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Outlook 2010 Version 14.0.6112.5000 (32 - bit) running in Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64-bit) on i7-2630QM CPU w/ 16GB RAM.
When synchronizing (Send/Recive all folders) I get an error:
Outlook 2010 "Task 'RR Mail - Sending' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation Faled. An object cannot be found'

This behavior started around the beginning of May 2012 after running w/o errors for 16 months. Mail synchronization done daily or more often.
Outlook is configured with 2 accounts: Road Runner (RR) POP, and Windows Live w/ Outlook Connector, the latter used only to sync calendar and contacts with Win7 phone (mail never sent, only spam received).

The error is cast with or without messages in Outbox -- any messages present in Outbox are always sent successfully. The Outlook Send/Receive Progress box reports "3 of 4 Tasks have completed successfully" while it retries the failed Send, then reports "0 of 1 Tasks have been completed successfully. During the send 'retry' the Tasks tab of this dialog box shows 4 tasks (send and receive each for the two accounts) with all except Road Runner Send successful, afterwards only the failed "RRMail - Sending ...".

This behavior is just a nusiance since all mail is sent and received. But, it would be nice to get rid of the "error."

Any suggestions about further troubleshooting, better yet the fix, would be appreciated.


John Montague, IEEE Life Senior Member
Retired IT Consultant

I'm trying to insert a picture into an Outlook Express message. I've followed all the steps, I think, in setting the format to Rich Text (HTML) and checking the Send Pictures With Message on the menu. I get the insert picture dialog box, select or type in the source and click Okay. I always get a popup error message which reads:

An error has occurred in this dialog.
Error: 195
'undefined' is null or not an object

I've searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base, the Outlook Express help file, and this forum but can't find any clue to what's happening. It doesn't make any difference whether I fill in all the blanks on the insert picture dialog or leave all but the source blank. I get the same results on my computer at work, so I don't think it's some setting specific to my computer at home. If it makes any difference, I'm running Win98 at home and WinNT at work.

I did finally find a knowledge base article on the error message, but it only applies to Outlook 2000 running under Windows 2000. It's article Q311750 and gives a workaround for Outlook but not for Outlook Express. It describes the problem occurring if you are running Office SP-2 and then upgrade IE to 5.5 SP-2. I'm not running Office SP-2, but am running IE 5.5 SP-2.

A friend called saying she was having problems sending and receiving email. When she clicked on SEND/RECEIVE, literally nothing happened. When she created a new email and then clicked on SEND - an error message as follows comes up "This message could not be sent. An error occurred." I noticed when I opened the OUTBOX folder, there was a message saying this folder could not be opened - possible causes were low on memory or low on disk space. She also had XUPITER trying to hijack her home page. I got rid of XUPITER by running both ADAWARE and SPYBOT. Still can not send or receive email with Outlook Express. Tried with EUDORA and was able to send and receive email just fine. I uninstalled OE 6 and then reinstalled it. Still no luck. Am wide open for suggestions. Thanks for your help. My friend is running WIN 98 SE.

BOY! What IS it with me and this danged system this week??

Last night (midnight) everything was fine. Today, I've been completely unable to send, from any mail account, using OE.

Yet, I can send (from the same accounts, with the same server names) from Outlook. Only OE has the problem.

Rebooting hasn't helped. What could possibly be wrong??

The message I get is:
The connection to the server has failed. Account: [xxx], Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E


IE 5.5 on two machines. Sending mail on one WinME machine produces a Task Error message. It sends the mail ok, and then tries to send it again from the (empty) Outbox and fails. Thus the error message. And similiarly on the Win98se machine. This one wants to send the same message five times! I suspect that IE5.5 has a flaw but couldn't find anything on it at MSoft.
Anyone else with the same symptoms?

A friend prepares an email and then clicks on SEND. The email goes into the Outbox and nothing more happens. No error messages - he is definitely connected to the internet. If he clicks on SEND/RECEIVE, again nothing happens. He closes Outlook Express and tries to reopen it - won't reopen. Nothing happens. So he restarts the computer, then opens Outlook Express without a problem and the email in the outbox gets sent. He has Trend Micro for his antivirus. He "thinks" this started after he updated his subscription to Trend Micro. What do you suggest?

Outlook Express is not sending e-mails but it is receiving them. I spoke with tech support at Verizon and after they went thru and checked settings they say I need to update my drivers??? or I need updates to my OS (Windows XP Pro SP3). I believe I have all the updates for OE and I can't believe that an outdated driver is causing this problem. The computer in question is only a year old(I built it). Here is the error message I am getting...

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: "". Server:, Protocol: SMPT, Port: 995. Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: "". Server:, Protocol: SMPT, Port: 465. Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

Any thoughts anyone?


I have received a email that was sent to me with an error in it and now I can not delete it or send it to my junk email. The error reads "Message could not be displayed
Windows Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again." I have plenty of memory and disk space. This is the only email that has had a problem. What can I do to get rid of it?

Using Win XP Pro. When I use the "Send To" function in the "Open Files" box to send a file to another drive (A: for example) it seems to send the file just fine. However, at the end of the process, I get an error message that says "The Target Can Not Handle This Type of Document". I used to do the exact same thing when we were using Win 2000 with no error message. Anything I can do to correct this? Is it anything I need to be concerned about?

NB These were originally asked as Private Messages but are posted here for all to see in case they can help others. Linda


Here I am again, with one final question about that pesky Compaq/ OEM Help and Support error message. I've been going back through your instructions this week, ensuring that I've done them. System File Checker was done before Christmas and didn't help. I tried to go way back in System Restore, but - because I put it off for so long - I can't go back far enough (to early August) to access a restore point when the error message did not appear.

The reason I'm revisiting this one more time, is that I am now ready to install Office 2003, but wonder if I should get rid of this one glitch before doing so. It seems that, at this point, I would have to strip the hard drive and start all over (with only the OEM's restore disks; no lone Windows XP disk shipped with the computer). Obviously, that would mean days of work and frustration.

Or do you think I should just ignore the problem (as one Lounger suggested) as it doesn't seem to affect anything else and the messages they keep sending likely refer to viruses which I know about from Norton and Woody anyway.

Guess I'm looking for sound technical advice from a guru before going on. Hope you don't mind my coming back to you one more time on this.




1) I can't recommend strongly enough you ignore the problem. It's annoying for the reason we all get annoyed. We want absolute control over Windows, our PCs and the gui. Maybe you'd fix it by wiping and reloading but probably not. Compac has that coded in and it could probably be surgically removed if I used OEM tools that I have for OEM builders, but it would be a pain in the ass and time consuming and it's not hurting you a bit. Help and Support if I understand correctly works fine. You just have Compac's logo shoved in your face. I encourage you to use Help and Support because most people don't realize it searches for MSKBs on the subject as well and that's really sometimes useful and it has good stuff . It's 1000 times better than it was in previous versions.

2) It will not affect Office 2003 one bit--it is a little gui design regedit that the OEM Compac did with system builder tools and has nothing to do with Office or anything else.

Enjoy Office 2003. It's easy to install--just make sure you tell it if you want to keep any older programs from a previous Office version--a common thing is people having Access in XP or 2000 and not buying it in 2003 and wanting to keep their old Access. You can keep any old program except you can't coexist two separate Outlooks.


Hi, and thanks for your super fast reply! And advice. Consider it followed.

Before moving into "ignore it" mode, one clarification (to be sure I've been clear about my H and S situation): I can use every link on the page except the one Compaq inserted called "Instant Support" (hovering over it says "contact a support professional", which is an HP/ Compaq person - in India, more than likely!). From an earlier Lounger's screen shot of what an out-of-the-box Dell Help and Support page looks like, that is the one addition on this Compaq machine. It alone is inaccessible, bringing up the "Exception in DiplayIncidentList" error message.

So, with that as the situation, my best (and sanest!) approach is to ignore it and stop fretting! Right? (Just want to be absolutely sure!).

Appreciate - as always - your patience and support. I am excited about getting Office 2003 going. Glad to hear it should be an easy install. I'll probably just put all the '03 programs in (I've got Office Professional), unless you feel that one of the XP versions is better/ more stable. I've really only used Word and PowerPoint in Office XP so far. I have an earler separately purchased back then version of Publisher 2000 on a CD, but I would think that I should load the new one that now comes with Office when I need it. Do you agree?

Here I am adding a whole bunch of questions. Hope they are easy to answer. Thanks again.


Reference: post 718,757 in the Software forum.

In that post I described a problem that I had after installing three software updates to apps on my XP drive. I "thought" by un-installation arithmetic that the problem might have been caused by the latest version of Revo Uninstaller, but now I'm not sure and don't know if I will ever find out after the fact. I didn't quite tell the truth in that thread because I said that my XP was fully patched and that excluded SP3 at that time. It turns out that updating my system with SP3 seems to have fixed the problem, so that's why I don't know if I will ever know the answer, although I do intend to re-install the latest Revo Uninstaller, so we shall see.

For the benefit of future readers, my XP, after long 5-10 minute boot delays, was giving me a dreaded "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" has failed error message. In sending the report and looking at the detail, HTTPAPI.DLL was the file "accused" of causing the error. I was directed to this Microsoft site: Microsoft Windows Error Reporting which further directed me to a MS fix alleged to correct the problem. The fix did NOT correct the problem and after MANY reboots to verify that fact, I gave up and gave in - installing SP3 which (in truth) I was NEVER planning to install.

For the rest of today, I have booted this sucker several times and am not having any more problems with either HTTPAPI.DLL or SVCHOST.EXE so who knows. And, I don't even know what the HTTPAPI.DLL does!

I am using Opera 11.1 with Win XP.

With much regularity, when I DL dumb files people send in email like PPS or WMV or JPG, etc. they DL perfectly.

When I DL a serious file such as a UTILITY or other important app, I go the DL tab and find it says ERROR.
I then re-download the file and get a message saying the file ALREADY EXISTS and asks if I want to DELETE it.
I say YES, DELETE.........the file re-downloads and all is well.

Any idea WHY this happens.
Looks like I should just IGNORE the error message since when I attempt to re-download the file it says it already exists.

Thanks in advance.


I am using two acounts in Thunderbird , one appears tio work fine and receive emails ok. When l try to receive emails from the other account l am getting the following error: "The sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: message server said: Invalid Logon"

Any help would be much appreciated , as l am unable to read email from this account until this problem is resolved.


When I try to perform a search using Windows Explorer I get the following message: There is a problem sending the command to the program.
I have been unsuccessful in finding a fix for this problem.
I am running Win2k Professional, version 5, service Pack 4.
All help will be appreciated.

While watching my homepage ( I choose to watch the story about the overturned cruise ship (in Italy). The title of the story was "Missing rises to 29, including Americans." Good Morning America was the link I used to view the story,and "Watch the full episode." I'm running IE 9.08112.16421

Received instead this error message: Error- Unable to retrieve files for playback. This may be caused by a connection problem or ad blocking software. Error Code: 300 10. There was a retry button that failed.

I turned off the Pop-up Blocker and tried 3 more times, but no cigar.There also was a way to send feedback and I filled out the form stating the problem just as it appears above. The words that they appreciated my feedback, but all comments could not be replied to. So I don't expect to hear anything further from ABC.

Is anyone one else using the ABC Player while visiting the same page receive the same error message? I know it's not a connection error because I can view all the other videos on the same page.


I am trying to book a filght, and when I try and send the dates of travel in a pre-designed form from the vendor's website (, I get an error message stating my security settings won't allow me to send HTML forms. How do I change this?
Thanks in advance.

Lately while I am usinf IE I have been seeing an error message asking me to send or don't send a report to MS. It is very annoying. Is this my win98se PC or is there something wrong with IE? I use IE version 6.0.2800.1106.

Hiya not sure if the correct forum is Word or Windows.

I've a hp printer 9050dn PS.

In Word a standard print works.

However, in my Word doc header, if I insert a Print fieldcode to access files stored on the printers harddisk, I get the Word warning message "It will not be possible to send PRINT field data to the printe with they currently installed printer driver. Do you want to continue printing? Yes/No"

This is the fieldcode...
{ PRINT p page"(MEL_LTR_PS)" run * MERGEFORMAT }

If I click Yes to the message, the Word doc continues to print out correctly, with the file I want to call from the printers hard disk ie no error messages etc.

I have the latest printer drivers for the HP printer for 9050dn PS (latest date stamp version year 2007 of the driver)
the printer driver is setup in PS - postscript.

Any ideas how why and how to clear this message?


My company's logo consists of the company name in a special true type font. We have the font installed on all our PCs. When I plan to send Word documents elsewhere, I take advantage of Word's Embed True Type Fonts option. I have done this many times.

I'm suddenly getting odd behavior on an important file. If I work on it on one PC, then transfer it to another, I get an error message saying ""This document cannot be edited because it contains a read-only embedded font." Word will only open the document Read Only. I can't even Save As.

If I open the document on the original machine, uncheck the Embed True Type Fonts box, then save and move, I can open it without problem. If I check the box again while on the second PC, all works normally. I can edit, save, close, open. But if I move it back to the FIRST machine.... I get the error message again.

Both PCs have the required fonts. I've done this back-and-forth before with other documents without problem.

Any thoughts?



I've had automated Fax sending from button on form. It's worked terrific but recently I had to reinstall Office 2000. Now I get error "Unknown Message Recipient". Anybody have any idea what might be happening. Here is code I've been using.

Private Sub cmdFax_Click()
Dim DB As Database
Dim rec As Recordset
Dim strName As String
Dim strFax As String

Fax = Me!Fax
Fax = "1" & Fax

strName = Me!Fullname

If MsgBox("Do you want to fax confirmation to" & Chr(13) & _
strName & "?", 4) = 6 Then

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "rptConfirmationLetter", acFormatRTF, _
"[fax: " & Fax & "]", , , , , False

End If

End Sub

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