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I have a Presario x1000 laptop, that meets and exceeds the Vista min requirements. My DVD drive for some reason refuses to recognize the Vista DVD. Like it doesn't exist. It reads other DVDs, and my Dell laptop loads the Vista DVD just fine. Does anyone know how to solve this conundrum?

I've looked on a lot of other posts for the past few days and still can't seem to find a problem exactly like mine or a fix that works so heres my post.

I have a TRENDnet tew-623PI wireless adapter to start. The issue is i will get random bouts of violent lag for 2-10 mins for which i lose my connection to the internet even though it says i still have a connection. I've tried calling my ISP they ran through a few things and decided to try to install a driver update from the manufacturer directly, did that still have the problem. I checked the Event Viewer and i get these reports around the start of each lag attack.

SharedAccess_NAT with the discription -
The DNS proxy agent was unable to allocate 0 bytes of memory. This may indicate that the system is low on virtual memory, or that the memory manager has encountered an internal error.

I know it's an internet related issue because if i disconnect from my router it does not happen Thank you for your time and help and sorry if this was solved already i couldn't find it, but if so a link would be appreciated

Windows Vista Business Edition. I've been having lots of problems with it regarding internet.

I've got access to a wired and a wireless network at home. I also have a localhost server on my computer which I access through localhost ( Now, sometimes I'm using the internet and it stops working for no reason. It can happen while using the wired or wireless network, it doesn't matter. It just stops working.

Fun facts:
If something like a file download or a MSN Messenger session is on while the problem occurs, the file and/or msn session still work (though slower and/or with major problems).If I'm using the wired connection when it gets screwed up and then try to get wireless connection, it still doesn't work.I have no access to my localhost (404'd).Of course, all browsers and network-capable applications stop working when this happens.Rebooting solves the problem, but it's annoying as hell.

While I'm at it, I might add that I have avast free home edition antivirus, I installed xampp to get php, MySQL and Apache and Windows firewall turned off (those are the programms I have that I think may be causing a problem).

Hey all, I am new to the forum so please excuse the lack of Vista knowledge. I am running Vista Ultimate on a T61 ThinkPad connecting wirelessly to an Asus WL-600g. Everytime my computer wakes up from standby, hibernation, or boots up from a shut down, i lose internet connection. i am able to connect to the local LAN but not the internet. what i have to do is manually disconnect and reconnect everytime in order to connect to the internet. is there a way to solve this problem. thanks in advance for all the help.


I am running the Ultimate version of Vista. I have been trying to get to a website (dating) that I was able to 2 weeks ago without any problems. Also I have no problems when I go to the site from my wireless connected notebook on the same network.

The problem lies in the fact that an old boyfriend had access to my computer 2 weeks ago when I was not at home and he may have changed something which blocks me from going to this specific site on my normal machine.

I have just rest my modem/firewall to factory settings - 1 week ago. Parental control has not been set nor has the MS Vista firewall been altered at all.

Any ideas as how to solve this problem would be wonderful.



Can my PC run a 64-bit upgrade? Q I知 currently running 32-bit Vista but am planning to upgrade to the 64-bit version of Windows 7. However, I知 concerned as to whether my computer and its components will be compatible with a 64-bit operating system.


I all,
I have a problem on my Windows Vista that began afetr the purchase of an external Hard Disk Freecom.
A few days afetr the purchase I disconnected it while it was writing and, since that moment, every time I connect and disconnect it, the PC go to freeze mode for 5 minutes.
The same thing happen even if the hard disk is disconnected: every time I start windows it go to freeze a little after the password, and every time I connect and disconnect a usb device.
I have looked for the solution everywhere, updated windows, unistalled and installed the hard disk from the device manager but I solved the problem only when I restored a recent backup.
Yesterday the Hard disk was writing a backup while Vista was installing the updates; at the end of the proceure windows restarted automatically and the problem began again!!!
The Pc go to freeze when it starts, every time I connect or disconnect the hard disk, an usb earphone that has always worked switch on but there is no audio and I don't know how many others usb devices will have problems.
Has anyone an idea to solve this problem before I throw out of the window Vista or the the hard disk?
Thank you

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Here is my problem: whenever I turn on my computer, vista goes into a reboot loop. The computer restarts a few seconds after I get to the login screen (letting me enter in at least part of my password). The problem is not solved when I press the power button, which makes it impossible to turn the computer on. I tried booting into safe mode. The same thing happened. To clarify: this did not happen after an update and I have had this setup for years. Before this problem occurred, my computer was very slow and something seemed to be taking up all of the CPU resources. A scan with Trend Micro, Malwarebytes, and Spybot S&D turned up nothing, although I was not able to update any of them. ( confirmed that my network connection was good.) Decided to reboot and hope for the best. One more thing: when the computer was shutting down, I got numerous errors that said something along the lines of "STOP 0x00000007b". Am currently running Ubuntu on partition.

Anyone have a diagnosis?


I am feeling a problem with windows vista.

Whenever I change power plan from "Power Saver" to "Balanced" or "High Performance" it shuts down within few minutes (Maximum half an hour).

I thought my vista operating system has become corrupted so I formatted my PC and installed a new fresh copy. I have all latest updates of drivers and vista. But it still creates same problem. I am feeling this problem from last 8 months. During these 8 months I have formatted my PC 3 times and installed new fresh copy to solve this problems but it didn't work.

It never shuts down in "Power Saver" power plan whether I don't shut it down for 4 or 5 days. But in "Balanced" and "High Performance" power plan it always shuts down. It doesn't show any error message and most of the time it starts without showing a message of unexpected shut down.

It shuts down in the same way as vista shuts down due to data prevention. Sometimes it shuts down even if I am not doing anything and no application or file is open.

Please let me know what is the problem?

Is it something related to hardware or its a heating problem?

How can I solve this problem?


I'm running Windows 7 beta 64-bit build 7000 on my desktop. Everything worked OK up until this morning, when I started my computer. I couldn't access the Internet. So I uninstalled my network card driver (Atheros AR8121/AR8113 version and reinstalled them. Now it works. Very annoying though; I apparently have to do this every time I start the computer. Is this a known issue? I haven't found any newer drivers for the network card, and I don't even know if that would help. My friend has a similar problem, and he has to reinstall the drivers on every startup as well. Will updating to a newer build solve this? I'd really like a solution to this problem, or it might just be enough to make me go back to XP until Windows 7 is released.


Seems the problem just disappeared. Nevermind.


I've been having this issue for about a week now, and have been searching nonstop for a solution, but theres nothing that works. Its a really annoying one, and i turn to you guys in hope for some answers..

See, i have this laptop, an Acer TravelMate 3280, which i cant get any video drivers to work with. I know that it has an ATI video card, and its not exactly the newest, but there are "windows 7 drivers" for it, though which i cant get to work.

Many had the problem about actually installing it, but that seems to work for me, allthough, after installing, its nowhere to be found on the computer, except for the installer files. I've also tried to manually "update" drivers via device manager, and manually selecting the ATI CCC installer files there, but then windows says that the default MS VGA driver is "the optimal" and already installed.

Is it a way to fix this? I've seen someone talking about modding drivers and screwing around in the registry and stuff, but well.. There must be an easier way?

My bad.. Found an ATI driver update from the windows updater that fixed it! It really was that easy..

Hi everyone!

I'm having some real issues getting Windows 7 to run on my computer. I managed to half solve one, but the torment continues and I haven't really got any idea why.

Clean install of W7 from download, followed by DVD, on a PC which was running XP Home perfectly:

Intel Pentium D 3.40GHzMotherboard: MSI MS-7173, mATX, ATI RC410, PCIe, DDR21024Mb RAMnVidia GeForce 7300 GT250Gb free HD, and separate 500Gb driveWindows 7 Professional Premium 32Bit, Build 7600
I ran the the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor before I bought it, and it only flagged my graphics card up as an issue, saying it would be unable to handle Aero effects. However I do not think this is the problem (see below)


Immediately after clean install, Windows 7 would not load for the first time. Worked ok in safe mode, but normal start up would just freeze.
I solved this by disabling the service "Multimedia Class Scheduler" in the Startup menu in System Configuration, which was seemingly the cause of the problem, but am unsure what this service actually doesNow, my major problem is that when I open a program (e.g. Firefox, one of the very few things I have installed), it takes an age to load (in the region of 5 minutes), and if you interrupt it by trying to do anything else the whole system freezes and crashes. With other programs, e.g. the built in Calculator program, it doesn't run at all and just locks up the Taskbar and, eventually, the whole system.
Things that DO work:

Wireless connection (via Belkin USB adaptor)Internet connectionBrowsing files and folders using ExplorerInstalled Firefox 3.5.3 using executable run from ExplorerAll themes and visual effects
Things I have tried:

Updated drivers for Graphics card (from Nvidia site, W7 compatible) and Network adaptorsPhysically removed all USB devices and even all PCI cards including Graphics card (I have therefore pretty much ruled this out as a cause of my woes, as the problems still occurred when nothing was attached but a mouse, keyboard and monitor via the motherboard)Installing W7 as a clean install from the download over windows XP, cleanly on its own and as a dual boot on a separate partition, using both the download and a bootable DVD made from an iso of the downloaded filesDisabling all but the basic System ServicesDisabling all visual effects in Performance options under System Properties (and increasing virtual memory)Running Windows Update to get any newly released updates from MicrosoftChanged theme from Aero to BasicProbably some other other things I've tried but haven't remembered to put down here...

I am actually going mad - have been mucking around with this for 2 days now. I'm starting to think I wasted my money and should get a refund and go back to XP... please prove me wrong!

Good day, I experience problems with Raid 1+0 after Win 7 installation: My configuration:

SATA Slot DiskSize RaidArray #
1 320Gb 1
2 320Gb 1 (mirror)
3 1Tb 2
4 1Tb 2 (mirror)

So, after installation on disk configuration 1-2(full mirror) + 4(half mirror) everything works fine, but if I remove 4th disk or add 3d disk, Win7 reboots after "windows starting" logo(without BSOD). The same problem, if I remove 1st or 2nd disk. I have the latest drivers for Raid, installation end without any errors. Any ideas, how to solve those problem?

on Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 when trying to add a printer i get a message that Explorer.exe has caused an access violation. from the event log the entire message is

Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.6001.18164, time stamp 0x4907e791, faulting module comctl32.dll, version 6.10.6001.18000, time stamp 0x4791adad, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0000000000176d6e, process id 0x121c, application start time 0x01c9724e42822256.

from looking on the Internet i have deleted all my printers from the registry and have made sure that the
c:windowssystem32spoolprinters folder is empty. but doing both did not solve the problem.

does anyone have any idea what to do next?

Hello, My name is Valeri Ivanov. I have a problem with my Windows Vista Home Basic. I have had that problem since i have bought this computer and i would like to solve it.

The problem causes DEP (Data Execution Prevention). I canテつエt turn it off. I post a picture, so you could see where is the issue. ImageShack - Hosting :: 36756816cr1.jpg

As you can see, i have taken a screen print. You find three red boxes that i have marked.
I opened System menu. After that i pressed Advanced system settings button. After that computer asks administrator permission. I am an administrator so i allowed to continue.Opens new window. I press under Performance Settings button.Opens new window. Here is the problem. I canテつエt press these two buttons that are located up (Turn on DEP... and Turn off DEP...) But down this window you can see a 3. red box. And it says that i must be an administrator to use these settings. But in the 1st window i allready gave an administrator permission.
I want to know how can i turn off DEP. DEP closes most of the programs that i want to use. Even when i want to install a new program, it closes it. I donテつエt like that and i want to turn it off.

Sorry for my bad English. This is not my mother-tongue. I hope you understood what i said so please help me. When you answer, please use simple words so could understand everything.

PS. I have allready tried to turn DEP that way also: Vista: Disable DEP or NoExecute Protection to fix Explorer Crashing | Microsoft Vista | Tech-Recipes
But it didnテつエt help.
And i have installed Service Pack 1. It didnテつエt help also.

I've seen the "What U Hear"-question pop up everywhere when searching for an answer to my problem. The thing is that I don't have this function on my PC with Windows Vista 32-bit and it's not in the list of disabled devices either.

My sound card is Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic.

I've contacted Dell and Creative and both of them refer to each other when I ask what I should do. And, I've found nothing through Google about it.

I've read somewhere that maybe I should download the latest drivers and I have - with no luck. I looked for any kind of drivers that could help me here:

I'm in trouble with three things.
1) I have to create shared folder where I can only put information and everyone else can just read it. Till this moment it's ok, but I have to configure this folder while there aren't connected other computer in network with this one, so is group "everyone" responsible for every connected computer in network? I mean, if I give "read" permission to group "everyone" than that is also including every other computer which is on wired network?

2) How to create shared folder on one computer where everyone from other computers can create there own folders in this one and put their files there and only they can edit and view their created folders?

3) How to create shared folder where everyone can put their files in but they can't take them out or read any of the files? Ok - I understand how to do this but again from question 1, is group "everyone" responsible for all connected computers in network?

Sorry if there are some mistakes - English is not my native language - and if there is any misunderstanding about my questions, please let me know, I have to solve this problem as fast as I can.

I need help to solve this problem . I just bought a new Acer laptop running Window 7 Home Premium...The problem that i'm having is that sometimes my laptop unable to see some language (Exp: Chinese, Korea & Japanese) all i see is boxes....when i restart my laptop it works and i'm able to see Chinese, Korea & Japanese. But i have to keep restart to solve this problem....
Is there any other way to solve this? Do i have to ask the shop to reformat my laptop??
Pls help...Thx.

It seems whenever I am on my desktop it unselects whatever icon I have selected making renaming folders a drag. Whenever I go to select an icon or edit the name of one it unselects the icon immediately canceling my rename action.

It appears to me almost as if a constant clicking is taking place; if I have a minimized window open and unselected while working on my desktop it selects it and unselects it over and over again making the window flash.

Ive checked all of my mouse settings and even changed my mouse in a vain attempt to stop this problem, so far no dice.

I may be asking an already answered question for which I apologize and kindly ask you to point me to the right thread.

Any help with solving this problem would be appreciated.

Hi Guys,

I have a Dell Laptop and left it open at a party. Afterward I noticed that it I cannot start windows anymore. Somehow someone enabled Microsoft bitLocker on my computer. When I start the computer the following message shows up:

" Dell MeiaDirect Express cannot access your hard drive. This may be because you have enabled Microsoft BitLocker (Drive Encryption). MediaDirect Express is not accessible when Microsoft BitLocker is enabled. "

I can't even get into the Windows Start menu. I can only klick on the exit button, what causes the Laptop to shut down.

It might be, that on the party people were using their USB-sticks and Micro cards on the Laptop, but I don't really know. So, please help me to solve this problem.

Do I have to reinstall my laptop and windows? if I do that, how can I save my Data from the Laptop? By the way, I only have one hard drive partition.


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