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I am using a dell studio 1555 in combo with a benq E2200HD 22" widescreen monitor.
It has an ati 4570hd card in it. I am connected to the monitor using Hdmi > Dvi

The problem is on many of the resolutions i am getting a black border around the edge.
Now i understand this is because it needs to be scaled using software apparently?

The problem is in the CCC under the notebook display you can scale.
But under the monitor the scaling options are greyed out.

I tried to remove the dell version of the CCC and then installed a version off the ati website but it would not accept the install. (Ati technologies folder appears empty after intall).

Therefore i have reverted back to the latest dell CCC drivers from the dell website. Dated 10/12.

Any ideas on this? Many thanks

I have a problem that when I customize my desktop the bar at the bottom (I don't know what it is called) where the start menu is is clean, but has lines going diagonal and it does this for all my themes and I don't know why it is doing this or how to fix it help!

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Operating System Window Home Premium 64 Bit
Computer Type Inspiron 570 Minitower
OS Service Pack SP1
Internet Explorer Version 9.0.8112.16421
DirectX Version 11
CPU Type and Speed AMD Sempron 140 Processor
Motherboard Chipset Dell (They won't give me details just say it's a Dell Motherboard)
System BIOS Revision 08.00.15
System Memory Type 2GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz
Video Card Type and Speed Integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 Graphics
Computer Monitor Dell IN1910 18.5 Inch Flat Panel Monitor
Sound Card AMD High Definition Audio Device
Speakers Unsure
Headset/Microphone None
Hard Drive 320GB - 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache
Optical Drives 16X DVD+/-RW Drive
Keyboard and Mouse Dell USB Keyboard/Mouse
Modem-Router Type Linksys
Network Adapter NETGEAR WNA1100 Wireless Network USB Adapter
Printer HP PSC 2175 All-in-One
Network Speed 0.97 Mbps Upload & Download
Anti-virus Software Norton 360
Productivity Suite Microsoft Office 2007
Computer Skill Level Average Ability
Windows Experience Index 3.5
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Join Date May 2008 Posts 1,637 Re: Problem With Customization It is not easy to see from your picture, that there is any fault? Can you make it bigger and repost?
Or do you mean the white line about three quarters along? If so, it looks to me like you them is showing through the transparency setting - not really a problem, but could be eliminated if it bothers you?

I have fresh install of COD:WaW on an Intel SSD with Win7-64. I also have the game installed on my other HD, a WD Raptor with Win XP-32 bit. My Dell monitor's native resolution is 1920x1200. Under Win XP, I ran the game at 1600x1200 with no problems in 'full-screen'.

On the other new Intel SS drive with Win7-64, the game will NOT run correctly at 1600x1200. It 'runs' in a window with graphical glitches and very slowly (unplayable). I tried different nVidia drivers...helped a bit. I did not want to run the game at 1920x1200 as the computer slows down in performance. Speed on the online game server is critical to my son and me in this game.

I still have to optimize Win7-64 for gaming. I am not sure what SPECIFIC services/processes I can shut off to maximize the speed of my computer. Can anyone help me with details on this?

Thank you.

The NVIDIA Drivers installed by Windows Update when I installed Windows 7 64-bit worked fine on my 2 Dell 24" Monitors but not all the NVIDIA "extras" were present. I receved an email this week from NVIDIA stating that their new driver, 195.62, was available for Windows 7. I downloded fromthe link in the email, uninstalled the old NVIDIA drivers, restarted my PC and began the installation of 195.62. Went so far and then I received the message "The system has not been modified. To install . . . . . "
Since then I have searched NVIDIA Forums and noted many people had the same problem with different NVIDIA cards. I tried all the solutions given without any luck, e.g. uninstalled the drivers in Device Manager, uninstalled NVIDIA from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, rebooted, stopped Windows 7 trying to install new drivers, etc., all without any luck. I even tried Windows Update again to try to get back to the original drivers installed when I upgraded to Windows 7 only to be told the newest drivers were installed! I even tried updating the drivers through Device Manager, only to get the same message. Windows Restore wouldn't even go back 2 Restore Points.
As you can guess I have got very frustrated after working on this for over 2 days and I am now typing this on the one monitor that's working in glorious VGA 800 X 600 resolution! Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.

For my sins I have installed on my laptop and the one driver probelm I can not resolve is the video controller I need.

I ran a report to see the video card installed and it tells me it is a Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller (64 MB)

I have tried updating the driver but to no avail.

The main problem is that i usually use 2 monitors that worked perfectly with XP service pack 3 installed. Now I can not get the 2nd monitor to act as an extended desktop. It will only clone the original screen

Would love to solve this


I have a Dell computer with a Nividia Quatro NVS 295 graphics card. I have been running dual monitors for at least a month and they worked perfectly. Then one day the secondary one went black. I restarted with only the secondary monitor plugged in to ensure there was not a problem with the monitor. It booted with no problems.

With both plugged in I went into the display settings and the secondary one is detected for one second, then it is not. It keeps doing this detection then no detection every second.

Can anyone help?

Hi fellow beta testers,

I have had an issue with windows 7 seems to affect all versions atleast for me. The issue is that my monitors 90% of the time will not go to power saving mode on their own after the computert has been idle. Occasioanlly the screensaver will not start either, in which case I am left with static images on my screens for hours.

I think the later issue may be due to media applications (vlc, winamp) not releasing their hold on the system to not start the screensaver.

I've also considered the fact that my mouse is very sensitive and maybe subtle vibrations are enough to keep the screen saver / power saving from starting. I've disconnected that for long periods with no change.

I guess i'm looking for suggestions for troubleshooting my issues. Or just to see if anyone else is having similar problems. My relevant stystem specs at the moment are:
Win 7 7077
geforce 260
One Dell 2208WFP connected via DVI
One Samsung Synchmaster 940n connected via DVI
Video Driver from nvidia's webpage version[/INDENT]


Upon rebooting my computer from hibernation mode or waking it up from sleep, my computer like shuts down half way. The monitor turns black as if the computer has been idle. my keyboard is turned off as well. my mouse is still powered and the computer is still running but I don't know why. I then have to manually shut it down and reboot it. It happens every time I hibernate or let it sleep.

24inch Dell monitor 1920x1200

Win7 Prof x64
EVGA Nvidia 750i
Intel Q6600 @ ~2.6GHz
2TB Hitachi Deskstar
3GB Ram
Zotac 8800 gts 512mb (g92) Attached Files 091710-19437-01.dmp (359.4 KB, 51 views) 092210-36067-01.dmp (358.9 KB, 48 views) Last edited by ionpulse; 09-24-2010 at 04:48 PM. Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Jul 2009 Posts 7,900 Re: I need help Screen turning off on its own after rebooting from hibernation Hello and Welcome to the windows7forums. : )

See if you have any .dmp files in C:WindowsMinidump, attach them. If no recent .dmp's there, then this is not a bsod problem.

Make sure you have enough free space on your system drive, and also a good idea to update your drivers to the latest versions, if you haven't done so yet.

I will be the first to admit that I am not great at computers, but I know enough to know that something isn't right with mine. 3 days ago, I began to use my new Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop, which I recieved over the holidays. I haven't downloaded anything that I can think of, except Avast (virus scanner someone suggested me to download) and Windows Live Messenger, which I haven't heard of causing any other problems when it's been downloaded ( I have it on my Xp computer upstairs, and I didn't have any issues.).

First, I got the BSOD, they came up randomly, once when playing spider solitaire, then when going on the internet randomly, once when Adobe tried to open something, and so on and so forth, my point is that I couldn't find any connection between it all.

Then, the Dell website asked me to do a System File Checker, which came up with the following results: Verification is 99% complete. Windows Ressource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.log windirCBSCBS.log. I havent got a clue what that all means, but I don't think it should be happening to a new computer.

Next, I am asked to go through Reliability and Performance Monitor. When doing so, I noticed that a)some of the BSOD weren't logged (???) and b) that when I clicked Software (un)installs(and went under activity status), for the past three days, most have them have been failing, which I never knew about, and for no reason apparent to me.

I've ran multiple virus scans, with nothing to show, they all come up completely clean, not even a cookie. It might be helpful, this is my stop error number:
OS Stopped Working Version 6.0.600 0x000000c5(0xacbaa8d8,0x00000002,0x00000001,0x81ce7868)
(Another one, later on the same day) OS Stopped Working 0x000000c5(0xcca448d8,0x00000002,0x00000001,0x81ce88d9)

Here are the specs on my laptop:
Processor: Intel(R) Penitum(R) Dual cpu T2310 @ 1.46GHz
Memory: 2038(MB)
System Type: 32-Bit Operating System

I have made many trips through other forum sites, and been through the Dell troubleshooting page, with no answers, just a lot of questions. Hopefully thats where this search stops! Any help at all greatly appreciated! Sorry for the long message, just want to be sure I include everything to make it easier! Thankks!


Hi all,

I upgraded today from XP to Windows 7 and am using a 27-inch LCD as my monitor. I previously was able to use a larger resolution in XP without an issue, but with Windows 7, I'm confined to a 1024x768 resolution, which looks terrible.

W7 says my graphics driver is a "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter." I'm not sure about my graphics card, but I believe it may be embedded in my tower, which is an older Dell model. It's listed as an Intel(r) 915G/915V/910GL graphics chip. I've searched for new drivers on Intel's site, without any luck. I tried downloaded the latest driver for that family for Vista (they don't have a Windows 7 update) and it didn't do anything.

Is there a better solution out there that doesn't involve simply breaking down and buying a new graphics card? I find it difficult to believe that XP could allow me a higher maximum resolution than Windows 7.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- my display looks pretty terrible right now. Thanks!

Well I just got a new desktop last week and came back from being out in the field for a week (USMC) and it doesnt work. The screen tends to go all crazy on me. I called dell and they installed the lastest drivers for the video card. Computer has an NVIDIA Geforce 260 GTX video card. I dont even know how to describe what it does but I tried adjusting the resolution, changed from VGA cable to HDMI and back. Tried adjusting the refresh rate 50/60hz, did a system restore and have not had any success. A picture of the forementioned is posted below. Thanks for your help! Attached Thumbnails   Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Jul 2009 Posts 7,900 Do you observe the same behavior in safe mode ?

I called dell and they installed the lastest drivers for the video card. Computer has an NVIDIA Geforce 260 GTX video card.

Have you tried:

1. Latest NVIDIA driver (uninstall your old driver first)
2. Latest driver for your monitor

Trying to get this working.... new to forum, so please point me to the right place if I am not asking in the correct forum.

I have a Dell XPS 410 system with a NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2. (Dual Port DVI Card) Dual Dell 30" Monitors 3007WFP.

System worked great on XP. No issues at all. Upgraded to 7 and could never get both monitors working, only 1. Everything else is fine in 7, just the Monitors is a problem. Been waiting for updated drivers from NVIDIA and try them off and on over the last few months.

Currently on NVIDIA 197.45
Upgraded Dell BIOS to 2.5.3

Already booted:
screen 1 is working fine, I plug in the second monitor to the DVI port. I hear the Windows da-dump that it recognized a change, Monitor 1 goes dark, On/Off Light indicator on Monitor goes amber (usually blue if all is good with signal), Monitor 2 On/Off Light indicator on Monitor is amber. Windows is UP, I can click and hear dings, etc, just nothing on display. I unplug 2nd Monitor, i hear the reverse Da-dump, 1st Monitor comes back.

Booting from scratch - both monitors connected.
I see boot up on Monitor 1. nothing on Monitor 2 - although good signal on on/off button. Right befor Logon, both screens go dark, amber on On/Off. If I pull 2nd Monitor, 1st is restored to mormal.

I do not want to go back to XP, but am getting frustrated with trying to get this working.

Any ideas?



...I have an AOC V19 monitor connected to a Dell Optiplex GX270 with Windows 7 installed. I tried to update the video card driver with the latest driver download but always get the message: "The best driver for your device is already installed. Windows has determined that the driver software for your device is up to date. Standard VGA Graphics Adapter."

I used Windows 7 troubleshooter and got the message "Video Card Driver does not support Aero effects; update the driver." The driver provider is Microsoft dated 6/21/06.

HELP! Can this driver be updated? Right now I can have 5 modes: 1024 by 768, 256 colors, default refresh; 640 by 480, 256 colors, default refresh; 800 by 600, 256 colors, default refresh; 640 by 480, High Color (16 bit), default refresh; 640 by 480, 16 colors, default refresh. The High Color looks best but is too big and 1024 by 768 looks good but the colors are off! Please HELP!!

I'm encountering odd problems while trying to rebuild my Windows 7 desktop PC.

Background: I purchased my desktop PC (a Dell Studio XPS 435 MT, with Radeon HD4670 and dual monitors) about three years ago. It came with Windows Vista. Soon after I received this PC, I formatted the system partition and then installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows 7 worked well; over time, however, as I installed and uninstalled many applications, it began to exhibit odd behavior. About a year ago, thin horizontal black lines occasionally began appearing randomly across both monitors -- apparently leftover artifacts from application windows. In addition, certain actions (e.g., the display of User Account Dialogs, locking of the desktop, unlocking the desktop) no longer occurred simultaneously on the two monitors; rather, the primary monitor would update, a couple of seconds would transpire, and then second monitor would update. I updated the video drivers (from Windows Update, but not from AMD's site), without improvement. I had installed various codecs. I figured that the video drivers, codecs, and conflicting applications were contributing to the problem.

I began rebuilding this PC over the weekend. I formatted the system partition, installed Windows 7, and applied perhaps 200 items (required and optional) from Windows Update, en masse. Perhaps this was unwise; some of the updates seemed to conflict with one another, causing odd error messages and occasional lockups. I re-installed Windows 7 again -- this time, only installing critical updates. Even before proceeding to install optional updates, including updated video and monitor drivers, the thin horizontal black lines are appearing again! In addition, the problem where certain actions are not simultaneously appearing on the two monitors is present again.

I'm reluctant to install all of my applications and to restore from backups until I know that the hardware is OK.

Any ideas as to what the root cause might be? Could something with the video card -- perhaps RAM - be at fault?

I've got a nice Dell Precision Laptop (4-5 months old) and I just got a
docking station for it (direct from Dell). The laptop (XP Pro SP2) works
fantastically when you boot it up while in the dock or stand-alone, but
problems arise when you either dock it while it's powered on or undock it
while it's on.
Basically, while it's docked, you can either press the "undock" button on
the docking station or in the Start menu. It tells me it's ready to be
released from the dock, so I do so. After I pull the computer off, it has no
picture until I press Fn+F8 (much like you would do when hooking up to an
external monitor or projector). After that, it's all fine.
A similar problem happens when doing the opposite. While the computer is on
(but closed/standby or hibernating), I place it on the dock and press the
dock's power button to bring the laptop out of it's "sleep." The computer
sounds as though it is waking up and the lights on the dock indicate the
same, but no display on the external monitor is visible. I have to open the
computer (while on the dock) and press Fn+F8 again and that will display on
the external monitor.
I work with people who have a very similar setup (amost identical
hardware/software) and they have no problems. I've even replaced the dock
with a different one (again, direct from Dell). I'd love to hear someone's
input. Thanks in advance!

This is a really weird one but maybe someone can help. I
tried to install "Intel Active Monitor" on a Dell
Precision 650 running XP Pro. The installation hung so I
killed the process.

Now whenever I boot in XP the next time I restart the
computer I get bios warnings about the two processor fans
FAN0 and FAN1 being out of range. Dell have replaced the
Motherboard and the fans and this has not fixed the

If I boot into Safe mode and then restart I do not get
the Fan warnings which makes me think that something
(probably from the intel active monitor half
installation) is writing to the SMBIOS somehow. I Cannot
uninstall the intel thing as it didn't install. Also none
of the restore points I have (and I tried them all) will

The only thing I can think of is to re-install XP, any
other ideas?

Thanks In Advance



I have a Dell Optiplex SX260 small desktop type computer that won't
boot up. When I press the power button, there is no display on monitor, no
HDD spin up noise. The only "life" I see/hear is the power light comes on and
the fans run. I tried a bootable CD, but the CD drive doesn't "run".

Note: I protected against static damage using a ground strap to my body.

I checked all the on board fuses (all good), solder joints, and power
supply output voltages with a load. The CMOS (RTC) battery is good.
I even removed and reinstalled the CPU.

Did anyone have the same problem with this model computer?

Thank You in advance, John

Some of the Dell monitors in a training room at work display selected cells so poorly that one can barely see which cells are part of the selection. I looked at the various Excel Options as well as the Display Options presented with a right click on the desktop and couldn't see anything there that improved the quality of the visibility nor did an attempt to tweak the buttons on the monitor itself resolve the problem. I didn't have time to carefully scrutinize the Control Panel to see if I could spot any differences between those monitors that properly displayed selected cells vs. those where the selection was so dim that we had to dramatically tilt the monitors downward to be able to identify selected cells. I'm not on-site there daily, but thought I would pick the collective brains on this forum to see if anyone can direct my efforts toward correcting this annoying display issue next time I'm in the training room. Thanks!

My Dell Latitude D600 has been acting sluggish, and I'm wondering about the CPU speed. Problem is, none of the usual Windows tools are working. No CPU speeds listed anywhere. For example, I launch System Information and I get a message that Cannot access the Windows Management Instrumentation software...

I found instrux to flush that and restart WMI, the service is running, but no CPU speeds. Something is missing in my system don't know what. I reinstalled the chipset drivers. Any clues?

fwiw XP SP3, all the latest updates. 1.7 GHz P4m.

I am having problems understanding what happens with Power Options in the following environment.

Situation:New-ish Dell GX520 ("local PC") in a Windows Server 2003 domain environment (actually there are three of them!)KVM switch, so probably no screen, keyboard or mouse attached at power-on/logon time to the "local PC"User logs on from a remote PC to the corresponding "local PC" on the domain using Remote Desktop via a VPN connectionPower Scheme 0 (Home/Office Desk) is being used) with all options set to "Never"Hibernation done by a scheduled PsShutdown command run on a timed basis from the serverWakeup done by a scheduled WakeOnLan command run on a timed basis from the server[/list]Complicated? Not really - it all works rather well with the apparent exception of the Power Scheme confusion.

I am trying to set a single Power Scheme (the Home/Office Desk one) using POWERCFG, which would apply to any user which logs on (and I don't really want them to be able to change this, but ignorance is probably adequate security here!).

I am not clear whether PowerCfg /query "home/office desk" is showing me the information from HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftCurrentVersionControls FolderPowerCfgPowerPolicies0 or the equivalent HKCU values (for the Domain Admin account I am using). It doesn't help that the data is in binary.

Whatever is happening, one (and just one) of the three "identical" PCs is going into hibernation for no obvious reason a small number of minutes after it wakes up (before a user has time to connect to it remotely). I suspect that this is because the absence of the monitor and/or keyboard and/or mouse is making the PC think it is on DC power (but that's purely a guess). The original standby-timeout-dc setting was 10 minutes, but I have (now) changed it to 0=NEVER with PowerCfg, which I hope has been applied to both my Domain Admin account and to the machine settings.

I suspect I will have to export the data from the HKLM registry value and import it to each of the HKEY_USERS entries.

Is anyone exceedingly familiar with this whole area?



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