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In a dual monitor setup, does anyone know if it is possible to take a screen capture of the left hand side monitor only. SHIFT + Print Screen captures both monitors.

Thank you


Hello, I used tweakUI to set up auto log on. The problem is that pressing the shift key does not stop auto logon. Does anyone know how to make this work or alternatively bring up the old style logon (I know about pressing ctrl + alt+del twice when the Logon screen is up but the screen is now currently bypassed because of tweakUI.


Chris (Hunt)

Before my recent "upgrade" (reinstalled XP on a clean HDD) I was able to access the webpage provided by our school system to check our children's grades. It's a secure webpage (https) and they provided us with a login and password.
I am not aware of having tried to get to that page since my reinstall (before now) - but now, when I type in the correct login and password, I get bounced back to the same login screen, only there's a white strip interposed at the top of the screen (it's actually as if the entire screen shifts down about 1/4 inch to make room for this 'white strip'), with the plain text words "Um, ut oh" (no quotes).
I'm all patched up, Microsoft software-wise, and I haven't messed with any settings in IE - I like to leave those alone.

My daughter is able to access the same webpage - using the same login and password - using her Mac. So the login information is valid.

Can anyone think of some setting I may have overlooked, or changed without meaning to, that may have this effect?

Good morning all,

I have a db that has user level security employed. I type in my user name and password and hold the shift key down before I click ok to bypass the startup screen and view the database window of tables, queries etc. This does not work on this database; used to work, but not any more. I have Full Permissions on this db. Any ideas?? TIA.

Suddenly now, when I press ctrl-shift-s, the screen fills with a color pictures slideshow. But I need ctrl-shift-s in one of my programs to "save as," and I've been using it for that for some time. I don't know why, but for the past few days, it gives me the unwanted slide show. Can anyone tell me how I can get it to stop giving me the slide show?

You've all been so helpful with my mom's computer, I hope you won't mind if I return to the source.

Somehow, in all the excitement, my mom managed to shift the desktop screen over to the left an inch or so. There's now a black bar on the right side. We can't figure out what she did or how to undo it.

Can anyone help?


My Dell XPS 9000 went wacko the other day. When switching users, the screen went black never to be seen again.
When rebooting, the power light is amber for several seconds then turns white. The hard drive seems to spin quite a bit, for several minutes before slowing. At some point in the boot process, there is a 'black color shift' noticeable on the screen and the mouse cursor appears and moves with the mouse. During the boot process there is nothing on the screen and hasn't been for a while.

Once during a boot, I got 5 beeps musically moving up and down followed by 3 sets of 2 beeps.
I can access my hard drive through a networked PC so the hard rive appears to work.

I opened the PC and re-seated everything and made sure all connectors were tight. Same result. I've thought about removing the graphics card but am not sure if the PC would default to the onboard graphics.

Dell XPS 9000, Win 7 Home, NVidia GT 220

Any thoughts on this whole mess?

This is driving me bonkers. I accidentally slipped while trying a Shift-Ctrl-N (set Normal style) on the keyboard and the display has rotated 90 degress counter-clockwise.
Display and mouse. (When my hand slides the mouse to the right, it goes vertically up the screen, when I slide down it goes to the right; this does strange things to my brain at this hur of the night)

I'm typing this on the other machine, my old Big beige Box - same shared monitor - so this BBB machine with the CRT is OK, but the Laptop computer using this CRT is not OK.
The Laptop LCD is rotated too.
I must have triggered something in the laptop.

There is no Windows key and no (laptop) Fn key on this old beige keyboard. Whatever I did I did through this keyboard.
I've tried rebooting.
Run through (screen) right-click properties. I see nothing there that suggests rotation.

Run through troubleshooting. Nada.

I have some mining clients who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The shifts go from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for coping with this situation really well as they always seem to have problems? I have stressed the importance of matching the hours in Tools, Options, Calendar with Tools, Change Working Time but they still seem to have difficulty with the night shift workers. I am attaching a doc giving a screen shot of the default night shift times and two of my own suggested day and night shift times. Is this the best way to be doing this? The day shift is fine because it is always on the one actual day but the issue seems to be that the clients can't cope with the fact that the night shift crosses two days, so while they think in terms of night through to morning, they really need to be thinking of what day it is. Thus on any given actual day ... say a Tuesday ... they firstly work from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM and then again from 6:00 PM to midnight. Hope you can follow this and I look forward to any hints and thoughts.

I am running Word with XP Pro. It has developed a nuisance, in that certain parts of the screen do not refresh. For instance, when I am in a table, I sometimes need to add types of tabs. The tab bar shows, but I cannot click on it. If I switch from Page View to Normal (OR vice versa) the screen redraws and I can use this feature.

I am also having a another problem, mostly with the Tab bar. I switch back and forth between Excel and Word. SOmetimes there is a residual part of the Excel screen visible. Again, the forced redraw by shifting screens does the job.

Is there a quick keystroke (or even a menu option) that will force Word to redraw the screen so I don't have to shift views? (And, has anybody heard of this before?)

When I open Windows explorer to see my computers folders and files, it is okay in the middle view (not minimized, not maximized) but if I put it up to maximize, it shifts down and to the right so the bottom and right edge are off the screen and I cannot access the minimize and close buttons in the top right hand corner. It has only just started doing this and I cannot drag it back up where it belongs with the bar at the top.

How can I get it moved back where it should be?

I have a screencasting program; its name is total screen recorder gold. I am a game lover and I like using it to record the games then I update to I recently like playing a game which name is Chinese chess soul ; it is an ancient game of intelligence. I often play it with my families.

I often choose the region which is full screen because I like playing games with a full screen. In fact this software can allow us to select any region where we want to recorder: random region, specified window, full screen, fix size and fixed region.

I often use one feature of screen recorder software, which it could set the start time by myself. When I set the time, the software will default a full screen recording.

You know I can’t set the time very accurately. So sometimes the screen recorder software starts to record but I don’t start to play. Facing with this situation, I quickly enter the “Shift+ F4”. This is a hotkey. I think it is a nice feature by starting and stopping the software .
This software can put out four formats but I found out the avi format is the highest quality. But the flv formal is the smallest size in my experience.
For this software, my favorite is that I can record screen and audio at the same time, I remember my father teaching me how to play Chinese chess soul and when we play chess, he tells me why he moves the chess in there. So I let my father use the microphone when he explains it for me.
This is my experience for using total screen recorder gold to record Chinese chess soul. I want to share with everyone by using the word and picture not the video.
I hope every one like my article.

I had to reformat my Win 8 DP partition and then restore from an Image I had created. When I did this I lost the fancy new Win 8 DP Boot Screen (boot loader). I did have to go into Win 7 and use EasyBCD to add my Win 8 DP OS to the MBR, but the boring old Win 7 boot screen comes up, even when I identify the Win 8 DP OS as the default OS. I can boot into either OS but would like the WIn 8 DP boot screen back.

I did try booting to the Win 8 DP installation media, click Shift+F10 to bring up a command prompt and executr the following:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /scanos

This all executed successfully, but all I get is that same boring Win 7 boot screen.

I also ran a Repair Install from the Win 8 DP installation media. Did not find and / or fix the problem.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get it back?

Last November my flatmate upgraded her desktop from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

After she got used to the new UI, all seemed to be going well. Then, a few weeks ago, she began having problems with BSOD's related to netio.sys. She found some information about updating drivers for her network card, but whatever change she was able to make didn't seem to help much, although the BSOD's did decrease.

But about a week ago her system started to "freeze" for no apparent reason, and these "freezes" were sometimes accompanied by a BSOD caused by "CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT". The only way to recover from these conditions was to reboot.

It has now become so bad that, after rebooting, there is not enough time to launch any program before the system freezes or blue screens again.

The only information she can find about the problem suggests that she should boot in Safe Mode to update some more drivers and her system's BIOS. But she can't get a scanning program to run on the computer before it freezes to find out what drivers to update, and there doesn't seem to be any way to get the system to boot in Safe Mode. We've tried Shift-F8, but that doesn't work, and when we tried to get to the Advanced System Options using her distribution DVD, it seems to be booting into the Recovery Drive somehow and doesn't give her the option to request a restart in Safe Mode.

She tried using Automatic Repair, but that made no difference either.

So can anyone please give us some ideas on how to fix her system's problems?

If we can't find something soon, she'll have to backup all her data (using a UBCD4Win CD or Knoppix or Slax), flatten her drive and reinstall Win 7, which may mean she'll lose some 3rd party programs she's paid for and installed directly from the web.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Put it on a new tablet PC and you have a paradigm shift, at least for Microsoft, as significant as what Apple did when it released the iPad, including the ability to run touch-screen apps designed specifically for mobile devices.

Source: Yahoo! News

Some of these are new, others are the same keyboard shortcuts we've known for years. Note that "charms" refer to an element of the Metro interface

Win + Spacebar : Switch the input language and keyboard layout
Win + C : Open the Charms
Win + D : Show the desktop
Win + E : open Windows Explorer
Win + F : Open the Search panel
Win + H : Open the Share charm
Win + I : Open the Settings charm
Win + K : Open the Connect charm
Win + L : Lock the computer
Win + O : Lock the screen rotation
Win + Q : Open the search pane
Win + R : Open run
Win + V : Cycle through toasts
Win + W : Opens the Settings search panel
Win + Y : Peek at the desktop
Win + Z : open the app bar
Win + Shift + V : Reverse cycle through toasts
Win + Enter : Launch the narrator
Win + PgUp : Move tiles to the left
Win + PgDn : Move tiles to the right
Win + Shift + . : Move the split to the left
Win + . : Move the split to the right

Anyone else found more? Post them here.

Here is the problem. I'm an IT pro and I'm in the process of creating Windows 8 Pro (64-bit) images for my workplace using audit mode (i have done this countless times on windows 7). The problem is, the 'Change PC settings' button does NOT work when I click on it in audit mode. Nothing happens at all, the charms bar just slides away as it should, and then....nothing.

Heres what I'm doing:

1. Installing Windows 8 using our (MAK) dvd on my base image PC (Dell Optiplex 780). This is a CLEAN install on a wiped hard disk using verified installation media.
2. I Press Ctrl-SHift-F3 at the 'Personalize' screen to launch audit mode
3. The system logs in as it should with the built-in admin account

At this stage, Windows is not yet activated. The change PC settings button does not work.

I then:

4. Activate Windows 8 using the 'slui 3' command to input my volume product key. This activates OK.
5. I reboot to complete activation
6. I verify in system settings that windows IS activated.

The 'change pc settings' button still does not respond at this stage (nothing happens at all, no errors etc). And this is with ZERO changes to the PC.

Attempted Workarounds

For the record, I have tried countless things in a bid to fix this, including but not limited to:

* put the resolution to 1024x768 (as some forums recommended) - 'change PC settings' still not working.
* installing ALL available windows updates (before activation, after activation etc) - 'change PC settings' still not working.
* updated the PC bios and tried again - 'change PC settings' still not working.
* I have created new local accounts (admin and non admin) just to test it using the new accounts, and that doesnt work either.
* I have wiped the disk and attempted complete wipe and reinstalls countless times (and on 3 different models of PC), with the same result. 'change PC settings' still not working.
* tried countless possible fixes found in forums all over the web - none of which worked.

I have done all this and more, countless times, and in countless different orders to try and beat this thing, but to no avail.

Technical information:

When I try and click 'Change PC settings' the following is always recorded in Event Viewer:

"Event 5973, Apps

Activation of!mi failed with an error: This app failedto launch because of an issue with it's license. Please try again in a moment. See the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operation log for additional information."

This error is the same in event viewer before and after windows activation, and occurs on all instances of me clicking the 'change pc settings' button.

I have tried countless workarounds, but cannot go ahead creating an image without the functionality of 'change pc settings'. I have even called the Microsoft Automated line to provide my key and input the activation key they gave me to ensure activation was good - STILL didn't fix it.

I need to know how to fix this, as I know this feature SHOULD be enabled in audit mode. Is it something to do with the BIOS? or a local policy item that needs to be edited? I have searched for and tried lots of fixes but to no avail.

I even downloaded a different copy of Win 8 professional using MSDNAA with its own license key. I installed this, went to audit mode and the EXACT same thing happens - 'change pc settings' doesnt work. Even after activation - no 'change PC settings' doesnt work.

I've searched for days on this, and all i see is recommendations to refresh the system. Please know in advance, this is no use to me. I am doing complete re-installs from scratch and the problem persists.


1. This happens whether I am using the Volume license disk or the MSDNAA disk
2. This happens on different computer models and laptops (pre/post activation)
3. This happens on COMPLETELY clean installs. No modifications/additions made. The behavious starts on its first boot into the built-in admin profile, and continues after updates, activation, software installation, tweaks, attempted fixes etc.

If i actually run sysprep when in audit mode, and the PC restarts, goes through the oobe process and boots into (normal) windows, the 'change pc settings' WILL work! It just will NOT work in audit mode. Please help and address this issue asap, as I know for a fact I'm not the only one with it. Do I need to use a PC with a certain bios type to run audit mode? Is there a problem with activation in audit mode? Do you have to be activated to use the 'change pc settings' button? Who knows!

I would really appreciate any help with this, as it's really holding me back. I know this is a looonnng post, but I wanted to include as much information as possible to save time.

Thanks in advance.

I was going to go find these when another Forum Member beat me to it, LOL. Thanks for that!! Anyway, being the big, handy help that they are, I feel they should be a Sticky, though, not just sure in what section of our W8 Forum. Nor can I find or recall where his entry was or in what thread. So anyway, here they are & I humbly take no credit although I added some:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8:
[WIN KEY] Open Metro Start Screen
Arrow (Direction) Keys will scroll through Start tiles
[WN KEY] >Desktop, (Can need tapping depending on location)
[Esc Key] (Once or twice) > Desktop
[WIN KEY] + C Open Charms bar
[WIN KEY] + I Desktop settings, quick access to power/shutdown/restart
[WIN KEY] + Snaps
grab an open window or an app, @ the top, take it left or right to Snap (split the screen).
[WIN KEY] + Up Arrow gives Full screen
[WN KEY] + Down Arrow back to original window state
[WIN KEY] + W Search Settings
[WIN KEY] + F Search Files
[WIN KEY] + D Go to Desktop anytime, from anywhere
[WIN KEY] + . Snap current app to right side
[WIN KEY] + Shift + . Snap current app to left side
[WIN KEY] + , Peek at the Windows desktop
[WIN KEY] + Q Search Apps (from Desktop)
[WIN KEY] + Z (from Start) Display app bar & ALL APPS icon > All Apps display
Rt Clk, when on Start, also, gives app bar w/ All Apps icon
[WIN KEY] + Enter Narrator
[WIN KEY] + K Devices
[WIN KEY] + L Lock Screen
[WIN KEY] + H Share options
[WIN KEY] + P Projector/Display options
[WIN KEY] + R Run a command
[WIN KEY] + U Ease of Access Center
[WIN KEY] + X Quick access to a variety of system functions
[WIN KEY] + PageUp/PageDown multiple monitors, swap which 1 the Start screen is on
[WIN KEY] + PrtScreen Save .png screenshot of desktop in Pictures library
[WIN KEY] + = Magnifier Larger
[WIN KEY] + - Magnifier Smaller
[WIN KEY] + Tab Gives LF Side Panel scroll through open windows (nicer than Alt + Tab)
Alt + Tab Scrolls through open windows
You can just hit Ctrl at the lock screen instead of dragging with the mouse.
Ctrl-Alt-Del Access to lock, switch user, sign out, Task Manager, power, accessibility

Mouse Tips for Windows 8:
• Move mouse to upper or lower right-hand of screen will open the Charms bar, slide mouse up or down to access.
• In Desktop app, click far right of taskbar to show desktop(minimize all apps), just like Windows 7
• Move mouse to upper-left, then slide cursor down to reveal running app thumbnails
• Move mouse to lower-left, then slide cursor up to reveal running app thumbnails
• Move mouse to upper-left and click mouse repeatedly to cycle through apps
• When in the "app thumbnail bar" (upper-left) right-click thumbnails for options to snap left/right or close app.
* Pull an open App to the bottom of the screen & it will close.
• Move mouse to lower-left and click for Metro Start menu (you can right-click it for a handy menu)
• Move mouse to top edge of screen in a Metro app and the cursor will change to a hand, drag
• down to the bottom of the screen to close the app.
• In Metro Start screen click button in lower-right to activate semantic zoom. You can right-click a group of tiles to name them. Click anywhere to exit semantic zoom. Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel zooms the Start Menu in and out too.
• Drag tiles anywhere to arrange them. Drag between two groups of tiles and a vertical thick white bar will appear,
dropping a tile on that bar will create a new group.

The menu one gets by Rt Clk @ the bottom-left... not only can you get that when @ Desktop but, also, when @ Start or any other screen, even an App screen.

Whilst @ Desktop, Start is @ bottom-left & Apps @ top-left
But, @ Start, Desktop is @ bottom-left, Apps @ top-left
And when @ an App, Desktop is @ top-left & Start is @ bottom-left

You can, also, Search by beginning to type anywhere on the Start screen

Start can be moved laterally by the mouse & w/out using the scroll bar.

Update 22-03-2012

This can only be done from open Desktop space but, that takes nothing away from its coolness!!
Alt+F4 gives

NB: Credit to Dave for this. Thank you.


My brother said his computer was lagging to he shut off his computer, and when he turned it back on, nothing would load; I turned the computer on and it logs into the user but none of the tiles will load. It takes me straight to a black screen with a bar at the bottom, and after about 45 seconds it brings up a window with the title "Microsoft Windows" and tells me its not responding, and asks to either end the process or wait - this doesn't allow clicks, it gives me the hourglass icon.

Ctrl+Alt+Del brings up the menu, and logging out/restarting hangs, clicking "Lock" successfully locks, but after clicking and logging in, it goes straight back to the black screen.

Pressing alt+tab brings up two-four windows but none of them have titles when filtering through

pressing f8 on start doesn't bring up safe mode (I'm used to windows 7)

pressing shift+f8 doesn't do anything either

To get and keep a full window in IE8 I have to use the maximize button initally. Once done, IE8 opens in a full window every time. But, anytime I click a link I get a half screen. I have tried stretching the screen and holding ctrl or shift while closing the page and that fixes nothing. The next time a link is selected, it opens in a half screen. I have tried everything I know that has helped partial frames in the past with XP and Vista. I have never had to use the maximize button to get a full window with the initial window either. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

I have reformated back to Vista and no longer need any help. The more forums I read, the more I am convinced that 7 is not my cup of tea. Seams there are too many anoyances built into the package for this old dog to change to. Half screens and wide screen resolution linitations are just too much to deal with.

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