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Hey all,

I came across this free app the other day.
Just toying around, I wanted to change the color of my Windows 7 taskbar without turning off Aero.

Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer;
Windows Vista/7 Taskbar Color Changer lets you change the color of your Windows Vista or Windows 7 taskbar without changing the window color. For example, if you have a light wallpaper, you can make your taskbar dark without making everything else dark.

No installation necessary, just extract folder and run the exe.

Note: Aero transparency must be enabled.

System Requirements:
Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows 7At least 512MB RAM is recommendedMicrosoft .NET Framework 4.0 or greater. Download from



Going back to my days on XP, I lost count of the number of times I went to rename a file only for it to disappear because I'd clicked Delete in the Context Menu instead.

This set me on a mission to find out how to change the order of the context menu entries, eventually stumbling across the right string values. This was then continued when I joined the modern world by buying Windows 7.

My system file modification changes the bottom of the context menu from this:
To this:

You'll need to prepare yourself with a modification to the registry to add Take Ownership to the context menu (the easiest option) and download and install ResHack 3.6.0 by Angus J (if you find the tool really helpful, send him an email of gratitude, maybe even a couple of bob. Up to you!).

If you're running a 32bit system you have one file to modify, but if running a 64bit system you'll have to modify two same named files in System32en-US and SysWOW64en-US. They are slightly different so must be treated as separate entities.

OK, so go to the the Windows Shell32(SysWOW64) en-US folder(s), locate the shell32.dll.mui file, r-click and take ownership and then copy it to a safe place for editing. Open ResHack 3.6.0 and drag n drop or search for the shell32.dll.mui file you've just copied and open it.

In the left hand panel expand the "Menu" folder, then scroll down to string #210 and open that.

In the right hand panel you should see as below: Code: 210 MENUEX LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US { POPUP "", 0, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED, 0 { MENUITEM "Cu&t", 24, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "&Copy", 25, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "&Paste", 26, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "", 65535, MFT_SEPARATOR, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Create &Shortcut", 16, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "&Delete", 17, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Rena&me", 18, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "", 65535, MFT_SEPARATOR, MFS_ENABLED } } All you need to do is replace that table with this: Code: 210 MENUEX LANGUAGE LANG_ENGLISH, SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US { POPUP "", 0, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED, 0 { MENUITEM "Cu&t", 24, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "&Copy", 25, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "&Paste", 26, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "", 65535, MFT_SEPARATOR, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Rena&me", 18, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "", 65535, MFT_SEPARATOR, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "Create &Shortcut", 16, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "", 65535, MFT_SEPARATOR, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "&Delete", 17, MFT_STRING, MFS_ENABLED MENUITEM "", 65535, MFT_SEPARATOR, MFS_ENABLED } } Above the window press Compile Script. Then GoTo the Menu bar, press File, press Save. Your modified file will be automagically backed up with _original added into the file name.

Now to swap them over! GoTo the original location(s). Rename the original files by adding say, old to the end of the file name. Copy and paste your (correct, 32 or 64) modified files into the en-US folder(s), when done, re-boot.

And that's all there is to it, (he says! )

Here is a link to a pair of modified SP1 compliant Shell32.dll.mui files for those who want to skip the fun of modifying your own files! The only change being this modification.



I really don't get this!

If a computer can do anything it should be able to find files.

Today I needed to find a file that I did for my niece a year ago.
I don't remember what I named it or where I saved it.

After trying a few things I decided to narrow it down by just getting a list of the Indesign files so I could go through the list.

The extension for InDesign is .indd

Since I'm in the graphic design business I have a lot of them but the really old stuff is on my external drive so looking through the ones from the last couple of years isn't too bad.

The problem is that when I run a search for .indd or *.indd Windows search comes up and says "No Items Match Your Search".

How can that be, I'm looking at a whole bunch of them on the same drive I am searching on right in front of me.

Why doesn't Microsoft fix this, I was hoping that it would be better after Service Pack 1, they must know this is a problem?

To be truthful I do think it is a little better, but that may just be my imagination.

In Windows XP I could type in something like this and it would find every InDesign file on my computer.

I hope that in Windows 8 they will at least come up with a search engine that really works.

Actually this is the biggest flaw in Windows 7 for me, I have found the same thing when searching for .avi files etc.

It just seems that nothing is more basic to an operating system the the search function.
You have to get that right!



OK, on the positive side, this prompted me to look for another alternative.

I had another search engine installed before my recent re-install but I hadn't put it back in since then.

I found this simple little search engine app that is so fast I can hardly believe it.

Not sure if it's the answer to everything but it found a list of all my .indd files in about 1 second. so I tried with .avi zap there they are.

Next I tried .jpg, 18,680 files in one second.

There are some drawbacks from a practical stand point, it does what it says it searches everything.

It always searches all 3 or my internal hard drives, the only reason it stops there is because all 4 of my external drives are turned off.

As far as I can see you can't tell it to search only one drive or folder.
But it you want to search you whole computer then this really works, I found my nieces file in a few seconds too, by typing in things I thought would be in the title until it popped up.

Here's the link...

Hi guys!

I can see that it's a more or less common problem, that some nvidia driver won't install when running Windows 7.

Im currently tryin to solve the following problem on my cousins pc:
He want win 7, but when I tried to install it for him, it goes wrong.

What happens is that the install says that it makes the final configurations, and then it skips right to a black screen with a white blinking underscore. It never gets further than that. When restarting, win 7 install can't get done, because of some error.

I looked it up, and it all seems to have something to do with the default microsoft win 7 drivers for the nvidia graphics-card. The one win 7 installs simply don't work, and the entire win 7 installation cannot complete because of this.

They way to replace the drivers is to restart, press f8 to start in safe mode. When it's done, an error appears claiming that safe mode cannot be used. When this prompt appears, I can press SHIFT+F10 to open a command prompt. There I write compmgmt.msc to start the device manager. And there I can replace the driver with some working ones from nvidia.

My problem now is that I have downloaded alot of versions from nividia for the GeForce 9800 GX2 for win 7 64-bit. I run the setupfile, to extract the drivers to a usbdrive. I then access the usb drive to replace the driver, following the method described above. But windows 7 just keep claiming that no proper driver is located in the folder.

So now I have come down to this:
Either the nvidia driver is not uninstalled properly for manual install, when I just double-clicked the downloaded file, and transferred the content to the usb-drive.
OR I havent found the right driver yet.

Any suggestions?

Saw a lot of these threads..

Basically Win 7 doesn't detect my ATI graphics card when I go to device manager and instead uses 'standard VGA graphics adapter'.If I try to install ATI drivers through Catalyst Instal Manager, I dont even get an option to instal the actual driver like this


However, Everest does recognize my graphics card which is Radeon HD 4670 correctly


I did manage to "force" instal drivers by using 'have disk' method and navigating to the folder where ATI driver was downloaded, but I can't get CCC to work and I still get those 'jitters' while dragging windows around etc.


I am having an issue with a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate. I have videos that will not work in Windows Media Center but will play fine in Windows Media Player. I have downloaded codecs, reinstalled drivers, etc but I am still getting one of 2 errors:

When I try to play a movie directly from Windows Media Center, it says:

"Video playback is not currently allowed. This is often due to incorrect drivers for your graphics card, because the card has less than 64MB of memory, or because the card is not DirectX 9 compatible"

When I got to the folder the video file is in and right click and tell it to OPEN WITH WMC it says:

"Files needed to display video are not installed or are not working correctly. Restart Windows Media Center or restart the computer."

I have tried everything I know but I can't seem to find the issue. This seems to be a problem that a lot of people are having, according to my searches but no one really had a fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My card is an ATI Radeon with 256mb so it's certainly not under 64MB required for WMC.

I recently recovered my data from a biohd-8 error. Can someone please tell me which files can I copy back to a hard drive in order for my system to start again and make it useable again. I do not know if any of the files were damaged in the recovery process.

1) If I am able to restart my system by copying these files, will I need to re-activate Windows 7 again?
2) Would I copy the files to the root of the hard drive?
3) I also have the system restore disks that I made a while back, can I use these to install the files into a new hard drive and will windows 7 work?

The files that I recovered are in the following format below: Thank you in advance.

Recovered Folder files:
Intel Multimedia Files
Program Files
Program Files (x86)
Program Data
System Volume Information

OK, I upgraded from home to windows ultimate and it totally destroyed my laptop computer. I don't have any drivers it doesn't read that I have wireless internet. Ethernet cable works but Ive been downloading drivers for my computer and nothing is helping. There is still my old version of windows in a folder Windows.old

Recently I noticed my CPU being pushed to 100% by a trojan (igfxupdate) though not knowing the cause of the usage I simply tried restarting the computer, though when the computer restarted my CPU Meter was gone. I have now completely removed the virus but my CPU Meter never showed up. It isn't in my list of gadgets and it doesn't reappear when I click restore gadgets, however, it seems to have all of it's files (in my windows siderbar folder). So I am at a loss as to how to fix it and I can't simply reinstall it because it comes with windows. I was really a big fan of this gadget and now that it helped me catch this virus I feel naked without it. I know I can download a different CPU Meter but I like the simplicity and reliability of the windows one, so if anyone knows how to fix it or has any ideas for me to try it would be most appreciated.

Thanks and have a good day!

Hey guys.

(Running Windows 7 RC 64-bit)

So after trying just about everything with crappy Linksys products (using a router as an access point (failed), connecting to a range extender via Ethernet (failed when other people connected wirelessly and also had a wierd lag issue)), I caved and bought a WUSB600n Wireless USB-N network adapter.

I made the mistake of trying to use the CD first, which failed miserably.

Next, I downloaded the Vista 64-bit drivers, thinking that maybe they would work. Before I transferred them over to install them, though, I discovered the new Windows 7 drivers and naturally tried them first. When I finally found the "Update Driver" button, I manually updated the driver while my device was plugged in by clicking on the appropriate folder (Win7_64) that contained the drivers I needed. I checked to make sure that my network adapter was indeed version 2 (which it was) and updated.

I watched the computer think.. and think... and think some more about installing the drivers. Finally,

"Windows has encountered an unexpected problem trying to install your driver.

The driver is being used by another process."

Ooooook...... What other process would be using a not-even-installed driver for my network adapter that I had literally just bought today?!

I made sure that no other USB drivers were on there (uninstalled and deleted Belkin USB G+MIMO drivers and software) and tried again. Same error.

I tried the Vista 64-bit. Same error.

Finally, I tried to just use the generic Windows device driver for this and it timed out. I'm currently watching it try to uninstall that driver and I have a hunch that it won't work.

Should I just return this damned thing or is there a workaround?

(SOLVED: see end of this post)

relevant PC info in profile.

well, tons of support sites out there, enver joiend ones cause so many to choose. got a problem though, and i found this is dedicated to win 7, so im hoping this is my best bed.

I installed win 7 x64 today making my PC a triple boot system with XP and vista (never had to go back to XP though.) my pc came with wireless integrated, and it won't work. i'm afraid i may just have to wait till hp releases win 7 drivers.... but i hope some has some idea and cna help.

in the meantime, I connected my PC to my laptop with Vista 32bit home prem, with a crossover Ethernet... yeah, nothing's working. Tried ICS, made sure laptop is allowing shared connection, tried ad-hoc, nothing. They see the network, it would seem they're sharing music, pictures, etc folders, but big red X in middle of network map, no internet connection. Laptop sets up ICS and ad hoc connection properly, apparently, but my PC won't pick up the internet connection. And i don't think it ever saw the ad hoc connection. I've tried everything i could think of, googled endlessly.

tried a linksys wireless adapter too, WUSB11 v 2.4. 802.11b, yeah didn't work, that's from before even vista anyway; shows up as unkown device with exclamation mark in device manager. It MAY have worked from what I see online, but only if Win 7 has been the 32bit. I have another adaptor, a G, but it's much newer. I'll try it though.

Hey, but other than that, Windows 7 runs great!!

so, hopefully at least I can get this PC to used ICS on the laptop, AT LEAST to start off so that I can start working soley in win 7 (As long as nothing improtat) instead having to restart to boot into vista as I did now. but that owuld mean laptop needs to be on when i use win 7, which means extra power, hassle, and the laptop isnt stable and needs a system restore anywy. i'd prefer to get wirelss working, some how. 2 wireless options and a third wired and none work. -.-

last resort, i could technically bring modem and router up here....but that would be amess and hassle with wires, and my brother needs the router for the xbox.

thanks, hope there'll be some replies soon. i'll be checking back a lot.

PS: ADMINS: JUST BECAUSE I PUT TOO MANY TAGS (jsut trying to be helpful, GOSH), my whole message CLEARED. any other person would have LOST their whole message. need to look into that if you can. (luckily, I always highlight ans copy verything before clicking submit, so i didn't lose it.) I forget if one cna do anything about it with the site, but i know one message board added a feature where post-data is saved and shown in a text box when an error occurs.


HP live chat support pulled through for me again. 8)

If anyone has this same computer or suspects they have the same wireless card, get the driver here and run it under Win 7:

If by any chance the link goes down and you need the driver, send me an email. If you're not registered, it's my username at msn.

I've tried to configure a VPN in my win7 ultimate system.

I'm getting error 711, the message box says -

The operation could not finish because it could not start the Remote Access Connection Manager service in time. Please try the operation again.
I've tried everything MS instructed to do in this situation with no luck.

there are 2 services which I had to start and couldn't -

Remote Access Connection Manager - Error 20 - the system cannot find the device specified.Remote Access Auto Connection Manager - Error 1068: The dependancy Service or group failed to start.

I've seen a post that said that is could be due to the eventlog not running, it said I should delete the RTBackup folder (in c:windowssystem32logfilesWMI), so I did, then rebooted, and the problem remained.

deleting the RTBackup folder seemed to help most of the users who had that problem, it didn't for me.

what should I do? I don't have the original CD which I used to install my system, can I download another one and then do an upgrade? it seems to help some of the users, is there another quick fix?


Normally, I don't believe one of those "My friend says..." stories, but a friend of mine has claimed to own a copy of Build 7140 of W7, which was given to him three days ago (Before the leak of 7127). I somehow trust him, because of the fact that he has been giving me updates + news about Windows since the Vista Betas. He told me that the changes in 7140 are almost entirely GUI-related, and here they are:

"I'll give you something like a screencap later, but here's what I noticed so far:
1. You can now add anything to the Taskbar.
2. Icons slightly expand when you hover over them on the taskbar.
3. The "System" menu is more simplistic, and easier to navigate.
4. You can change the login screen picture through the "Personalization" menu.
5. The menu/lists that pop up when you right click on things now have the Aero Glass effect.
6. The default icons for Folders have changed to be the transparent blue ones featured a long time ago.
8. The Minimize/Maximize/Exit buttons on the top-right of a window have changed icons, and are a bit smaller than the Vista/7 counterparts.
9. [BIG ONE]: There's an "Upload" feature for Pictures, files, and videos. If you right-click a file, and click "Upload", you can make it automatically upload to a website of your choice. After uploading, a pop-up will appear saying it's done, and clicking "OK" will cause the link/download link to the file to appear in the popup box. I tried ImageShack and Facebook, and they work.
10. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese unicode(s) and settings are integrated, so one can run foreign apps or use foreign keyboards without changing languages & restarting.
11. The Orb on the taskbar changes color, based on the dominant R/G/B/Y color of your taskbar (or your wallpaper, if the taskbar is 100% transparent)
I'll see if I can get my friend to give me a screencap to see if he's for real. I'll periodically update this topic.

Toshiba Satellite A660-135 laptop
Intel Core i3 M380 2.53GHz
4 GB Memory
450 GB Hard Drive
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

I have a large amount of music on an external hard drive. I have set my wmp library folder as the folder on the ehd that contains all the folders of music and also one folder on my comp that I download stuff to before transferring it to the ehd. I opened up wmp and loaded all that music (I'm talking like 12,000 files) and I can listen to it and works great. I close wmp and then open it again later and the majority of the music has been removed from the library. The folders are still set in the Manage Library window but there are only a handful (about 30 completely random files) still in the list. I can still play all the files directly from their containing folders and all my playlists still show and will play all the right tracks, even if they aren't in my library list, but the full list is gone. If I try deleting the remaining files from my library, not my computer, they don't budge. I have to try several times to remove the folders and then reinstate them to get the program to refresh the library to re-add all 12,000 files all over again. I have been through this process at least 5 times now, this is getting ridiculous. How do I fix this?


I have a unusual problem and I'm seeking guidance on resolving it. I am a musician and this is a problem associated with the use of my DAW and activating a recent plug-in purchase.

Background: About 6 months ago I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade: to upgrade from Vista. I didn'trealize at the time that the Windows 7 upgrade would not totally replace Vista (i.e. be a clean install). In essence the upgrade set up a separate partition with Vista existing in one partition and Windows 7 in another partition. I have since set up my Cubase 6.5 and all my plug-ins on the Windowspartition without incident and everything runs well for my single songwriter setup, even though it is an older Core 2 processor.

My problem: For Xmas, I decided to purchase a Waves plug-in to use for mixing audio. I made the purchase and attempted to download the plug-in using the Waves V9 installer. V9 downloads and installs correctly HOWEVER: and here it where it gets weird: the Waves License Center does not recognize the partition where Cubase 6.5 is installed (i.e. the Windows 7 partition on my H: Drive). Instead it only recognizes the partition where Vista is installed (C: Drive). The bottom line is that the Waves plugin cannot be activated because it does not recognize V9 where the Cubase and the Waves
plug-in are installed.

Efforts to Date: I worked with Waves yesterday and after extensive attempts to get the Waves License Center to recognize the H: Drive (to no avail), we decided to
download the activation code to a USB drive. However, the problem there is that I still must use the Waves License Center to activate the plug-in and the Waves License Center is saying that it does not recognize the USB drive. What a dilemna.

Alternatives: As I see it, I have the
following alternatives:

a. Wipe out 6 months of work, reformat
everything, buy a single license of W7 and start over. (Ugghhh.)

b. Go back to Waves to see if there is any way that the USB Drive can be recognized by V9 on the H partition.

c.Try to get Cubase 6.5 to open on my C Drive with Vista as the operating system (don't know if this is feasible), and authorize the Waves plug-in from my C: Drive. Once
authorized, my problem might be resolved. The problem with this approach is that Cubase relies on files in the Hrive Windows 32 sub-folder to execute. I am not an expert in this, and have serious reservations about copying and pasting files from the current H: partition to the C: partition without hearing from others who may be able to shed some
light on the potential risks and benefits of this alternative.

d. Contacting Microsoft to see if there is any way that the H: Drive can be recognized as the computer HD instead of the C: Drive.

I really need some help with this one. Any thoughts from techies on the forum would be appreciated.

Thanks, Joe

I'm using a 3-year old Windows 7 HP Laptop, and until recently, I've never had any problems. As of today, my keyboard is no longer functioning properly. The keys will randomly keep disconnecting, the cursor jumps to different search bars, etc. Of course, even when some of the keys do choose to respond, they will open a file, folder, or some other random application instead of typing the letters into the designated bar.

In addition, when using my mouse, I sometime won't be able to open a file or folder anywhere on my computer. It's not as frequent as the keyboard issue, but it's still a pain. For example, when I try to open the Local Disk Drive, it would instead bring me to the Local Disk Drive properties rather than actually displaying the drive's contents.

I'm certain these two problems are related, as they both just sprung up out of nowhere at the same time. I really don't know what to do. My Virus Scanner detects no threats, my keyboard drivers are updated, and my keyboard layout is as it should be. I don't know what else I haven't checked. I'm really not much of an expert when it comes to computers, so any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Additional Details:

I'd rather not attempt a system restore just yet, as I don't want to lose many of my recently installed applications. I'll save that as my last resort in case other suggestions don't work.


Alright, now every time I attempt to click on a link online, it will either not respond or save and download the link.

Is it possible to create a new toolbar for the Start Menu in the right (grey) area? I currently have Documents, Pictures and Music. I right clicked and added a new folder of my D drive location of the particular files to access them more easily.

I am missing Downloads and Videos which are in my D drive files so can I add bespoke (new) toolbars?

Additionally, on the existing toolbars can I remove the C drive locations or is this not a good idea?

Many Thanks.

Help! Please.

Not sure how much information to put, or how to lay it out, so I have done the best I can.
Sorry it is so long.

Other half's Toishiba SatellitePro has just broken itself!
Running Win 7 Pro 32 bit.
Not a new machine been running fine for a while now.
Hardware all seems OK.
It may be linked to the latest batch of MS updates, which won't install as 4 of them are .net.

It has fallen over or corrupted something in .net & / or windows installer.
However, as it seems that both the Windows installer & .net 4 are both "broken" and it also seems that they require each other for a fix?
i.e. .net4 requires Windows installer for a fix & vice versa?
I've just spent 2 hours searching on the internet for fixes, & have run the MS .net repair tool, which fails.
SFC/scannow also fails & chkdsk won't run as the volume is locked, both even in command prompt safe mode, and when chkdsk is set to run on next boot, it does not!
Don't have an install disk as it is a laptop which came pre-installed.

Trying to avoid a total restore to factory due to the time to rebuild the software on the machine, it runs our small business accounts, we do have an accounts backup & a backup of the documents folder.

It just seems that it is .net & installer that are affected.

When installing the latest round of MS updates:
Outlook update KB2768025 fails with error Code 91A Windows Update encountered and unknown error, and there is little other help available.
Tried a few "Microsoft FixIt" repairs for installer & .net they won't run as it seems they rely on each other?

The .net error that occurs is:
Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.
Could not load file or assembly 'Accessibility, Version=, Culture=neutral. PublicKey Token=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The given assembly name or codebase was invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131407).

The machine is not used for programming at all, just for "office" type applications.

I have copied the text of the extended error message into the attached file.

Thanks for looking.
Please anyone, all help gratefully accepted!!! Attached Files dotnet error text.docx (14.1 KB, 14 views) Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 6,558 Re: .net & windows installer corrupt? Someone else might recognize the entries in your attachment, but they are not familiar to me.

You can download and burn a copy of the Windows 7 SP1 .iso file from the following link. Maybe booting into the Windows RE from there would help. If not, failing other repair attempts you could reinstall Windows 7 over your current install which should allow you to keep your current setup. A good backup is always recommended. This of course assumes there is not a hard drive problem or any virus situations involved.

Edit: I suppose a reinstall might be effected by the fact you have an OEM install. Since I don't run one, I have no experience.

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River My Digital Life

A System File Check can be run from offline, sometimes it will complete where the online one will not.

How to Run the System File Checker (Sfc.exe) Offline in Windows 7 and Vista - The Winhelponline Blog

I found one thread that said inserting the Office CD in the tray might help certain updates complete in case it is looking for some files. Others said to remove any blank media in the drive.

There is a log that might be helpful, if you can pick out error or failed entries around the time of the attempted Outlook update. It is the CBS.log and located in the WindowsLogsCBS folder and must be copied to the desktop to open.

You might check the Services.msc panel and see if the Windows Modules Installer (TrustedInstaller) is running and if not can it be started. While you are there, you might as well try starting the Windows Installer to see what happens.

If it were to be necessary, the .net 4 client can be repaired or uninstalled from the Programs and Features panel.

Saw this press release yesterday, just wondering if anyone else's tried it yet.

I know it's shareware but I'm too lazy to download :P

Major Unofficial Upgrade for Microsoft® Windows® Vista and XP Released by Extensoft

Extensions for Windows® provides the ‘missing link’ by enhancing computer operating system’s functionality through advanced features

Seattle, Washington – September 3, 2008 - In an answer to the market's demand for a better, more user-friendly Microsoft® Windows®, Extensoft announced today the release of its Extensions for Windows - a product that significantly broadens the functionality of both Windows XP and Vista. Extensions for Windows is the first community driven, modular upgrade for Windows XP and Vista and contains a number of new features Windows users have desired as part of the operating system.

When the initial news of the Extensions for Windows product was leaked in the form of a video to YouTube by one of the Beta testers, it was seen by over half a million viewers - many regarding the product as the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7.

Extensions for Windows provides a variety of useful functions that will solve many of the shortcomings in Windows. At a time when Microsoft has been reported to be spending $300 million on a new advertising campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Extensoft is working to provide the actual features that Windows users have been waiting for in undelivered products such as Windows Vista and Ultimate Extras. Extensions for Windows also provides a great alternative for Windows XP users still unconvinced about switching to Vista.

“Extensions for Windows is meant to enhance the typical Windows user’s experience,” says Eugene Zvyagintsev, Product Manager for the Extensions. “One of our primary goals is to work with the Windows user community and act on their behalf, bringing more features, usability and value to the operating system that so many of us use every day.”

Extensions for Windows gives users many new features, applications and improvements that typically cost between $20 and $100 each, while providing consistent interface and seamless integration with Windows. The Extensions features include:

• Screen Capture and Desktop Recorder - extends the Print Screen key functionality to capture screenshots and live demos to a file, email or printer.

• Extended Windows Explorer – enhances the Windows Explorer with a two-panel file manager and ability to group multiple folders.

• FTP & SFTP Locations – extends "My Computer" with simplified connectivity to Website hosts for uploading images, blogs and programs.

• Keyboard Shortcuts Manager - extends "My Computer" with convenient keyboard shortcut management.

• Image and Document Converters – converts variety of document and image formats, including image resizing.

• PDF Converter – converts printable documents to Adobe® PDF format.

• Disk Usage Analyzer – helps manage and organize computer disk space by locating large files and folders.

• Search & Replace – provides advanced file search with ability to replace text in text files.

• File Comparer – compares text files side by side

Extensions for Windows provides a management console from which extensions can be downloaded, installed, and managed. The current version includes 13 separate extensions, each of which can be installed or disabled at any time. Two additional extensions are planned by end of the year, with many more to follow.

Extensions for Windows is priced at $49.95 per user and is now offering a free 60-day trial at the company’s website at Extensions for Windows. A free, ad-supported version is also planned. Extension for Windows works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 2000.

About Extensoft

Extensoft is a unique consumer software company with the goal of bringing creativity and productivity to computer users worldwide. Extensoft is located in Seattle, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here I state my little tiny opinion on the world wide web about Vista quite briefly. Know this, I'm very aesthetic. I look at every fine tuned detail of things in life and when it especially comes to computers and technology, I like to have the finest. In appearance, function and reliability. So here's by blurb:

I finally did it. I upgraded my OS to Vista Home Premium just this weekend. For years I have used Windows XP Media Center Edition and pretty much thought myself the hardcore savvy-est guy out there having fully customized the entire look and feel of it, next to always keeping things in order, clean and running smooth. Not without many, many re-installs mind you. That said I have learned thousands of things and have become quite the expert when it comes to changing the appearance, look and feel of an application as I see fit.

And now, there's Vista. I love it. I really have to say I love it. From the smooth animations to almost every single piece of detail inside and out I love it. In terms of detail however, I have to say, visually speaking, I am distraught with a few minor items regarding basic Icons and their existence withstanding.

Due to all my past experience modifying so many things in the past I've learned to do what I can on my own when I want to alter certain objects, say an Icon or even a theme, solely using a cute little program called Resource Hacker. With Vista, I have no desire to change anything in terms of the theme, nor do I plan to. But there are a couple issues with some Icons I changed.

The occache.dll, webcheck.dll, ieframe.dll files I altered simply for my own desire. Replacing them was a chore figuring out how to do, but nonetheless, once I found out how, it was very easy and, I still have the instructions saved so if anyone is actually interested in doing the same, I'm happy to share and assist.

However, what I have found interesting and could never change in XP either, are two specifics that I was more than astonished to find are still there in Vista! How bizarre is that!!?! So here we have it, XP will still haunt us for who knows how long to come.

So, that's that. Do you think we'll ever get updates to these? Or will it take an even better pro than myself to figure it out? No one knows. But I do know, I still do like Vista overall. I just wish I could change the latter two items, but I just can't. I wonder if I can spark anyone else's desire for the challenge?

Below I have provided examples of all that I have mentioned. Feel free to comment or reply even. There are still other things I have found, but these are just a few examples:

Here I have replaced the occache.dll and webcheck.dll files to update the two folders here. I know we never look at them really and it's funny that I'm the way I am but I just have to KNOW they're changed.

Attachment 72

Here I have replaced the ieframe.dll file to update the download animation. I like this one a lot better than the standard one. Oh this is if you use Internet Explorer. Please note also, if you update Internet Explorer at any time, these three files (occache.dll, webcheck.dll, ieframe.dll) will have to be replaced once more. As well as in IE 8 (which I've tested and don't like right yet).

Attachment 73

Here is the ugly icon that, even in XP, never looked good STILL being used for the Remote Assistance Panel in Vista. Golly - you think they'd have changed that one.

Attachment 74

And my favorite most of all that I could never figure out, even in XP, that we owe credit to the comctl32.dll file(s) in all Windows OS's, the ugly little XP toolbar buttons that appear when you use the Open File option from any 3rd party application. (In this screen shot I'm using IrfanView). Once, I tried changing them by replacing the bmp's in the file back when I was using XP and after I rebooted it wouldn't log on. It remained in a perpetual state of Starting Windows. So I had to endure these forever practically. In all the excitement of upgrading to Vista, I thought: "I wonder if those will change?" Alas... they didn't. I was quite sad.

Attachment 75

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