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I just inherited an issue where Adobe Acrobat 7 standard always prompts for needed "additional files" when user or I attempt to create a PDF from a file, such as an Excel file. I have run a repair on the app, same result. I have uninstalled looked for remnants in the Adobe program folder and cleaned what I found, searched the registry and it was clean so I reinstalled but got the same results.

Client does not want to update to version 8 but I understand there might be some 7 users who qualify for a free upgrade.

Has anyone seen this or is there anything at the Adobe forums which I might have missed on this loopy behavior?



After reformatting C: and reinstalling WinME and all applications and all updates, the only problem I am continuing to have is with my HP 4100C scanner. I have the ME driver CD and have used it successfully before; however, now it won't complete its installation process. When I reboot I get a message that the process of copying HP software has not completed, but CTL-ALT-DEL doesn't indicate any process not responding.

So, I looked at Device Manager in System Properties and couldn't find the scanner. OK, I shut down, uncabled (USB) and rebooted to see if the anything changed; nothing had that I could see. When I checked Add/Remove Programs, HP Scanjet software appeared in the list of installed programs. I clicked to uninstall and the process hit the hard drive for a while but there was no screen feedback. CTL-ALT-DEL indicated that Uninstall was not responding. I repeated this several times even shuttting down and restarting between attempts. I still can't get the software to uninstall. I can't get the system clean for a fresh install. I ran regedit to look at entries ( I made NO changes, just displayed the registry contents) and found that the HP software appears to be registered in several parts of the registry. I'm not knowledgable enough about the registry to attempt to modify it directly.

Any suggestions as to what to do? How can I get the uninstall process to remove the Scanjet software? If I delete the directory where HP software is installed, and all its contents, the registry will still contain the entries. I have Norton's utilities. Will it clean up the registry after I delete the software? This seems too chancy for my limited expertise. I sure hate to have to reformat and reinstall everything because I don't know what the problem is and it might not do any good.

All suggestions greatly appreciated and gratefully received.

Trimming the registry

Tuesday, April 16, 2002 After watching Win98SE slow down at boot time, I figured that even ToniArts Registry Cleaner wasn't as effective as it could be. I've just spent three months compiling and registering batches of DLL/OCX from Visual Basic, and I suspect that the Registry Cleaner deletes the data when it discovers that a file no longer exists, but that it doesn't delete the entire key.

1. Backup the system registry files, either by PKZIP at a purse-DOS boot, or by exporting the registry file from RegEdit.
2. Create a Win98 Start up disk with CDROM support
3. Reboot to DOS
4. In c:windows attrib -s -h -r *.dat
5. In c:windows del system.dat
6. Reboot from start up disk
7. Install Win98 (takes about 45 minutes)
8. I needed to reinstall Office97SR2, because Word97 loaded with complaints.
9. System.dat before install 8.6MB
10. System.dat after install 2.5MB

Is booting faster? Significantly.

If I were doing it again I would not have RegEdit exported the entire registry as one file; I would have exported each major branch (hkey_classes_root, hkey_current_user etc) and then exported each branch from the clean registry to see which branch was the bloated one, and then maybe have imported all but the bloated one from the old set.

One computer, 2 hard drives using boot.ini to choose whether to activate my son's hard drive or mine. Both running Win2K Pro SP1 when scannr installed though mine now upgraded to SP2
Bought new HP ScanJet 5300C and installed it on my machine without any problems. Tried to install on my sons and while the installation process seems to run all the way through and you end up with an icon on desktop, when you click on this, it opens Scanjet splash screen then immediately closes it ie no program. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, manually cleaned the registry etc etc.
Given that this is effectively the same computer albeit he has many different programs when he boots than when I do, I am flumoxed. Any help much appreciated

Customer's Desktop PC running Windows 2000 Pro SP4 all updates applied, IE6 all patches, and adobe reader 6.0. Got a massive spyware, porn dialer infection. I was able to clean all this out but when you open adobe the windows installer briefly starts up then closes & adobe works fine. Same scenario if you open a pdf file on the internet from IE 6.0 unless you are on a https: or secure website & then adobe freezes with the installer window. I have tried uninstalling Adobe & IE 6.0, cleaning out the registry and then reinstalling, but there was no change. I have checked & unchecked the display in browser option in adobe, no change. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Before my recent "upgrade" (reinstalled XP on a clean HDD) I was able to access the webpage provided by our school system to check our children's grades. It's a secure webpage (https) and they provided us with a login and password.
I am not aware of having tried to get to that page since my reinstall (before now) - but now, when I type in the correct login and password, I get bounced back to the same login screen, only there's a white strip interposed at the top of the screen (it's actually as if the entire screen shifts down about 1/4 inch to make room for this 'white strip'), with the plain text words "Um, ut oh" (no quotes).
I'm all patched up, Microsoft software-wise, and I haven't messed with any settings in IE - I like to leave those alone.

My daughter is able to access the same webpage - using the same login and password - using her Mac. So the login information is valid.

Can anyone think of some setting I may have overlooked, or changed without meaning to, that may have this effect?

My Windows XP fully up to date, no changes made just before the error started…

When I close a document in Word 2000, the white area [the paper] goes then I get an error menu, which says.

Microsoft Word for windows has encountered a problem and needs to close"

I do not get it in any other program with in Office 2000 only Word.

I have run the repair mode, and reinstalled it; the error is still there.

I moved and all my templates, which were made from the old files to a memory chip

I restarted word the closed it and the error was still there. I checked the template folder and there was two files and ~$

The problem is ~$ is not being deleted.

I went in msconfig, then into Diagnostic mode, which is a basic start up, I then open a document in word then closed it straight away, and the error was still there.

I run Ashampoo Winoptimzer 6 and did a full disc clean and optimise

Uninstall Office 2000 with the disc

Run Ashampoo Winoptimzer 6 again and it found un-required registry entries 74, Drive cleaner found 14 un-required entries.

I re-install Office 2000 and the error was still there.

I open a new user profile just to see what would happen, I opened and closed Word and the error was gone. Switched back to the old user and the error was still there.

So the error is in the profile of my old user.

So I went into C:Documents and Settingsold-unapplication DataMicrosoft
and change the name of two folders Office and Word to Office.duff and Word.duff

But that did not make any difference the error was still there

I tried Start > Run > winword.exe /a and the error was gone., so I tried a short cut to the file winword.exe but the error was back


Clean install of Vista (x64); clean install of Office 2003 + WOPR 2003.

Starting Word produces this error:

[In the title bar of the Error Window:] Error reading from Registry!

"Unable to locate WOPR 2003's program folder (). Please reinstall the application to correct this problem."

Once the error Window closes, Word and the WOPR macros appear to function normally. However, I haven't had time to try to set up Enveloper yet. Conventional reinstall doesn't change anything. May also try 'Repair' installation with UAC turned off.

Since I have successfully run WOPR 2003 on Vista 32 bit for a couple of years, I am tentatively assuming this a 64-bit Registry thing. Anyone aware of a hack to fix it?

** Merry Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year **

I got made to feel 1 inch tall tonight by Microsoft Australia.

I purchased Office XP when it first came out last year. I had to, because my Uni is moving towards Office XP. I first installed it on a P166, which subsequently made the PC to be so slow as to be useless. Borrowed a motherboard and processor, and reinstalled Office. Kept the rest of my hardware (hard disks, network cards, video cards)

Now I have just purchased a new PC and Office XP required me to re-register. OK, rang up Microsoft Australia. Got GRILLED as to why I was reinstalling. I was then told that every time I wanted to reactivate Office XP in the future I would have to ring up! This included a clean install back on the same PC.

This annoys me. Because Microsoft products are so crappy, as a matter of routine I reinstall it about every 6 months. Have done so all the way back to Win3.1. I have legitimate copies of all my Microsoft products. I forked out $330 for a licence of XP to be now grilled when I want to legitimately reinstall it. I now know that I should get a pirate copy for $20 and not have to go through the hassles and grilling every time I want to reinstall.


I have recently upgraded form Windows 98 to Windows 2000 Professional on my home computer. I decided to set up 4 user profiles, one for each member of my family, but I can only get Office 2000 to run on my profile. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it in the administrator profile, as well as my own after upgrading it to administrator level. I also tried Microsoft's registry cleaning utility before the reinstall, but my version of the Windows Installer is too current for that to work. I have also checked the security access to the Office directory to make sure that it is available to all users. Is there a way to get this to work, or does Microsoft expect me to buy an Office license for each member of my family? Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to offer.

A sad tale of woe... I was working in Access and tried to access the Linked Table Manager, whereupon Access gave me a error message. Fine. Not the first time. "I'll just run 'Detect & Repair' again," I thought to myself. In the middle of the process, Windows decided that it was an appropriate time to spontaneously reboot. (Nothing else was running at the time.)

I couldn't restart the 'Detect & Repair' -- something to do with a different / incorrect version of Windows Installer -- and Office was really beginning to act up. Time for a complete uninstall & reinstall. Simple? Far from it. The uninstall hung a couple of times, and then once it finally did run all the way through, Eraser2K didn't clean out the registry, leading to more problems during the next install. The biggest errors: two DLL's failed to register.Error 1904. Module C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemOLE DBMSDAORA.DLL failed to register. HRESULT -2147024865. Contact your support personnel. (His response was an emphatic .)

Nearly identical error in C:WindowsSystemMSRCLR40.DLL, HRESULT -2147023739.After receiving these messages, I continued on and installed the SR-1a update which thankfully loaded without any more error messages. Everything now appears to be running normally, though it will be some time before I can get all of my settings back to normal.

Now the questions... What would cause Office functions to start acting up and not working? If a feature is not working properly, shouldn't 'Detect & Repair' or even a reinstall be able to correct the problem? How do you correct installation problems if DLL's fail to register?

I am trying to install sr1a for Office 2000 on my WIN98SE machine. I keep getting an "Internal Error 2318 - Contact Product Assistance".
I have tried the following:
Clean boot - no other apps open
Repair office
Uninstall/Reinstall office
Downloaded the full sr1a (53mb)-twice
Tried installing from the Office Update site

I saw another post where someone recommended trying the sr1 patch instead of sr1a ... but I cannot find it on the microsoft site. I have searched the ms kb articles, but could not find anything directly relating to this error.

Any/all help would be appreciated ...


Tom (server flunky)

I was reading some other posts here and though a verbose log might be of assistance (if anyone is brave enough) ... so I attached the 1st of the 2 part log here ... the other will be in a reply post shortly. I had to break it up and zip it to keep it under the 100k max.

I installed the Office 2000 Upgrade a few weeks ago without any apparent problems. I then downloaded the SR1-a patch and tried to install that but received an error (Micorosoft Internal Error 2318) during the "configuring" step. The process ends shortly after that.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Microsoft Technical Support area responded to my e-mail about the problem and provided a few suggested changes, such as performing a clean boot prior to the install, but that had no effect. They finally directed me to request the CD and try the install from that which I found to be rather pointless. I get the same error using the SR-1 CD as well.

I've reinstalled the Office 2000 upgrade and then tried to apply the SR-1a patch but still no luck. Does anyone have any ideas for what I might try to get around this problem.


All Office 2010 Apps go through a long configuration process whenever started/used. This is true despite numerous uninstalls, reinstalls and cleaning using Microsoft's uninstall tools. When Office 2007 was reinstalled, the same problem occurred, despite the pfact that it worked perfectly before being upgraded to Office 2010. Have not been able to find fix.

I have a problem with Office XP SP3. I am running Windows XP SP3 and of course Office XP SP3. The original problem was when you search for a Clip Art image, it will FREEZE Word. The actual error message:"MS Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. The information you were working on might be lost. MS can try to recover it for you". There is a setting somewhere that is being remembered. Here is what I have done:

1. Uninstalled with Add/Remove Office XP, Media Content (Clip Art), and Publisher
2. Reinstalled Office XP
3. Uninstalled Office XP, Media Content, and Publisher with Revo Uninstaller
4. Reinstalled ONLY Office XP

The first two, I performed under Administrator then the last two I performed under the user. Again, I removed ALL traces of Office XP using REVO Uninstaller. Office XP or Clip Art is remembering a setting somewhere on the computer.

In addition to what I did above, here is other steps:

1. I deleted all traces of Launched Word again which it recreates
2. I launched Word in SAFE MODE which the problem STILL returns.
3. I ran a Anti-Malware program to scan/clean any objects.
4. I deleted MS XPS Document Writer and reinstalled this driver. Next, I set this driver as the default.
5. I logged on to the computer as myself (Administrator) which this problem follows whomever is logged in.

Nothing above worked at all. The problem STILL exists. Ironically, I have the same problem on a completely other computer running Windows XP SP3 with Office XP SP3. I know this problem is NOT a random problem.

I have three forums going EE, WA, and this one to try to help resolve my problem. So far, nobody has the answer only suggestions. I am hoping to find the answer on this site. Please help!

I just purchased Office XP standard and did all the upgrades available on the Office site (SR1, SR2, plus individual products). When I was playing with PowerPoint, I got the dreaded "error 1605" when I tried to use templates, which means a problem with install.

I looked at the KB article on the fix (Q327975), and it's a doozy. First of all, the "install clean up" utility that they reference won't work on Windows XP, It asks me to uninstall and reinstall about 20 programs, and frankly I'm not going to do that. How much of that article do I really have to do? Is there another solution? I used Office XP's own "repair installation" but it didn't help.

I'm sure this has been covered here before, but a "Search" didn't help too much.

BTW, I have previously had Office 2000 Small Business and Office 2000 Premier installed on the machine. I uninstalled them both before installing XP standard (and there are weird little side affects from that, but I got around them).

Any advice?


[img]/w3timages/icons/scream.gif[/img] I had to wipe my hard drive clean and I thought a backup program I use for Outlook 98 (internet only) was backing up my archive.pst file. As I was reinstalling everything, I noticed my archive.pst file wasn't backed up, however, I did have a copy on the hard drive I copied my hard drive to. So I burned it on a CD. I went to the directory where Outlook 98 stores the archive.pst, copied my .pst from the CD to the directory, went back to Outlook 98 and tried to import the archive. The message I got was "Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use." "File access denied." !!! I have Outlook set to archive. I've tried opening the file. I've tried everything I know of but I can't get the file open. Please help because I don't want to lose those emails.

I have just reinstalled outlook 2k & SR1 after HDD upgrade and Win XP Pro clean install.

I imported my settings successfully with the XP wizard, but my mail does not seem to work. As soon as I click on "Send and receive" the task bar says "mail delivery complete" but does not actually do anything. The internet connection is established. What am i missing?



Helping a friend with a very odd problem and am totally stumped so looking for suggestions. Here's the issue - this guy keeps on his laptop (Win 7 64) a desktop populated with about 40 internet shortcuts. The issue is that - on system start, if any desktop shortcut is doubleclicked the shortcut closest to the bottom right of the screen will actually open. If the webpage associated with the bottom right shortcut is closed, MOST of the time clicking the original shortcut will lead to the correct webpage, but sometimes it takes several tries. After the problem corrects itself, usually after closing the wrong web page and trying again, but sometimes only after multiple tries, shortcuts open the correct webpage until the computer is restarted again.

If I take the bulk of the shortcuts off the desktop, clicking on an interior shortcut will activate the lowest right icon on the desktop regardless of whether it's an internet shortcut or some other type.

So - steps I have taken. First, checking for malware - system is totally clean. Secondly - troubleshooted as many different things as I could, including removing most of the shortcuts from the desktop, resetting all file associations to defaults, a few registry edits I found online to fix odd issues, uninstalling recent updates (he said the problem began with SP1), switching to Firefox, running a Windows Fixit for the desktop, creating a new desktop and moving his stuff there, etc. None of which fixed the issue.

So - I decided to back him up and reinstall Windows. I made a system image of his current configuration, created a normal Windows backup and also one using Windows Easy Transfer. Reinstalled Windows using the factory image on his system, restored his data using the Easy Transfer backup - and problem came back with his settings!

ARRRGH - I am stumped, I can find nobody else with this same issue on the web no matter how I try to search, I don't want to have to do another factory restore and lose all his settings (it's a big enough pain in the neck to reinstall all his software and do all the updates, which are only partially done at this point). What I would most prefer would be someone who knows what the heck the problem is, how to fix it, and then I can restore the original system image and make the problem go away

Hi everyone I am new here as I found this site while searching for an answer to my problem about 6 months ago I bought a copy of windows 7 ultimate from ebay it arrived brand new shrink wrap sealed and everything appeared as it should, I installed it with no problems at all I activated it everthing working updates, add on's everything, anyway during this time I gathered so much junk on my HDD that I decided to have a clean up so I reinstalled it and wiped everything in the process that is when it all went wrong it will not activate I get messages saying it is counterfeit lots of stuff like spellcheck simply does not work and to make matters worse it will not let me format my HDD again because my operating system is on it well that is what I want to get rid of. Is this likely to be a fake and if so how can I format my HDD again and I will go back to XP many thanks Chris

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