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I have a contact whose email address I have changed. When I try to send an email, I type in the first 3 characters of her surname and it only finds the old address that I deleted months ago. The same happens if i find an existing email and select "Forward". Where could this deleted address be coming from? - I have searched the only distribution list that she is on and that's now got the new address.

Another problem I have is that if I try to forward an email that I have previously sent to a distribution list, it says "Message will be sent from account ." - in other words it selects a blank account, appears to send the email but doesn't. Has anyone else met this behaviour?
If I got to "accounts" I can select the correct account, but it should automatically use the account from the original email.

Thanks for all your previous help.

Here's a curious one. I used to have an entry in my contact list under a name such as:

John Doe (with his old email address).

When he no longer used this address I changed it to one for him and his wilfe like this:

John & Jane Doe (with a new email address)

HOWEVER, I recently sent an email by entering "John Doe" into the TO box, and the message bounced. Upon examining it I found out that it was sent to the old email address. I have searched my contact list high and low -- even used Advanced Find to search for the old email address (which obviously exists somewhere on my computer). But it is nowhere to be found!!

How can Outlook find the old address when it doesn't exist?

As you probably know, when you create an email in Outlook, there is an option (from the new email) to click on View, Options and specify 'Have replies sent to ...'.

One of my users is sending a bulk email mailshot using an XL spreadsheet I developed (with help) that, given the name and email address for each recipient, sends an individual email to each. This uses a URL to create the emails - effectively 'mailto:'.

However, he now wants to be able to send the emails with his boss's name in the From field, whilst having all replies sent to himself - presumably the net effect of the 'Have replies sent to ...' option mentioned above.

Does anyone know if there is a URL code for this option, or whether it is possible to set the Replies Sent To option permanently, rather than having to change it on each email? I know you can set it on a template (I did so on one of mine recently and then had to get help here to find it again!!) but again, I don't think you can specify a template when creating an email via a URL code ...

I'm attaching a copy of the spreadsheet - any help would be much appreciated!

I am unable to reply to certain emails, especially ones that contain a hyperlink or URL. When I hit the send button after composing my reply, the following error message appears:

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

'recipeint's email address' on 3/28/2002 7:43 PM
550 relaying to

When I send an email via Outlook I get the following message: "Your current security settings prohibit running Active X controls on this page." This happens when I send HTML and copy and paste a letter that I've created from my letterhead which has various fonts and hyperlinks to my webpage and my email address. What do I change to make the email look like I send it to someone who receives it? ....... I've checked the security settings and enabled anything to do with Active X other than unsigned or unsafe. I never had this problem when I used Outlook Express

Let's say my default email address (of 14 total) is "01"
Last week I noticed that an email came back from a client to an email address that I hardly EVER use- we'll say account "04". This happened several times. I double checked my default address 01, was indeed checked, and it was.

Then this morning, I replied to an email from a different client. This time, Outlook said,
"Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

On my computer at home I use Outlook 2003 - no Exchange Server.
I had to switch email addresses since Comcast took over Time Warner in Houston. When I send an email it shows my new comcast address. However, when the receiver clicks reply, the old address shows up in the to: textbox. I can change the reply to address for an individual email but have not found the settings for all emails. I am getting some very irritated replies from people when they finally figure out what is going on.
Is there a setting for all e-mails? Also, why does this happen? I had no trouble switching from an swbell account to time warner 4 years ago?

Help!! Please!


Colleague of mine has in her to To, Cc and Bcc easy reference addresses on persons she has communicated with (sort of standard recognition once you start typing).
Now one of the persons has changed to another company - thus the 'quick type' provides the wrong email address.

Is there a simple way to correct or remove a single item from this kind of list?

Core of the problem probably is, that I don't know in which file neither where this information actually is stored... - any hints will be much appreciated

I'm run a one-man computer tech business. I've been seeing a disturbing trend the last several months with Yahoo email accounts getting hijacked and sending out spam and worse. I"m getting either calls (or spam mail from their hijacked accounts) from at least 3 or 4 of my clients or friends every week now. I'm spending a lot of time helping reset passwords as a result - (BTW - ATT DSL clients have many hoops and different websites to run through to change their email password).

I've seen at least the following situations.

1. Guessing passwords - It appears to me that many of these hijacks are from some kind of password guessing hack as there don't appear to be any other ways to have gotten the email password - no viruses or malware found to be stealing passwords.
2. Phishing email messages - I've seen a few that have been tricked into disclosing their email passwords from clicking on links within bogus phishing email messages declaring that their account needs to be validated or some similar nonsense.

I've also seen a variety of 'impacts' with most just sending out spam messages to everyone in the contact list until the password gets changes. But I've seen at least twice where the spammers have added an alternate email address to the user's yahoo account and then setup forwarding of messages to that alternate email address. That results in the spammers receiving all of the emails the user would have received (with the user getting none) and the spammers getting a list of real addresses and potentially other private information. It also would hide any attempts at hacking into other online services (facebook, amazon, etc...) and resetting passwords or other nasty stuff.

If I'm seeing 3 or 4 a week in my little one-man business this must be epidemic around the world with thousands of accounts getting hijacked every day.

My questions are does Yahoo know about how bad this is getting - are they doing anything about it - do they care? I'm hoping that someone has the ability to ask Yahoo these questions since attempts I've made to contact them as an individual go unanswered.


I installed a new C drive, making my old C drive a D drive (No reformatting or other changes to new D drive; all files appear to be intact.). I did not export Outlook Express emails or address books before making the change, naively assuming I could copy these items after installing the new C drive. I am now unable to view the contents of the Identities files on the D drive. I have tried using RUN , with the appropriate path name, including GUID, to view these files, but when I attempt to add microsoftoutlook express, I get an error message telling me the page is not available. I have read what appear to be relevant threads in Woody's Lounge, but haven't seen one that discusses my issue.

I suppose I could re-connect the D drive as the boot drive to rectify my error. Can someone suggest a faster, lazier, method?

Anyone using SBC as their ISP or to host their domain would be wise to keep an eye on their email. On July 4th, SBC implemented an ISP based spam filtering. I had been scratching my head wondering the last few days why I suddenly wasn't getting some regular email newsletters (about 8!). After a few days of back and forth and testing, I called SBC and discovered that they had implemented this new spam filter "feature" WITHOUT NOTIFYING ANYONE. Similarly, just this past June, they suddenly implemented rDNS checking on incoming email without notification, which led to a lot of people not getting their mail and a number of newspaper stories. Finally, they were forced to remove this new "functionality" a few weeks later.

With this spam filtering, they claim to be still "tweaking" the filters. What I can't understand is why they are doing their "tweaking" with live user mail in real time. I tried to send them a copy of a good mail that they should not be rejecting but I couldn't even get it to tech support. It got rejected at the email server! So how do they "tweak" filters without user feedback on what is or is not spam?

SBC does not present a notification to the user than any mail was blocked as spam. There are no user controls in their software, no way to opt-out, no way to exclude an account, no "spam bucket" to retrieve rejected mail from! All they do is a simple bounce-back to whomever sent the mail with this "illuminating" error:

SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data:
host []:
554 Denied

Pretty damm useless, right? Most distributors who get a message like this just delete the user. They aren't going to run around and try and notify people that mail to them got rejected. So it may be weeks or months before a user realizes that he hasn't gotten some newsletter he subscribed to. Then he has to try and chase down what is going on. Fortunately for me, I use a mail forwarding service for all my newsletters and subscriptions, so I was able to change the forward-to address from my pop3 address on SBC to a webmail account. However, I can't easily save those newsletters in the folders I have set up in my pop3 Outlook mailbox.

I requested that SBC turn off their spam filtering UNTIL they have a user interface in place to allow people to "opt-out" of this feature or to control it better. They flat-out told me that is not going to happen. I finally got a supervisor to tell me that they expected to have some sort of user interface in 2-3 weeks (MAYBE). So I called the PUC in California today. They told me they couldn't do anything but forwarded me to SBC Executive Complaints office, where I was told that they have been getting other complaints on this also. I filed a formal complaint with them. The Executive Office telephone number is: 800.403.3302

Just like the U.S. Post Office, I believe than an ISP has a contractual requirement to deliver all mail addressed to the user, UNLESS the user has explicitly given his permission to the ISP to pre-screen his mail for spam. IMO, it is the users responsibility to protect themselves from spam mail, not the ISP's. Wonder if some lawyer is interested in starting a class-action suit against SBC on this issue?

Hi there

I am trying to use Outlook to send emails from two different names. My outlook is set up to receive emails from, however, when I do work for another company, I'd like them to see a different email address as the sender. I can get my emails forwarded into Outlook no problem. I have switched on the option in my new emails to choose the from field (View Menu - From Field) ie, who the email is from. However when I do this the sender information is
"Amanda Battye []; on behalf of;".

I don't want my personal email address being displayed at all, so I just want the sender information to be

I am not on exchange server. Is this possible?

Many thanks


Does anyone know how to include the REAL 'TO' address field in a column or on a form in Outlook 2000?

Outlook allows including the 'TO' field, but it is already processed. For example, if someone sends me an email to:


Outlook will use 'Musclehead' as the 'TO' field. Thus 'Musclehead' will appear on all forms that use the 'TO' field, as well in all columns that use the 'TO' field.

What I want is to be able to show the '' text on the form. I would also like to use that data for the content of a column so I can easily sort by it.

This will be very useful for managing my email, as I have several different email addresses, but my name is the same on all of them (I could change my name slightly for each account, but I would prefer not to - and doing that would not help sort the thousands emails already stored in my PST).

Bug in OL2002 handling of multiple email accounts?

I have my own domain name which I use solely for email. I don't have a web page and I do this for potential portability of my email account, should I wish to change ISP services. At my current ISP, I have a "parked domain". This means that I pay $30/year for essentially email support only. I get 5mb of email storage and 3 possible email addresses. OTOH, the charge for a full service account with bigger email plus web storage is something like $10 or $20 per month.

With this ISP, I have aliased my domain name to my primary email address. Anything coming into the ISP addressed to gets routed through my primary ISP email address (but it will show my domain name and not the my ISP standard address).

I have defined 2 accounts to Outlook. One is the primary ISP email address and the other is for sending email under my domain name (so that the email gets stamped with my domain address and not the ISP standard address). So the primary account is what I have to use to get all email (receiving ONLY) and the second is for sending only.

When I switched to OL2002, I started getting errors with this setup where my sends to my 2nd account (my domain address) wouldn't work. OL2002 kept wanting to send all main through the main ISP receiving account. I tried setting the 2nd account (sending) as the default but this didn't solve the problem completely. Some mail would still go out stamped with the my primary receive address and NOT my domain address. I wasn't sure why yet.

So I went into each account and did some editing on the POP3 settings. On the first account for receiving, I removed the outgoing SMTP server info and zeroed out the port number. On the 2nd account for sending, I removed the incoming POP3 server info and zeroed out the incoming port number. I also checked on the box for my outgoing server requires authentication and to "logon to the incoming mail server before sending email". Btw: Outlook doesn't like having blank entries for POP3/SMTP fields, so I used the word "dummy" where I removed server addresses. Now it is impossible to send from the receiving account or receive from the sending account.

Now everything works (mostly). I've found that even though the 2nd account is set as the default, which should mean that it would be used as the primary account for sending email, OL2002 will still try to send from the 1st account (receive only account) IF I am REPLYING to an email. Apparently, OL2002 ignores (overlooks) the DEFAULT setting in replies and chooses to use the incoming account! This means that in replies, I have to click on the Accounts drop down and choose the sending account or the mail will sit in the Outbox forever generating errors (because I have no SMPT address in that account). Having to remember to click the drop down on replies is an annoying extra step that I really shouldn't have to do (and wouldn't have to do if MS was clear on the understanding of the word default). Hopefully, MS will fix this in Outlook 11 or offer a checkbox to override the default default behavior.

We have an employee who just got married and wants to change her last name on our network. I know I can change her name in her Exchange User profile. But if I do that, I'm afraid I'll eliminate her "old" self which I want to avoid as, for awhile at least, people will be e-mailing her at her former e-mail address.

Our e-mail addresses are standard throughout the company so her old address will change to How do I enable her to see both email addresses and avoid losing her former profile.

I assume there is an easy answer but our IT guy is on vacation this week so I'm relying on Woody's Lounge.


My email address was hacked on the Comcast Server and a bunch of spam was sent out to my complete address list. All the sent messages showed up in the Comcast Server Sent Folder so they were not sent from Outlook on my computer. I immediately changed my email password on the server, and am able to long in and send and receive while on the server. The problem is that I cannot get outlook to change the password to the new one. When sending test messages from outlook I get the error message that the server does not recognize my password. I have other accounts on Comcast that were not affected by the hacking and outlook continues to access them using the same settings as before. Does anyone know how to get outlook 2003 to accept a new password?

Two questions, following a very brief explanation of why I'm asking.

Situation: I have my personal and business domains hosted by a major provider (staying generic here, so as not to influence any discussion). The personal domain is so that I don't have to update my email address in hundreds of profiles every time I change ISPs. From the company side of things, it's a one-person small business with a website and email, nothing more (at least not yet). Neither can afford the price for dedicated hosting (and even if the cost were reasonable it seems like a waste of resources), and I don't and won't do web-only systems.

Problem: I'm really getting tired of my emails not being delivered because someone else on the same shared host is a spammer. This is done by spam checkers that are looking only at IP addresses and don't want to consider that the same IP address may be shared by many users.

Question 1, for anyone using hosted email: have you had either an extreme lack or a plethora of similar problems? Mine seem to go in cycles, but in can take several days to get them resolved. In the meantime, I can't send email, which is a major problem for business.

Question 2, for anyone familiar with any such development: is anyone working on a better method of spam catching? It seems to me that using only an IP address is pretty short-sighted; I'd venture a guess that most small business are on shared hosts and have no control over who else has the same IP address for outgoing mail.

Any general discussion of this problem is also welcome!

(I should add that the biggest problems as far as recipients go are some of the largest user bases: Comcast and AOL.)

Some months ago we changed our main domain, and are now using email addresses

We are left with the problem of how to deal with all email which is still being sent to, which is being directed to the appropriate people together with mail to the new addresses.
This will be from people who email us only occasionally and have not yet noticed the domain name change,
and registrations on 'lists' under the old domains,
and so on.
I think we can deal with spam sent to fairly well...

The difficulty in Outlook is that emails addressed to OR to both appear in Outlook as having been sent to Joseph Bloggs, and determining to which email address each has been sent is a tedious process of inspecting email headers. (Unless someone can tell me otherwise!)

Has anyone any bright ideas about a good way of dealing with this problem?



(Edited by JohnGray on 12-Oct-06 13:46. can't get √ to work!)We have an Exchange 2003 server, which handles emails addressed to

We now wish it to handle, in addition, emails addressed to (this will eventually take over from olddomain when everything is working properly).

Both domains are hosted by a UK hosting company, which provide the DNS which points the MX "A" records for both these domains to our external fixed IP address. No idea if this is the 'approved' way, but that's what happens and it works on

To get both email domains to 'work' I understand that I have to modify the Recipient Policies -> Default Policy
which used to read
[tick] SMTP
[tick] X400 c=GB;a= ;p=ourdnsdomain;o=Exchange;
and now reads
[tick] SMTP
[tick] SMTP
[tick] X400 c=GB;a= ;p=ourdnsdomain;o=Exchange;

I don't have a problem with SENDING emails from our organisation with a email address (provided I remember to change the Primary email address in my user entry in Active Directory!).

But all external emails addressed to defined email address at all get returned by the Postmaster of with a 5.7.1 Non Delivery report. Here is an example:The sender program at:
could not deliver the message with subject:
External email sent to,uk
originally addressed to:,
for this reason:
Error: delivery failed - Permanent Failure: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for

Has anyone any ideas where I might go from here? I'm afraid I have had Exchange systems administration thrust upon me...!



Outlook 2007
we just changed to a gmail server and I had to delete the old email account and make a new one. It works but now instead of my email coming into "inbox" under personal folders, it comes into the inbox under a new folder which has my email address as the header, not personal folders.

As I have all sorts of project emails under the old "inbox", how do I direct the incoming mail to it? Do I have to move all the emails into the new one? If so, how do I get it to be arranged on the top in the left panel, rather than below "personal" and "archive" folders. I tried making a rule but it doesn't seem to work.


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