm not sure what all info I need to put up but here is some basic:
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3300+
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC.
Chipset Vendor SiS
Chipset Model 760

When I go to device manager, I get "Unknown Manufacture."
My sound says the same thing but getting on the net is my main goal.
I did use that one site that someone suggested to find the VIN/DEV.
I'm not sure what it was telling me.
VEN: 1039
DEV: 0900
Any help would be appriciated.


I've posted before that i had problems installing Vista or Win7, where installation always stopped at " completing installation ".
Last time i wrote here i tried to remove 2 Gigs of RAM only leaving 2 Gigs for installation procedure, but it didn't work. And last time tried that my HDD ( C:) where i had XP installed broke down( nothing to do with Win7 though).

Now i downloaded " Windows 7- Black Edition -- by Benjamin " It is 32 bit and it installed FINE! And i didn't have to remove any RAM. It installed fine with 4 gigs of RAM and it shows all 4 gig of RAM in " System Information " I think this is very good version of Win 7 although it is customized. For everybody who has problems installing Vista or Win7 ( other versions ) i recommend to try this!!

I'm running Win XP Pro on VirtualBox V3.1.3 inside Win7 Home Premium and I have a mouse problem
I've installed Guest Additions but my mouse isn't working properly

Once I've booted up Win XP Pro my mouse travels OK across the Win7/Win XP Pro window boundary

But, when I click the Mouse inside the VirtualBox Win XP Pro window the VirtualBox popup Information window tells me that I've clicked the mouse inside the VM machine which will cause the VM machine to "Capture" the Host mouse pointer and the Host keyboard

Then, if I click "Capture" the mouse then becomes frozen @##$%^&*
I can only recover it by the Right Control key which returns the mouse to its full travel across the Win7/Win XP Pro window boundary

If I click anway inside the Win XP Pro window I just get the VB Information window back again

I'm in a fatal embrace #$%^&*%^&

Can anyone please tell me how Ican recover from this hiatus

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

I bought a new battery 2 months before, it is working fine for for 2 to 3 hours. Recently i am updating my windows after that i am getting to consider replacing battery message. Then i re-install my win xp also, but it shows same message. So please suggest me what is the Problem?

Hello everyone, okay?
I'm new here on the forum, so I'll introduce you.
I'm 14, I live in Belo Horizonte, play dota for some time, and also quite like computing the influence of my brother who is technical.
Anyway, my problem is the following:

I formatted the computer a client of mine (arrived at by saying yes)
So far so good, he wore xp, told me to install 7 ok, I installed everything properly formatted, that's when I came across the INTERNET was not working (he said he had no driver for the network card) that's where I ask your help because I am fighting a BATTLE MILLENARY since Tuesday with this driver.

The name of it is the motherboard: Intel Desktop Board D201GLY2A
I went to the Intel website, I tried to find the driver got, bad was giving the following problem after the installation ended'' Fail to instal drivers''
The other day I went home, downloaded the AIDA64 and saw what devices were'' unknown'' to lower them, and this list was the unknown driver WELL SAID, andnot got his name: SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
So I downloaded the driver, installed and gave the same problem'' Fail to instal drivers''
I thought it was some compatibility issue, I went into device manager, uninstalled the ethernet driver, installed and restarted the pc kept giving the same problem, no network signal. I looked on a few forums and found nothing similar to my problem, or any file that actually worked, and I know not what i do, if it continues I will have to find a way to download the win xp to install it on his PC, I went there today and could not solve the problem again, he told me to go back Monday so I'm asking for your help, if you're someone with a similar problem, or have had that can give me a help.
Ah, do not know the right settings pc bad it is practically so here

Processor: Athlon 64
Memory: 1GB
Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board D201GLY2A
HD 150

I really need help guys haha, please.

Hello, first post here.

Done my clean install of Win 7 Professional from Win XP Pro and some things working extremely well.

Problem is revealed in Control Panel/Programs and Features. 11 MS items and 6 others software – only. There are a lot more to come, and how do I get them into Programs and Features.

The above converted are pretty impressive in that setting and data are converted.

First thing I did was install Norton 2010 with the router connection unplugged so when plugged I had extra security, and it works perfectly.

My first need is to restore Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 with 6000 photos and the all important Catalogue.

HELP, has anybody got the method to get it back as has happened with Word 2003, Outlook 2003 and IE8. (Also my printer, sound card etc.)

I can see Windows.old etc. and of course my own BU of everything for Photoshop etc on EHD.

Is it usual for partial success as above?

Derek, rather old.

I've been using the Win 7 RC for quite a while now, and really have enjoyed it. Ordered a couple copies of the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for my wife and I. Got her PC all updated no hitch. Unfortunately, I've been fighting the process on my system all night long. It's just been one thing after another. Apparently the Upgrade disk will tell you your CD-Key is invalid if you don't already have Windows XP or Windows Vista installed before you 'upgrade'.

Anyhow, I finally got everything sorted out. However, I'm extremely frustrated right now by something Windows 7 did without my approval. In order to get Windows to boot properly, I had to disconnect my additional SATA drives so the boot record would write properly, and therefore Windows would load after install. Apparently, Win 7 decided however to take over the lone IDE hard drive I had not disconnected.

Unfortunately for me, it took that drive which was LITERALLY FULL of videos and family photos and other stuff I had used it to store, and created a partition in it. Yeah, Win 7 decided apparently to destroy all of that data to create a 100MB partition so it can have it's own "Recovery" data in case I have a problem later.

What the heck is with this?! I've literally lost hundreds of photos, videos, and other data that absolutely CANNOT be replaced. This WAS my backup drive to keep all these files safe until I reinstalled Windows 7, and now Microsoft has destroyed all my data.

As it sits now, this drive has two partitions. One of which is 100MB (Recovery) and one is 189GB (Unallocated and has no drive letter, and Windows won't let me assign one). I read something elsewhere which indicated that Windows seems to mess up the zoning of data on the drive when it does this, and that a simple format might actually destroy the boot record on this drive.

Is there ANY possible way to recover any of the lost data?!?

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the trial version of ESET Smart Security 5, to try out on my IBM ThinkPad T42 which dual boots Win XP MCE & Win 2K Pro. I done this because my ESET NOD32 AV's subscription was running out (it now has).

After installing the trial version on the ThinkPad, everything was going well until I removed a flash drive (using Safe Removal). It BSOD'd on me. Being that it was a new install, and I had just put a bunch of programs on, I needed to make sure it was ESET. I reinstalled it, and it was the problem. So I'm thinking that's it's a ThinkPad issue, being that NOD32 ran quite well on all versions of Windows, from 2000 Pro through 7.

OK, it came time for renewal yesterday. It installed perfectly on both of my OEM installs of 7 Pro, another evaluation copy of 7 Pro, and an evaluation copy of XP Pro 64 bit. These two evaluation copies of Windows and the one I'm about to describe are on the same HDD.

The last install, Windows XP Pro (32 bit), BSOD'd on me before I could even enter the setup (username, password & contact screen). So now it appears that it's a XP 32 bit issue, rather than my IBM. The HDD with the last problem install of ESET Smart Security is on my HP desktop (2 entirely different computers).

My question is this: Does ESET Smart Security not work well with XP 32 bit? It's had 4 perfectly fine installs, and those are running well (even the XP 64 bit install). I bought Smart Security because I thought it would be an upgrade to their AV. But it's a PITA w/XP 32 bit.


I have windows XP Pro. After updating the Win XP SP2 my computer takes lot
of time to boot the system. This was not the case before SP2 installation.
Also, my computer now shows "Windows XP" screen instead of "Windows XP
Professional" screen when booting as well as shutting down the system.

It would be of great relief if some real gurus in XP SP2 help me in finding
the solutions for the above problems.

Does anyone know if I can expect a repair installation according to KB
315341 to solve the problem I am having with Accessibility features (as I've
described below?) Using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel doesn't
appear to be available to fix this component. Or, because of the hassle
factor, am I better off living with the problem?

No go. When I open Accessibility Options I am presented with just two tasks:
Adjust the contrast for text and colors on your screen (nothing happens when
I click on it) and Configure Windows to work for your vision, hearing and
mobility needs. The first time I clicked on the 2nd task I got an error
message which led me to Help where I found instructions to reinstall a
corrupted Accessibility Wizard, which I did and that's what I used to
specify turning them off after 5 minutes (they turn off after five minutes
whether or not the computer is idle, even while I'm keyboarding.) There are
no tabs to be found; that's why I believe the module is missing or

Any help for me?

"M. Rajesh" wrote in message

In Control panel, open accessibilty options and then turn off all the
see the tab for display and there is the option to turn off high contrast.

what hapens when u uncheck these check boxes.

M. Rajesh
.Net and Windows Shell MVP

"Jan Works" wrote:

After much trial and error I have figured out that the Accessibility
Options of Win XP Prof are corrupted and not working correctly. I don't
use them so I have no idea how they got "set" but they interfere with
IE, OE, Acrobat 5, and a few other programs look and work. I found
instructions for reinstalling the Accessibility Wizard which I can use
set an option that they "turn off" or time out after the computer has
idle for 5 minutes, but I am not able to "Adjust the contrast for text
colors on your screen" Nothing happens when I click on that. ....
What I would really like to do is disable them completely so they don't
launch and I don't have to wait 5 minutes for everything to return to
"normal." Anyone have any clues how to do that without having to do a
installation of the OS?

Posted beneath this following scenario, there will be a
resolution, as suggested by Microsoft, then more posts
relating to the scenario.


If: Your device stopped working after an upgrade from
(Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows 2000)OR after ahardware
or system change
Then: You may need to check for compatability and
conflicts with other hardware devices, or the Operating
System. To check compatability for the operating system,
browse to

If: Your device stopped working after an upgrade to SP2
Then: Check for an updated driver at your device
manufacturer website.
I installed Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade over Win98 SE
August 20th. When I had Win98 on my system, I had a
generic 36X CD-ROM jumpered master and a Plexwriter
8/4/32A CD-RW jumpered slave on my secondary IDE. The 36X
CD-ROM was failing (lots of re-reads on installed CDs),
and I was going to replace it with an Artec 16X DVD-ROM I
bought after the WinXP upgrade. The WinXP upgrade went
great, but because the 36X CD-ROM was failing, I used the
Plexwriter CD-RW for the CD install. I then replaced the
36X CD-ROM with the Artec 16X DVD-ROM (jumpered master)
on secondary IDE cable. Oh, and by the way I have a WD 80
GB HD jumpered master and WD 40 GB HD jumpered slave on
the primary IDE buss. My bios detects all drives
correctly (Albatron KX600 pro w/Athlon 2600+), and all
detections for IDE in bios set to either 'enabled'
and/or 'auto'.
Windows XP also detects drives correctly (device manager)
with 'device enabled' and 'no conflicts'. They are
identified by drive letter (my computer) correctly, with
drive I: as 'DVD-ROM', and drive J: as 'CD-ROM' (hard
drive's partitioned C thru H). This is where the problem
starts: If I stick in ANY type of CD into the DVD-ROM, it
will ONLY read the CD when I first install the DVD-ROM
(I'll explain), but not after subsequent reboots. After a
reboot, the DVD-ROM will accept a CD, but will no longer
read it at all. Clicking on the DVD-ROM drive icon will
generate a 'Please insert a disk in drive I: (even though
I have a good one inserted) and trying to explore that
drive will either generate the sam 'insert' message, or a
blank display. When I remove the CD, the DVD-ROM icon in
my computer now changes to CD-ROM icon (from DVD-ROM
icon). The Plexwriter CD-RW reads fine, unless I move
(and jumper) the drive to the master on the secondary IDE
buss. Now I know what you're thinking, either bad
secondary IDE or corrupted drivers, but I've removed and
installed VIA bussmaster drivers, and even swapped the
hard drive IDE cable over to that secondary, and both HDs
work fine. I've actually done a lot of drive swapping
around (paying attention to jumpers, even trying cable
select), used other IDE cables, and even bought an SiII
PCI Ultra DMA controller card to try. The results are
that my bios detects all drives, the controller card
detects all drives connected to it, and whenever I move
the DVD-ROM to another IDE location, it works ONLY ON
THAT INITIAL INSTALL; the next computer boot-up and it no
longer reads ANY disks. I put the 'suspect' DVD-ROM in my
daughter's computer as a slave on the secondary IDE
channel, and it works fine...I put it back in this
computer, shoved in a Win98 startup floppy (with CD
support), and both the DVD-ROM and CD-RW read inserted
CD's fine...what can I try next? I also have SP2 there a software fix?
I have a remarkably similar problem in that I just
installed an Artec 16x DVD-ROM drive with a Plexwriter
8/4/32A CD-RW already in use. My bios detects both drives
fine as does Windows XP, but the DVD-ROM only worked at
first install; and after that (even though detected) will
not read ANY disks. Windows XP reports 'no device
conflicts' and 'This device is working properly', but
is not true with the DVD-ROM (the CD-RW reads disks
I've tried multiple primary and secondary IDE connection
and jumper configurations with the same results; I even
went out and bought a PCI Ultra ATA IDE controller card,
put only the DVD-ROM over to it, and it WORKED!
Unfortunately, it only worked the first time (as before),
and after the next computer boot up, again can no longer
read ANY disks. Both drives reported fine by Win XP w/no
All my drivers are up to date. It appears there is some
sort of conflict between the drives, but it is beyond me
to figure out how to get both them to work at the same
time. I've tried all possible separations on the IDE
cables (and the PCI card), but that only results in one
the other device stopping working. Please, can someone
help me get both drives working at the same time?

-----Original Message-----
I accidentally posted in General, but anyways, my HP CD
Writer won't work, won't even read any kind of a cd.
However, it does show in My Computer, Windows Explorer,
and Device Manager (as working properly). When I put in
the driver CD (in another CD Drive) the driver says that
the Hp CD Writer that I have is not IDE compatable, but
at boot up, when PC detects IDE hware, it detects the CD
Writer. And another thing, That second drive is a DVD
drive. Works fine, but where can I get a compatable DVD
decoder. Like power dvd or something. It is a toshiba I
think. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

OK, I am in a similar boat. I have two CD's. One is a DVD
reader which seems to work OK. The other is a Digital
Pacific DVD Writer I purchased in 1/04. Everything seems
to indicate it is working properly. When I open "My
Computer" the drive is indicated as a DVD-RW Drive and
the Type as a "CD Drive". When I insert a blank CD-R the
name changes to simply "CD Drive". Nero Express indicates
the CD is ok but will not burn a CD. I have installed SP2.


Windows XP has assigned drive letter F to my fairly new Samsung master hard
disk on which I briefly had Windows ME installed before buying Windows XP
OEM (but unbranded). I use and MSI motherboard and AMD Athlon CPU and an ATI
Radeon graphics card.

I had copied my user files to the old Maxtor slave drive HD which used to be
my D drive but now it has become my C drive for some reason. So I have C and
F for my 2 HDs with D and E being my CD and DVD drives respectively.

Tried reassigning letters to the two HDs but no luck as Win XP won't allow
the master drive which has Windows XP on it to be assigned a new letter.

Please note that my old D drive HD was FAT32 formatted but in the meantime I
dragged and dropped all my old user files onto my new master Samsung HD F. I
then NTFL formatted the old drive and re-dragged and dropped my old user
files back to the old Maxtor drive. No problems there at all.

But I find it very irritating and confusing that Windows XP and my Program
files being on a drive that has been assigned the letter F.

How can I resolve this problem so that I have the normal C and D letters
assigned respectively to my master and slave HD drives? What if I physically
disconnected my slave HD and reinstall Win XP? Or would I then lose access
to those files?


I have a friend of mine who has the following system;
P4 1.6 Gig Celeron
256Megs Mem
Motherboard unknown right now
Video card is Gforce MMX440 running 32bits and 1024X768
Monitor is a good Panasonic 21" which works fine
WinXP Professional eddition , not SP2 yet

About a month aga, the 21" Panasonic was added because she does a lot
photographic works and requires very good color balance and accuracy. It
worked fine when all done with those settings in photography applications.

Then last week she tried installing a scanner USB type, she had a real hrd
time with it and finally aborted that install. but now when she boots the
monitor has fine colors but when Win XP finalizes the boot we can see on
the screen a dratical change in intensity and the color gets faded down.
Like a darker blue will become a puplish type of color etc.

She really requires fine color color control and accuracy for her work.
I have tried many things in the windows properties but it does seems to
change anything.

I don't think that the Video card is at fault, it could be the way Win XP
works with that video card and memory allocation.

What are your views on this?
What would be a good troubleshooting procedure?

I was thinking of removing that video card, install another one then install
the original card again to see if this cures the problems.

I am having problems with the display on my monitor. There are light gray streaks visible. These especially are noticable when I am using a text editor. These horizontal lines extend beyond the window, and they move when I move the window.

I noticed this problem earlier today. I have not installed any new hardware. I was away for 5 days, during which time the computer was powered down. When I returned I did a routine windows update, but I did *not* notice this problem immediately after th
at. I cannot see anything that could have caused this change.

I attached a different monitor, and the same problem was present. I also reinatalled the display adapter driver, per the windows help instructions. No change.

This PC is a few years old, as you will be able to see from the details below. I suspect some hardware is failing, although I do not know. What can anyone tell me?

HP Pavillion
AMD Athlon Processor
856 Mz
256 MB RAM

NVIDIA Vanta/Vanta LT

Win XP vers 5.1 SP 1



i installed win xp pro on compaq presario 1201T, the installation was successfully made done. But the problem is... when my laptop boots, my LCD doesn't support the normal boot of win xp pro. all i need to boot the system is.. i press F8 before the system start and choose VGA mode on start up option and my screen turns back to normal. Now, i'm asking for an help from you to set the normal boot of my laptop using win xp pro operating system without blurding my screen. Hoping that you can help me asap. tnx.

It appears that many are having problems accessing USB
devices after installing SP2. I found absolutely no help
on this problem from Dell or from the Knowledge base.

The USB ports showed up OK in the device manager, but
they simply did not function. ANY device plugged into
them couldn't be accessed.

I found chipset updates on the Intel website (
df/support_intel.asp ). I downloded the update for the
820 series chipset (it was not simple to determine which
set I had). To determine your chipset, you can look at
the hardware listings in the device manager, or check
with your manufacturer. Dell keeps a database of all of
the systems they sold, and their configurations. That
helped me.

The installation of the new drivers was painless and
qucik and after a reboot, everything came back on-line

Good Luck,

1. How to relocate the following files *without problems*:

- My recent documents

- History (in IE | Tools | Options | General Tab)

- Cookies

[NB: I think the method of "cut-and-paste" doesn't work. Once I tried moving
favorites to another partition. Unfortunately the IE didn't detect the change
and displayed nothing in my favorites pane]

2. How to *completely* remove the following functions/programs *without

- Internet Explorer

- Outlook Express

- NetMeeting

- Windows Media Player

- Windows Movie Maker

- MSN Explorer (NB: I don't trust Windows "Add/Remove" Program anymore. Eg: IE
occupies 0.0MB. If I unclick it, it just simply removes the shortcut. Just
wonder the unclick of MSN Explorer will uninstall it completely)

3. Is it possible to stop the following programs from installing when I
install Wins XP at the first place (If so, how?):

- the above programs in (2), and

- Windows Messenger


Some background information (You could skip all the following):

** System Info **

I'm using Wins XP (Pro)

** Reasons for changing paths **

I would like to change paths because of better performance and stability. See for details.

** Partition strategies **

I would like to partition my drives as follows:

A. floppy

B. N/A

C. Boot files. All temp files (including Temporary Internet Files, Temp
and Tmp, Recent, History, Cookies)

D. System files (Wins). PF

E. Other PF

F. Backup 1 - My Documents, Desktop, Favorites (IE bookmark), OE:
address bk and email/post storage. [& all settings]

G. Backup 2 - other storage and backups

Below is what I posted and the response I received. Is thier any way to make
this thing work again without reformatting the drive and reinstalling. If you
noticed, I did a second installation with no problem. It did say that the
product ket was wrong, so I enter the right one, and everything went smooth.
All I want is to keep jis settings.For some reason the NIC will not work with
the origional (repaired) installation, but worked with the 2nd ( new
installation ( in a directory c:windows2). When I boot up to the original
installation, it will not let me get to the desktop....goes directly to the
Windows Activation Question, and either I can activate or log off.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You!

I have a friend who has an HP Vectra. The Windows installation cd only allows
recovery by formatting the HD and reinstalling the software from an image. He
wanted to try to do a repair installation, so I game him my Windows XP Home
cd sp1. His original installation did not included sp1. Well, he did that
and it did not alleviate his problem. Next he brings me his computer. I took
a blank hard drive, installed windows on it from his recovery cd's. I
installed Spysweeper and Norton AV 2004. Then I set up his original hard
drive as a slave. Booted up fine and scanned his HD...found tons of spyware,
viruses, and adware. I selected to delete all. Some of the files could not be
automaticly removed. I removed them by deleleting them manualy. A lot of the
stuff was in the windowstemp folder and the Temporary Internet Files
folder. I deleted the temp folder and the contents of the Temporary Internet
Files folder. I unhooked the master and reconfigured his original drive as a
single/master. It is now asking me to activate windows. I could not connect
for some reason through his NIC so I called the activation number. The
automated voice had me read in the number, then said that the installation
was invalid. What would be my next step?
Thank You
Brian Landry

Carey Frisch [MVP]

9/16/2004 2:26 PM PST
Activation Failure
In: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general
The Product Key that came with your friend's HP Vectra
will only activate with the HP recovery method. It will
not activate with the use of your retail XP Home CD.

HP Pavilions that ship with Microsoft Windows XP do
not come with recovery CDs. Instead, they use a hidden
space (partition) on the hard drive to store the recovery

Read the following article thoroughly, then follow
the steps outlined to perform a "non-destructive"
recovery operation.

Obtaining HP Recovery CDs

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows XP - Shell/User

Be Smart! Protect Your PC!



9/16/2004 3:10 PM PST
Activation Failure
In: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general

The item in question is a an HP Vectra that does not have a partition, but
comes with restore process cd's. We were a reseller of these machines. I also
did something just to try it and this worked to a point. I used the retail cd
to install a second copy of Windows on the hard drive. I can log on to that
one and the acttivation went through without any problem. I did the second
install with a windows xp home with out sp1. So at this moment I can log onto
either one of the installations, but cannot get the original installation
which holds all of his settings and installations to activate.
Thanx for the reply though!

My Win XP machine hit a problem that prevented it from being able to
start up. This was either due to an electrical storm, or, perhaps, a
virus attack, although I have not opened any files and have McAfee
virus scan, firewall, etc installed and running.

Anyway, I have got the PC up and running again having been unable to
boot up into Windows at all.

Now all appears to be working alright, but the screen is slow and
clunky to redraw, redrawing the screen in waves when I scroll windows.
It used to be fast and smooth.

I notice that one of my system device drivers is not loaded due to
being missing or corrupted. The system device with the problem is:-

NVIDIA nForce2 AGP Host to PCI Bridge

QUESTION - What is this system device for? (I notice there are a 7
NVIDIA nForce system devices, one is PCI System Management and the
other 5 Memory Controllers.)

There appear to be 2 driver files for this:-


QUESTION - Are these the correct files and/or should there be more?


Does anyone have any solution that will resolve the slow screen redraw

Should I uninstall the driver and try to install again?

Where can I get driver installations from? (OK, I should have them on
my CD, but can I get them from anywhere else?)

I'm not a XP expert, but have managed to recover my PC. Any idiot
proof help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


For years I have used my own sound scheme and have come to rely on my
machine to make certain sounds for various events. This began with Win 95.
I've recently installed Windows XP SP-2 and of course, my sound scheme is
part of the setup and also now includes sounds for logging on and off. This
is my problem:

Log Off profile - returns to Welcome screen - hear "Exit Windows" sound
(fine I can live with that)
Log On profile - returns to desktop - hear "Log On" sound
Log Off Restart - hear "Exit Windows" then reboots and everything is fine.

Switch User - returns to Welcome screen - hear "Log Off" sound
Log On again - returns to desktop - hear "Log On" sound
So far - so good.

Switch User - returns to Welcome screen - hear "Log Off" sound
Log On new profile - get new desktop - hear BOTH "Log On" sounds (this
profile and previous)
(if no sounds enabled here - still get last user's "Log On" sound.)

Ok...this is not a big problem in itself - I'm just not sure if this is
"normal", and I don't have access to another Win XP to compare.

The much bigger problem, (not sure if related), is most of the time -(not
always)- once I'm in that second profile - I'm stuck there. I cannot Log
out, I can't Switch user, I can't Shut down. CTRL-ALT-DEL will not bring up
Task Manager. But I can type "taskmgr" in the Run box which does start the
app. However, this doesn't help much because I still can't get out from
there either. No matter what I do - I keep getting returned to the desktop.
I can end processes and I can log off the other profile but I'm still
stuck. The only way out is the Power Switch.

Have searched MSKB and found reference to something similar Norton AV
2003 regarding CCAPP. My Norton is 2004 and is totally up-to-date. The MSKB
mentions nothing about the sounds mixmatch that I've observed. Again, I
don't know if the two are related. If the sound mixmatch is "a feature", I
can live with it. Can someone check this out please and let me know? It's
hard to troubleshoot in two directions at once.

~john aka: jopa

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