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I found this in another Forum. Many have asked how to do this:

For those (of us) that want to stay on the old familiar Desktop when using Win-8, having the charms bar pop up when we touch the right corners of the screen, is just not acceptable.
Here's a fix that removes that activity.

How to disable the Edge UI panels aka Charms Bar and Switcher in Windows 8
1. Open Registry Editor (press Win+R, type regedit.exe in Run dialog and press Enter) and go to key
2. HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurre ntVersionImmersiveShell
3. Create here a new key “EdgeUI“.
4. Select the EdgeUI key in the left pane and create two new DWORD values in the right pane of Registry Editor.
⦁ DisableTLcorner – stands for “Disable Top-Left corner”. Set it to 1, and Switcher will not appear when you move your mouse to the top-left corner of the screen. Note that it will still appear if you move the pointer to the bottom-left corner and then move it upwards along the left edge of the screen.
⦁ DisableCharmsHint – Set it to 1 to disable the Charms bar when using the mouse. It will not appear when you move the pointer to the top-right or bottom-rights corners. But as above, if you move the pointer to the top-right corner and then move it down along the right edge of the screen (or from the bottom-right corner up to the screen center along the right edge), it’ll appear again.

both settings prevent the Edge UI panels from appearing accidentally. They will take effect immediately - you do not need to restart Windows Explorer or log off. You will still be able to show them when you actually want to use them.
If you want to enable the default behavior of Switcher, simply set DisableTLcorner value to 0 or delete it. Same goes for DisableCharmsHint value – set it to 0 or delete it to enable the Charms Bar popup.
For those who prefer ready-made registry files:
Download Edge UI Tweaks, found here:

Now we can enjoy our Desktop in peace. Very Cool!. The Charms Bar is still available, but does not pop up until you actually put your cursor in the Top, Right or Bottom Right corner and slide it along the right edge, then Charms pops up. Gives a way to not have Charms pop up when you do not want it, but still have it easily available when you wish to use it. This is a hack many were asking for.

This does work with my Win 8 Ent. Eval. edition. I used the automatic Registry option and it worked like a charm.

Thanks DrWho

Title: ZoneAlarm
Version: 2.1.44
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Download Size:1.66MB
Rating: ZdNet 5*
ZoneAlarm is an easy-to-use Internet security utility that sets up a personal firewall that's particularly well suited to DSL and cable modem users. Computers with such an always-on connection have a permanent IP address, making them especially vulnerable to information theft and other attacks. ZoneAlarm lets you select one of three security levels to separately apply to local and Internet traffic. In addition, you can designate which programs on your computer are allowed to access the Internet. Anytime an event occurs that ZoneAlarm blocks, you're notified with a pop-up window that details the offense and asks how to respond to future occurrences. The program also provides integrated protection against VB script email attachments. Its system-tray icon even provides a handy menu that enables you to disable all Internet activity with a mouse click. You can also set this "lock up" to activate automatically after a selected period of inactivity or whenever your screen saver activates. Detailed logging of all activity is maintained. The program is free for personal use; other customers must pay $19.95 per seat.
Download From/Reviews:,,0015P7,.html
I use it. I love it.

See the long discussion in the locked Free Firewall thread for more info.

Post any new comments or questions here.

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