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I have an application which uses VBA for Access 2007. It has a form with the "Help File" property pointing to a properly formulated hlp file - .chm. However with the form window active, F1 just pulls up the standard (useless) Access help window instead of my application dedicated help file. I can invoke my help file with a button, but would like F1 to do this. How can I achieve this please?

On a 2007 word document that Iím using, it has mutable link fields throughout, that re-fresh just fine upon opening of the document; it is just the link fields that are located inside of a header that I receive an Error! Not a valid link. I have checked and verified that the link still exist by using Shift/F9. Here is the code that I use to open document with.
Code: Set worddoc = Documents.Open(ThisDocument.Path & " ReportsClient Information.docm") worddoc.Windows(1).Activate Is there anything that I can add to this code that may refresh the links in the header?
Also I have the annoying message every time this document opens. Is there a way to eliminate this?

I have an adsl connection and using netmeter I see constant but very slow activity with both incomming and outgoing data amounting to more that 20 mb or more daily. My firewall shows connections to various ip addresses and looking these numbers up I see connections to Russia, Slovakia, US, and various other countries. I suspect a bot is active, using my computer to distribute spam ? but it is also downloading data !. MS Security Essentials does not find anything, nor does "rubotted". I've tried the cmd netstat -nr command but this doesn't show the ip's that my firewall shows. The only way I can stop this is to block all traffic via the firewall (COMODO) when I'm not using the computer. Is there some way to find what data it is downloading and sending out ? Or some application to stop all this ?

Please help !


I am looking for a basic tutorial on Group Policy. I am running Active Directory and running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

Here are a few requirements:

1) I need an example that I can test in my production environment, as I don't have a dedicated testing server. So in any posting, please include instructions for how to apply the group policy test to affect just my computer name, or just my account.

2) Please look at previous posts of mine and try and write out the instuctions with lots of spacing, and clear instuctions on where to find the options to adjust.

3) If you don't write up a solution yourself, but link to a solution, please give a short intro to the solution here.

(A one-man support team for a small nonprofit. This means everyone in this forum is my best option for help and system support, and that I don't have dedicated testing boxes.)
Link to help files I have written:

I've become frustrated with MS Help in Office 2010 Pro Plus, particularly Word. I don't get appropiate answers--just a whole list of articles that often aren't even related to the topic at hand. For example I couldn't find an answer on how to activate the Developer Tab. I had to go to an Internet search for that "How To". As a sample this morning I queried "bulleted lists" and got multiple articles on Smart Art, but nothing on bulleted lists or numbers.

Have I not loaded an important component of Help? Has anyone else had that experience? Thanks, Judy

ok so im wanting to get list of all users from Active Directory and display in Word 97 drop downlists.

I found the following post which is similiar and helpful"active%20dire ctory"&fromsearch=1

my question is:
has anyone been successful in doing something similiar?

im managed to query active directory and return data. should i be doing this each time the forms are loaded? seems abit excessive?
or on Word startup or another trigger eg on login script should I do an active directory query, and store data in an excel file or txt file. - to then be used and called throughout the
words session

I suppose either method the data is going to be retrieved.
Im just wanting the fastest method
my other concern is if Word crashes, there maybe multiple sessions of winword.exe - which may effect code running during the AD data retrieval

Im not sure about the data retrieval/storage process?

many thanks


Hi everyone,

I've checked the MSKB and can't find this issue there.

We have Word XP here. On a random but pretty regular basis we've found that Track Changes will turn itself on every time we open a document. That is, I have a document. I turn off Track Changes and save & close the document. When I open the document again, Track Changes is turned on again. Turn it off, save & close, open and it's back again. Rinse and repeat!

The only way we've found around the problem is to copy the text into a new document. The new document doesn't have the problem.

Does anyone know what causes this behavior? As I said, it seems random. We used to think it was related to our documents having been brought up to XP from Word 97, but since we haven't worked in 97 for many years it's hard for me to believe this many documents still fall into that category.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Free software sheds light on PC activity

By Ian "Gizmo" Richards

When your PC suddenly starts churning away on its own without obvious cause, you probably wonder: Just what the heck is going on in there?

The possibilities range from the benign to the nefarious — from normal background maintenance to a hacker mining your system for whatever he can find. Here are some tips and software that can help you know exactly what's happening.The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

Several years ago I was elected to the Sec./Tres. position for a small professional organization. We purchased MSMoney (Money 98? Money 99? not sure which version) to keep track of our meager funds. I've used the software ever since.

Last week I had some virus / spyware issues with my computer so I reformatted the hard drive. Everything is back to good except I no longer have the MSMoney disks or the activation code. I really need to get into the *.mny files to do some reports. Do I have any hope of convincing someone at Microsoft to: 1) send me the software to install and 2) get me an activation code so I can get the software to work?

If there is hope, whom do I contact? I've tried their website. None of the links seem to be what I need.

As a backup plan, I do have Quickbooks Pro here and could install that. However my preliminary research indicates that I will need to open the mny files in Money to get them ready to import into Quickbooks.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Larry P

WIN2K Professional - anyone know of any reason for every so often (at least twice a day) the harddisk bursts into life, and the floppy drive is checked for no apparent reason. No user interaction is occuring at the time (although they are logged on), there is no discernable pattern. Things eliminated so far:
- Outlook Journal is not turned on
- virus checker is not scanning
- has been checked and the value is 960
- The occurences do not seem to be in a pattern with a reboot
- No files appear to be modified on the system drive at the times when the activity takes place.
- findfast is not being used, and never has been.

Any theories at all would be helpful, no matter how wild (I have had some pretty wild theories to try and explain this one away already)

I have transferred my web page onto a CD-R so I can hand it out to people. When you access it with a computer which has service pack 2 it comes up with "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer, Click here for options". As I have no real experience with code, is there a basic way of making it unrestricted????

I have previously sent a post but still having lots of problems. I have search heaps of sites but every time I work something out something else goes wrong. So I am trying again, I need to (desperately) create a template where I will have ASK/REF and FILLIN fields, when someone opens this template I want these fields to prompt the user what info is required. I believe I need an AutoOpen macro to activate the ASK field, possibly an AutoNew (not sure). Also I need a macro which I could assign to a button to update REF field in header. I have found information on the internet for an AutoOpen macro but they are all different. I would really appreciate any help or if I can get information that will help me achieve what I am trying to do.

I have a toolbar (in a global template) called Button Palette that contains numerous pictures that can be copied when creating toolbar buttons. However, if I start Word & switch to Print Preview, the Toolbar pops up. I can turn it off for that session, but it pops up again if I close & restart Word (after switching to Print Preview). I can't figure out how to get rid of this behavior.

I've can delete the toolbar from the global template to prevent this behavior, but I'd rather not. I've copied it to different templates to see what happens. As long as the toolbar is available in a global template, it will pop up when I switch to Print Preview. Deleting & rebuilding the DATA key hasn't helped. Nor have any of the steps in post 197827 .

Any ideas. I could copy the toolbar to a template to upload, if anyone feels it would help.

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Good morning lounge
I have had difficulty activating new document window with docs created under vba ..

This article on word mvp site was helpful.



I have spent an good deal of time trying to get the following code to select each item in a word table cell, but no luck yet. Would someone please take a look at this and hopefully provide insight? I have attached a word document that explains the detail of what I am trying to do.

Public Sub EstablishVol1Bookmarks(strDocName)
Dim objApp As Word.Application, wdoc As Word.Document, rng As Range, mySentenceCount As Integer, i As Integer, _
myString1 As Variant, myString2 As Variant, myLastString As String
Set objApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set wdoc = objApp.Documents.Open(CurrentProject.Path & "" & strDocName) 'Forms!frmMain!cboChapter
objApp.Visible = True
Set rng = ActiveDocument.Tables(3).Rows(9).Cells(8).Range
mySentenceCount = rng.Sentences.Count
For i = 1 To mySentenceCount

Debug.Print Selection.Text
Next i
Set wdoc = Nothing
Set objApp = Nothing

End Sub

thanks, please see attachment

Welcome to Woody's Lounge.

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Dust Hello All,

I need some help. Here is my problem. Thru' an add-in, I have created a command bar with custom buttons (say for example "Open" and "Close"). This appears in all the document windows in word... fine! Onclick of "open" button I want to create another command bar, specifically for the current active document (ie., if I open another document window in word the new command bar should not be there).
So, please tell me, in word, how to create a command bar only in the current active document (and not for all other document windows in word). Any replies will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the replies


Hi, I have a problem that I hope someone can assist me with. The scenario is as follows:
I have a macro that runs when a document is opened, asks for information vua a UserForm and pastes that information into the document at a bookmark. This all works fine when the only opened document is the document I am working on. The problem comes in when I already have one or more documents open and then open the document I wish to change. I cannot seem to get that document to become the active document to paste the information.
For example, if I have Doc1 and Doc2 open and (with Doc2 active), I open (File..Open..) Doc3 (which is the Doc I want to alter), my macro runs but pastes the data into Doc2. (If Doc1 was active when Doc3 was opened, it pastes it into Doc1).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have had a the small business version on a computer here at work for about a year. All of a sudden it is now asking us
to do the product activation again and is counting down each time we log on to word, excel, etc. Can someone tell me the
telephone number to call at microsoft for help or how to get it to quit doing the countdown or how to fix the problem. this is a legitimate problem, not someone trying to pirate some software!! thank you, John

I have an xp operating system. Today I cannot view you tube videos that I viewed yesterday. When I try to activate the video, I get a black screen with no start button. I uninstalled the adobe flash player, and installed the latest version. I haven't made any other changes.

Thanks for your help,

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