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Does anyone know how to create a rule action to mark certain eMails 'As Read'?

What I want to do is move eMails that I've sent to specific sub-folders within the 'Sent Items' folder. I'm able to move a copy, but when it lands in the appropriate sub-folder it shows as a new eMail. So, I have to navigate to that folder & mark the eMail 'As Read'.

Can anyone help with this?


I'm having an issue with the auto complete feature when sending a new e-mail message. I have 3 people with the name Don in my address book and contacts. The first 2 are in the Global address book (e.g. Don Mat, Don Rud) and the third is in a Contacts folder I created called "Business Contacts," (Don Mas) When I begin to type "Don" the three show up in the list of suggested names. I have deleted Don Mas from the list of suggested names. Now when I go to compose a new message and begin to type "Don" then click away with the mouse, it auto-completes to Don Mas (the one I do not want). Note I have tried this with other contacts and when I type a partial name then click away, a red line appears telling me that the address/name is not recognized. In the Address book options I have them set to check the global address first, then my business contacts folder.

Any ideas as to what could be causing the problem with this contact?

Many thanks in advance.

I created a custom contact form which required changes after several hundred records had been added. I had used Text fields where I should have used Value fields. I deleted the fields from both the list of fields (Field Chooser) and from the form, then re-created them correctly, using the same field and label names as before. As soon as I use the new field name for the Value, the numbers previously entered, disappear.
The values originally entered in one of the fields still appear in the "Phone List" view, but not in the revised field in the Contact form. As soon as I change the value for that field in the form, I will also lose the value in the Phone List View and HAVE TO ENTER ALL THE NUMBERS AGAIN! Is there any way to point the current values to a new field?
The folder is a Public folder and all the new fields are user-defined, so exporting to Excel and back is out.
This is hard to explain, so I hope someone, from experience, knows what I'm talking about.
Barry Simon where are you??!!

I have created several public folders at our site. We would like to use these folders as depositories for our Electronic forms. (we cannot use the organizational forms library because our agency does not control the folders at the top level).
The problem is that most users cannot see the forms folders we have created when using the "File/new/choose form" menu in Outlook. Although they CAN see it if they drill down thorough the public folder index menu.
If I place a .oft file in that same public folder and a user "double clicks that file, after that the user WILL see that forms folder as an option in the choose form" menu.
Any ideas on how we can make these folders viewable by all users as a choice from their Outlook menu??

Could anyone help me solve a problem I'm having with "Contacts" in Microsoft Outlook, Office 2000, Windows 98. When I bring up Contacts, under my folder list on the left side of the screen, I have a folder which is named "Contacts." Under this folder, I have created several other folders, such as one entitled, "Friends," and in this folder, I have copied the contact information/address card information on various friends, which includes their email addresses. Yet when I go to actually send them an email, I'm having trouble getting the names of the friends to display the way I want, which is by last name, then first name. In other words, if I go to my Inbox, and then click on the "New" button, it brings up a blank email message. I then click on the "To" button, and it brings up a dialog box, and at the top right side of this box, I go to the "show names from" section and then arrow down to my Contacts folders. I click on the Friends folder, and it displays the names of the friends that I've previously entered information about. By clicking on the name, it automatically enters their email address in to my blank message. I entered most of these names about a year ago, prior to our IS person loading Office 2000, and these names display on the list with the last name showing first. For example, a name would display as "Smith, Jan (email)." However, I recently entered a new contact, and he displays on this list with his first name first. For example, when I bring up the Friends folder, and it shows all the names of the folks I've entered, these friends are listed alphabetically by last name. But the new contact, whose name is William Spahn, is showing up under the W's instead of under the S's. For example, he displays as "William Spahn (email)" instead of as "Spahn, William (email)." To try to correct this, I went back to "Contacts," then Tools, then Options, then Contact Options, and I set the way to file the names as by last name, fist name. I then clicked OK, but the Apply button wouldn't activate. No matter what I do, I can't get the names to display by last name first when displaying an email list.

I have spent the last three days trying to set up a folder, replace the default post form with a specialized request form, and, although I got it to work fine this morning, when my boss (who has the same Owner permissions that I do) went to look at it, the form and all its user-defined fields went bye-bye. Now, when I go into even open a new request, this folder says I don't have permission to post it in the folder I created this morning.

Here's what I did - I opened a new post, went into design, loaded the fields from a .oft I keep in my Office/Outlook template folder, published the form, didn't save, and then went to the properties on the folder and selected this form to be used when opening a new instance of an item.

Am I missing something? I'm about ready to

I have created a template and saved as .oft file. I prefer to use the Folder List over the Outlook Bar. Is there any way to save this on the Folder List? Otherwise, can I save it on my toolbar somewhere. I have seen your other posts about dragging the template to the Outlook bar but can't seem to figure how to do that. I'm choosing File, New, Choose From, User Templates in File System to open the template.


I have run out of space in Exchange for rules. One of the pieces of advice given in this case by Microsodt is to create a distribution list for all the people I get mail from which I want to end up in the same folder. This is my case.

Well, I made the distribution list. I then tried to add such a rule by using the rules builder. The first time I did so, my distribution list did not appear. It seems it was in my Contacts folder, and therefore did not turn up in the Address Book. So, I made a new Contacts folder in the Public Folders, moved ny distribution list into it (as a list). I then told Exchange that the new folder was an email folder. Now it turn up in the Address Book. So, I tried the Rules Wizard to create my new rule. Now it tells me it can't make the rule, because my list is a "Personal Distribution List.". I've never heard of this phrase before, and the MS Knowledge Base is no help.

Does anybody know how I can make my list valid for inclusion in a rule? Thanks,

I had a user who set autoarchive for each indivifual folder under the INBOX. The settings pointed to the same folder name in the Archive.PST. He had over 50 subfolders.
He recently got a new hard drive and when I imaged it and created his new Outlook profile, he wanted to know if there was a way to retrieve the Autoarchive settings from his old hard drive which I have in my possesion.

Otherwise he will have to set it for each one again and its time-consuming.

Is there a way?

I am a desktop support tech in a very large corporate environment and one of the most problem programs is outlook. So here is my soluition to most of the outlook issues I come across

Remember, this is an enterprise environment and exchange users are pushed back their email automatically. That means that if you use outlook on a pop server, you will need to set that back up again. Most setup data is retained here as we are not creating a profile, we are simply making outlook grab new copies of mail and reload it's settings from registry. But this most often resolves things like outlook not opening, calendar appointments not working right locally but showing correctly on the server side etc

My "90 percenter" Outlook Fix:

In XP, Go to the profiles under Documents and Settings. In Windows 7, you will need to find the equivalent paths for the files

Go to C:documents and settings lagreeneApplication DataMicrosoft
for window 7 C:UserslagreeneAppDataRoamingMicrosoft

go to the Outlook Folder , move the "outlook folder" to somewhere else like the desktop.

NOTE: This folder will be rebuilt by Outlook, but you will need to copy back the old .NK2 file so that the clients auto complete for email addresses with be restored.

Go to the "office" folder and delete the MSOUT*.pip file Windows 7 path C:UserslagreeneAppDataRoamingMicrosoftOffice

Go to C:documents and settings lagreeneApplication Data templates folder and delete the "" file There may also be files like Delete those too. Leave all others alone.

Windows 7 path C:UserslagreeneAppDataRoamingMicrosoftTempla tes

Then go to documents and settingslagreene Local SettingsMicrosoftoutlook and delete the extend.dat and everything else other than the PSTs
Windows 7 path C:UserslagreeneAppDataLocalMicrosoft

Then go to documents and settingslagreene Local SettingsMicrosoftForm and delete FRMCACHE.DAT
Windows 7 path: C:UserslagreeneAppDataLocalMicrosoftFORMS

Then re-open outlook, all the account info should be retained but most personal settings will be set back do default. The Offline address book should re-download

After you are finished, go back to the spot listed below. Close outlook and copy the NK2 file from the OLD outlook directory into the new Make sure it has the identical name of the new NK2 file. This will restore the client’

We currently use Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2010. Before that we had Outlook 2000/2003 and Exchange 2003.

We commonly connect multiple mailboxes in the folder list. For instance, we might add an attorney to the assistant's folder list which then makes any of the attorney's folders shared with the assistant visible in the assistant's calendar, contacts, etc.

As administrator with full rights, I keep a connection to everyone's mailbox in Outlook so my folder list is quite long.

The mailboxes that migrated over from the old mail server to the new one show up as "Mailbox - John Smith". The mailboxes that were created after the migration on the new mail server show up with just the user's name "John Smith". It makes my folder list a hard at times to find the user's mailbox because it doesn't sort alphabetically correctly. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting but there's no change. The mailbox name is still prepended with "Mailbox -".

I assume this is a carryover? Is there a way to make that go away or in the alternative to add it to the new system's users?

I have just purchased a new PC & put Windows 7 on it. (I was running Windows XP on my old one). I loaded Office XP & restored my personal folder. If I try to open an entry in my calendar I get the error msg "Can't open this item. The object is not valid" If I right click on the event I get no options. It does allow me to create new entries ok.

I am also getting a problem with send/receive as my Email accounts keep loosing their passwords, even though I have ticked the box to save them.

Thanks in advance for your help


When I follow this path C: >Prog Files >Common Files >Microsoft Shared >Stationery, I see that there are two photos in it (see 1st att)that I would like to add as a background when emailing family members. But as the second att shows they do not appear in the Stationery dialogue box & when I Browse to the Desktop where there are also copies of the photos, only folders appear. I also note (3rd att) that when I do a search for the Stationery folder, it unearths no less than 4 folders. What is the path of the Folder shown in the 2nd att please & can I paste photos into it? Regards Dave...

Very new to VBA, but longtime programmer. I know what I want to achieve, just need some help getting there. Perhaps the best way is to start with my flowchart and see if this is the right way to attack this problem.

1 - In short, I am trying to automate mailings to clients.
2 - Each client has a unique frequency of mailings. (Field 'Mailing Frequency' specifies days between mailings.)
3 - When I mail, I create a journal entry for tracking purposes.
4 - I would like to send mailings weekly to those contacts who are due for a mailing

Here is what I am thinking:

Create a macro that I will run once per week.
(Begin loop)
Loop thru all contacts in a specified folder whose 'Mailing Frequency' is greater than 0
For each such contact, search journal for most recent mailing to that contact
Add 'Mailing Frequency' days to the date of that journal entry
If resulting date is today or before, add contact to list of contacts to be mailed
(End of loop)
Next, merge resulting list of contacts into a Word mailing label template for printing
Then loop thru list and create journal entry for each contact to track mailing

I know that might be a little involved, but at this point I'm just looking for critiques on the process. I don't want to charge into this if I'm headed in the wrong direction.


I've not seen this before nor can I find anything that's helpful on Google. When we add someone to contacts that has an email address with an underscore in it, Outlook handles that just fine, i.e. But a problem came up with one of our users created a distribution list in Outlook and one of the people they added had an email address with an underscore in it. In distribution list the email address looked like this When she sent her email to this list Outlook gives her this error, "The operation failed." Take that person off the list and the list sends fine. The user was added the person with "Add New" so I created a contact and tried to do with "Select Members" from her contacts folder. Same result. Stranger still, when I create a distribution list on my computer with this person included it works fine. We both have Office 2003, the user is Basic version and I have Small Business edition. Anyone else ever see this or know why it's happening?


Look to create appointment items to different cleandar folders within Outlook.

I already have code to create an appointment item:


Dim objout As Outlook.Application
Dim objcal As Outlook.AppointmentItem
Dim strSubject As String
Dim strMessage As String

Set objout = New Outlook.Application
Set objcal = objout.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)

On Error Resume Next

strSubject = VHouseNo & " " & VStreetName & ", " & VArea & ", " & VCity & " - " & IIf([Surname2] = [Surname1], [Title1] & " and " & [Title2] & " " & [Surname1], [Title1] & " " & [Surname1] & IIf(IsNull([Surname2]), "", " and " & [Title2] & " " & [Surname2]))
strMessage = "Home - " & [HomeTel] & vbCrLf & "Work - " & [WorkTel] & vbCrLf & "Mobile - " & [MobileTel]

objcal.Body = strMessage
objcal.Subject = strSubject

'MsgBox "Appointment Set Please complete in taskbar."

Set objout = Nothing
Set objcal = Nothing

On Error Resume Next
AppActivate strSubject & " - Appointment", True 'Let Access complete then show"

How can I say put this into a different calendar folder?

I searched briefly here and on the Net but couldn't quickly get to an answer.

I have a distribution-list made in my Contacts-folder. Is there a simple way I can forward this list to others? I read there are ways but then the receiving party should add all those in the list as his/her contacts too. Looking for easier ways.

Of course I can create an new email; select the list, expand it and manually copy all emails into the body of the email and send that, right?

Erik Jan

I have a folder I have created in my Inbox with about 200 emails in it. I have to send Meeting Notices to everyone in that folder. I have also created a Mail Rule so that people who want to receive the meeting notice puts that in the Subject line and the messages get deposited in there automatically. Hundreds of people are now emailing me wanting to receive this notice. Way more than I thought I would get.

Some of the names have been in my address book for quite a while and many of these have changed either their email address or their name since they were first entered. However most of the people are new to me and my address book.

Is there a simple or speedy way to create a Group in the Address book that contains all the addresses from that email folder? I have created a group but what I'm doing now is going through my entire address book of over 1500 email addresses and selecting the addresses individually (or a few at a time using the Ctrl key) and then dragging them into the group in the Address Book in the "Folders and Groups" pane. I have to have the OE window open beside the address book so I can scroll up now and then to keep fresh addresses in view in the OE Folder while I drag the names in the address book from the Main Identity Contacts list into the Meeting Notices Group I have created. I tried just opening the Meeting Notices Group to select addresses but I have to close it every time some address doesn't show up as the correct name.

It's consuming a huge amount of time that I don't have and I sure hope someone can suggest an easier way.

Thanks so much.

When I create an new e-mail in Outlook Express and put in a picture that has a graphic in a folder on my web site (http://...) as the source, the picture and the text appear as created (in Outlook Express) in my Hotmail account when I use Internet Explorer. When I created some stationery with the same picture with the same source, being my graphic on the web site, the graphic appears with the text when I read my Hotmail in Outlook Express, but when I go to Internet Explorer, the graphic has strangely become an attachment. Is it possible to create stationery that will work on your Hotmail account in Internet Explorer? If so, what's the trick?

Hi -

For past several weeks, my Desktop shortcut to a document has been erratic: sometimes it will open the document as expected; other times I will get a message that Windows couldn’t find the document. Sometimes if I clicked ok, the document would open. Other times, not.

I have copied the document –all but last para mark – to a new document and for a few days the newly created shortcut works. Then the Windows couldn’t find box appears.

I have copied the shortcut from my folder and also from navigating to the folder from Windows. Still the erratic behavior. I have checked the properties box and all is as is should be. If I click on Find target, there the file is and can be accessed.

Any ideas what can be done to correct this?

Thank you,

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