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I have a strange problem from past few days.

I use an HP laptop with Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG network adapter.

I also use VPN connection (VyprVPN) over the internet.

The moment I install and run any network monitor like BWMeter, Networx or DUMeter, the wireless connection disconnects from the internet and is left only with limited connectivity.

It does not matter which utility is used, the problem is same. And as soon as I quit the utility and close the bandwidth monitor application, the internet connectivity returns.

I ensured in Norton 360 v3 that all my network connections are trusted and that firewall does not block any of these.

Any ideas on why this could be happening and how to resolve the same will be appreciated.

I have a LAN with 2 laptops and one desktop connected. The desktop has an HP Photosmart D7160 connected via a USB port. Both laptops have had Windows 7 installed for several months. The desktop was recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. After the upgrade, one of the laptops will still print, but the other laptop will not. The correct printer driver has been installed on both laptops. Reinstalling the printer driver on the desktop did not help. When the desktop had Vista installed, all printing functions were fine. I suspect a network problem, but don't know how to attack it. All computers are running Kaspersky Internet Security. I have tried disabling Kaspersky on the problem laptop, but no help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there guys,

I would just like to say, I am not just posting this question anyhow. I have read around and I haven't found any solution to my problem, thus I have resorted in opening a new thread.

So here is the prob:

I have a Windows 7 Starter Edition netbook which is connected to a WRT54GL Wireless-G Router. This router is connected via hard wire to my Windows Vista Desktop and that is how the desktop has access to the internet. The netbook is accessing the internet the very same Router via Wi-Fi. The Printer (HP DeskJet 940c) is connected and installed on the Windows Vista Desktop and is functioning. It prints when I give it commands from the desktop. I have set the printer sharing options 'on' in the Networks and Sharing Center as well as haven't kept a sharing password (its open and unprotected). This is as far as I have gotten. My next challenge is, how can I print from the Windows 7 Starter Edition netbook on my HP Deskjet 940c via the Router.

I would be very grateful if someone can explain to me in a very noob-ish way as I am not a techie. If someone could send me a video link or so.

Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate it.

Kind Regards.



I just (two days ago) purchased a new HP touschsmart (pa tm2 1090eo). Everything seemed to be working out fine but then I encountered one specific, but very annoying problem. Since the computer has a touch screen, a program namned Corel Paint it! touch is included with the purchase.

When I started the program for the first time, it seemed to be working just fine. However, when I tried to use the program a little later on, something must have gone wrong. The program starts but just barely. It shuts down before I can do anything, and I recieve an error-message. This error-message is just a general one stating something is wrong and if a solution is found I will be notified. This has not yet happened (surprise).

At one point I recieved an error-message stating "the memory could not be read" followed by some references I unfortunatley did not take down. I've only seen this message once, before and since then I have only had the general error-message.

I can live with this, but it is rather irritating to experience these problems on a brand new computer. Therefore, I hope you might have some advice for me. I have tried to uninstall and then install the program again but the same problem remains...


I cannot connect to the internet. Network and Connection Sharing shows my home network and an Unidentified network and both are local only. This started on my other computer with a Realtek network adapter (can't remember the model). After 2 updates last night, my computer (different) showed the same problem on boot this morning. The updates were Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.57.1094.0) and Microsoft driver update for HP Photosmart 3200 series
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code 80070490
I restored it to before these updates with no change. The only way that I can connect is to uninstall the NIC and scan for hardware changes (works on both machines). This NIC is NVIDIA nForce Network Controller. Both are onboard.
I don't know if this is important but we have the HP Photosmart 3210xi printer on the network using it's own network adapter. Shutting the printer down did not change the situation.
Searching shows this as a problem in Vista with no solution.

I have tried everything that I have read from the Vista forums to no avail. I have used MS drivers and the latest manufactorer drivers. I have disabled public networks and IPv6. My router (Netgear) is configured correctly and I have assigned static IPs to both machines on both ends. I do have 2 switches on the network but they are just dumb switches.

Any ideas?

I have been using a Vista Computer which came with a multimedia keyboard. The multimedia keys can be easily programmed in the Keyboard item in the Control Panel. This works very well and lets me choose Eudora for the email program and call up the Character Map with the Calculator multimedia Key. Apparently Microsoft thought it would be easier for users to just pick a default program for each multimedia key. This gives the user much much less flexibility and since users have many different interests, flexibility is a great thing to have. In Windows 7 the Control Panel Keyboard item does show a grid like Vista, but the cells in the grid are blank. As near as I have been able to determine, there is no way to use the grid in Windows 7. HP technical support people, both telephone and email, have been eager to help, but have not come up with a solution. The problem is made even worse, because I can't make Eudora the default email program, because it doesn't fit the current method of picking defaults. My newest computer is aWindows 7 that came with a multimedia keyboard. I wonder, if there a an acceptable solution I am missing? There was a tile when Microsoft's support was really outstanding and included outstanding documentation.

I'm having some problems here but I'm not very computer literate so I'll just ask...

I've downloaded Windows 7 off the wevsite, into a folder on my computer. I click on the tool "Win7-HP-Retail..." to "Unload the Box" and it gets to the end and tells me:

"We are unable to create or save new files into the folder in which this application was downloaded. Please check the folder properties to make sure you have security permission on the folder to write files and that the folder is not read-only."

I've unclicked the box that said the file was read-only and tried it again and it gave me the same message. I've now moved the "Win7-HP-Retail..." file to my C: drive, not putting it in a folder and it STILL does the damn same thing. I've exhausted every avenue I can think of... does anybody have any ideas on why it won't let me "Unload the Box"?

Yes, I'm the administrator (and only account on the PC.)

Hey all, I have the Windows 7 RTM 64 bit Enterprise Edition installed on a separate partition of my hard drive, with Vista 64bit on another. I notice that occasionally windows 7 lags for me in places that Vista does not, and it has been discouraging me from running windows7 because Vista just runs better. I mainly notice the lag when typing and using the mouse to click things. There is often a slight delay before the computer responds to my click/keystroke. This mainly happens in google chrome while browsing the internet, but it has also happened to me in microsoft word 2007 and at the log in screen for windows 7 (where I type my password). I really like windows 7, but if this cannot be fixed, I would consider not buying when it comes out, becuase I have no issues with vista.

Here are my specs:

Operating System: Windows 7 RTM / OEM / Retail (Final)
Computer Type: HP Pavilion Elite m9250f
Processor: Intel Core2Quad @ 2.66Ghz
Motherboard: Asus IPIBL-LB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512 MB
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive: 1 TB(2 x 500) SATA 3G @ 7200rpm
Network Adapter: Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)
Monitor: HP w1907
Optical Drives: 16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA drive
Onboard Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio
Mouse & Keyboard: HP wireless keyboard & mouse

I have updated my video card to the latest Nvidia driver on their website, and that hasnt seemed to fix anything. If anyone has any suggestions for drivers I should look into, or solutions to this problem please let me know. Any help is appreciated.

I just attempted to install version 7600.16385 x64. It remained an attempt as the install simply "hung" and couldn't continue after a reset. I haven't had this problem with any previous versions of NT 6.1, including RC 7100 (and later). Apparently something has changed in this version making it hardware-incompatible with the machine I was installing on (HP mh9452, less than a year old). Has anyone else encountered this ? IIRC there were a lot compatibility problems with older hardware when NT 6.0 was released but I can install that without problems on hardware that pre-dates that release by 4 years.

Hello everyone! This is my first time here in the forums, so help me along the way if I've done something wrong. I upgraded to Windows 7 home premium from Vista home premium about a week ago, and unlike the average consensus, it has been nothing for trouble for me. I have had performance issues that stem from two major problems, which I'll list below:

1) Random slowdown spikes where computer usage hits 100%:
-about 3 out of 4 times, this problem stems while I am watching videos on the internet. The sound crackles, the video slows down to unwatchable, and the computer slows down to a near-unusable speed. The other 1/4 of the time this happens while any process is going. Sometimes when I restart the computer is still this slow, othertimes I restart and it's faster than ever once again.

2) VERY strange startup error:
- maybe 1 out of every 4-5 times I restart ( I do this often because of the first problem) my computer starts with two noticeable errors. The first is that Windows Aero is disabled, and I cannot re enable it by going to the display settings (it is grayed out). The other is that my computer cannot connect to the internet. During this bizarre startup process, I also CANNOT activate system restore, it tells me that system restore is disabled or not functioning properly. The ONLY way to prevent this problem from happening is my going to system repair from immediate bootup and choosing system recovery options before windows 7 even starts. Only there is system restore a working option.

Here are a couple of things I have tried so far:

--I have used system configuration to adjust the processes and startup programs I do not need
--I have run a system defrag, as well as a registry cleaner
--I have run the system in safe mode, which gives me NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. However, I did not get windows 7 to run it in a mode that looks like windows 95 :P
--I have NOT run a clean installation of windows 7, I have only upgraded into it. I'm using this as a last resort, because I am not familiar with creating a backup, and I am not sure how many of my settings would be lost and which of my program CDs I would beed to relocate.

I'm not sure what system information I need to specify, as I've never had a pc issue like this before. I'll list the basics at least below. Thank you for any help you can provide!

System information:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Computer: HP HDX 16 Laptop
Ram: 4 GB
Processor: 2.2 Ghz Intel duo core something (:P)

Hello there,

I hope you can help?! Ever since I bought my P6320UK HP Pavilion Desktop i have been having intermittent issues playing sound. The audio stops and starts and is distorted. I have gone down every available avenue, been in touch with HP, PC World and had the computer away for repair but still to no success. the computer has 6GB ram and lots of memory so playing sound shouldn't be an issue. My speakers (both monitor and separate powered speakers/subwoofer) are all working correctly.

Initially I had to have the memory replaced on the computer but the memory seems to be working fine now, it's just the sound that causes issues. I have Realtek HD Audio on the computer (and there is also an option for realtek digital output but i disabled this as i don't use this). I have monitor speakers and my own speaker/subwoofer as well, which i set up as a multi-channel set up.

i think that it may be to do with Windows 7 set up- as i notice a few other people have posted comments on windows 7 forums that it seems to be a windows 7 problem. it's nothing to do with the software as i've tried a system reboot and it doesn't make any difference to the sound.

I hope you can help - it would be much appreciated because it is very frustrating!

Many thanks

Hi, I've got a HP Photosmart C5180 multifunction printer. The problem is that HP does not support Win7 (surprise-surprise). The installation complains about trying to install on a not supported OS. Is there a way to fool the installation that it is running on Vista, or any other ways to try to intall the driver? br Mike Win7 RC b 7100 on a Presario CQ60-130EO

I recently got a HP Pavillion notebook with Windows 7 Home Premiuim installed already.
My problem is it wont let me install itunes or quicktime, i've tried running it in compatibilty mode, running it as admin but nothing fixes it. the installer always crashes and says "the installation of quicktime did not complete. Itunes requires quicktime"
and when i try to install quicktime seperately it says that theres allready another quicktime installation in progress and to retry. ive spent 2 hours today looking at peoples posts about this and NO-ONE seems to get a straight answer as to how to fix this problem, the itunes support is absolute bull****
help me!

Hey guys! Having a huge problem, and I feel like I've been through everything and every driver on the net.
I have an HP Compaq nx9600, about 4 years old, can support and run windows 7 perfectly...except the audio, none, at all!
I had XP running and the audio driver I was using didn't upgrade/ work with with the new OS. The sound driver is Realtek AC-97 Conexant, or at least thats the name of a driver that's needed.
I'm also missing the drivers for the sd card slot, but can't seem to find those either.
Can anyone help me? Admins? Dev team? anyone?
I'd be the happiest, strangest man you've never met!


Have a dual boot system. Win XP Pro 32 Bit and Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Using Office 12 ( 2007 ) Cannot print within
Excel on Win.7 - 64 bit. Get an error telling me there's printer problems. Printer is HP 8500 all in one.

All other programs in office print fine on Win 7 - 64 bit

All office 12 programs print fine via Win 32 bit, including Excel.

I've reinstalled the printer. It uses a driver from MS.. There is no driver from HP yet.

I do know that all the drivers aren't out as yet and perhaps this will correct the problem???

Do you know of a solution and is this a known issue or is it within my system?


Purchased Win 7 to install on my laptop and then the motherboard went Kablooey (had been on the decline anyway), so I went out and purchased a new HP G6--535DX Notebook with Win 7 Premium 64 bit already installed.

I got the computer home, booted her up, everything worked just fine. Internet Explorer seemed to be running well. I ran several windows just fine, downloaded Open Office 3.1.1, then closed everything up and played a quick game of the HP Games Scrabble (by Wild Tangent) before bed. This morning I could not get IE8 to run worth a darn. Slow doesn't even describe waiting an hour for a page to load. Then it won't even let me close the windows when they don't load, I have to go to the Task Manager and end the program.

It would let me get a few places with a second tab (facebook, but no news sites like cnn or such), while the first kept trying to do anything, but eventually it just led to continual nothingness. The windows do nothing, the spinny circle says they're still working, they never say Not Responding. And they won't shut down normally.

I was pissed. 12 hours old and already I have issues??

Rebooted a few times to no avail. Finally got it to boot enough that I could download Firefox and continued loading the computer for use, figuring I'd get it fixed.

I installed Firefox, Open Office 3.1.1, Picasa 3.5, NVu, and Outlook 2007 - but all these were installed AFTER the problems started, excepting Open Office.

To be safe, I went and uninstalled everything, starting with OO, then Picasa, then Nvu. I have not unloaded Firefox since it's all the browser I have right now, and having JUST paid my IT guy to setup my VPN on Outlook, I am not uninstalling that puppy.

I did also go in and uninstall all the HP games, since that was the only correlation I could make.

I've run the sfc/scannow with no problems found. I've restarted a few dozen times, turned off and uninstalled the Best Buy included Webroot anti-virus.

Any ideas?? I am super frustrated- this computer's barely 24 hours old now and I really can't get any use out of it without IE as many of the programs I use for work online are not fully Firefox capable.


You might want to Tarentino this one, my question is at the end and you could read backwards as information is needed.... I have never posted a thread but the one thing I know is that there are a lot of smart people out there who want to help, but there is never enough info. If you have some time to kill and you are looking for a bone to chew on, I would really appreciate some advice.

Preamble: I apologize because this is still going to be long winded but I'm going to try and sum it up as quickly as possible while still including all of the necessary and unecessary details. I can save some of you some typing by stating some facts right off the bat: 1- Yes. I am an idiot. 2- I definately read and purposefully do not follow instructions because to me a computer is nothing more than an expensive toy to play with. You can do what you please with yours. 3- Everything I know about computers is based off of a mixture of trial and error, and years and years of awesome threads. I know just barely enough to be dangerous.

I am actually on the asking end of a post for the first time because for once time is on my side and I am not in a panic stricken dash to save my sinking ship. I have been stretching my rope for some time now, and I think I have finally positioned myself right in the middle of a pretty snug knot.

The machine in question:

HP pavilion dv6000 (notebook)
AMD Turion 64x2 (2.00Ghz)
4GB RAM (3.75 usable)
((don't even get me started on that.... some other day. but keep that in mind cause who knows....))
150GB hard drive (~147GB) as follows:
C: Local Disk 130GB/111GB free
D: DoX (just documents and such) 998MB/103MB free
E: AMADOIR (random other storage) 7.02GB/1.08 GB free
F: HP_RECOVERY 10.7GB/1.01GB free

Ok so about a month and a half ago or so I was on a gaming tangent and decided I was going to see if I could go against the grain a little and try to squeeze some extra juice out of this notebook (obviously I was just spinning my wheels) but I did end up finding a new tangent which turned out to be way more time consuming than any game would have been anyways.

I was running the factory installed 32-bit windows VISTA with 3GB RAM, I decided that a slightly noticable performance increase would be worth a complete OS overhaul and I came across windows 7. I couldn't resist. So I swapped out the 1GB card with a 2GB card (now 2X2), burned the 64-bit image of build 7048, and set up my hard drive as it is above. My thinking at the time was that between the HP recovery partition and the backup partitions I had set up for my random odds and ends that I would be covered in a near worst case scenario. (I know better, but ***k it.)

I booted the disk and did a clean format/install on C: and despite the excitement and hype it went disappointingly smooth. No problems other then a random IE tab crash every once in a while which it actually fixes and restores the tab usually before I even noticed anything was going on. Pretty impressive for a beta. The only driver I had to putz with was a missing graphics driver which I was able to substitute with a Vista64 driver until windows recently sent me the new one. Somehow (and this is where it starts to get tricky) they even managed to package all of my program files and windows files into a nice compact 75GB folder which it must have used to string together any other missing drivers during the install. After everything was up and running smooth I shredded it and let it defrag.

Despite the fact that My Computer>Properties still claims that I have only 3.75 usable GB out of 4, I actually noticed a pretty significant increase in complete performance. Wether it was the smoother OS, the 64 bit upgrade, or the increase in memory remains to be seen, probably just a slight increase from each made a nice difference.
Fast Forward: After a month or so of extensive use the whole system was lagging and running like crap even though I was still only maxing out at 45% RAM and peaking 45-75% CPU. I attributed this to a huge variety of downloads with a crappy virus set up while I was waiting on McAfee to get around to it. Last week I found a working beta McAfee suite that set up and ran like a champ, but performance still sucked (I know McAfee is slow, what I mean is performance didn't change). Yesterday I had a couple cups of coffee in me and got to thinking that if the install and supposed "format" kept all that 75GB of windows junk through the install that it probably kept plenty of other junk as well and I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try and reformat/start over with a clean install and a nice virus suite.
This time when I got to the clean install option I clicked a box that said- format all by itself, before I clicked install and the action only took a few seconds at most. I didn't actually think it had done anything until I completed the install and found a bite size C: drive and a couple of "issues".

1- Windows can not find my internal microphone. I installed the factory drivers and it claims that there is no device to "apply" them to, so to speak. recording>properties tells me that I don't have a mic plugged in. Lots of threads on solving sound issues but havn't found near this particular issue. Least of my concerns.... just a clue.
2- I now have a missing driver for an SM Bus Controller and a Coprocessor whichwere not flagged on the previous install and have no useful information, and can not fix themselves.

Individually I could probably fix these issues but I am concerned that I have done some more damage than I planned. After the clean install, performance is sticky and piss poor even with RAM sitting still at 25% and CPU peaking under 40%.
After careful consideration I came up with the evil geneous plan which I though would solve all my problems at once. I got another cup of coffee and decided I was going to hit up the recovery partition and head back to Vista32, clean out all the garbage, and then drop a new clean 7 over that, in theory bringing me back to where I was a month ago, but wiser.

No such luck. F11 is no longer a functioning button at the BIOS screen (still listed during the momentary pause in startup, but not operational) if I hold it down the system waits for me to let go and then loads 7. The closest I have gotten is into the windows recovery center, and then into a command prompt where I was able to change to the desired directory, but I really didn't know what to do when I got there and the only folder on the F: drive was empty. Back into windows My Computer still shows 9.6GB of something on the drive but there is nothing hidden and again, one folder (RECOVERY). Empty.

I have found some good idea's but I think my best move at this point is to look for some advice.
-HP recovery disks (lame and brings about feelings of giving up...)
- This thread talks about manually writing the image over windows and kinda working backwards which I am open to, but this plan is flawed for my situation... empty folders.
-Someone mentioned installing a certain version of Linux which would add the recovery partition back into the MBR, but I know nothing about Linux and that seems like the same situation that got me into this in the first place.

My fear (worst case scenario) is that my original 64-bit w7 install did not format anything or somehow the switch from 32 to 64 was flawed in some way possibly doing damage to the processor causing a slow decay in performance. (maybe the "3.75 usable RAM" is indicating 32-bit parameters ?) no idea if that makes sense.
My most recent install somehow affected the recovery partition and may have wiped it clean in the process.

My question is, is there a way to bypass w7 or build my own boot image which would direct the system to boot from the recovery partition or am I fighting a losing battle?

Thank you if you are still reading this, and I would appreciate any guidance/suggestions you might have to throw out there.

I´ve installed win 7 .7100 RC on my Compaq nx9010, over all I manage to fix some issues and troubles with drivers not working sharply, but I can not say the same for the Audio Driver. Everything works fine, until I restart my PC. On the logon page, when its loading, at the time the logon sound chime activates, the page just freezes out and it wont allow any comands, or mouse pointer movement (It crashes completely) and have to turn it off manualy.
Being said this, I log on via safe mode, and tried updating the driver on the automatic, after uninstalling the actual driver (Conexant AC-Link Audio Ver. Conexant Sistems Inc. Date 18/02/2004), but it keeps loading the same driver with the same results.
I had to disable the audio driver at the device manager, and being done this, I have not had this problem, but I like to know who can give a tip to try doing anything to fix it.

HP (Compaq) nx9010 Intel P4
2.80 Ghz 1 Gb Ram
Bios Phoenix Technologies SMBios 2.3
OS Win 6.1.7100

This is not my issue, rather another users issue that I helped them with. I am creating this thread because I know other users have had this issue and there is no good known resolution yet.

So therefore I am posting this thread to possibly attract other users to solutions for the issue.

The issue is, when installing Rosetta Stone V4 TotalE, once installation has completed and you run the program you get a grey screen and your computer completely freezes. (no ctrl+alt+del, no caps lock or numlock led responding). Reinstalling software does not help, and you may get random warnings to upgrade Adobe AIR to latest version even if it already appears to be the latest version. (I think this might be related to the lock up not sure).

Here are the things we have tried thus far:
MSConfig/Autoruns ran, no visible issues or rogue startup programs.
AVG, MalwareBytes, Kapersky, Microsoft Security Essentials ran, no virus.
Rootkit detectors ran, no virus.
Combofix ran, no virus.

(When running ComboFix we noticed pieces of AVG still remained and Combo will not let you continue until its fixed, so we had to run the AVG Removal Tool, and even it did not fix the problem, so after searching for AVG regkeys and folders, we finally got it out of the system)

Rosetta Stone Service Disabled (services.msc)

Noticed that we were given a Rosetta Service 1141 error without service started
And can exit program normally... so its normal until after it communicated with this service apparently, or maybe later after that.. not sure if its related.

With service started app locks up... as expected.

Cannot use Processor Monitor to look at the situation because the whole computer locks up (why does Process Monitor not have a real time log to disk option???)

After several attempts of removing Adobe AIR and reinstalling, we were no longer getting Adobe Air installation prompt..

Rosetta still locks System up

There are no updates for V4 that we could find at this time.

Backed up users data

HP Factory Restore initiated.. installed Rosetta first thing after the entire system recovery operation, works flawlessly.. I hate when a reformat fixes the issue... didn't learn much! But I hope this information helps other users to find this thread and contribute to the issue... as there are other users out there still experiencing this same problem.

I have a HP G62 laptop with windows 7 home premium and play dvds with windows media player. I have an intermittent problem with the volume decreasing. The sound simply falls to zero and it may happen when I am not even touching the keyboard.

Can you help? Thanks

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