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Recently using this facility has caused problems -like if I am not getting a result I am unable to stop it running. Also, if I try to shut it down via Windows Task Manager everything freezes, and I eventually finish up with a blue screen and have to re-boot the PC. There's no problem if it finds the files/folders I'm looking for.

Can anyone offer advice please. It's too good not to have!

I'm using XP SP3.


This has happened twice so far. After the kids get done with their games I find that I can't get the machine to boot. I get to either the all- blue screen or the "pick a user screen" and then the thing locks with the hourglass showing and never comes back. I tried but could not get it to boot into safe mode. It would freeze up at about the same point. The only way I could get the thing going was using the Norton Ghost recovery disk and reloading the machine from backup. Thank God for Ghost, but there's got to be an easier way. Any ideas? Oh yeah in one case it did boot and the event log showed a disconnected network adapter message. I'm not networked with this machine. I'm wondering if the kids' games are not closing down cleanly or something?

I have the following intermittent startup problem:
- status bar animation displays (the little bar going from left to right)
- status bar freezes and PC never boots
- I cold boot and get the screen that asks if I want safe mode, etc.
- hit enter for a normal boot and all is OK

How do I start to troubleshoot this?

Using XP pro on 512k, amd 1.2, ibm hd 30 on home network. All of a sudden start up stops at screen 'windows starting up' and freezes. iF i press ctrl-alt-del it goes ahead 'loads personal settings' and runs fine. Whey did it stop where it did? It never happened before and loaded perfectly. Both machines on network are turned on.

Hi all,

I've been a lurker to the Lounge ever since it first got revealed to Windows Secrets subscribers, but haven't participated much so far. Now, though, I need some help.

I have a computer which triple-boots between Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 7 RC, with the default being Linux. (I will be getting rid of the RC of Windows 7 at some point, since it'll expire soon and I don't have a license for the full thing on this computer.) The trouble is, I recently switched from a PS/2 keyboard which was breaking to a USB keyboard and, of course, USB drivers haven't been loaded by the time the boot menu shows up, so I can't select anything - I have to wait for the default to load.

I can get around this by enabling the legacy USB keyboard support in the BIOS setup, which in my BIOS is done by selecting for USB Keyboard support to be provided by the BIOS. This allows me to use the keyboard to select which OS I want to boot, but it seems to have a cost: My Windows XP installation no longer boots. It gets as far as beginning to fade in the Windows XP logo, but it freezes just after it starts, so all you can see is a faint representation of the logo on the screen. Everything else is frozen; the hard disk doesn't do anything, and my only option is to reboot the computer.

It works if I reboot Windows XP into Safe Mode, and it also works if I set up the boot menu to *automatically* select Windows XP to boot, and then set the BIOS' legacy setting off (that is, to "OS" rather than "BIOS"). While I still wouldn't be able to use the keyboard at the boot menu, this time the boot menu automatically boots XP without any input from me and XP quite happily loads, which suggests that there's a conflict between the BIOS legacy keyboard setting and XP's method of loading USB drivers. (That said, I know Safe Mode still loads USB drivers too because my mouse is also a USB mouse and has the legacy setting off, and XP's Safe Mode loads that up fine... so maybe there's something else going on here.)

The problem doesn't occur with either of my other installed OSes - Linux and Windows 7 RC - so it seems it might be an XP issue.

Some more info: I'm using Windows XP SP3, and for the most part I keep it very up to date with its patches. There are only a few patches I haven't yet installed for various reasons: 3 patches for the Microsoft .NET Framework; the Microsoft Browser Choice Screen Update patch; and KB968389, a patch that would "help strengthen authentication credentials in specific scenarios". None of these could conceivably have anything to do with my boot problem, as far as I can tell.

I Googled to see if I could find anything to help but the closest thing I could come up with was - but my keyboard is a wired one, and it looks like it hangs at a slightly different place in that thread.

Does anybody have any ideas for anything I could try doing, other than not enabling legacy support? I'd like to be able to select the OS I use easily.

I am having a great deal of problems with my USB powered ZIP drive. There obviously is a driver conflict somewhere but every hint and help from Iomega has not worked. It is recognized OK by the system and even is able to transfer a file or two but sooner or later just freezes up or disappears from my list of drives until I reboot.

Then, when restarting the system, I get the "blue screen of death" saying there is a problem and windows has been shut down caused by HIDCLASS.SYS


Although this isn't serious (it was the first time or two!) it certainly is exasperating.

Any ideas, folks?


I'm trying to do a fresh install of XP (SP2) from disk, but all I get after selecting the type of install is the EULA screen. Nothing to click "Agree" or "Continue" or whatever; it's just stuck on that screen.

This machine (I am original owner) had XP Home and I upgraded to XP Pro (SP2). It's an older machine (2005?) and I want to sell it with a clean install. Any ideas why the install is "freezing" at the EULA

My XP is acting strangely. Programs freeze, Windows Explorer won't let me paste files, applications report corrupt memory. Sometimes I get the "Blue Screen of Death."

I had similar problems last year and bought new memory cards. Everything operated smoothly for several months, now back to problems, although not exactly the same kind.

I can surf the web without any difficulties but when I use applications, either memory intensive like Photoshop or apps requiring little memory like Explorer, I sometimes have to reboot to get them to work.

After the problems started, I tried upgrading my Windows with SP3 but it didn't help.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do?


When I first turn my computer on in the morning it is very slow and when I do get to the logon for windows sometimes it feezes and sometimes it lets me log on there and then it 1. freezes 2. takes me to the desktop , which now tells me that I need to do desktop recovery( and it freezes there and won't let me do it or it lets me click on it and then freezes. 3. takes me to the good desktop and freezes there and rarely lets me in. When I use IE for anything it will bring up what I request rather slowly then it will bring up numerous IE screens whit all ads fo rsomething and then it crashes telling me that IE has encountered a problem and needs to close. This is very aggravating and takes me forever just to log in to get to the internet.

Hi everyone... I've encountered a problem that has become critical on my home computer. I think there is more than one issue present so I was hoping your expertise could help me separate cause from effect. And help me determine the ORDER in which I should address the issues.

symptoms: 1- computer reboots whenever it feels like it, to the point that yesterday it rebooted about 15 times during the night and froze once. upon restart, which takes an inordinate amount of time, the famous, "your system has recovered from a serious error, do you want to send a report to microsoft" The report contains a minidump file. The brilliant online crash analysis says a device driver is the culprit but it can't tell what, who, or how..

2- IE forget which version (5.5???) seems to be possessed. At random, my mouse goes wacky, the start menu opens and closes and the possessed mouse opens programs or the control panel. The mouse dances around the screen, windows flash, it stops when it feels like it... This all happens very rapidly... In the very mildest of attacks, a window i'm typing in might lose focus and minimize all by itself, but usually it's the severe form.

3-miscellaneous issues - system is exceptionally slow... the cpu is literally moaning and groaning and clicking inside. I am not lacking in hard drive space have about 6 gigs remaining, and running about 128 meg of ram
History: I have always had a problem with the original cd rom that came with the puter... it worked properly only for a short time. OCCASSIONALLY my computer would freeze and the error msg from microsoft would be about a device driver... I ASSUMED it was the cd rom drive. Solution, I don't use the drive and purchased a cd-rw drive to work from. fine. Over time the freezing has increased and now it's rebooting itself all the time. For about two years I've barely taxed the system resources and the marked increase in crashes SEEM to be related to the use of multimedia devices and applications. I have Speakers, Webcam, Keyboard, Mouse, Cable modem, Monitor, Microphone and all in one scanner, printer, fax HP jetsuite device plugged into the unit. Applications that tend to run are yahoo messenger, RealPlayer, a java based chat that I visit, visualstudio and visual c++ and IE. I also have this adware that helps set off the IE problem and can't get rid of it (gator/GAIN popup adds which no blocker can cure)

One crash lead me to a knowledge base article that told me to change the hardware accelertion setting to none, which I did, and to uncheck some box (enable writing something or other). That seemed to help. The article further stated that my video (graphics) or sound card could be malfunctioning. Fine.

Yesterday, I uninstalled yahooIM, dowloaded directx9, dowloaded the drivers for the cam, then reinstalled yahoo. *and put the hardware exceleration to none*. I rebooted in between all these processes and it seemed to stabilize it alittle. If necessary I think I can handle reinstalling the operating system, but i think that the conflict is with my system and a device or driver. As an aside... with yahoo, I tend to use the cam and mic at the same time with it's conferencing feature this is a deadly combination. Also, I can't run Realplayer and listen to a cd when I have yahoo running or the cam.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I have been experiencing problems recently where windows has been iether a. freezing, no mouse or keyboard etc or b. totally crashing with the blue screen of death. I came here earlier today and read some historic posts looking to resolve my problems. I started by downloading Ad-aware 2007 which was advised in a few posts. Once downloaded, I selected to run the ad-aware, but windows crashed part way through. My problem now is that windows will not fully load so I am totally frozen out from my own pc. (Thank goodness for the work laptop). Did ad-aware find something fatal?? How do I now load windows?? Please helpNathan

One of my XP Pro machines began limping a little while ago and the problem was getting progressively worse, (long boot times, the odd blue-screen, unexplained freezes etc, etc,). With the publication of SP3 of XP this month, I decided to scrub and reinstall the system from scratch using a slipstreamed installation CD. So far, so goodÖ

Whether it was a flaw in my preparation or a problem with the CD, the first attempt at an install failed at an early stage. I re-did the slipstreaming process from scratch and burned another CD and this one ended cleanly, leaving me with a bootable and workable system. Unfortunately, what I forgot to do was to re-scrub the drive to remove traces of the failed installation.

Thus, I had a partial folder called C:Windows and an active folder called C:Windows.0. The former has now been deleted, with seemingly no ill-effects on the machine. The presence of the Windows.0 folder, however, is not good and offends my sense of neatness and order. As Iíve only installed drivers etc. rather than any real applications, it would be the work of but an evening to scrub down and start again from scratch. Before I do that, however, I thought Iíd ask whether there was a simple and foolproof way to correct this, short of a full rebuild.

I can use BartPE to boot into a partial Windows environment and rename the folder, but Iím not sure whether Iíll be able to do a universal search and replace in the Registry to change all occurrences of Windows.0 to Windows. Thereís also the various .ini and possibly .log files to address, too.

Is anyone aware of a foolproof method, or better yet a tool that will do what I want? I know Iím being rather lazy but I thought Iíd ask on the off-chance. A full re-installation is such a tedious process.

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to upgrade a desktop machine (Intel Quad core 2.40 G|Hz - nothing special) from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Home Premium via the Family Pack DVD. I happened to buy a laptop recently with Win7 on it and thought it a good idea to upgrade the other 3 computers in the house - this is why I am a litle late hitting what may be a common problem.
With all the past advice in Windows Secrets and my own experience over the last 20+ years I followed the clean start and reformat the hard drive approach. I had even installed the Win7 RC last year to play with and that was no problem, installed fine but since removed. I have now wasted 3 days on this process and need to call for the advice of the gifted.
My procedure has been:
reformat the system hard drive, boot from the Win7 DVD (I've tried both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions);
everything apparently installs albeit slowly but on the final reboot as it would start up in the Win7 screen, one gets a blue screen full of error messages that lasts for maybe one second (counts down to 100) and then reboots. I've tried various tricks to try and record the information on the screen but it does not freeze the process long enough to read. It seems to be writing to a dmp file but this file cannot be easily retrieved as the computer is stuck in a continuous reboot cycle until I wipe it and start the next variation.
During the frustration I reinstalled Win7 RC just to see if it would and it did! Obviously it cannot be activated becaudse the time has elapsed but it did prove to work just fine.
I'm not used to being unable to solve this sort of problem and, like many of yourselves, am more used to solving other peoples computer hiccups. However on this ocassion I request advice or a miracle - preferably a miracle!

Hi Loungers,
Thinking caps required!
Since Ms dropped the price I've been seduced into upgrading my Vista Home Prem to Windows7 Prem. It's been triggered off by my Vista HP playing up with programs freezing for a minute at a time, My new HP Printer would not install, it had all started with a failed update to a USB Wi-Fi stick which now won't work on Vista but works fine on XP!

So far so good, Amazon delivered the goods together with Windows 7 Inside Out.
Done my backup onto an external drive using MS Easy Transfer (not Acronis it had a hissy fit! which I also bought). Big total on my Credit Card but persuaded my wife it was my BD Present!

Have run Win7 advisor and fixed items which it said might give trouble

Ran it as Win7 Update and all appeared to go well, getting five green ticks. It then started the Files, Settings and Programs Transfer, eventually settling on 522,739 items to transfer! The Warning at the top said it would need to reboot several time during this phase. It got about 65% through the transfer and started to reboot. It gave a few seconds view of the DOS Select Screen showing "Boot Windows 7" highlighted and dived into the fancy boot Screen! After a few seconds of not appearing to do anything it suddenly rebooted and before I could do anything it was 'rolling back to Vista' with what must be MS's most insensitive Error Message, "The Upgrade was not successful" After 3 hours of work and to get that!!! What was the cause?

I repeated the procedure having removed one or two programs that Upgrade advisor complained about (PC tools V5) and took out any USB connections (Keyboard, Printer and IR Receiver for my Tuner Card) and repeated (another three hours!) and had the same result!!!
The reason I'm hoping to do an Upgrade rather than Clean is that I've collected over 70 Icons on my Desktop plus Office etc which I'm too lazy to try and re-install and remember where I got them!

Any suggestions? The Book gives no reasons and no mention of the Boot screen. Do I need to sit by the system and select Win 7 Boot?
I know I can do a clean Install but why should I have to go through all the bother? MS say they have fixed all the problems! Ha ha HAAAAA!!!! It's the biggest joke in town.
I'm running on a HP Compaq SR5414UK, Intel Dual core which I've upgraded the BIOS to the latest version. 2GB RAM and 250GB disk

PS I've already spent a fortune on Reimage to try and fix my Vista with no appreciable effects, I've run SFC on the vista as well as many different Registry Cleaners all to no result. Luckily my browsers and email still seem to work OK so I'm not cut off completely!

On a Vista Home Premium machine with WMM 6.0, I have a problem with a project that runs fine in WMM but when I publish it there are parts missing. It plays for 1:16 in Windows Media Player and the audio and video freeze. The sliding bar indicator on the bottom of the screen continues to progress from left to right and at the end it plays the credits. My video is 6:02 in lenth and 16.8 MB when I play the wmv file that I created by publishing with the default settings. The "raw" wmv file was 49MB before I added the titles and credits. This happens when I have burned it to disk for playing on a dvd player also. What am I missing?


I have a Dell Desktop running Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
Long story short, about a year ago I had to do a Factory Image reinstall and since doing so have lost my Roxio CD Creator v 9.1 function. Something about an invalid certificate.
Since then, I haven't really had need of it so didn't do anything about it.

Now, I have bought and installed a new HP multifunction printer via ethernet and when I installed the software for that, it woke up my Roxio and I can now use it again.

But it also woke up something called Software Manager which seems to be related to macrovision. Every day it keeps nagging me for a critical update but when I try tosee the details, the screen comes up half blank. If I close it, the system tray icon goes away and comes back again the next day.
If I try to load it from Start>Programs, it searches endlessly for updates. No freezes, just sits and looks.[attachment=85511:Capture.JPG]

There wasn't much on google, just that it was related to Roxio and that some roxio users might have issues.

Is anyone familiar with this program? Do I need it or can I tell it to go away (the option to NOT notify me of updates is available)?



Hello everyone. First post on the lounge - long time Windows Secret subscriber though :>.

I love VLC and have been using it for years but I noticed a severe flaw either w/ Microshaft or VLC this past year while using both. VLC media player (any version so far) freezes Windows 7 and requires a hard boot after expanding (dragging) VLC window slowly towards toolbar at the bottom. This happens every single time I do it. I have tried this on multiple systems including two lappy's and three towers w/ multiple installs and even different levels/stages of patches from MS. A hard boot is the only thing that works after it freezes (as is - no black or blue screen or anything). Please try it any one and let me know if this is exclusive to me and ALL of my computers just hate me. Thanks.

Something disturbing is happening with my PC. My CD-ROM opened mysteriously (I swear I didn't touch it!). I closed it but then my cursor started flashing a strange CD icon; and my screen started freezing all over the place. It's happened several times already. So what is it? A bug? A failing part? Demonic possession? Do I need a priest? Greythings8

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9200

I am running XP Professional Service Pack 3 & Internet Explorer 8

I got an alert on 12-10-10 from Dell to upgrade my Dell Support Center software.

I did that & now every time I try to access the Dell Support Center, I get the blue screen of death & everything freezes.

I have to push the button on my desktop tower to turn off my computer & then turn it back on again.

On the Blue Screen of Death is the following:


Then, when I turn the system off & re-start it, it tells me that the system has recovered from an error & gives me the following:

Error Signature


OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP: 3_0 Product 256_1

When I try to remove the old version to be able to re-download & re-install the new version, it tells me "The feature you are trying to use is in a network resource that is unavailable."

How do I get rid of the old version to be able to install the new version or how do I get rid of the apparent parital install of the new version & revert to the old version when I was not having any problems?

I installed Windows 7 (student upgrade version) for my son - ran setup from the Windows XP desktop and did a custom install. Randomly the computer goes to a blue screen - the error message is: C0000135 %hs is missing. I am also experiencing some freezes. We ran HD Tune to check for hard drive problems and results were NO problems and NO over heating. Next I ran a Memtest on the memory - again NO problems. All fans are working, drivers up-to-date and bios is up-to-date. The computer, a Dell XPS Gen. 5 did pass everything when the upgrade advisor was run. The specs on this computer are way above what is recommended for Windows 7. Also, this computer never had any problems before this.

I completely started over this morning by installing XP again and starting the Windows 7 disk again - only to later find that the problem still exists!

I also ran from a command prompt sfc/scannow and again NO problems were found.

I would be grateful for any solutions or suggestions. I am wondering if my ISO download is bad. I did order a disk from Microsoft as backup and their disk locked up. I found scratches and marks all over the disk (I had never had it out until I went to install it yesterday) Called Microsoft, they are sending me a new disk. Would it make a difference to install Vista and then install Windows 7 as a custom install?

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