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i have some movies or shows i have downloaded , and after watching them , i was unable to delete them .
i have tried running cmd.exe but it it didn't work .
it said the file can not be accessed .
when i try to delete it it says that the file is open on windows explorer .
i tried reading other threads but couldn't really see any solutions for my problem .
can anyone help me please ?
this is grabbing to much disk space .
thank you guys ....


I am unable to change file and folder permissons or delete
folders and files I have been working on. Get an error
that says it is being used by another person or program.
No-one else logged and cannot carry on without shutting
down all applications including windows explorer, waiting
a few minutes and then re-launching...sometimes I can then
delete and sometime must re-boot. I can however never ever
change folder permissions. They remain at "Read Only"

I have a group of several hundred e-mails which are duplicates, but I am unable to delete them. There had been a problem in my PST, which I fixed using Scanpst, but I a still stuck with these leftovers. I was able to move them in a single folder into the deleted items folder, so now they don't really appear anywhere, but they take up space and make it impossible for my Wastebasket to empty automatically, because an error is generated whenever it tries to empty. I can manually delete all new items which go to the Wastebasket, but not this one folder or any file in it.

As I mentioned, I have run Scanpst more than once. The PST is not too large, currently running a bit over 34MB. I run auto-archive regularly to keep it in shape, which is how my original problem first showed up: I kept getting errors when archiving, and then found some corrupted messages. But that's all fixed, except for this last issue. The only thing which is a bit unusual is that I do use this PST at home as the main PST file under the most recent version of Outlook (was 2002, now 2003), and carry it to my office where I open it as an adjunct PST under Outlook 2000. However, I cannot delete the files or the folder at either location. If I try to delete the folder, I get the message: "Unable to delete this folder. Right-click the folder, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. See the folder owner or your administrator to change your permissions." Doing that shows you nothing. If I try to delete one of the files, I get the message: "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook." Of course restarting Outlook makes no difference.

I would appreciate any light which could be shed on this problem. Thanks


On Windows 7 Ultimate x63 Desktop, I'm unable to delete an Outlook 2010 item (.msg). The screenshot will go on indefinitely.
The outlook item in question was created by mouse-dragging an item in Outlook to the esktop.
The file extension of the item is .msg as shown in C:UsersXXXDeskop..
Please help. Thanks.

I have a Lacie pocket drive with about 10 gig of obsolete system files I am unable to delete. They are all MS system files from obsolete installs. Many are .NET or SQL Server .msi install files.

I wonder how they ended up on this drive in the first place since this drive is only occasionally connected as a backup device. It is also used with my laptop for backup. These files could have come from either machine.

Cannot delete them as administrator user of my PC. Cannot reformat as I have other backup files there that I do not wish to lose. I see various downloadable programs on the web I do not trust which offer to do the job.

Is there a clean safe way to accomplish this?

I am running XP Pro with latest updates.


I was forwarded an attachment that I couldn't open because the file appeared as an envelope. (.eml?) However, when I saved it to desktop, I was able to open it but did not notice the file extension. I realized the attachment was a .pps file and changed the extension to that. Somehow there are now TWO of the same; one of which I can delete but the other says "Cannot delete file; cannot read from the source/disk." I've tried restoring one from the recylce bin and tried to delete both at the same time, to no avail. Also tried dragging it to the bin; same result. I've also tried going ino the original forward message and re-opening the html attachment, but it appears as the original .pps file.
When I click on properties, the "change to" file type is not an option.
Am I destined to have this attachment on my desktop forever, unable to delete???
Thanks for ANY suggestion!

I'm trying to delete 2 files from my Axim but keep getting "Cannot delete file x; Cannot find the specified path." What am I doing wrong and how can I delete these 2 annoying files? They are on my flash storage card. Thanks...

A corrupted data file in my PC (Vista 64 bit) makes it impossible to backup my PC. The error message 0x80070570 appears if I try to delete it or move it. I have also tried to delete it from the Safe mode but without success. I am very reluctant to go back to square one reloading everything and fel there must be a simpler way of getting rid of it.
I have also tried to clean the registry with RegCure with no effect.
Suggestions welcomed!

Hi & Hello people,How are you guys today?Im here because today im having some difficulties to delete the ESET NOD32 Anti Virus folder Located at C/Program Files/ESET
After i UNINSTALL the anti virus,i noticed that the folder were still there then trying to manually delete it but failed.It prompted YOU NEED A PERMISSION TO PERFORM THIS ACTION,Then trying to find a solutions in net and got the method to EDIT the user permission first,even tho i did that many of thousand of times but still the folder wont removed.I tried to reinstalled the ESET NOD32 b'cuz i hope it will overwrite the previous folder but still it wont let me install it even.The question is HOW TO DELETE THIS FOLDER?Please help.

Best Regards,

Hey folks...

I recently reorganized my computer and this included a fresh install of Windows 7 on a new disk. I backed up all my data on the old disk so that I could make sure I wasn't losing any important documents or whatever.

I'm now sure I've got everything off the disk that I needed and am using the disk as a storage disk for media. However, there are still folders that I can't seem to erase in the Program Files, Program Files (x86), and Windows directories. Most of the files are gone but about 12GB of junk remains that I no longer need. Whenever I try to delete what is left, it says I need permission from TrustedInstaller and it won't let me delete these files.

Is there any way to blow these directories away without having to format the disk? I really can't format because the disk is almost full with data that I need to keep and I don't really have any other disks to temporarily back these files up to.

Thanks in advance...

I have a .mkv video file which I cannot rename, move, or delete. Every time I do so this message shows: "The action cannot be completed because the file is open in windows explorer. Close the file and try again." If I try to delete the folder, a similar message pops up saying that a file is in use in another program.

I've done some searching on the Internet for solutions and have tried the following:
- restarting the computer and retrying
- using safe mode to delete the file
- running some commands
- downloaded the following software: CCleaner, FileASSASIN, Glary Utilities, and Unlocker

I downloaded Unlocker but never found a way to use it, so I downloaded the other programs, but none of them solved my problem. Furthermore, I tried re-downloading the file from a different website, was unable to replace the original file, and ended up with two undeletable files. I then tried to copy the file so I could at least have a non-problematic copy (this apparently worked for other people) and now I have three undeletable copies.

Please help!
(Note: If someone offers a command-type solution, I warn you I am a complete novice at typing commands so please give very detailed instructions. Thank you.)

Hi there

I have a problem with certain DOS files in Win XP in that, when
selected, they will not delete. I am instead presented with the
notification that "the file is already in use by another
program...etc.", however I know this not to be the case. This occurs
even if the file has not been executed, and only ever with DOS files.

The obvious first response would be that the files are viruses, but
this isn't the case as I know that the sources are genuine and
reliable (plus NAV2004 shows all files to be clean).

My thought is that it is a misconfiguration in Explorer - doesn't it
try to "preview" a file prior to giving the usual stats (size, date,
etc.) and maybe this is causing the issue?

At the minute, I have to dual boot into Win '98 command prompt to
delete these files (Win 98 itself has no prob deleting them either).
As an aside, I can copy the file elsewhere, but if I try to move it, I
get the same issue.

any ideas??

Thanks in advance for any help!



Win XP Pro (SP1)/Win' 98SE (dual boot), P4 3.2ghz (HTT), 1gb OCZ
(PC3200) SDRAM, A-Bit IC7-G mobo, 300GB SATA Maxtor HDD, GeForce
FX5950 Ultra, NEC DVD Burner.

I have a desktop PC and a laptop PC networked together over WiFi, and
I'm experiencing a problem regarding the ability to
rename/write/delete files on the OTHER machine (and sometimes reading
them.) I'm also having a problem with sharing not propagating to some
folders below.

Both machines are running Windows XP Pro with SP1.

Everything was working fine until an hour or so ago - all I can
remember doing that may have messed something up, was enabling or
disabling "Enable Simple File Sharing" in Folder Options on one of the
computers - and then things started to go wrong.

I am able to share folders between the two machines - in this
particular instance I am sharing folders within both machine's "My
Pictures" folders. But, when accessing these folders & their files
from the OTHER machine (over the network) I am unable to rename or
delete these files - even though I have enabled on a folder "Allow
network users to change my files" (Simple File Sharing) or enabled
Permissions For Everyone - Full Control + Change + Read (when I use
not Simple File Sharing.)

Oddly, as well as not being able to delete or rename some files, some
files I cannot even READ over the network - even though they read OK
on the machine where they live.

BTW, I can rename, delete and view files on the machine on which they
reside with no problems.

(1) What could be happening here, and how can I get back to normality?
i.e. being able to read/delete/rename files on the other machine, when
I allow it, and also having permissions propagate to folders

(2) Is there anyway to reset things (permissions, shares etc.) to how
they were when I first installed Windows XP?

If you need any more info, or clarification let me know.

Thanks in advance, Simon.

After installing SP2 on a Celeron 2.4Gb machine, I am
unable to get a context menu (right-clik of mouse) on any
file in any WinExplorer window.

The system goes into a wait state (spinning hourglass)
and ultimately (~30 sec. later) closes down and restarts
the desktop display, closing WinExplorer in the process.
The same thing happens when I highlight a filename and
press the delete key.

The system seems to remain stable after that, but this
means that I am unable to delete files.

What gives?? Do I need to uninstall SP2?

I am running Windows XP Home version, have AVG 6.0. It found two, one called
trojan horse downloader.apropo.O located in
C:programfilesautoupdateautoupdate.exe and another called trojan horse
downloader.braidupdate.C located in C:windowsuptodate.exe.

I cannot delete these of course and it will not move them to virus vault.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

I am unable to delete an Excel file. The commands says that it is being used by another user, yadda yadda yadda. The command asks me to close all applications, I did that yadda yadda yadda. Can you help?

I have the view for my tasks customized with the filter set to off. There are two stubborn tasks which, when I attempt to delete them, won't delete. When I double click either task, I get the attached message. Both messages are checked as completed.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried compacting the pst file but it didn't help.

Thanks in advance.

For some reason (before service pack 1) my Outlook 2007 stopped allowing me to move file from the deleted folder back to any other folder. I can delete them from the deleted folder but cannot move them. Either by drag drag or right click and move to.


Well it happens to all of us sometimes.....I'm stumped, help!

My wife downloaded a 590 MB BBC iPlayer wmv file for later viewing on my workstation. After viewing, we now want to remove it from the machine.

Simple, you would think.....err no. Every attempt to access the file results in Access Denied. Viewing the owner of the file results in "unable to display current owner"

Things I have tried:

Turn of Simple File Sharing and grab ownership - same result: access deniedReset file attributes using command prompt (run as admin) - same result: access deniedDelete from command prompt (run as admin) - same result: access deniedVarious "forced file removers" - yup, you got it....access denied

So, not to be beaten, I resorted to booting the machine off a Linux Live CD, browse to the file in the on the Windows disk, and.....the file was not there!

Rubs eyes in disbelief, tries again and gets same result.

Boot machine back into Windows, browse to file and it is listed. Fire up Ubuntu from within VirtualBox, browse to file and it is not listed. This really got me confused - Windows shows the file present, but Linux, running in real time does not: see attached.

now you see it - now you dont.JPG

So the question: am I seeing some strange effect of the Windows file system, indexing a file that is not there, or could Linux be fooled into mis-reading the NTFS volume?

Any ideas on whether the file is present and if so how to remove it?

Hi All,

When i try to delete files, It displays a message saying that "file cannot be deleted it may be in use by some person or some porgram".

I tried with the Delete key and also with Shift+Del key. Restarting the system and etc.,

Even i tried to move the file to other locations. I'm even unable to move it to other locations.

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