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I have a raid 1 system drive with 3 partitions. Partition 1 had XP64 on it, partition 2 is a logical partition and is just storage, and partition 3 has XP32 bit on it. I got my copy of Windows7 and went to install over the XP64 install and it worked great. Now I can't boot into XP32. These partitions are C: E: F: respectively as the windows 7 diskmanager reports.

I have Easy BCD v.1.7.2 installed on Windows 7 and it seems to be a very useful tool. I have created another pointer in bootmgr which does work but when I choose the XP32 option is restarts the computer. I have run recovery console to try and rebuild the all the boot files. I tried bootcfg /rebuild and that didn't work. I manually moved NTLDR and ntdetect to the F: drive where the XP32 install resides. and that didn't work.

The Original boot.ini file that was created by recovery console looks like this...
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)WINDOWS="XP32" /fastdetect
It's a challenge to manually manipulate the boot.ini file but I managed to do that and it looks like this...
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)WINDOWS="XP32" /fastdetectIt appears that the Windows 7 boot manager is it own entity and then points to the boot.ini of the XP32 bit partition. So my problem, I think, is in my Boot.ini file.

When running recover console it scans the disc for windows installs and puts the partition value to "2" but I think its partition "3" (unsure) I tried to manually make that value 3 and that didn't work.

If anybody can tell me how the whole relationship of the boot files works, i.e. can I just put any NTLDR file on the root directory and manipulate the boot.ini file and it will work, or do they somehow have to be created together?

Do the NTLDR files need to be inside the windows directory?

If I manually edit the boot.ini file on the f: drive and the run EASYBCD PowerConsole and type bootcfg, the file isn't the boot.ini file that I though I just edited. Any help will be so much appreciated.

Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'd really be most grateful to get a solution to my issue. Ok
I have a Acer Aspire 5250 with Windows 7 Ultimate. It has been running just fine for a while now but after about 16 hours ago, Ive been having issues connecting to the internet. Everything was fine until I turned on my laptop yesterday and I had to input my WEP key again for my home network. During this time It said "unidentified network", "limited access" or none at all. Then after a bit It said I had connected to my home network, with access but there was none!

Now here is where it gets wierd. I have a iPhone that has had no problems but whenever theyre on simultaneously, my laptop sort of kicks my iPhone off of the network.
Now my ps3, 360 and psp work just fine but it seems after each reboot of my laptop, my iphone wifi tells me that I have the incorrect password. When my laptop is off, its fine. It just reconnects on its own.

But honestly here my biggest issue is with my laptop. I dont know what to do, Im not a computer wiz but I need help. I have installed all of the latest windows updates on it, so im not sure if thats the issue. Is it that my iphone and laptop are fighting over the same ip address or what? I did a Windows Network Diagnostic and a box appears that says there are 2 problems.

1.The default gateway is not available
2. The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken

I'm a lost puppy now and given the fact that midterms is this week, this couldn't have come at a more worse time!!! Any help is appreciated. I'll be online vigilantly today so expect a quick response if you guys have any questions! Thanks in advance!!

First: Sorry but I donエt speak english fine.

I have a dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP.
Some times when I boot Windows 7 appears "C: Corrupt Disk - Run Chkdsk" in the traybar and I can not create a folder or file in disk C:.
Reboot, run chkdsk automaticaly in Windows 7 but don't repair the C: structure.
Restarts and I select Windows XP option, run CHKDSK automaticaly in Windows XP and repair C: structure correctly. Restart in Windows 7 again and solve the problem then I can create folders in disk C:.
Unfortunately happens again approximately every 3 days if use Windows 7 but donエt happens in Windows XP. I think Seven generate the corruption in disk C: for a diferent NTFS version structure with XP. It's posible?
I do not want to reinstall. have any idea?

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits and Windows XP Professional service Pack 2 dual boot in three hard disk partitioned all in most NTFS partitions.
PS: The Windows 7 partition was created from Windows Seven DVD. In others PC I installing dual boot (XP and 7) partitioned from XP or Partition Magic and this problem did not happen.


SO, no, I don't have 2 versions of windows 7 installed in a dual boot, but here's the back story on why it appears that way.
I had vista 32 bit home premium installed, and decide to dual boot into the Windows 7 RC. That all went well, i created a new partition and installed windows 7 home premium 32 bit onto it.
Recently, I found out that through school, I now have access to the full release version of windows 7 professional. I'd been wanting to make the switch to 64 bit, so that was the version I got.
After backing up everything I needed to, I simply deleted the Windows 7 partition, and resized the one remaining partition to take the full size of the disk. I then ran the windows 7 pro 64 bit disc, and installed it. Everything on the install works beautifully. However, it now gives me the option to either boot in windows 7 (new one) or windows 7 (old one), despite the old windows 7 not being there.
I'm told you can make it so it doesn't show you your boot options and will default load into the new windows 7, but is there a way to actually fix it so the bios doesn't even see the old windows 7 in the boot sector?

I've recently purchased a new media PC to run Windows 7 RC with the new and refreshed WMC compared to Vista. Problem is that the everything works fine until the computer restarts and does the "Completing installation" in which it hangs for an extreme amount of time of where the bar appears to be at around 75%. However, that happens after it seems to refresh the resolution. I let it sit there for an hour or so to see the "Setting up Windows" portion occur with the line of light with the blip in the center in which it proceeded to hang again for another hour or so until I could enter my information.

I actually got it to boot Windows 7 but it crashed to a black screen with a flashing underscore symbol. Once that happened I tried Vista and got everything installed and updated and when I went to restart it after the update it hung up after entering my password.

CPU- - Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 Wolfdale 2.8GHz 3MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops
Tuner Card- - Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 ATSC/ClearQAM/NTSC TV Tuner PCI w/Remote 1199 PCI Interface - TV Tuners & Video Devices
CD/DVD- - LITE-ON Black 4X BD-ROM 8X DVD-ROM 32X CD-ROM SATA Internal 4X Blu-ray Reader Model iHOS104-06 - Blu-Ray Drives
PSU- - ENERMAX Tomahawk ETK405AST 405W ATX12V V2.2 AirGuard, Speed Guard and Safe Guard Power Supply - Power Supplies
MOBO- - ASUS P5QPL-VM EPU LGA 775 Intel G41 HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards
RAM- - G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-8500CL6D-4GBNQ - Desktop Memory
Case- - LIAN LI Black Aluminum PC-C32B ATX Media Center / HTPC Case - HTPC / Media Center Cases

I am utilizing my 42 inch plasma as a monitor which is plugged into the HDMI port.


I'm trying to install FEAR 2, (Applies to any program with more than 1 DVD) and that window that pops up asking me to "insert Disc 2" doesn't pop up so i can click okay, after I insert the 2nd CD, it appears in the thumbnail preview, and when I click on it to bring it up, it just takes me back to the main install window, where it shows the progress.

so there's no way to install the game, because I can't continue the install.

I've experienced this with another program, and I was able to get to it, by right clicking on the thumbnail preview of it, and clicking move, then I could move it to where I can see it.

the only solution I think would be to be able to make the main install window so it doesn't take up the full screen, then I could move it out of the way to get to the little box.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

''Windows cant retrive information about disks on this computer'' this is the text i get when on screen appears ''setup is starting'' anyone knows what is the problem I tryed with drivers and something with virtual disk but still nothing.If there is already thread about this im sorry i couldn't find it useing forum search.

In a beginnin i had windows vista home premium, but my university gave to me the windows 7 professional. I believed that the one that was coming in the dvd would give you the option to choose between 32 and 64 versions, but it doesn't and already I was too much late to stop the installation, this way that I installed the windows 7 of 32 bits. Now then, I have already a dvd with of 64, introduce it and it says to me that with this version of windows cannot be installed, that i start the computer with the dvd and that i choose the option to initiate the CD before entering to windows to do an installation of this one. But it does not appear at all on having started. so, How do I do it?

sorry for my bad english
i hope you can help me

Get rid of that stripey screen QUESTION When I turn on my Windows 7 64bit computer, the monitor痴 display often shifts about an inch to the left, leaving a gap down the righthand side. The manufacturer suggesteddownloading and installing the latest drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 4600 graphics card, but this hasn稚 fixed the problem. The only solution appears to be to keep restarting the machine ...


I have a sort of chicken and the egg type problem due to my attempt to install Windows 7 and have no idea how I can possibly work around it.

My wife brought home a computer from her work that they no longer needed. I had bought a 3 pack of Windows 7 Licenses a while back and had one remaining, so I figured I'd install it on the system.

I started by running upgrade advisor and it indicated the hardware would fully support all features of Windows 7. At the time I figured this meant exactly as it indicated, but as far as I can tell now, this may have been completely inaccurate...

Since I didn't need/want the data on the existing drive I started by doing a clean format then ran the install. After the first couple reboots the computer began loosing video every time it passed the initial "Loading Windows" screen.

The problem is, I can't figure out any way to fix this problem, and am wondering if I effectively now am stuck with a paper weight...

Since I obviously can't really know anything about what is happening after the video cuts out, I tried powering the system off and then booted into safe mode. This appeared to work, however once it gets past the point the video cuts out, I'm presented with a prompt that indicates for the install process to complete I need to reboot in normal mode.

This is where the chicken and the egg issue comes in, because since safe mode sends me back into normal mode, and normal mode completely looses all video and seems to not do anything beyond that, I don't see an possible way I can get around this problem. I have tried re-formatting and re-installing more times, but the same problem keeps occurring at the same point.

I believe the video card in the system is Nvidia, and I have read elsewhere that some Nvidia cards have an issue such as this. The question is, did I effectively render my computer permanently inoperable by formatting it?

If there are any possible suggestions I would appreciate it. I provided NT tech support for 5 years and have been working as a C# developer (ASP.NET) for nearly 8 years now, so I'm by no means a novice. However in this case I'm truly stumped... I am a Mac user at home by choice, and this box is literally my first personal Windows PC... It seems ironic to me that the first PC I ever got became a paper weight solely due to trusting an upgrade advisor created by Microsoft...

Really need help from anyone who knows the solution. After i press any key to reboot from DVD, the windows is loading. But when it reach to the screen where we suppose to select language, currency & time format and keyboard layout, the screen become stuck. Mouse cursor doesn't appear and keyboard also not available to use. Help please... The screen stuck at this part, but without cursor....

I recently aquired a computer and ordered acer backup recovery cds
to reinstall windows 7 home premium 64 bit
the included options all very staright forward.none have worked !
these are the included directions below however when i try either of these options it seems the cd just spins and does nothing then eventually boots into windows
without any recovery options.

no password enabled,and bios is set to

CPU Model: AMD Athlon (tm) Processor TF_20
Atapi Model : TSST Corp CDDVDW

Boot Priority order (Default )
1-IDEO Toshiba MK1655GSX
4-Network Boot : Atheros Boot Agent
all these are enabled
Quiet Boot
network Boot
F12 Boot Menu (Default set to disabled)
d2d Recovery

Recovery Cd Boot Options

1 - IDE0 Toshiba MK1655GSX
3 - Network Boot : Atheros Boot Agent

thanks for all help in advance.

I included below the instructions that comes with how Acer tells to use the recovery cds..

To start the system recovery:
1.Restart the computer.
2.When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the Alt and F10 keys repeatedly.
3.If you are prompted with a Microsoft Windows boot screen, press the Enter key.
4.After the system recovery application has loaded, follow the prompts to reinstall the Operating System.
If the ability to reinstall from the previous method is not available or fails, recovery of the Operating System will need to be from Recovery Media.
== Option 2 ========================================
Note: If your computer does not have an internal optical disc drive, an external optical disc drive will be required in order to recover the Operating System using Acer Recovery Media.
1.Restart the computer.
2.When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the F12 key repeatedly to enter the computer's Boot Menu.
3.Press the CD-ROM drive eject button and insert the disc labeled System CD.
4.Close the CD-ROM tray.
5.Refer to on screen instructions to select either CDROM or USB CDROM.
6.The computer will boot from the Acer Recovery Media
7.When prompted for the Recovery CD, remove the System CD and insert the Recovery CD.

In Vista i had a user directory named Michael.
When i upgrade to Windows 7 from vista a new user directory appear named Michael.000
Could somebody help me how to rid off the new directory?, what shuold i have to do in my registry?
Some program use Michael and some use Michael.000 which confused me,
The new dirctory michael.000 have a lock icon as well
Thanks in advance for your assistance

hello..i have a problem when try to install windows current os now is vista..and my os badly effected with i buy windows 7 ultimate 32bit my pc

Intel Core 2 Duo
Asus P5KPL1600

when i inserted 7 DVD after loading it appear


the file may missing or corrupted..can u help me with problem i have..mail me back

I decided to upgrade my Dell 1525 Inspiron laptop from Vista Home Premium (32 bit) to Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit). I bought the Dell disks and ran the upgrade assistant first. It told me to uninstall two programs - which I did.

I should say I do not want to do a clean install for two reasons (1) there will be so much hassle in re-installing programs, files etc. (2) people on the web who have this 63% problem report a clean install aslo fails at 63% and they are even worse off then before!

I have now tried four times and each time it fails at the last hurdle at 63% when it is transferring files back to the system. A search of the net will show that several people have experienced the same problem (there is also one at 62%). After my first failure I tried the tips of unplugging the LAN/Internet connection; inserting MIG-UPGRADE-UGBIRE-PLUGINS etc.; I disabled most things in the startup list but each time it failed at the 63%. I left it running for 7 hours over night just in case the 63% needed time to sort itself out but it made no progress.
I don't have any unusual software - Kaspersky Internet Security, Mailwasher (which I disbled during the last attempt) and a Western Digital external hard drive (which I also unplugged and disabled during the last attempt).

Here is a copy of setupact.log in case it helps anyone answer my question but it does not appear to show any problems:
2010-05-14 15:28:53, Info UI Determining if we are in WDS/Unattend mode
2010-05-14 15:28:53, Info UI No need to hide autorun
2010-05-14 15:28:53, Info [0x0a000a] UI Autorun:Autorun core successfully initialized!!!
2010-05-14 15:28:53, Info [0x0a000b] UI Autorun:Autorun UI successfully initialized!!!
2010-05-14 15:28:56, Info UI AppWindow has layout style 0
2010-05-14 15:28:56, Info UI NavWindow has layout style 0
2010-05-14 15:28:57, Info [0x0a011c] UI WizardDialogPost::SetActive
2010-05-14 15:29:01, Info [0x0a018e] UI Passing command line parameter ("E:Sourcessetup.exe /HideWelcome /uilanguage:en-US /targetlanguage:en-US") to IBS.
[05/15/2010 10:37.32.970] WudfCoInstaller: ReadWdfSection: Checking WdfSection [Basic_Install.Wdf]

[05/15/2010 10:37.33.024] WudfCoInstaller: UMDF Service WpdFs is already installed - removing existing settings in preparation for setting new ones.

[05/15/2010 10:37.33.046] WudfCoInstaller: Configuring UMDF Service WpdFs.

[05/15/2010 10:37.33.075] WudfCoInstaller: ImpersonationLevel set to 2

[05/15/2010 10:37.33.154] WudfCoInstaller: Service WudfSvc is already running.

[05/15/2010 10:37.33.183] WudfCoInstaller: Final status: error(0) The operation completed successfully.

[05/15/2010 10:37.37.362] WudfCoInstaller: Created marker file C:Windowssystem32driversMsft_User_WpdFs_01_07_00.Wdf.

I would appreciate any ideas before I give up and stick with Vista.

I am helping my Dad with something. Here is the situation: He bought a new Dell Studio XPS laptop that came with Windows 7 64 bit, Home Premium. For some reason he bought the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade from the Microsoft Store for $200+ a few days after receiving his new laptop because I think he didn't like the way Windows 7 looked (interface) and wanted Ultimate so that he could make the interface look like XP.

He installed it and it installed on his recovery drive. I basically had to wipe his drives and I reinstalled the original software Windows 7 Home Premium. I tried to install his Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade after re-downloading it again from However Windows wouldn't install it and said that I had to use the Windows Anytime Upgrade found in the Start menu. I checked out the Windows Anytime Upgrade and found that I could re-purchase the Windows Ultimate Upgrade for $99.00 or something.

It appears as if we can't install the Ultimate upgrade that we downloaded from the Microsoft store, and that we are being forced to go through the Win Anytime Upgrade....can anyone explain to me why this happening?

Thanks a bunch.

QI upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium from Windows Vista on both my laptop and desktop computers. The main reason for this upgrade was to use Homegroups in Windows 7, but when I typed the password into the Homegroup page a message appeared saying IPv6 is required. How can I get this working?


Hi, I have Windows 7 Build 7050.winmain.090305-2000 and the Windows search service doesnテつエt works. Google Desktop neither.

How i can install it, because in Services menu doesnテつエt appear.



My main Windows 7 PC is no longer appearing from the other PC's under Explorer->Networking->Computers. As a consequence, this also means that it's not visible to my WDTV Live which I use to access media files from the PC over CIFS.

This PC is the only one on my network which is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The others are all running Home Premium x86 (all fully patched).

I first thought this was a problem with the WDTV Live HD as these are known to have "challenges" talking to Win7, but I've been through all the diagnostics and still can't make any progress.

If I directly try to access this PC, using computername then it works fine, it's just not visible in Explorer, hence the WDTV Live can't see it (and you can't add direct names/connections to the WDTV Live as a work-around).

This was all working fine before I went on holiday, but since I've come back it has stopped working (and the PC was turned off the whole time I was away and no-one had access to it). MS did apply a patch when I got back, so I'm wondering if one of them has messed it up (KB2286198 to be precise).

I've tried the usual things - checked the workgroup name (WORKGROUP), turned-off the firewall, tried all of the WDTV diagnostics/changes people recommend, etc, and still no joy.

Anyone got any ideas/suggestions as to how to fix this? It's really annoying!

Thanks in advance!


I've seen other similar threads which have been resolved but my problem differs slightly.

The problem started when I was trying to share files with an XP machine, however I'm not sure what the exact cause was.

What changed before the problem:

I played around in HomeGroup and advanced sharing and permissions tab of the C: drive.
Neither machine could see the other one in the network until I tried the COMPUTERNAME command on the xp machine. A user account window appeared so I typed in the name and password of the account on the win7 machine. Which is the admin and only account on there. It gave me access but the C: drive was denied access.
This is when I noticed I was unable to access it on the win7 machine too so I'm not sure which of these caused it. However I still have access to the documents/user files.


The C: drive shows 0bytes and the folder appears to have an icon showing 2 people in the bottom left corner. Since access to C: is denied, i'm unable to run a lot of things:

Nothing runs as admin and I cant access any user account settings in control panel that require administrator rights.
Regedit wont run.
System Restore doesn't show any restore points.
The only way I can access command prompt as admin is rebooting in safe mode, even then the "takeown" command still results in access denied.
Trying to edit the registry in safe mode cmd prompt shows access denied too.
I'm unable to click the advanced sharing options of C:
When right clicking C: then going to security/advanced sharing/owner, it says "unable to display current owner" and even though the account shows in the change owner tab, clicking it doesn't do anything.

The solutions i've tried so far are the Takeown /f command, something like "net user administrator activate:yes", and trying to disable user account checks via cmd prompt registry edit. No luck so far.

Anyone had this and found a solution?


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