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The most recently used file list option is greyed out in Tools, Options, General.

I do not have Tweak UI installed on my Windows 2000 PC

Any ideas of how to restore this option?

We have two files with Tracked Changes that have gone through extensive review. One is only four pages, the other is 56 pages, in Final showing changes view. We can work in these files and do anything - except we cannot get them to print. Sometimes they will open in Print Preview, sometimes that causes failure also. When we do File>Print, it appears that the .doc will start to spool ( we see it in the printer window) but after a minute or so we then get the little message box informing us that Word does not feel well and wants to call in sick. We've tried doc restore, saving to rtf and back, and we would have tried copying all but the last paragraph mark but attempting to copy also locks up the works. ( I just mis-typed "cocks up the works" - maybe that's mopre appropriate.)

Help? (Sorry-proprietary documents- no samples available)

When I go to open a document, in the dialog box sometimes the files are in A->Z order, sometimes Z->A apparently at random. This was not always the case - started about a year ago. Is there a way to force A->Z order ?
And then, about a month ago, a new behaviour started - after opening up the dialog it goes straight to the LAST folder. Again how can I restore the "normal" behaviour - simply show the beginning of the list ?

Word has become very sluggish on loading and and all individual docs and closing them as well. Word itself loads quickly and the program exits fine. I think this may have started when I installed Paperport new version, but I uninstalled Paperport and even restored office settings and reinstalled and repaired word and no improvement.
Any thoughts suggestions.

After writing an 11 page document and saving it periodically, suddenly it changed to what looks like machine language. Is there anyway to recover this data and restore it to a Word document. In all the years I have been using Word I have never seen anything like this. I have no idea what happened. I am attaching the corrupted file. Urgent help requested.

Accidentally copied over a file with the same title. Is there any way to get back to the day the file was created (6-28-06) and retrieve it? I routinely copy and update data files between my PC and Laptop (using file-sharing) in order to have a back-up. This is how I created the problem. I copied the file from the Laptop to the PC which was an earlier date. I should have copied the file from the PC to the Laptop. Duh!!! Bingo, everything I did on the 28th is gone. Have no problem with deleting the file that I now have on both machines. It does have the same name, of course, as the file I copied over.
I understand doing a system restore on the PC will NOT change current data files. Correct?
Also, I do use an online back-up service but the PC was turned off because of threatening storms and the back-up was not done.
Anything I can do to get the file back to the 6-28-06 status? Believe I'm doomed to doing it again but thought I'd ask the experts.

I have run across an interesting bit of difference in behavior between Word 2000 and Word 2003. In Word 2000, when I go to open a file, the folders are always at the top of the list. Even if I change the sort order (whether it is alphabetic by name or type, or by date), folders always come first. In Word 2003, this appears to be different. If I change the sort order from Ascending to Descending, the folders will go the end of the list. If I then reverse the sort direction, they will move to the top of the list. But it is no longer so that the folders are first sorted, and then the files that are in the same directory. Is there a way to restore the behavior of Word 2000? It's very handy to always have the folders first, sorted by most recently used (thus by date), and then the individual files, also sorted by date.

Hi Bob,
I am using TI V11 Build 8027 and am not experiencing any problems with it's restoration process at all.

I DO image to an INTERNAL separate HD, so I can't duplicate your setup exactly.

I do use all of the default parameters as you do except I use the "Normal Priority", so that I can still "futz" around a bit while it's doing it's thing.

How long have you been waiting for a new response from Acronis? They are usually very good at getting back to you.

The corrupted files:
1. Are you sure that you aren't Imaging a corrupted file to your backups and then trying to restore a bad Image?

2. I would try to use this great little file deletion program to get rid of all the corrupt files that you are aware of. UNLOCKER

3. Then try a new Image after the cleanup.

Recuva is a file recovery program made by the makers of ccleaner. It is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses.

System requirements
Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98.

This is a beta release.

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One of our members writes:
My new XP computer (Toshiba 6100) has been deleting files. The first one I noticed was "charmap" (both the program and the related dll). I figured out how to restore it from the I386 directory. Recently I noticed that all the Windows games (Minesweeper, etc.) were deleted, then that the Volume Control (sndctr32) file was deleted, in each case along with the hlp file and another cs_ file, I don't know what the underline replaces.

I somehow need to know 1) What XP has deleted, and 2) If it's stopped doing it, and 3) If it would be safe to just go into I386 and do a batch command to decompress everything there.

I can't imagine it's a virus. I've never been on the Internet with it. The only programs I've installed are SIL programs and ones that are over 2 years old. I just installed AVG with an updated virus file and it checked out fine. It seems to me that I have somehow activated (or XP, aka "Hal", activated on its own initiative) a program to delete non-essential files to preserve hard drive space. I noticed that from the first time I turned this computer on, the "clear desktop" shortcut was missing, though the documentation said it would automatically be on the taskbar. I've never found the file, since I don't know what it's called.TIA for your help

Bob Wahlen

Can you select restore points to delete ??? or do they drop off ???
I make a restore point every time, before I install my virus update DAT files, I must have a load of the restore points
floating around, I found an option to delete all but the last one, but I have a friend who claims one of his restore points
did not work, and he had to back up a couple to get back going ????. Is it still important to do the Regbak ?
or dose the restore point also do all that ... Thanks for any assistance... Richard

I am trying to restore data to my daughter's hard drive.

I have rebuilt everything and received several gigabytes of data on DVDs from Mozy. I am trying to copy only those files from the Mozy DVDs which are not already on the hard drive.

Here is my problem:

I had planned to use XCopy or RoboCopy to copy all the files since her last backup which was in June of last year. Unfortunately, the Mozy files all have a date of February of this year, so this would overwrite everything on her hard drive. This is not the desired result.XCopy will prompt me whether or not to overwrite the files and I can just respond "N" 30,000 times but that is not the desired result either. Perhaps somthing holding down the "N" key is the answer. I could not find an option in RoboCopy to prompt me before overwriting.

I found commands to not copy based on dates but I could not find a switch in RoboCopy or XCopy to copy a file only if it does not exist on the destination drive. That is what I think I am looking for.

Since these are coming from a DVD, I want to use RoboCopy or XCopy since that automatically removes the read-only attribute.

What I think I need is an option to either say "No to All" when prompted by XCopy or an option in RoboCopy to automatically exclude any files which are already on the hard drive.

I believe RoboCopy has a default of only copying a file if the source and destinateion have different time stamps or different file sizes. It would also be fine if I could just change that to only overwrite if the files have different file sizes.

Does anyone have any ideas that might help me with this. It might be staring me in the face in the RoboCopy help, but I just don't see it.

How to Backup & Restore Important System Files?


Hi all,

Does anyone remeber the command which will re-install the system files?

Many thanks,

While running a disk cleanup I got a message that said something about a file had been removed and that Windows may not operate properly. This was a surprise since I did not think Disk Clean could/would remove anything important. Anyway I then restarted my computer and all seemed well. Several days later when I restarted my computer, right after the "Welcome" screen, I get a message stating ........
"The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:WINDOWSsystem32HHCTRL.OCX occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLL. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL". ...... As I said, everything seems to be working OK What the heck is DLL anyway? I would like to fix this problem and make this message go away. Would running a System Restore fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The System Volume on my VISTA hard drive (single HD Laptop) became corrupted during a chkdsk operation. I can see Partition D (data) using a WIN 7 repair CD but C partition is unreadable. Have been unable to boot or repair using amateur troubleshooting. The restore disk I’m using (Win 7) does give me a command prompt but won’t Change Directory to C: I think one view of the repair options (Load Drivers) is letting me see files on C partition so many of them must be OK, even though it won’t boot.

Ironically, I have a Windows Vista auto backup (can’t tell if it includes an image) on an external USB drive, but can’t get the backup program running on the laptop! There should be a Norton Suite orchestrated backup on the laptop itself somewhere, but of course Norton can’t start either!

1) How can I use these backups to restore the laptop drive? I have a desktop & USB jumper/transfer cable.

2) Can I use the purchased Win 7 Upgrade (Home Premium) disk on this machine letting the install program save any files it could to an external USB drive before formatting for Win 7?

System Restore may help but may not roll back the settings. You can try it with no downside; it's always reversable unless done in Safe Mode.


Hi all, i don't if this is the right forum for this problem...apologies if not. here is the problem step-wise:
1. computer crash (running WinME)
2. managed to save backup of money personal file
3. HDD wiped clean and XP loaded
4. MSMoney 2001 loaded
5. when i try to restore my Money personal file, my password doesn't seem to work any longer and i can't open my file. I know it's the correct password.

any thoughts?

thanks, Van

I've accidentally removed a piece of clip art from the gallery. Is there a way I can restore the gallery to it's original clip art? I'm positive I didn't actually delete the file, I just removed it from the gallery. It couldn't find the location and I clicked to remove it. But I'd like it back. Is it gone for good, or is there a way to restore it. I"ve tried a Repair of Office using Add/Remove Programs but that didn't bring it back.
Any ideas?

Update, 12.55am

OK, I found the backup of the side notes, but:

I can open the various pages, but when I close OneNote, and then start it up again, the restored pages aren't there. They obviously are being saved into the current notebook. How do I get them to stay in the desired notebook?

I'm just starting to (try and) use OneNote.

I had several, I suppose 'Side Notes", as they were mostly screen clippings.

I just have been restoring my files from a backup, although, obviously, the Office install itself is fresh.

I cannot find where the OneNote files/clippings would be.

I didn't explicitly back them up, but did copy over all the files on my drive to a backup, plus took and image.

Where might these be stored so I could locate and retrieve them?

Chuck Billow

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