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I was trying to help a friend of mine setup a new computer with Windows 7 on it and everything was working great except certain sites wouldn't work. A connection error and a button saying "Diagnose Connection" would appear on sites that worked fine when accessed from a different computer. At the same time some sites would work fine but others would not. We had a trial of Norton Antivirus running by default. After struggling with the problem my friend took the computer back to Best Buy where it was purchased. There he was told by a technician that he had seen this problem many times and to solve it he uninstalls Norton and installs some other antivirus solution instead. This is what was done and sure enough the problem went away! This led me to believe maybe there was some inherent compatibility issue between Windows 7 and Norton. I visited the symantec site here and saw this...

Windows 7 Antivirus - Win 7 Virus - Norton Security Protection | Norton Is Ready to Protect Windows 7
"Norton is Ready for Windows 7
Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010 are designed from the ground up for Windows 7. The 2010 versions of our products deliver security that is both light on your system and extraordinarily effective. Norton uses the results of billions of scans on millions of computer to predict threats before they strike. Norton Internet Security and Windows 7 – they were made for each other."

Any ideas what the deal is here?

Thanks for your thoughts,

I have a desktop with Vista. I just bought an Acer netbook with Windows 7 64 bit OS.

I'm trying to setup a home network. I want to house everything on my desktop and be able to retrieve it from the net book.

I've been able to link my Vista desktop to my Windows 7 netbook. I can not go from my Windows 7 netbook to my Vista desktop. I can see the computer (from netbook) but it will not allow me to log in. It prompts me for a password but I do not know what it wants. I've tried everything I know.

From what I read you can not use the homegroup option with Vista.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've just bought a new computer with a 64-bit Windows 7, and I can't get online with it because my old Retail Plus IEEE 802.11b/g Mini Wireless USB Adapter, which worked fine with my old Windows XP computer, doesn't seem to be compatible with my new one. I've plugged in the adapter and used the setup CD, but whenever I open it it just seems to appear in the Superbar for a second, then dissapear again. I've tried switching it's compatibility to Windows 2000 and such, but nothing works. I have a D-Link 524 router downstairs and the Microsoft website says it works fine with 7.

Should I buy a new adapter? If so what ones work with Windows 7? Or is there something I need to download online for it?

I have been reading with interest Optic-Flare's thread. I did notice there seems to have been no resolution. I cannot get my two XBOX 360's to communicate (via hard wire) to my WMC7 PC.

Three things I have noticed: 1) Xbox Live connections work fine, 2) the Media Center Extender Service can be set to AUTO and Started (along with the other three vital services - but upon reboot it (the MCExtender Service comes back as a default "disabled" and 3) both Xboxes communicate OK with a PC running Vista Home Premium using the same network.

I have tried about everything I've read and after three solid days of not getting past the "configuring Computer" and NEVER past the "searching for extender" I am close to reinstalling Vista back on this PC (I hate to even think of doing that!) I have tried many times turning off and on the Windows fierewall and AVG anti-virus.

I would appreciate any advice before I terminate this endeavor. Thank you and Greetings from Texas!

Pat Patrick
Grand Prairie, TX

One other thing of note: When checking the Event Log: Everytime I try a connect it shows an "Error 538: MC Extender setup failed as the extender was detected on the network but the UPnP search for extenter failed (timed out after 20000ms)". I have a D-link router and UpnP is enabled along with multi-cast.

I have an odd problem. I recently installed W7 Ultimate (RTM 7600) on my computer. This was a clean install on a drive that had Vista on it previously.
Now, I had a home wireless network (named MHhome) setup on Vista. I expected I would need to set it up once again in W7. When I went to the Network and Sharing Center to do so, I discovered that there was no "Manage Network Connections" option (see the pic attached). This is more odd because my laptop is currently connected to this home wireless network. What I'm wondering is how. Where is this thing hiding that I can't see it?
This is an annoyance more than a problem, as the network is working fine (so far), but I hate when there are unexplained peculiarities like this in Windows. If I wanted to delete or simply alter this wireless network--change its password, for example--I appear to have have no way to do so.
Does anyone have an idea about what is going on here? Is the "Manage Network Connections" option being disabled or hidden for some reason? Is there a way to get it back?
I've poked around on Google, but nothing has turned up. Any help would be appreciated.

I have the Windows 7 Professional installed on my computer and I have a tower setup in the living room that is Vista Home Basic. The Vista PC just runs 24/7 and runs as my server where I store all my music/videos.

I share the "R Drive" on this PC as Desktop2RDrive

When I map this network drive from my laptop (also with Windows 7 Professional installed) it will connect to this folder right away without any issues! Does NOT ask for username or password.

Now when I go to my OTHER PC in the bedroom (also with Windows 7 Professional installed) and try to map this network drive Desktop2RDive, it asks for a username/password EVERY TIME!!

Now I can just enter in the username (and no password since there isn't one set) and it logs me in just fine. But everytime I restart the computer I have to keep on entering just the username for the living room PC. And on every reboot I always get the error "could not reconnect to network drives". All the computers are on the same workgroup too!

Why is my bedroom PC asking for username/password for my Living Room PC when there is NO username or password set for it? Weird how the laptop will connect just fine and never asks for username and password.

What are your thoughts? Thanks!!

Hi, I am finally going to be installing Windows 7 Ultimate and I would love to hear suggestions on how I can setup my computer so I have a regular account and a developer account. I would like to format either account without affecting the other? I'm not sure if this would require dual boot.

My accounts would look like this:

Developer: (for web development)
- Visual Studio
- SQL Server
- developer tools, etc...
- mulitple browsers

Standard account: (for other non-developer activities, games, browsing, etc..)

The reason I came up with this is because I would like to be able to backup my developer account easily so I can save programs and configurations without having all the other non-developer programs mixed in. It takes a long time to install all these programs and to configure them to work.


I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium (64 Bit) on the main desktop in my hous. I have 3 different versions of Windows here. 1 for the desktop and 2 for 2 laptops. Everything went exellently until it came time to setup the wireless connection. I did not change a SINGLE thing from Vista. So I entered in the passphrase that I always entered in when my computer were running Vista. The same passphrase/password I gave to visitors who would bring over their phones and need to access wifi.

However it keeps/kept saying, "The network security key is not correct"

When I put the mouse over our networks name it says that it is WEP. When I try to do it manually and select "WPA" and "AES" encryption trhu the network and sharing center it gives me this message...

"The settings saved on this computer do match the requirements of the network."

And there is a big red x mark to the right of it. However it doesn't give me the option to disconnect from the network. To remove it and start over I have to go to "manage wireless networks" and remove it completely.

So to summarize. When I have my wireless security:

1) DISABLED ---> I can connect wirelessly just fine.

2) WEP ---> Connects wireless with no issues. I just have to enter the key generated from the "passphrase"

3) WPA-Personal ---> CANNOT CONNECT WIRELESSLY. No matter what I try. I've tried entering the passphrase a million times. Still doesn't work. I've tried entering the router login password. That results in "limited connectivity". I've tried resetting the router. Didn't do anything. And finally I've tried changing the properties of the connection in Windows 7 (see above).

I'm trying to download the drivers from HP's website but I keep get an error message.

Hey guys, im having problems setting up my network, due to the fact, I cannot find anything, and its way different from windows XP. Heres my set up.

I don't have a modem, due to the fact my mom refuses to get internet for the house, even if my dad pays for it, so I use Sprint Mobile broadband, a USB modem. (parents are divorced, live in different places)

So I have my main XP machine, that has the sprint card.

I share that connection out to my router. From my router, I have my xbox, and my other three computers.

I also have my Windows 7 machine on the router as well.

I need a walk through on how to get my win7 machine to see the internet. Now, I have it all setup correct, because all my other **** works.

I am also not farmilar with the term home group, all I know (im assuming) its another word for network...

I was at my dads house, and it worked fine, all I did was plug the internet cable in... then when I came back to my moms house, Im having problems connecting it to my network... So it did work at one time.

Thanks guys



I have been able to join xp, vista to an SBS 2008 domain without any issues. However when trying to add build 7000 windows 7 I get the following error.

Operating system requirements
This computer does not meet the maximum operating system requirements for running client setup.

Any ideas?


I am running a netgear wireless setup, with a WPN111 adapter on the Windows 7 machine, I installed the software from netgear, but when I try to run the program, I get an error msg saying "DNIN50.dll is missing from your computer, please reinstall the program." I have reinstalled twice and keep getting the message, I have even downloaded the update from NetGear, no luck. It has to be that the software is not compatible with 7. Any idea what I can do? I can access the internet, but not my other pc (which I need to).
I have tried dragging a shortcut to the other machine from my XP partition, with no luck. Which if I boot to XP, I can still access the other machine, which is also XP. Or if there is any other way to access the machine, I'll be happy.

I have 2 nic cards. How do I make it to where ONE is for a LAN only and the other is WAN...

here is my setup

Main setup is my router, my main pc, laptops, etc (my main home network) with internet

Second computer has a direct link to the internet.

With the second computer I want to SHARE files with my main network so I installed a second NIC card into it. THis works great, BUT wants to make it the default way of internet as well on my SECOND PC. I want ONE nic to have INTERNET ONLY (dedicated modem) and the other to just SHARE files with my network.

For some reason when I look into Windows7 settings BOTH have INTERNET above them AND ihave swithced between public/home group, etc.. I

Anyone have a tutorial for setting this up by chance...

Ok, I made this post b/c I am frustrated out of my mind with this issue. I have been working on it for almost 24hrs straight now and have not made any progress. I will first describe the issue, and then I will tell you what I have done on my own to help narrow down the issue.

My system:

EVGA x58 Classified 760 Motherboard (most recent BIOS)
Core i7 920 (overclocked to 4GHZ)
6 gigs of DDR3 Mushkin RAM
GTX 295 (Dual PCB) Videocard
Western Digial Velociraptor 300gig HDD
Seagate 1.5 TB HDD
Water Cooling setup
PC Power and Cooling 1200W PSU


After a random amount of time in Windows 7 (from 5 mins to 30 mins) I get a straight forward bluescreen. This bluescreen error has been different crashes that seem to change, but then loop back to a previous crash.

For example, it could say PAGED_FILE_IN_A_NON_PAGING_AREA (BCCode: 50), IRQ LESS THAN OR EQUAL ( BCCode: d1) or it could say NTFS.sys error among other errors in between. This issue doesn't seem to favor any actions in particular, but it does happen no matter what I try to do. Safe Mode doesn't seem to crash, but I am not using many drivers in Safe Mode as you know, so that is why I believe the reason may lead to a driver.

I know people claim that they know a lot about computers and are tech savvy, but believe me, I know what I am doing. This system has been rock solid through overclocking since I have bought it. The temps are fine, and the voltages are all within reason. It has never had an issue throughout any other version of Windows 7. (RC1 to RTM and now Retail)

What I have now seen more often happen is that the display driver will stop working, so for instance, the Windows Aero will turn to the basic mode, taking off the transparency, and within 2 mins, the computer will crash to bluescreen.

I have a hard time believing that this is an issue with my hardware, and I will tell you why in a second, but I want to also say, that these issues just recently happened when I purchased the retail verison of Windows 7 Professional from Digital River through the student special. I was running a borrowed copy of the RTM version for months before buying the Retail, and this is when the issues arose.

What I have done to narrow the issue down:

Well, from the research I tried to gather from online sources, I came to the reasoning that it could be RAM or the HDD. Considering I was getting page file errors, and ntfs errors. So I got memtest+ (86) i think? Can't remember specifically, but the most recent ISO image from their site, and ran 3 passes with 0 errors. So more than likely not bad RAM.

Then I thought ok, it still could be bad sectors on the HDD. So I ran western Digitals HDD scanning tool. Ran the full test for the hour time, and it came back with 0 error.

Then I figured while I was there that I would just go ahead and write all 0's to the drive and hopefully that might get rid of any leftoever issues on the HDD for whatever reason.

Fresh install of Windows 7 with a Full Copy I borrowed from a fellow neighbor, and have been running that since.

All this gave no relief to the issue. I have now given up, b/c I believe the issue is bigger than what I can do to try and fix it. If it is not my hardware, then it must be something else right? I even tried the older Video Drivers from Nvidia and see if that would help. Nada.

I am going to try and track down my old Vista x64 disk and use that for the time being, and hopefully it is a known windows 7 x64 issue.

Thanks for taking the time to read and listen to my post, and if you have any insight on what can be done, I would appreciate the help.

Thanks again,



UPDATE: Ok, thanks for anyone that looked at my issue. I seemed to figure out that it was actually a bad module of RAM after all. It seems that memtest isn't the best method of seeing faulty RAM. Maybe it didn't see it having an Issue, but Windows sure did. I pulled out the bad stick, and I was able to install Windows 7 back up just fine with no Blue Screens as of writing this post. I will get in contact with Mushkin and start an RMA process.

I hope this post helps anyone else out there pulling out their hair trying to fix this issue, it's not your HDD, it is most likely your RAM,.

Thanks guys.


After setup homegroup and get its password ; didn't appear any window for asking password on other homegroup PC ,
According Win 7 help((

Click to open Network and Sharing Center.. Click Set up sharing with a homegroup. Click Join now, and then type the homegroup password.

but in Network and Sharing Center on other computer don't exist "sharing with a homegroup" option.
*both computers linked via ethernet cable straightly.
*in Network Map, the other PC exist.

Hello everyone. This is my first post and I just wanted to say hello and thank everyone in advance for their help.

Getting down to the problem. I have been using Windows 7 beta since the public launch from build 7000 to my current 7077 x64 with no problems what so ever. About 2 weeks ago (while running build 7077) my motherboard decided to crap out on me and I had to send it in to Intel for replacement. I received my new MB and installed all my hardware, did a complete format of my HDD and installed a fresh copy of build 7077 x64.

Through the setup process, I chose the Home Network option as I have always done in the past. However I can across two problems.

Problem 1. Windows is saying that my copy is not genuine, however, I am using the key provided to me by MS! So I try to validate online, which brings me to my second problem.

Problem 2. I am unable to connect to the internet! I have tried everything I can possibly think of! The Network and Sharing center lists my network as a public network. I try to change it, but it doesnt allow me to! I have tried to troubleshoot the device and connection, I do get an error which says: The network adapter doesn't have a valid ip configuration, or, no errors could be found! I am trying to connect via ethernet cable, I have also tried using this cable to connect to the internet via my other comp using build 7077 x64 and it connects fine.

Now to the hardware I am using:

My motherboard is an Intel DX48BT2 board with an Intel 82566SC-2 Gigabit network adapter. My cable modem is connected to my ZyXel x550 and I have the ethernet cable running to my comp. The wireless router is used for my other computers throughout the house. The computer I am typing on is connected via wireless connection and is running build 7077 x64 as well. This computer shows its network as Home.

I hope I have provided adequate information to paint a clear picture, please let me know if any additional information is required. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide.


Alright, as mentioned, this is a strange problem for me. Previously I had the settings in both host and client setup and both work very well; client PC get internet connection whenever the host PC connected. However, it no longer get the internet connection from host PC, after a few days of my ISP down time. I am not sure what's the problem that can cause this.

Below are my PCs configurations:

Host PC

Windows 7 x64 Pro
Two LAN cards: One is connected to an ADSL modem provided by ISP, the other one connected to cross-over cable

I had both LAN cards bridged together because previously I can't get the ICS and homegroup worked together without bridging. So now I have only one MAC bridged network in host PC. I used manual dialer for my broadband connection and I have enabled ICS in the dialer. My bridged LAN has DHCP enabled, and it automatically get an IP of with Gateway and DNS Server (I access my modem by this IP as well).

Client PC

Windows 7 x64 Pro
One LAN card: Connected to cross-over cable

The LAN card has DHCP enabled as well. The IP it get is and Gateway and DNS Server


With these configuration, I can have the file sharing worked, as well as the Homegroup. But internet connection still doesn't work for my Client PC even though I had enabled ICS on my host PC. I had tried to set the Gateway and DNS server on Client PC as my host PC IP (, but it still doesn't work for me. (I had previously used this configuration and it works, I don't know why it doesn't work now)

At the Client PC, there is one red cross in between the network (center) and internet (right) at Network and Sharing Center. When I clicked on it, it starts diagnose and it told me that 'the DNS server isn't responding' and it doesn't fix the problem for me. And when I check the full mapping of the connection in Client PC, Below is shown, with no connection to internet while the host is connected to internet.

Yfrog - problemc

I had tried to uninstall the LAN driver, update the LAN driver, run netsh winsock reset, run netsh ipconfig /renew, reset IE settings, but still seems deson't solve the problem.

And one thing surprises me is that even my host PC full mapping shows that I am not connected to internet, this is really weird as I am connected without problem and the first page of the network and sharing center shown me I am connected.

Yfrog - 39533861

Yfrog - 14949721

I suspecting the problem is caused by my host PC but I did everything that I know of but the problem still persists. Both PC doesn't change anything during the ISP downtime, and when the connection is back, this problem just suddenly come out from nowhere.

For my host PC, I had tried to uninstall drivers for both LAN cards, re-bridge, recreate the dialer etc. but still cannot solve the problem.

Any ideas guys? I knew it will be easier if buying a router to do internet sharing but I am kind of tight in the budget, and this p2p method works pretty smooth without problem except this time. Hope any experienced networking expert can shed some light on this problem. If you require to know any info, just ask me, I am more than willing to provide any infos.


Anyway, I would like to know is the internet sharing works without router? I checked on the guide for ICS and I found it is just using Wired Hub (which I presumed is Switch) and with ICS enabled, all computers can get the connection. Is it true? Switch is much more cheaper than a router, so I am thinking if a switch can solve the problem, I might consider getting a switch, but of course I would like to solve the problem without buying it.

I was running the 7000 build and had it running and networked with my wifes XP Pro machine I could see her C: drive and access it successfully but I have just installed the 7057 build and now I cannot see her computer at all yet she can see mine but not access it.

My setup is my computer has 2 gigabit ethernet ports, one is connected to my broadband modem the other port is connected to my wifes system, I can access the net with no problems but cannot see her system, My wife can access the net, she can also see my computer but not access it.

At this stage I have bridged the 2 ethernet ports on my system as that was how I got the networking going in the 7000 build.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated


I have Win7 connected via ethernet to router, and WinXP connected to same router via wireless. Both Internet work fine and using Win7 build 7000 the network worked also. Since upgrading to build 7057 I cannot get either machine to see each other on Network.

None of the solutions on this forum seem to work for me. I've setup home network on XP machine using "HOME" as the name, all file sharing enabled. I've disconnected from homegroup on Win7 and connected as a home network with all file sharing, etc enabled. I've reboot many time, etc.

This is driving me crazy, they don't even see each other! where as before they worked fine!


OK, I can now transfer my backup'd files from XP, which is all I needed to do for now. I'm getting restricted access in WinXP which shouldn't be too difficult to solve, I got this far by;

Leave homegroup, network as home.

Running network disk on win7, the small file that winXP network wizard makes as option - Not sure whether this made a difference.

In explorer folder, right click on computer icon, add a network connection, then yourcomputernameshareddocs I could then use my WinXP networked files.


I just took one of my blank hard drives and put it into my compaq presario desktop computer and formated windows 7 ultimate onto it. i have it setup as a daul boot computer. i have xp home edition on one drive and win7 on the new drive. i am not having any issues out of xp with the LAC. it picks up the router and has internet access and all. However Win7 did not automatically install drivers for my network card. (it is not wireless, its plugged through a ethernet cable) i inserted the manufacturers cd that came with the network card and installed the drivers. it's a netgear. that picked up the card and made it reconize a network connection. it reads it as a unidentified network, so it's receiving the network connection but has no internet access. when the system trouble shoots the issue, it comes back to "local area connection" has no valid ip configuration. what is the cause of this and does anyone know of a solution? i've been researching it for a couple days now and i see its a common issue but nobody's was exactly like mine so i can't figure out anything to do about it. i want to use windows 7 badly but it's no point without the internet. i'll take all the help i can get.

i use verizon dsl, and on my moms laptop the network name is the serial number on the bottom of the router, it supports wireless and ethernet cables so. maybe that will help also.

Dear Support Professionals,

I have two computers. Each has Windows 7 Ultimate. On the main computer I clicked START and then CONTROL PANEL. Under NETWORK & INTERNET I selected CHOOSE HOMEGROUP AND SHARING OPTIONS. At this point the system recognized that this computer already has a homegroup setup but I choose to add DOCUMENTS to the list of shared material. I clicked on save changes.

On computer #2, I clicked on the same buttons but at the end of the sequence, I got the message that "there is currently no home group on the network"

I can't seem to get by this roadblock.

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