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I just installed (clean on new HDD) win 7 x64. The computer is now dual boot with win7 x86.

the problem is that my printer, HP laserjet 4000, will not work through the netgear print server under x64.

It works fine on 2 other computers, laptop with win 7 x86 and old HP vectra under XP pro, as well as the main computer, dell xps420< under win 7 x86.

The FR114P printer port will not install on the x64 system.

The problem makes the x64 system totally unsuitable for my work.

Netgear says that the problem is with the 64 bit driver but that doesn't sound right as their addport and port monitor programs don't install.

has anyone else had this problem?


Hi all,

New to the forums but not to Windows. I just recently built a new system as an upgrade from HP Elite m9340f Media Center PC. I bought a new Mobo, Video Card and PSU. I used the HDD, RAM, CPU, DVD, and TV Tuner card from the HP in the new build.

My current specs:
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UDP3 Mobo
Socket 775 intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66Ghz
8MB DDR2 RAM @ 800 Mhz FSB
ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 PCIe x16 (CCC 9.11; Driver Version 8.671 - 11/04/2009)
Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1800 (Model 7800, Combo ATSC/QAM) connected to a PCIe x1 slot (Driver version 1.41.27195 - 7/14/2009)
Win 7 Pro 64bit (Clean install)

Everything works great, except Windows Media Center. I have installed the latest drivers from Hauppauge for Win 7, but when I run MC, the video lags my entire system horribly. Every few seconds the video stops then starts up again, and if i run MC as a window and not full screen, then as my mouse moves around the screen it jumps and skips too. The video performance suffers considerably. I have searched the froums here and on the net, but most of the time this problem is mentioned there is no solution given for it. If anyone has any ideas as to how to fix this it would be appreciated.


I have an HP MediaVault MV2120. It is a home file storage/server running a Linux OS. It also has a media server that runs in the background.

I had zero problems with seeing it while running XP. Now, with Win7, I can only get to it by manually entering in the network address. I can not see or browse to it using any file dialog box.

In Network Neighborhood I can see the Media Server part of it show up. Clicking on that only opens Win Media Player. I use this drive to store all my backups as well as other files/data. Is there a way to have Win7 see it like any other drive? I thought networking was supposed to be easier in Win7.

Okay this is going to take some time to read so bare with me.

Okay, I have 6 computers in my house, 2 of which are laptops. I own 3 of the computers and one of the laptops. my mother the other laptop and my brother the other computer.

First off, I have made my older computer the server. In which my internet comes into and distributes it across my network firewalled and anti virused. (I use Iolo System Mechanic, Firewall and Antivirus) Then there is my Main computer, laptop and Touch Screen HP that I use myself and are the sole user of.
My mothers laptop has 3 users on it and my brothers computer just one.

The server, my brothers and my Main computer are running Windows 7 (32bit), my laptop is running Vista (32bit), my Touch Smart HP is running Vista (64bit) and my mothers laptop XP Pro (32bit).

Now, my server has a 1TB in it with my personal documents on it. (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos and Downloads are the folders on it) Now I would like to be able to network them so that I can set the defalt location for theses folders on my Main computer to the folders in the 1TB on my server. And also set the defalts on my laptop and Touch Smart to the same folders on the 1TB. But at the same time not let any other computer have access to these folders. (Cos I have alot of guest computers connect to my network that i do not want to allow access to)

Also in the server is a 80GB which has been partitioned 4 times. each partition is for each other user in my network. the 3 users on my mothers laptop and the one on my brothers. I want to allow each of these users there own partiton and set the defalt of the doument folders (mentioned before) of these users to each partition respectivly. and make it so each user can only access there partition on the server HDD.

Now giving that windows 7 is a pain when it comes to setting security, will i need to use the admin account on the computer. (this was one of my other problemes that i ran into that was fixed by people on this site) So on my Main Computer i have my normal user and a admin user. Both are admin accounts but for some reason only the ADMIN account can make system wide changes to windows files and security settings. (so i found out from the people on this site)

Helping me solve this network nightmare would be a massive favour, for i have tried everything about networking that i know. I use to be able to do it with XP but now that i have multiple platforms and Different Bit processors it is proving more difficult.

Thanks, Alucard

I got a new computer for christmas, (HP Pavilion p6214y Desktop PC, running Windows 7 64-bit[i think]).
I'm trying to connect the computer to the internet via the wireless router using an ethernet cord, but the computer doesn't connect, and when i try troubleshooting, it says " "Local Area Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration ". I've been searching google, and this seems to be a pretty common problem, tho i have yet to find a proper solution. How do I get the internet working?


i downloaded a windows 7 pro x86 from MSDNAA. i upgraded from vista home premium. everything is fine except for the windows help and support.
it has its links broken and the this word constantly appears "_elbasuer_". though, using it on online mode, it works fine, but i am not having internet connection all the time. and even if it does not really affect performance, it is totally ridiculous having those links broken and images not shown.
i already tried sfc/scannow but i did not help
i also tried reinstalling the winhlp32 but still it did not
though, when i remove the hp bluetooth driver, its home page change abit, it now displays a projector icon, which is more ridiculous than the first one.

here is a photo of the home page:

after i click "what's new in windows 7" link, this appears (notice those weird words and the incorrect link, it is supposed to be what is new in windows 7 not to see what problems are):

and lastly, after clicking learning about your computer in windows basic, this appears:


I'm really hoping someone can help because I am totally stumped.

Last night I was on the internet at home absolutely fine and my laptop automatically downloaded an update, since then I have been unable to connect to my wi-fi. I deleted the updates and was still unable to connect, so I tried to used a system recovery restore point and every one I use starts but fails to complete.

So, I did a factory reset after around 8 hours of trying to sort it out today and I STILL have the same problem. I can plug in the cable to connect and my housemate is having absolutely no issues connecting and neither is my phone so now I am at a total loss what I should do to resolve this. Prior to the factory reset I was able to connect to the wi-fi but it was stating no network access/limited access and now it simply won't connect to my internet at all. It finds my full strength signal but will not connect.

My drivers for the Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n card are the most up to date and the laptop (HP G62) says it is working fine.

Anyone have any ideas??

I have a strange problem from past few days.

I use an HP laptop with Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG network adapter.

I also use VPN connection (VyprVPN) over the internet.

The moment I install and run any network monitor like BWMeter, Networx or DUMeter, the wireless connection disconnects from the internet and is left only with limited connectivity.

It does not matter which utility is used, the problem is same. And as soon as I quit the utility and close the bandwidth monitor application, the internet connectivity returns.

I ensured in Norton 360 v3 that all my network connections are trusted and that firewall does not block any of these.

Any ideas on why this could be happening and how to resolve the same will be appreciated.

I have a LAN with 2 laptops and one desktop connected. The desktop has an HP Photosmart D7160 connected via a USB port. Both laptops have had Windows 7 installed for several months. The desktop was recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. After the upgrade, one of the laptops will still print, but the other laptop will not. The correct printer driver has been installed on both laptops. Reinstalling the printer driver on the desktop did not help. When the desktop had Vista installed, all printing functions were fine. I suspect a network problem, but don't know how to attack it. All computers are running Kaspersky Internet Security. I have tried disabling Kaspersky on the problem laptop, but no help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there guys,

I would just like to say, I am not just posting this question anyhow. I have read around and I haven't found any solution to my problem, thus I have resorted in opening a new thread.

So here is the prob:

I have a Windows 7 Starter Edition netbook which is connected to a WRT54GL Wireless-G Router. This router is connected via hard wire to my Windows Vista Desktop and that is how the desktop has access to the internet. The netbook is accessing the internet the very same Router via Wi-Fi. The Printer (HP DeskJet 940c) is connected and installed on the Windows Vista Desktop and is functioning. It prints when I give it commands from the desktop. I have set the printer sharing options 'on' in the Networks and Sharing Center as well as haven't kept a sharing password (its open and unprotected). This is as far as I have gotten. My next challenge is, how can I print from the Windows 7 Starter Edition netbook on my HP Deskjet 940c via the Router.

I would be very grateful if someone can explain to me in a very noob-ish way as I am not a techie. If someone could send me a video link or so.

Thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate it.

Kind Regards.



I just (two days ago) purchased a new HP touschsmart (pa tm2 1090eo). Everything seemed to be working out fine but then I encountered one specific, but very annoying problem. Since the computer has a touch screen, a program namned Corel Paint it! touch is included with the purchase.

When I started the program for the first time, it seemed to be working just fine. However, when I tried to use the program a little later on, something must have gone wrong. The program starts but just barely. It shuts down before I can do anything, and I recieve an error-message. This error-message is just a general one stating something is wrong and if a solution is found I will be notified. This has not yet happened (surprise).

At one point I recieved an error-message stating "the memory could not be read" followed by some references I unfortunatley did not take down. I've only seen this message once, before and since then I have only had the general error-message.

I can live with this, but it is rather irritating to experience these problems on a brand new computer. Therefore, I hope you might have some advice for me. I have tried to uninstall and then install the program again but the same problem remains...


I cannot connect to the internet. Network and Connection Sharing shows my home network and an Unidentified network and both are local only. This started on my other computer with a Realtek network adapter (can't remember the model). After 2 updates last night, my computer (different) showed the same problem on boot this morning. The updates were Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.57.1094.0) and Microsoft driver update for HP Photosmart 3200 series
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code 80070490
I restored it to before these updates with no change. The only way that I can connect is to uninstall the NIC and scan for hardware changes (works on both machines). This NIC is NVIDIA nForce Network Controller. Both are onboard.
I don't know if this is important but we have the HP Photosmart 3210xi printer on the network using it's own network adapter. Shutting the printer down did not change the situation.
Searching shows this as a problem in Vista with no solution.

I have tried everything that I have read from the Vista forums to no avail. I have used MS drivers and the latest manufactorer drivers. I have disabled public networks and IPv6. My router (Netgear) is configured correctly and I have assigned static IPs to both machines on both ends. I do have 2 switches on the network but they are just dumb switches.

Any ideas?

I have been using a Vista Computer which came with a multimedia keyboard. The multimedia keys can be easily programmed in the Keyboard item in the Control Panel. This works very well and lets me choose Eudora for the email program and call up the Character Map with the Calculator multimedia Key. Apparently Microsoft thought it would be easier for users to just pick a default program for each multimedia key. This gives the user much much less flexibility and since users have many different interests, flexibility is a great thing to have. In Windows 7 the Control Panel Keyboard item does show a grid like Vista, but the cells in the grid are blank. As near as I have been able to determine, there is no way to use the grid in Windows 7. HP technical support people, both telephone and email, have been eager to help, but have not come up with a solution. The problem is made even worse, because I can't make Eudora the default email program, because it doesn't fit the current method of picking defaults. My newest computer is aWindows 7 that came with a multimedia keyboard. I wonder, if there a an acceptable solution I am missing? There was a tile when Microsoft's support was really outstanding and included outstanding documentation.

I'm having some problems here but I'm not very computer literate so I'll just ask...

I've downloaded Windows 7 off the wevsite, into a folder on my computer. I click on the tool "Win7-HP-Retail..." to "Unload the Box" and it gets to the end and tells me:

"We are unable to create or save new files into the folder in which this application was downloaded. Please check the folder properties to make sure you have security permission on the folder to write files and that the folder is not read-only."

I've unclicked the box that said the file was read-only and tried it again and it gave me the same message. I've now moved the "Win7-HP-Retail..." file to my C: drive, not putting it in a folder and it STILL does the damn same thing. I've exhausted every avenue I can think of... does anybody have any ideas on why it won't let me "Unload the Box"?

Yes, I'm the administrator (and only account on the PC.)

Hey all, I have the Windows 7 RTM 64 bit Enterprise Edition installed on a separate partition of my hard drive, with Vista 64bit on another. I notice that occasionally windows 7 lags for me in places that Vista does not, and it has been discouraging me from running windows7 because Vista just runs better. I mainly notice the lag when typing and using the mouse to click things. There is often a slight delay before the computer responds to my click/keystroke. This mainly happens in google chrome while browsing the internet, but it has also happened to me in microsoft word 2007 and at the log in screen for windows 7 (where I type my password). I really like windows 7, but if this cannot be fixed, I would consider not buying when it comes out, becuase I have no issues with vista.

Here are my specs:

Operating System: Windows 7 RTM / OEM / Retail (Final)
Computer Type: HP Pavilion Elite m9250f
Processor: Intel Core2Quad @ 2.66Ghz
Motherboard: Asus IPIBL-LB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512 MB
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive: 1 TB(2 x 500) SATA 3G @ 7200rpm
Network Adapter: Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)
Monitor: HP w1907
Optical Drives: 16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA drive
Onboard Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio
Mouse & Keyboard: HP wireless keyboard & mouse

I have updated my video card to the latest Nvidia driver on their website, and that hasnt seemed to fix anything. If anyone has any suggestions for drivers I should look into, or solutions to this problem please let me know. Any help is appreciated.

I just attempted to install version 7600.16385 x64. It remained an attempt as the install simply "hung" and couldn't continue after a reset. I haven't had this problem with any previous versions of NT 6.1, including RC 7100 (and later). Apparently something has changed in this version making it hardware-incompatible with the machine I was installing on (HP mh9452, less than a year old). Has anyone else encountered this ? IIRC there were a lot compatibility problems with older hardware when NT 6.0 was released but I can install that without problems on hardware that pre-dates that release by 4 years.

Hello everyone! This is my first time here in the forums, so help me along the way if I've done something wrong. I upgraded to Windows 7 home premium from Vista home premium about a week ago, and unlike the average consensus, it has been nothing for trouble for me. I have had performance issues that stem from two major problems, which I'll list below:

1) Random slowdown spikes where computer usage hits 100%:
-about 3 out of 4 times, this problem stems while I am watching videos on the internet. The sound crackles, the video slows down to unwatchable, and the computer slows down to a near-unusable speed. The other 1/4 of the time this happens while any process is going. Sometimes when I restart the computer is still this slow, othertimes I restart and it's faster than ever once again.

2) VERY strange startup error:
- maybe 1 out of every 4-5 times I restart ( I do this often because of the first problem) my computer starts with two noticeable errors. The first is that Windows Aero is disabled, and I cannot re enable it by going to the display settings (it is grayed out). The other is that my computer cannot connect to the internet. During this bizarre startup process, I also CANNOT activate system restore, it tells me that system restore is disabled or not functioning properly. The ONLY way to prevent this problem from happening is my going to system repair from immediate bootup and choosing system recovery options before windows 7 even starts. Only there is system restore a working option.

Here are a couple of things I have tried so far:

--I have used system configuration to adjust the processes and startup programs I do not need
--I have run a system defrag, as well as a registry cleaner
--I have run the system in safe mode, which gives me NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. However, I did not get windows 7 to run it in a mode that looks like windows 95 :P
--I have NOT run a clean installation of windows 7, I have only upgraded into it. I'm using this as a last resort, because I am not familiar with creating a backup, and I am not sure how many of my settings would be lost and which of my program CDs I would beed to relocate.

I'm not sure what system information I need to specify, as I've never had a pc issue like this before. I'll list the basics at least below. Thank you for any help you can provide!

System information:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Computer: HP HDX 16 Laptop
Ram: 4 GB
Processor: 2.2 Ghz Intel duo core something (:P)

Hello there,

I hope you can help?! Ever since I bought my P6320UK HP Pavilion Desktop i have been having intermittent issues playing sound. The audio stops and starts and is distorted. I have gone down every available avenue, been in touch with HP, PC World and had the computer away for repair but still to no success. the computer has 6GB ram and lots of memory so playing sound shouldn't be an issue. My speakers (both monitor and separate powered speakers/subwoofer) are all working correctly.

Initially I had to have the memory replaced on the computer but the memory seems to be working fine now, it's just the sound that causes issues. I have Realtek HD Audio on the computer (and there is also an option for realtek digital output but i disabled this as i don't use this). I have monitor speakers and my own speaker/subwoofer as well, which i set up as a multi-channel set up.

i think that it may be to do with Windows 7 set up- as i notice a few other people have posted comments on windows 7 forums that it seems to be a windows 7 problem. it's nothing to do with the software as i've tried a system reboot and it doesn't make any difference to the sound.

I hope you can help - it would be much appreciated because it is very frustrating!

Many thanks

Hi, I've got a HP Photosmart C5180 multifunction printer. The problem is that HP does not support Win7 (surprise-surprise). The installation complains about trying to install on a not supported OS. Is there a way to fool the installation that it is running on Vista, or any other ways to try to intall the driver? br Mike Win7 RC b 7100 on a Presario CQ60-130EO

I recently got a HP Pavillion notebook with Windows 7 Home Premiuim installed already.
My problem is it wont let me install itunes or quicktime, i've tried running it in compatibilty mode, running it as admin but nothing fixes it. the installer always crashes and says "the installation of quicktime did not complete. Itunes requires quicktime"
and when i try to install quicktime seperately it says that theres allready another quicktime installation in progress and to retry. ive spent 2 hours today looking at peoples posts about this and NO-ONE seems to get a straight answer as to how to fix this problem, the itunes support is absolute bull****
help me!

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