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Can anyone assist with this problem on a ASUS Notebook Vista Ultimate system which I'm updating via Windows update service. The owner of the system has not had any Internat access since late 2007, so it really needs updating ASAP. The computer has beeen updating successfully up until this point over the few days and I was ready to install SP1

Vista SP1 downloaded and installs OK via Windows Upate service - Approx 140Mb. Dialogue box reports installation successful and requires RESTART of computer.
Reaches STAGE 3 of 3 at about 80% . Then simply and suddenly restarts to flickering black screen listing file access stopping at single line with error report as

!!Oxc0190036 1461/82512 ActionQueue.dll
System then hangs No K/B or mouse response. My Action needed Reboot to F8 Vista menu use Repair Function- Restore to SRP just prior to install of SP1 . System and Vista then restarts OK.
PROCESS repeated TWICE same result each time. Running in circles ??

Many Thanks. Do I need a copy of SP1 and SP2 on disk, Do I try to install from safe-Mode .... Any suggestions.

I am encountering a frustrating problem. Have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S447 running Vista Home Premium that once a day - and only once a day - locks up when sending a file or forwarding an e-mail using Thunderbird (either 2.0 or newly installed 3). Laptop simply becomes non-responsive to any input and I am forced to simply do a "hard" shutdown whereby on re-booting system notes that Windows was not properly shut down. After the machine does its daily lock-up, it is fine for the balance of the day. The next day, regardless of whether the machine is put into Sleep, Hibernation or re-booted cold, it has to do it's daily lock up, usually within a hour to hour and one-half.
I have Googled this issue to death and have fiddle with power settings, drivers, etc. and haven't come up with a solution. The weird part is the once a day and only once a day lock up.
System doesn't show signs of running hot, never showing a temp above the low 40 C's, none of the error logs log an issue. Does it both on battery power and AC power supply.
Any other suggestions out there? Thanks.

Hello all, I bought a Dell Inspiron that came with Vista Home Premium. the computer has a recovery partition with the Vista Home Premium and disk drivers on it. I had a DVD with Vista Ultimate and installed this without any problems. Now when Windows 7 came out, I bought and installed Win 7 Ultimate. Now my questions is should I delete the partition that has Vista Home Premium? I have the DVD if I ever needed to do a reinstall and drivers for the computer. I do not want to go back to Vista Home Premium so can this be eliminated? Any suggestions are appreciated.


I know that I can use do a clean install of Win 7 pro 32-bit using my Win 7 upgrade DVD on my existing Vista Home Premium 32-bit machine by doing a custom install. However, this means migrating my settings and re-installing all my apps.

Is there some way to allow the installer to proceed with an In-place upgrade V. Home Prem. to Win 7 Pro, e.g., perhaps by changing some registry settings?

John LeBlanc

I installed Powerpoint Viewer 2003. The only way I can view PPS files is by downloading them to my documents folder on my C drive and then opening that folder to view the pictures. When I had XP installed all I had to do was click on the attachment and the file would open for viewing automatically.
How can I get it to open automatically in Vista too?
Thanks for your help.

Is there a way for me to tell if my Vista laptop is running Silverlight?

I chose to not add silverlight a good while back just because I didn't know what is was and I didn't see any reason to add something new that I didn't seem need. I've just received a notice that MS has a silverlight update for my PC. If this is trying to add silverlight I don't know that I want to do that. On the other hand, if I already have silverlight then I need to install the update.

Should I be running silverlight anyway? What would it do for me?

Thanks, Bill

I haven't seen the PC yet, but I though I would start asking questions.

In the last few days a Vista PC has started crashing on startup. It won't even go into safe mode.

It had been doing this several months ago and I had them do a repair which seemed to work, but now its started again and its worse now because they could get to safe mode before.

Any suggestions where to start looking? All my PC's are Win 7 or XP, so I don't have a Vista to look at.

My wife has Vista Home on her laptop. My desktop is running XP and our Canon Pixma iP4300 printer is connected to it so I have it set up to share printing jobs via our home LAN. Recently (probably after another of the endless stream of updates from MS) she started getting a printer error and she was unable to print. I tried deleting and reinstalling the printer. I could "see" the printer on the network but I couldn't reinstall it. Until I figured out what to do, I had her print her jobs to a PDF using CutePDF and printing it from my computer. I knew the problem wasn't from my end because I could still print from my laptop which runs Ubuntu Linux. Imagine that: I couldn't print from a Windows computer but I could from one running Linux.

Using Google, which is probably one of the most useful tools on the planet, I finally found a solution and thought I should share it with you. Here's what I did to reinstall the printer, then test print:
Go to Control Panel --> Printers --> Add Printer.Click Add a local printer - That's not a typo - trust me.Click Create a new port, then Local Port followed by the Next button.In the text entry box enter a port name like this: PC namePrinter name where "PC name" is the network name of the XP computer or Network Share where you have the printer and "Printer name" is the network name of that printer. Be careful with the printer name especially. In your XP computer, go to Control Panel --> Printers and faxes --> your shared printer. Right click the printer and in the pop-up menu select Sharing... and verify the Share name.At this point, if you have access to Vista drivers use the Have disk button to access them. I used the Web update button and waited for a list of available drivers.Choose the manufacturer and printer model of the printer you are adding.After the printer is added, print a test page to make sure it works.

My CPU runs at 100% most of the time, even when the Task Manager shows only 3 or 4 processes using CPU and then totaling only 8-10%. I suspect that closed applications are not completely shutting down and getting out of the queue. Short of doing a clean install and then having to also install all of my apps, is there a way to clean out the cobwebs?

So I just did a simple restart - no installations of anything. After the machine came back, my desktop was screwed up. The desktop shortcuts were all rearranged (but all still there), and the font was tiny. I did not the background picture I've been using for a year was still there, but now much smaller - there's two or three inches of black the whole way around.

I manually changed the resolution to the "large" size, which made them look fairly normal, and I changed the resolution on the picture to get that to fill the screen again.

I have nothing along the bottom of my screen- I have the Start button, but to the right of that, nothing - no open programs, and at the right side, no clock or anything else that usually appears there.

When I open my browsers - both IE and Chrome - the font on both is small, and body of the browser does not fill the scree - the tabs and address bar, etc, run across the width of the screen, but the body of the browser - where I'm typing now - does not; there an inch and a half of empty space along both sides.

What happened? I didn't do anything to cause this. How can I get it back? Ideas?

I am trying to configure my husbands Vista computer so when it starts it starts as the user "Randy" not as the user "Pam" and it keeps opening in "Pam." How do I force it to use "Randy" before "Pam"? I tried renaming Pam as RPam thinking it might start with the first user alphabetically. It doesn't. I tried giving Pam a password and no password for Randy. That didn't work either.

Any suggestions? I'd even settle for it starting with both little icons available that my husband has to click on Randy but I'd prefer for it to just start up as the user "Randy."

First some background, then my question. . . . The computer in question is a Dell XPS 435MT, bought less than a year ago and running on 64-bit Vista Home Premium, and with high-speed processor (2.5 mHz), extra RAM (6GB), and 750 GB of HD. That said, my question follows.

For some weeks now, I've been working with Dell Tech Support trying to resolve an issue with Dell DataSafe (Dell's online file back up service), and after much effort and "trial and error," they seem to have concluded that the ultimate culprit is some sort of conflict and/or registry problem with Microsoft Net Framework. A day or two ago, he fully removed Net Framework 3.5, SP1 for the 3rd or 4th time, only this time I think the plan is to leave it out because, in the words of the Dell technician "Vista doesn't need Net Framework." That being the case, we are now at my question.

Net Framework 3.5 SP1 remains out of my computer (though Windows Update wants to put it back, but I set that update to "hide"), and while Dell DataSafe remains problematic it is my impression is that it is going to be removed as well, then reinstalled but THIS time with Net Framework still uninstalled so hopefully that will resolve that issue. However, 2 or 3 other minor little "quirks" in the computer that I had never considered as connected to the same problem, HAVE ALL GONE AWAY since removal of Net Framework, so this would appear to substantiate the fact that it MAY have been the cause.

Now my question. . . .just WHAT does Net Framwork do, and what (if anything, other than eliminating some of my former software quirks) are the consequences of leaving it out? I'm NOT in any way a techie, so please answer that question if you can in SIMPLE LAYMAN'S TERMINOLOGY so I will know what you are talking about. I've got to believe Microsoft put it there for some reason, so what is it and what does it do? From a personal stand point, I see several reasons stated above for doing as Dell suggested and not put it back, and cannot think of one reason for reinstalling it. FWIW, my wife's desktop is a virtual clone of mine, with nearly all of the same software as mine (including Net Framwork and Dell DataSafe) installed, so that fact only further confuses me. :-(

I am now toying with buying Windows 7 and upgrading, with the idea that should totally replace Vista and put a whole new (and properly working?) operating system in and rendering all of these questions and problems moot. However, I want to wait long enough to see if Dell can resolve the issue as it is before considering upgrading. Given Microsoft's well-earned reputation for problems and quirks in their software, I really would prefer watching Windows 7 awhile longer before upgrading. Right now, I am keeping that option open, and only want to know what the consequences are of not putting Net Framework back. I thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions you can offer.

Any way to get Windows Explorer or My Computer to maintain the window size as it exists when those apps are closed? It seems "way back when" something we could do some key stroke combination when exiting Windows Explorer and/or other apps to force the window size and position to be remembered.



I have a Toshiba Laptop less than 5 years old that came with Vista Home Premium. It is currently running the SP1 version. I have a good firewall (ZoneAlarm) and a good antivirus and antispyware (Viper). I install Microsoft's updates regularly and as far as I can tell I don't run anything unusual or from an unreliable vendor. I am running Microsoft Office 2000 and I think that is no longer supported but I don't have any plans to upgrade to anything newer if I can help it. I use Thunderbird for my email and that seems to working fine as far as I can tell. I installed the Carbonite backup system about 10 days ago and it seems to be working fine.

I did a clean install of the original software about a year ago because it was crashing too often. It is now crashing too often again! If I leave it on all night, when I wake it up in the morning 9 time out of 10 it will have rebooted due to an unexplained failure and it will be waiting for me to login again.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do at this point?


*Despite asking questions in another board in the Lounge about Windows Search, I am still struggling to get Search to work right on my wife's Vista PC. I wanted to find quickly where her Outlook .pst file was, searched and didn't find it. So I Googled to find out where it should have been and went to that folder - sure enough there it was. So I started a search in that very folder and it still didn't find it. So in Advanced Search I got it to include non-indexed, hidden and system files, and then it did find it. A similar thing happened searching for something else I knew was there.

It turns out when I looked at the Properties in the folders concerned, and the Advanced button, that the folders concerned were not indexed. OK, so I changed that and it asked me if I wanted to change it just for that folder or for subfolders too. I opted for subfolders too. So far, so good.

But when I go to look at drive C: it already has a tick in the box to index the drive, so why weren't those folders indexed? *And the tick box for the drive as a whole is in a different place from the one for a folder. It is already ticked, so how do I now get it to apply that to all the subfolders. I certainly don't want to go through folder by folder looking to see whether they are indexed or not.

(I'm tempted to ask also why searching in Vista has to be so non-user-friendly when I knew how to find things in XP, but I don't seriously expect an answer to that!)


How do I find Scheduled Tasks in Vista? There is no Scheduled tasks item in Control Panel like there used to be in XP.*

The reason I ask is that both I (on an XP machine) and my wife (on a Vista machine) use ZipBackup to do daily backups. (And I don't at the moment want a discussion on whether that is the best backup program to use, please.) These are scheduled to run at a certain time each day and, in XP at least, when you set a scheduled backup in ZipBackup, it uses Windows scheduled tasks to do it. And if I want the backup to run at an unusual time (maybe I have uploaded a lot of photos and don't want to wait until tomorrow's scheduled incremental backup to back them up) I can just open Scheduled tasks in Control Panel, right click the task in question and select Run. Job done.

Is there a way I can still do that in Vista? I have Googled a bit and found this Description of the Scheduled tasks in Vista on the MS website, which includes a long list of default scheduled tasks and dire warnings to the effect of "We do not recommend that you modify or disable a scheduled task in Windows Vista. Modifying or disabling a scheduled task may cause unexpected problems" which all makes me think that these are scheduled tasks, but not as I know them, Jim.


Vista Home Premium on OEM Gateway laptop.

Guest account is in essentially unusable/inoperable mode. Here's the sad tale: guest account had never been enabled...decided to-- so son could do IE stuff (check his mail, etc) as Guest when home.

Enabled it. Switch user. Select Guest. It spends a LONG time "Setting up your desktop" or similar words. During that process, it throws up numerous error messages about being unable to run/open/don't-remember-exact-words a LOT of EXE files! And lnk files. The words gave me the impression that it didn't know the correct association.

BTW, restore using ANY prior restore point produces can't-due-to-transient-error.

Now, any login to guest eventually reaches a desktop, but the mouse icon is toggling constantly between arrow and hourglass-about 2x per sec. No .lnk will open. .lnk is not associated with anything (does not even appear in the extension list). IE will not run (no response at all). Processor usage on both cores stays at around 70% (normal idle is 2-6%,

Huh? Vista doesn't know what to use to run an exe or lnk?

Is there any way to make Vista re-create a "clean" guest account?

Hello All,
Having success with reverting my "PC" back to SP-1, i have decided to continue the experiment one step further ( Pre SP-1 )So here goes...
first to all of you that doubt what im passing on is crazy i suggest that you can try this for yourself and prove me wrong. By the way haven't heard from most of the "usual suspects"regarding this "who needs em" thread. Whats the matter ... afraid of loosing your "common wisdom merit badges" ?
1. First get a spare hard drive and remove the PC side panel.
2. Stand the hard drive up and affix it so it can't move around. i used a plastic potato chip clip.( Had it that way for about a month no problems)
3. Attach power cables and data cables to new drive.
4. load recovery disks.... and power up
5. if all goes well you now have your PC back to "day one" (no Micro Squish updates etc.)
Now you can do the experiment as i have done (see my post MS updates who needs em) Now you can fool with the "OS" as much as you want without the worry of "hosing"your system.Now results now are, my "OS" is now 7.94GB compressed backup down from 14.6GB (all programs aboard) Norton 360 and MalwareBytes doing the "security" thing, Oh... if Micro Squish updates are so wonderful why is it that you all have second party security software??? Also now that Acronis 2010 has worked the bugs out of their "Try & Decide" program (virtual PC mode). Can even survive re-booting, i can surf the web with total confidence. When finished, i select "dump changes" and were back to pristine "PC" So for all that think this is crazy, give it a try besides if you are among the ones that like fooling with the PC this will provide you with hours of fun (until you wife yells at you for spending all your free time with the computer) Now come on "guys" take you best shot ....Regards Fred

My wife has a new computer running Windows Vista and an ancient printer (DeskJet 930C).

The printer works, but I can't find the "HP ToolBox" which, according to the (old) manual, should be under Programs.

Do I need to download a new ToolBox, or is it somewhere (where?) on the new computer?


I found that the LiDE 25 Vista 32 Bit drivers and software DO work in Windows 7 Build 7000 32 Bit version.
So if you have a Canon scanner try the Vista drivers.

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