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When prompted by MS on an automatic update, I installed
Windows XP SP2 thinking it was a regular security patch.
I was annoyed when I discovered the installation of the
Windows Security Center. I already have my computer
protected with virus protection and a firewall and
regularly get my windows updates. I should have been
informed and given a choice of whether or not to install
Windows Security Center.

But that is the least of my problems. Since installing
SP2, my 3 month old computer now does the following: (1)
freezes up (often) with no apparent pattern; (2) freezes
up when left idle (instead of running the screen saver);
(3) all of my windows and desktop will disappear for no
apparent reason, and (4) other various buggy issues. Each
of these problems requires me to reboot my computer
improperly b/c my task manager will not open.

I have tried to remove SP2 in the followig manners: (1)
Add/Remove programs...I get a message that says an error
occurred and it can't be removed (and I get a teaser
message to just delete it from the list!); (2) Restore to
previous state...I get a message that says no changes
have occurred to my computer...(even though SP2 and
an "ms software installation" are clearly identified as
being added on Aug. 24th); (3) disabling all of the
features of the Windows Security problems
still exist and I am nagged by warning messages to turn
the features back on.

Needless to say, I am very, very annoyed. I am a huge MS
fan, but MS has violated my trust in them as a credible
and reliable content provider. MS has allowed me to
install (seemingly on purpose) software that I cannot
remove. I work from a home office and do not have the
luxury of an IT staff to figure this out for me.
Therefore these problems are seriously hindering my
ability to work. If I am not able to get instructions
from MS on how to remove SP2, I will not install any
other MS updates or buy any other MS software. In
addition, I will install a different operating system.

Please help!


I have downloaded xp sp2 overnight, and this morning it
asked me to restart the computer as sp2 download was
complete and the installation was in process and the
computer needed to be restarted to complete the
When I restart the computer it freezes shortly after
start up with Windows XP on screen.
If I start the computer in safe mode with networking
either on or off, The computer freezes with a heap of
sentences showing, with the last one reading the
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWSSystem 32
If I try to restart using 'Last known good configuration'
it still freezes on the XP page with the black background.
What am I to do know?

My apologies if this question has been posted already. (Is the search tool still unavailable? I can't find it.)

Anyway, occasionally, the objects in the top half of the query design grid appear to lock in place -- I can't select them or drag them around. I fiddle with the scroll bars and/or moving the whole window around and eventually I can move them again. I work a little more and the same thing happens again. Seems to happen with the Database Window itself from time to time, too (the scroll bar freezes) -- I move the window around the screen a little or change to a different set of objects and it works again...

Has anyone else seen this behavior? I'm wondering whether it might be more of a WinXP thing or a monitor driver / graphics card thing, but I don't see the behavior in other applications. I think it started when I upgraded to WinXP / OfficeXP (both at the same time).

Thanks for your help.

I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to set up as a template, and am freezing the pane so that as time goes on, users can scroll to the right along a time-line (each column is a month's data) and not have to see all of the old data. Is there a way to print just what is currently frozen (Column A and Rows 1&2) on the screen plus the next 6 columns?

Thank you in advance!

I don't know how Id did it, but I did it. Everytime I attempt to run Word, (Dell Dimension running ME) the computer freezes solid. Every so often I get the following error message from the blue screen of death: Error 0E : 0187 : BFF8E64B.

Once I was able to load Word (no document), but upon closing, I got this error message: Winword cased a general protection fault in module user.exe at 0005.00001f06.

All my other Office programs (Outlook, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) work fine. I have re-installed office, and also have run the Fix installation from the set-up program. Neither of these solved the problem. I then restored my system to two days ago, and that didn't help either.

Does anybody have any ideas what else I can do?


I'm having this problem that slows word down and has my brain itchin': when using word, sometimes a while after I open a document, sometimes just 10 secs afterwards, word will start to freeze, but the program is not hung. It won't move but in certain moments, say, periods that range from 3 to 5 secs aprox. So I can move the cursor about, but it will show the icon it was showing the last time word "froze". 5 secs or so, and it updates. Then it freezes again immediatly. The same thing happens to the writing, formatting, and every other action/command. I type a phrase and the screen stays still; when it comes of time, it updates. Then back to frozen state.
The only thing that seems to stop this "freeze" issue is the scrollbar; that is, you press on a scrollbar button (up / down, doesn't matter), and if word is "frozen", it will take the 5 secs until it takes the command. From that point, word won't freeze until you release the mouse button. It will scroll up/down just smoothly. When you let go of the button, flash! Frozen again.
Apart from this, word works normally. This happens in more than one document.

This glitch is really annoying. Any clues?


Rarely do I have problems on my own machine, but when I do, they are most always "strange". So, today's challenge class is to try and figure out why Windows Explorer "stutters". What I mean by that is that unpredictably Windows Explorer will show as being "busy/working" when expanding a folder, opening a file, etc. Normally, when doing such menial everyday tasks, the operation will be done near instantly. Sometimes the cursor will freeze for about 5 seconds and then dart across the screen and everything becomes normal again. But mostly as described above, the cursor will change to "busy", then a short lag of about 5+ seconds and then the operation/task is performed.

I am a little reluctant to ask, but has anyone experienced this before? And/or can anyone offer some troubleshooting advice?

I've run "chkdsk", CCleaner, jv16 PowerTools registry cleaner and the system is 100% free of any spyware, malware, viruses, trojans et al.


Well, its a fun day in the neighborhood.
I built a new PC using the MS HW compatibility list.
Installed XP, it works fine., even sees most all hardware except video card.
Installed MBoard drivers (Gigabyte 7ZXE) system locked up, only choice was reset. This is a complete freeze. The system will go into Safe mode. After the usual HW checkout I had to reinstall including a reformat (could not roll back or repair). Again runs fine with no software. I decided to skip the MBoard drivers and install the new XP video drivers. After reboot, same thing. I was able to remove the drivers via Safe mode. Reboot and everything is fine. Final test, I installed Roxio 5 Basic for the burner, reboot and guess what, lock up.
The lock up occurs at various times. Sometimes the welcome screen is still on, sometimes it gets to the desktop with the hourglass still running and sometimes you can move about for 2 or 3 seconds. I appears to give you less time with each restart.
Again all works in safe mode, but every software program??
I tried to search the knowledge base with no luck (The kt133a article does not apply). My next project is to run the "live" HW compatibility test (if it is still available on the MS web site and I can get on the net) and then run the XP critical updates.
Jaton NVidia MX440 64MB
DLink 10/100 NIC
Via KT133a
built in Audio
Motorola 56k Modem (the Directron $9.95 specail)
AMD Athalon 1.4/266 CPU
512 MB PC133 SD-RAM ( specifically for the chipset)
Mitsumi 3.5 floppy
Samsung 40x12x40 CD-RW
?( I forgot the brand) 80gig ATA100, 7200RPM HDD

I've had this constant nagging problem from the day I bought my computer with Windows XP Home installed; nearly 3 years now. I have formatted the HD and reinstalled XP several times and the problem persists. It can occur several times per day and it has finally gotten "old".

The Problem: Windows Explorer crashes with little provocation. It can be simply opening Explorer, or right clicking on a file, or copying over a file from one folder to another, etc. When this happens, everything freezes for about 20 seconds and then the screen refreshes. Many of the icons for running programs in the SystemTray do not return but the programs are still running. After that, everything works fine with no further crashes. Rebooting is the only way that seems to restore the SystemTray.

Doing a search on the MS website resulted in finding one article which seems to address the issue but the "fix" is to call Microsoft for some private patch. Since XP was installed by the Manufacturer (private build), it is considered to be OEM and thus not eligible for free support. So, before I spend the $50 Cdn to ask MS for the patch to fix this known issue, I am hoping someone here can help.



I have not had my PC too long. Lately any time I try to play any of my games, they drag. It is like they freeze
for a few seconds. This is very frustrating! Also when I try to use an application such as Picture it, the screen starts to
pop up but it also freezes for a few seconds. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

Hello, I have an XP professional box that ran just fine on Friday and now when it boots up the Mouse just freezes on the center of the screen and I can't do a thing! I have swapped out memory, tried other keyboards and mice to no avail. Is there a way to manoever around XP using the keyboard and no mouse? Any ideas?


eMachine W2686 running AMD Athlon XP. 80G hard drive, 512M RAM, Microsoft keyboard, Logitech trackball, HP all-in-one printer.
Had keyboard and mouse plugged in to PS2 ports. Comp started developing a habit of freezing (locking-up, hanging, etc). After a time, ports stopped working. Chenged to USB ports for both trackball and keyboard. Helped for a time, but began again. Changed keyboard and trackball to plain, old board and scrolling mouse, no change. As I was troubleshooting, freeze occured more and sooner until finally was locking at WELCOME screen. DSL always plugged in, but browser opened when used. Using Avanquest System Suite 7 Pro for anti-virus/spyware, checkdisc, defrag etc. Turn comp off for extended period, and it will start and run for a time, but eventually freezes. Seems to not be as bad on wife's "side" of WinXP. Have read a lot of XP for Dummies, but have not found "Silver Bullet" yet. Search on this site no help, yet. Seems like it may be a conflict of some kind. Any advice?

Here is a list of things to try:

Try opening Excel without any addins or hidden workbooks:

Start, Run,
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeExcel.exe" /Automation

Note you may have to change the path.

If your error disappears, there is either an add-in or a (hidden) workbook that is loaded upon XL's start, which bothers you.

- Try locating the XLSTART directory, move everything from there.
- In XL: Tools, Addins, note the ones checked and uncheck them one at the time, each time restarting XL
- In XL, Tools, options, general. Check if a path is entered after "Alternate startup file location". Clear it.

Another option is to open XL in Safe mode:

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeExcel.exe" /Safe

Also, you might try:

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeExcel.exe" /Regserver

Yet another possible problem is a corruption of your toolbar customisation file. Locate all files with extension .xlb and rename the extension(s) to something like .old
Now try and start XL again.

Finally, this is what MS has to say:;en-us;Q280504

When I receive word attachments I can see them for a split second and it looks ok, not garbled at all then I get the blue screen of death that says something like "A fatal exception has occurred at OE at 017F:BFF9DFFF" or everything just freezes. I have to send them to my friends and they open them and insert them into the message so i can read them. I can receive word attachments from myself and open them just fine. This only happens to word attachments. I am on Win98SE and have outlook xp and word XP.

I have WinXP home version and installed Office 2000. I have two users set up (myself w/ admin rights and my wife). When my wife, logged into her user account, starts Outlook, it often--but not always--will show the splash page for several seconds, and then close. It does not freeze, does not cause a blue screen, it just disappears. If it does this once, it will continue to do this every time she tries to start OL and will have to reboot the machine to use OL. My testing has revealed:
1) if I am logged into my user account and have OL open, and my wife switches to her user account (w/o logging out of my account), OL will ALWAYS act this way.
2) If my user account is logged outcompletly and then she goes into her account, OL may, or may not, work.
3) If my wife logs into her account from a fresh boot/reboot, OL will almost always work.
Needless to say, it is an annoyance for my wife to have to reboot the computer to access her e-mail, synchronize her PDA, etc. Do we need to upgrade to Outlook XP? Does OL 2000 not support WinXP's multiple user function? We never had this problem when we ran OL2000 on Win98 or WinME.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Fellow loungers,

My wife's PC has suddenly had a problem with OE. Upon opening OE she gets the message: msimn.exe has met with a problem and must close (or something like that; I'm translating the original error message from French. Then up comes the error report window and whether she sends the report or not, she gets the following error: drwtsn.32.exe has met with a problem and must close (again, translation). Then Sysfader tries to shut down and can't and the machine freezes. When this initially occured, her screen went black and she has been unable to start it back up. She now has my monitor hooked up to her PC but still has the same problems when opening OE. I'm posting from work and getting details on the error messages via e-mail, so my apologies for the translations and the lack of any other details.

Recently using this facility has caused problems -like if I am not getting a result I am unable to stop it running. Also, if I try to shut it down via Windows Task Manager everything freezes, and I eventually finish up with a blue screen and have to re-boot the PC. There's no problem if it finds the files/folders I'm looking for.

Can anyone offer advice please. It's too good not to have!

I'm using XP SP3.


This has happened twice so far. After the kids get done with their games I find that I can't get the machine to boot. I get to either the all- blue screen or the "pick a user screen" and then the thing locks with the hourglass showing and never comes back. I tried but could not get it to boot into safe mode. It would freeze up at about the same point. The only way I could get the thing going was using the Norton Ghost recovery disk and reloading the machine from backup. Thank God for Ghost, but there's got to be an easier way. Any ideas? Oh yeah in one case it did boot and the event log showed a disconnected network adapter message. I'm not networked with this machine. I'm wondering if the kids' games are not closing down cleanly or something?

I have the following intermittent startup problem:
- status bar animation displays (the little bar going from left to right)
- status bar freezes and PC never boots
- I cold boot and get the screen that asks if I want safe mode, etc.
- hit enter for a normal boot and all is OK

How do I start to troubleshoot this?

Using XP pro on 512k, amd 1.2, ibm hd 30 on home network. All of a sudden start up stops at screen 'windows starting up' and freezes. iF i press ctrl-alt-del it goes ahead 'loads personal settings' and runs fine. Whey did it stop where it did? It never happened before and loaded perfectly. Both machines on network are turned on.

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