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Hello, I'm sure this has likely been posted before, so please bear with me. I
would like to know how to create a boot disc ffor windows xp home edition. I
would like to reformat, and have been advised I need to create a boot disc.
Can anybody out there help? Thank you in advance.

Big bearded Buddy

Okay, I admit that this was very stupid but I couldn't get Windows to start
one day. So I reinstalled XP. I thought that it would give me the option to
repair instead on reinstall somewhere along the way but it didn't. So now my
computer is working but it is very low on memory and I'm guessing that its
from the info that was left from before. But now I can't access those files.
If anyone could help me with step-by-step instructions on how to fix this, I
would really appreciate it. I really do not know much about computers so if I
need to reformat or something like that, please tell me how. Thanks in

I have Windows XP. The fuse blew due to the air conditioner. I have my computer on two surge protectors. But now it is running slow. I done the disk drive check thing and it ok. I've tried to restore as far back as it will let me. I knew in Win98 I could s
hut down all but three running programs to get scan disk to run, but I don't know what has to stay running in XP. Please help!!. The only other thing I can think of it to reformat the hole computer but that takes forever having to back everything up and st


I'm hoping someone can tell me how to get task manager to stop utilizing all
my cpu usage. I've reformatted. repartitioned, reinstalled Home Edition from
manufacture and now reinstalled from Windows Home Edition upgrade. There is
nothing on this computer besides Windows and Linksys so I can connect to the
Internet. Diagnostics run well. This started happening in the June/July
time frame and I was recently asked to help since the computer belongs to a
13 year old student. I can for the life of me figure out why the task
manager is running so high when it just sits idle. The current Windows
upgrade has been running since 3:00 a.m. and its now 9:45 a.m. and just
starting the Finalizaing stage.

Anyone that can please HELP!


Hi Guys

I have a small question regarding the installation of my
new Windows XP Operating System.

First, let me give an overview of what I have on my system

Currently, I have 2 Hard Drives on my PC. One is 120GB
and the other is 40 GB. On this 120GB Hard Drive, I have
Windows 98. And I use this 40 GB Hard Drive as an
addditional drive. And both the drives are using the
FAT32 file system.

Now I got the upgrade version of Windows XP. What I want
to do is to convert this 40GB Hard Drive to NTFS File
System and install Windows XP on this drive and use this
120GB (which is currently FAT32 and have Windows 98)Hard
Drive as an additional drive. I primarily want to use
Windows XP on my system.

Now the question is...

Can this NTFS 40GB Hard Drive running Windows XP
recognises this FAT32 Hard Drive and vice versa ? Can I
transfer the data back and forth between both the drives ?

Are there any compatibility issues ?

My plan is, once I setup Windows XP on this NTFS 40GB Hard
Drive, I will slowly transfer files from this FAT32 120GB
Hard Drive to this NTFS 40GB Hard Drive and once I am done
copying all the files to this 40GB Hard Drive, I will
reformat this 120GB Hard Drive to NTFS File System.

So is it possible to have that transition time ?

OR am I better off with the FAT32 File System on both the
Hard Drives ?

If someone please help me with this problem, I really

Will be waiting for your responses.

If you need further information, please contact me.

Thank you very much.


This is a saga! I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FX215 notebook computer that came
with 128mb of RAM. The machine came with Windows ME, but a year ago, I
reformatted the HD and installed XP Pro. A month ago, I ordered another
128mb module from Kingston Technology. (By the way, Sony recommends them,
and Crucial Technology to customers who want to buy more RAM). The computer
has two slots, and a limit of 256mb.

Anyway....with the 2nd module added, the computer runs for random periods of
time, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes a couple of hours, and then freezes in
the middle of whatever I'm doing. No blue screen, no error messages. It just
stops responding completely. Not funny.

Kingston apparently saw this as a challenge - they were terrific in terms of
trying various different modules, and finally sending me a single 256mb
module to try. That didn't work, either. Other things we tried:

- All Sony drivers (including BIOS) were updated to the ones specified as
compatible with WinXP. (Machine froze)
- Old & new modules were swapped between the two slots, in case position was
important. (Machine froze)
- Two identical Kingston 128mb modules were tried, in case there was a
mismatch with the original Sony module. (Machine froze)
- Ran one Kingston 128mb module at a time. Machine did NOT freeze.
- Ran one Kingston 256mb module with other slot empty. (Machine froze)

Finally, Kingston gave up. I just received a 256mb chip from Crucial
Technology. Same problem. The machine doesn't seem to like running with
256mb of RAM. Is there anything I can tweak in WinXP to deal with this, or
does it seem more like a hardware issue?

I noticed the v3-19990518 in the path - v3 signifies this may be from
the old v3 of the Windows update site, which tells me you are
downloading a Win98/Win98SE version - somehow you are either selecting
or being redirected to the incorrect version of WMP - as a Win9x
version won't work on an NT OS?


Star Fleet Admiral Q @ your service
"Giuseppe Vitillaro" wrote in message
Last week I meet a really "esoteric" problem that, maybe, can be
clarified on this newsgroup (otherwise, please, address me to the
right one).

It started with "Windows File Protection" claiming this files has a
wrong signature (under Windows XP Professional Italian Version, SP1
and SP1a):


It is "easy" to realize this DLL/EXE files belongs (most of them) to
Windows Media Player 9.

I restarted a scratch installation (thinking I had a problem) just
find that any installation path that contains WMP9 lead to the same

I checked on the news and on other machine without being able to
replicate the problem. So I started to investigate deeply.

Well I realized that my WMP9 was installed (from Windows Update)
this URL: .EXE

extracted from the log file of an "empty" squid cache.

This is the actual log of the squid cache:

1091035479.420 144 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX TCP_MISS/200 437 HEAD .EXE
- DIRECT/ application/x-msdownload

with my address masked for security.

Now, if you try to download this file from this URL, you will obtain
valid MPSetupXP.exe file that, if installed, generate the problem.

The same file, download "now", from MS site is different and do not
generate any signature problem and keep the WFP happy.

The wrong file has length "9289840" and MD5 signature
"fda94079455d1828fc4ebeeb17dc2aba", while the rigth file has length
"10135688" and md5 signature "876f2c0ac871f45d2c93a7dc28e3aa98".

Now ... what the hell is wrong here? I was installing from
olographic MS CD ... on a scratch partition (reformatted) ... using
"Windows Update" and an "empty" squid cache ... even now I
many times the "wrong" file from different machines on different
networks ... it is still "wrong".

I have to suppose microsoft servers has been hacked? What about the
security and itegrity of our machines?

May I ask to this group to do some ancilliary test on this?

It may be my own problem ... who konws ... but if someone would be
able to replicate the problem ... well "we" have a problem ...

Thanks, G. Vitillaro.

P.S. If you send reply via e-mail, please send them to this address
" after removing the "-nospam" mask.

Hi Wes thanks for the response,

as I stated the event source is 'Obvious' and the ID was 1 and 4 respectively, I cut 'n pasted from the event log too

Having managed event logs professionaly for more years than I care to admit (I'm a MS and Cisco Certified Engineer) it's frustrating to come across one that I cannot get an explanation for!

I had tried Technet and google etc, but this event would appear to be unique!

Fingers crossed that I can get an answer soon, going to reformat and install tonight any way due to disk problems (SATA controller doesn't seem too comfortable with XP or is it XP not comfor.....?! ).

I respect and appreciate the effort you put into your post, good to know that there are people willing to go the extra mile to help others they do not know

"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

You need to know the Event Source also.

Event Viewer

Double click the event in Event Viewer | Click: the button below the second
arrow (looks like two pages) [[Copies the details of the event to the
Clipboard.]] | Paste into Notepad | Click:
For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Read all info | Copy and paste to Notepad | Click the [+] Related Knowledge
Base articles | Follow any links that looks like it might be useful

HOW TO: View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

This can also be very useful.
You need to have the Event ID & the Event Source.

Windows XP Professional Events and Errors

Hope this helps. Let us know.

In ,
B16Enk hunted and pecked:
Anyone seen this in XP SP1?

Event ID 1:

The description for Event ID ( 1 ) in Source ( obvious ) cannot be
found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry
information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote
computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve
this description; see Help and Support for details. The following
information is part of the event: , No Start, SafeMode.

Event ID 2:

Driver detected an internal error in its data structures for .

I have been experiencing lock ups, that I put down to disk
corruption, for a while.
Because I'm using a SiL Sata striped set CHKDSK wouldn't run (even in
interactive mode with 'Automatically fix..' and 'Scan for and
repair...' UnTicked ) due to 'exclusive disk lock'.

Resorted to Recovery console, provided SiL drivers after F6 prompt
and corrected 15 index errors and incorrect freespace, after seeing
the above errors.

Got me scratching my head, is it 'Obvious?' to me it's not ;-)

I built my computer in 2001, and here are the specs fully
assembled, when problems started:

Epox EP-8KHA+ Motherboard (VIA KT266A chipset)
AMD Athlon 1800+ (1.53GHz)
2 Micron 256MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM
2 Maxtor 6L040J2 40GB 7200rpm ATA-133 drives
Enermax 350w PSU
Silicon Image ATA-133 PCI RAID adapter (Sil0680 chipset)
Creative Labs Audigy MP3+ PCI card w/ IEEE1394
Inno3D GeForce2 MX 400 4x AGP video card
3Com 10/100 PCI NIC
Toshiba SD-M1502 DVD drive
Brand name CD-RW drive (I forget the brand)
Agere Systems PCI soft modem
Full, legal version of WinXP Pro SP1

I haven't changed my computer's configuration since it
was built, and everything has been working fine

until the past few weeks. My computer started to randomly
reboot at any given time, no matter what

application I was using, even when I wasn't using the PC
and it was idle. It would immediately go to a

blue screen that would flash on the screen for a few
seconds before rebooting. Occasionally there was an

error at Windows startup as well that said the computer
recovered from a serious error and asked me to

report it to MS - I did, and every time it would tell me
a device driver caused the problem but wouldnt

tell me which. A few times, it said it was a graphics
device driver that caused it. Knowing this, I made

sure I had the most up-to-date graphics adapter drivers -
I did. I then tried older drivers, and the PC

was still rebooting. Suspecting a video hardware failure,
I removed my card and tried a different video

card - no help, the PC still rebooted and gave me errors.

I figured my Windows install was corrupt, so I
reformatted my PC and reinstalled WindowsXP - didn't

help. In fact, it even gave me a blue screen and rebooted
during Windows setup (after I had formatted

the drive).

I used the Microsoft-provided memory diagnostics check,
and the memory passed all tests without a hitch.

Next I decided to remove all components in my PC except
the essentials. I took out everyting except the

video card, CD drive, and one hard drive. I disabled the
RAID 0 and took out the RAID card so I was down

to one Maxtor 40GB hard drive hooked directly to the
motherboard IDE. I took out the sound card, network

card, and modem. I reformatted this drive and reinstalled
Windows on it, but the Pc still had the same

problems. I also cleaned the inside of the PC with a
compressed gas duster and made sure the fans were

all clean.

Now I was suspecting either a Power Supply failure or
motherboard/processor failure. My motherboard was

setup to sound an alarm or turn off the system if the CPU
was too hot or the fans weren't working.

However, this never happened. I opted to try the least
expensive fix for the situation. I replaced my

power supply with a brand new Antec 350w SmartPower.
Didn't help. However, during replacing the PSU and

cleaning out the inside of the PC, I noticed that the
transistors on the motherboard (I dont know what

they're called actually - perhaps capacitators? ...those
silver pencil-eraser-sized barrels wrapped in

sheathing), particularly the ones around the processor
had a rust-colored chemical buildup of some kind

on the top of them. I gently scraped as much of it off
them as I could.

I am at a loss for what to do next. Is it time to go
ahead and buy a new motherboard/processor, or are

there other things I didn't check that I should have.
PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Any help would be greatly



Joe Przedwiecki

Aloha everyone,
I have an extremely strange problem with my computer. Earlier today, I
had to reboot the machine. No big deal, right? BTW, I'm running WinXP Pro
on this one. It went through the POST, then checked the DVD and floppy
drives for bootable media, but failed to load up the OS from the hard drive.
I couldn't think of anything to do, as this has never happened to me, and
finally resorted to slicking the hard drive and attempting to reload WinXP.
Well, as everyone knows, during the install process, the machine is rebooted
at least twice. The setup program attempted to reboot the machine, with the
same result - in other words, even after the hard drive's partition had been
deleted and the hard drive reformatted with NTFS, the same failure to boot
from the primary hard drive remained. I didn't know what to do at that
point, so I stuck in my Windows 2000 install CD (that one is bootable - the
WinXP CD is not), but didn't push any key at the prompt (Press any key to
boot from the CD ...) and it went straight to the WinXP setup program.
As it is now, as long as I leave the Windows 2000 CD in one of the DVD
drives, the machine will boot up into WinXP. If, however, I take it out,
the machine fails to boot from the primary hard drive. What can I do to
rectify this problem? I've never experienced anything at all like this
before, and have been unable to find any guidance with this matter anywhere
on the internet. I'm at a failure to understand what could have caused this
problem and would appreciate any assistance anyone can provide.

Thanks in advance,

William Jones

Too All:

I am reposting this as apparently, I discovered another problem with SP2
involving reformatting in Outlook Express. Hopefully, I have it fixed now.

I just installed WinXP SP2 by way of the CD that I ordered for free from MS.
So far, the only problem that I have is with ZoneAlarm.

I am running ZA 4.5.594.000 as the reviews that I have read on the latest
version are unfavorable. I have been using ZA for about 3 years.

I am also behind a hardware firewall, so ZA is mainly for monitoring
programs (or adware/spyware/trojans) that are trying to phone home (which
has helped me in the past). From what I have read the WinXP SP2 firewall
does NOT have this capability.

Following instructions from my PC manufacturer (Dell):

Turn Windows Firewall Off


How Do I Prevent Microsoft® Security Center® from Giving Me Warnings When it
Doesn't Recognize My Firewall Software?

I have done the following:

Control Panel - Security Center - Firewall - OffandControl Panel -
Security Center - Firewall Recommendations - I have a firewall solution
that I'll monitor myself


The Security Center is NOT remembering this setting and ever time that I
start my PC:

1) I get a warning balloon message from the Security Center

2) ZA's startup hangs until I dismiss this message

3) Control Panel - Security Center - Firewall Recommendations - I have
a firewall solution that I'll monitor myself - is unchecked and I have to
check it again.


1) Does anyone know how to fix this problem by the GUI?

2) Does anyone know how to fix this problem by editing the

also forgot to mention i got an error ones of the times
it didnt start up it was "Checksum Bios error: thanx
again in advance
-----Original Message-----
Ok i been having lots of problems with my compute
it has just started recently. At first my computer would
just lock up , simple restart would fix it every time,
usually didnt occur very often. But then it got more
frequent, then i had more problems, my computer had
problems starting up, it would freeze during various
stages of booting up, if i made it to windows i was fine
unless it locked up while i was using it. It wasnt as
i just reset it and it would go correctly again, but it
got progressively worse, to the point where my video
isnt even regeistering anymore, i turn on my computer
alls i have is a black screen and i think my har drive
trying to spin but its not working, i could get on my
computer by ids have to reset it till it finally wen
through and i got into windows, i then ran virus scan,
and it came up clean, prblem persistested so i
reformatted. That seemed to do the trick worked fine for
a few days and then dejavu all over, did the exect same
thing this time, to the point i cant even get it on
anymore? can anyone please help me with this, i built he
computer a year ago and this just started past month or
so, and help is greattly appreciate, thanx in advance

During the month after successfully updating Windows XP Home Edition to
SP2 I successfully installed many security updates. Then about 2 weeks
ago I found that I couldn't install security update KB885836.

When I use the automatic windows update feature the installation
progress bar goes to about 75% and then stops. After about a minute I
get another screen simply informing me that "Updates were unable to be
successfully installed. The following updates were not installed:
Security Update for Windows XP (KB885836)".

I have also downloaded this security update file from to my
hard drive. Then when it try to install it, the KB885836 Install
Wizard spits out another error screen stating "KB885836 Setup Error
Data error (cyclic redundancy check)".

Otherwise the computer works fine and is clear of spywear and viruses.

I've spent several hours on the phone with India (I mean Microsoft) and
been told that I'll simply have to reformat my hard drive and reinstall
Windows XP (and of course all of the applicatons programs). Since it
took many hours to get all the applications installed and several of
them didn't startup without a lot of tech support hand holding, I'm
really reluctant to do this. I've also learned over the years that
this is usually a sign that the tech support people I've been able to
get to aren't up to the job.

I've already inserted my XP CD and used both of the repair options to
see if I could repair any files but that has not cured the problem.

Does anybody know what's wrong and have an elegant solution i.e., one
that addresses the problem without starting from scratch? Thanks

Please take a look at the attached worksheet and help me figure out how to calculate the total hours at the bottom. The user said this data is a download he receives every day and he doesn't want to have to reformat it each time. Can we calculate with it in the format he has, or is there a simple way to convert his format... I am totally ignorant when it comes to VB. Thank you!!!

Added changes from MS Office updates (SR-1, CD-2, etc) and find I receive the following message each time Word is opened:" Winword has caused an error in VBE6.dll and will now close." Entire application then closes. No problem with excel or access. Searched MS Knowledge base and implemented probably solutions to no avail (renaming dot, unregistering VBE6, changing to .old, etc.). Also searched Symantec since I am running SystemWorks. Running Windows ME, 600MhZ, 768 RAM, Dell XPST600R. Clean hard drive since recently reformatted.. Have tried reinstalling, deleting, etc.
Would appreciate any suggestions towards solution. Happy Holidays, all...

I have a report that I run and then choose "Anaylze it with MS Excel" to have it export the data to a spreadsheet where I can reformat it to a nicer layout.

Suddenly, this function has stopped working for me. When I click the export toolbar function, I get a dialog box flash on screeen and then disapear, but there is no spreadsheet produced. SImilar thing happens I try the export to Word function. I think what is happening is that whatever controls the export function is not finding any records (although it dsplays and prints fine).

I've re-installed, tried different stations, I've tried Office 2003 , different reports, queries,tables and even completely new databases. Nothing seems to help.

I'm at a bit of a loss here, and I would apreciate any suggestions.

Jim Helfer
WTW Architects

I have been playing around with Word automation from Access and have so far been able to popluate bookmarks, add a picture and populate a word table.

Ultimately my intent is to have Access complete a Word template with repetitive data fields. I want to use the template to save myself a lot of reformatting if I go and create the document from scratch or a lot of code if I create the document formatted from Access.

Now I am at the point where I need to decide to stop playing around and apply the three different codes to create the documents or that I need to mail merge the document to save me assembly time later, and I cannot decide as I do not know.

So the document is set up as a template it contains headers that define areas to be completed the headers are:

Functional Description
Associated Valves
Associated Equipment
Maintenance Tasks

These headings are followed by a table that contains distilled manufacturers data for the item in question. The table length is unknown and varies from three cells to 30 or more depending on the item.

From the code I have it appears that if I were to mailmerge I would set up fields in the template and then populate these with the first set of data and then manipulate the table which is from a different data source.

I have been looking at Microsofts site and MSDN and cannot see how this code would look if I adopt this approach.

So I have two questions:

-Is mail merge the best choice for the above?
- Does anyone have a code snippet showing populating the exiisting predefined mailmerge fields in word, and how do you repeat for each document created?

Hi All,

In post 345873 and related posts of the thread, I observed that the Worksheet_Change event seemed to stop working. This was in a workbook that John sent me for entering times for music tracks.

I am trying to work on my own workbook for this. I've observed the same thing in my own workbook. I can't tell when it will stop working. When it does, closing the workbook and re-opening (without closing Excel) doesn't help. But closing Excel and re-opening it with the workbook does restore the execution of Worksheet_Change.

How do I know it stopped working? I had some break points that should have been encountered. Even simpler, I put a Msgbox "Hello" stmt as the first executable stmt. When it wasn't working, this msgbox wasn't appearing.

I do need to use Worksheet_Change to trap the entry and reformat it, as discussed in the thread mentioned above.

Any clues as to why it's not working or, rather, stops working and how to get around this?



In my never-ending quest to enhance productivity, I'm making yet another tool for some people in my department..

This tool will take several Excel files, and basically reformat thier information and merge it into a single Excel file... Currently this process takes upwards of 6 hours (!!) per project, and I'm sure it could be cut down to a couple minutes with an Excel tool...

The only caveat is that I want my tool to be "user-proof" and verify that every tool they tell me to process is in fact an Excel file.

What's a good way to do this? Again, I tried to use the search function on this forum but didn't find any good leads...

thanks to everyone, this place is excellent!

Hi again.

I've sussed how to create the Excel WorkSheet and Automaticly attach it to an email.

How can I Reformat the Excel Structure before sending. Calling it say from an Access 2007 Module?

For example there are three Columns: Text1 (in A), Number1 (in [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] and TrueFalse (In C) (all of Variable number of Rows) . If a want the Whole spreadsheet to be in Font: 10pt Verdana and the Column Titles in (A1:B1:C1) to be in Bold and Number1 (In [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] to be Justify: Centre.

How can I code this in so it will happen everytime we Output and Send a File, so theres no longer a need to do it by hand???

Any help Much Appreciated. While I dabble in Access VBA, Excel VBA is very much a Mystery to me.

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