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(I know that in Nov. Microsoft said that Windows 7 will not support dual video cards!!) I love my tri-screens and wish I could used them in the beta! I have ATI video cards ("technology made by nVidia and ATI are not stable and will cause unstable performance, crashes and frustration to users"- Microsoft)... Will Windows 7 every support dual video cards? Has any tried a non-nVidia/ATI dual card set up? Or, bigger question did any get dual video cards to work? Come on people! Microsoft had since Nov. to fix this one! Will it be fixed (is it fix and I am just stupid ) or do I have to say goodbye to my tri-screens.

Humm vista with tri-screens or Windows 7 with dual screens that is the question....
-(OMG I will not go back to vista!!! )

Hello evryone. I have been searching allover the net ofr a lasting forx for this probem for days but to no avail:

I have Seven home Premium, a Nvidia GeForce 988 GX2 and two 22 inch TFT displays. At first I had no issues at all runnig the two dispalys for weeks just after the install of Seven, without even bothering to install any specific drivers for the card. But after a while I got to optimizing and installed the current drivers for my card and thats when the problems started.

Now I have a seemingly random (50%) chance, at a random time between 1 and 20 minutes after I first start the computer for the day, that one or both screens will shut off for no good reason. If it happens to the 2nd screen I can still access the settings and see that only 1 screen is recognized and that the nvidia drivers are gone.
WHn I now reboot, it stays the same but if the main monitor was the one to go out, it is now on with the other off and I can then see that the drives are missing and the 2nd screen is not recognized.

The only fix I have so far found is to:
1. reinstall the drivers
2. reboot, disable Multi-GPU for the card so it can be used in dual screen mode
3. shut off the comp, unplug both screens and boot up till it should be in windows login screen
4. shut off again, shut off the power to the comp, then wait for a minute or so
5. plug evrything back in, give the comp power again, boot up and it works

This process has been worked out in a laborous process of trial and error over the last 2 weeks. I am really at my wits end as to why it happens and how to make it stop.

The drivers as I said are the current ones. Multi-GPU is disabled, logically it should work without problems.

I am not too sure whether this was a TMM problem or was it my graphics card... But I am sure that when i had TMM disabled in Vista it fixed this issue so in Windows 7 right now, whenever I close my laptop lid (while connected to an external monitor) it moves my desktop to the the external monitor... I tried disabling TMM through regedit but that did nothing..

I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue? so then my desktop does not move over whenever i close my laptop screen?
I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, on a HP dv6500t with NVIDIA 8400m gs graphics card

thx for any help

I just did a clean install of Windows 7 , then reinstalled ATI catalyst manager (selected the proper Windows 7 version from their web site)
- both screens are showing the same thing - they are identical
- Windows 7 does not detect the 2nd screen. When I go to 'Screen Resolution, it only shows 1 screen available
Any solution ?

I was happy to see that when I installed windows 7 it automatically recognized my dual monitor setup - I could move things monitor to monitor, they were not just "cloned"

My pet peave though is I can't change the wall paper on each monitor seperatly, I must use the same one for both of them, and I can;t stretch 1 wallpaper across both.

I used to use Ultramon to do this in XP - But alas, does not work with Windows 7

Has anyone found a solution to this?

So, I've been looking around Windows 7 for a bit and haven't been able to find a solution to what I'm looking for. Has anyone seen or heard of you being able to put up two different wallpapers if you are dual monitoring? What I mean is, one wallpaper on one screen and a different one on the other. I know I can get ultramon and do this, but I was looking to see if Windows 7 came out with a feature to do this yet. It would be nice. Thanks guys.

Hey, I'm new to these forums. I've just moved from another community.

Anyways, I've just got my dual screen set up. Set up and am running into a small problem of when I have an full screen app running, If I click on my other screen it goes to the desktop/minimizes. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a good dual monitor program that helps to avoid such issues.

Thank you in advance.

Just bought Acer iconia dual screen tablet. Turned on and after while I notified that text on bottom monitor is blurry. 3hours discovery and finaly found the PROBLEM. Second screen true orientation is bottom up. This screen uses windows orientation landscape (flipped), so normaly would this screen display text bottom up ;-))), hard to believe how much ingenuity acer engineers and designers showed....
Both screens are driven by single Intel graphic card, both has same subpixel orientation (RGB I guess...) measured from letf top corner. But as bottom screen is flipped (180degrees rotated), clear type sw render engine begins render from opposite side and text is very hard to read.
Setup clear type for second screen doesn't work, went over all steps of clear type wizard, select proper sample, apply and ... no change, still same problem.
Temporarily I've disabled clear type and all font antialias magic (which haven't applied everywhere in W7).... so screen looks bit funny, but it is not funny, cause this is rather expensive device and here are my questions:
1. how Acer Iconia dual passed Windows HW compatibility test, since it is NOT W7 compatible ?
2. any update or fix on horizon to resolve clear type on rotated monitor ?


i've switched to windows 7 last week from windows xp, i have dual monitors, i used to be able to watch a video on 1 monitor and play a game on the other with no problems on xp, now with windows 7 with the same settings,(except i have 4gigs of ram with windows 7 instead of 3 woth xp), ill play a game on 1 screen but the video will be very choppy on the other, anyway to fix that?
thank you

I have just "upgraded" from XP to WIndows 7 and my last remaining issue is the fact that I cannot get widescreen wallpaper to span both of my monitors. Instead the wallpaper is repeated for each screen - even though the same wallpaper sapnned both monitors in XP.

I tried all of the Stretch, Tile and Fill otions - but that made no difference.

Does anybody know of a setting to enable the wallpaper to span both screens?

I have changed the logon screen to display a different wallpaper (my own), but it only displays on screen 1 at logon screen.

The second screen has a solid black background. Does Windows 7 have the ability to put the picture on screen 2 as well?

Hi all. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 and a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, which are both connected to each other. My graphics card is the NVIDIA 8400 GS and I am using Windows 7.

I have setup the dual screen e.g. my laptop screen is a mirror image of the Samsung and vice a versa.

What I want is to run Linux via a virtual machine on the one screen, while reading tutorials and other media on the other screen, with out constantly minimizing and maxing on one screen.

What is the procedure to do this? Help would be much appreciated.

Hello All,

I would like to attach a second screen to my 'puter, but do not want to
stretch my desktop to that second screen (one is a monitor, the other is a
TV screen). How would I do that ?

I've googled for it, but did not see much but for the two-screen, single
desktop configuration. What I (think I) need is two seperate desktops, each
on their own monitor.

I'm asking this because I do not want to run the chance that an app by
accident gets started on the space of the second monitor (the TV screen),
which at that time could off or be occupied otherwise.

In short: Is there a manual available that describes how to do that (and how
to switch between those two seperate screens/desktops)

Rudy Wieser

I have a fairly complex spreadsheet with multiple tabs. What I want to do is display different tabs on different screens (I have a dual screen PC). But I cannot find out if Excel 2010 will support that. I have tried "New Window", "Split screen" and anything else that looks vaguely like splitting the spreadsheet up, but it will not do it.

Does anyone have a solution to this? I don't want to create a second copy of the spreadsheet since it then means I can only edit on one screen.

Thanks for any help


WE are going from a single screen system to a dual screen system at church. Under ordinary conditions, both screens will be showing the same image. But maybe, under some extraordinary conditions, we would want to run different images on each screen. Easiest way would be to hook up a second computer, of course, and this would work if the two screens were intended to be independent displays. But suppose we wanted the displays to be different but coordinated? Is there a combo of Powerpoint and hardware that would support that? A single presentation controlling images going to two different screens?

CNET and Ars Technica both have interesting pieces on the silent death of Microsoft?s dual-screen tablet, the Courier. (CNET?s is a two part series that you can read here and here.) To make a long story short, the 130 person team working on the Courier was disbanded when the product was scrapped by Microsoft founder ...

Source: Yahoo! News

Asustek Computer hosted a launch conference for its Windows 8-based products on October 24 in New York, showcasing several new machines including the dual-screen Taichi, which is set to sell in November at US$1,299-1,599, and three new tablets with a 10.1-inch Windows 8-based model priced at US$499.

Source: Yahoo! News

The dual-screened Asus Taichi. (Credit: Asus) Think you've got a handle on what Windows 8 means for laptops and tablets? Based on Asus' announcement of a bevy of new products at IFA, you're not even close. Asus' wild new Windows 8 laptops and tablets (photos) 1-2 of 10 Scroll Left Scroll Right Asus has been a champion of aggressive design ideas for years, and to the company's credit, a lot of ...

Source: Yahoo! News

See that? It's not your daddy's flip hybrid tablet -- it's the new dual-display laptop prototype from the fine people at Samsung. The body of the notebook is certainly in the vein of a MacBook Air or ultrabook, with slim metal slides that taper off into a point. The palm rests, meanwhile, are a brushed metal, with black chiclet-style keys above. On the bezel above the screen is a camera. The ...

Source: Yahoo! News

The Microsoft Visual C++ team has built a Windows 8 app that takes much of its inspiration and code from Microsoft's never-realized Courier dual-screen tablet.

Source: Yahoo! News

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