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Hi all,

This is my first post so I thought I would start with a simple little problem first. I am running W7 x64 on the following platform:

Intel desktop Board (DG31PR)Intel Core 2 duo 2.33MHz3GB ram (2 modules 1gb & 2Gb running dual channel)500GB Western Digital (new)2 DVD optical drives one of which is SATA the other IDENVIDIA 8500GT PCI express PCI Wireless Network CardA number of external USB things (Printer, HDD backup, Ipod... etc)
I installed W7 on 15/06/2009 it is build 7100 and yes it has run and completed all updates available. All drivers are up to date accordingly with the latest the most up to date being the NVIDIA(06/09) and Intel Chipset(06/09). I had a issue installing W7 where it blue screened on me but after reviewing my MB information I identified a bios update which fixed the blue screen issue which has something to do with post xp versions of windows and memory above 2GB.

I though yesterday, after leaving my computer for a couple hours, 'what on earth has happened to the bubbles screen saver'. After some thought I realised I had never seen the screen saver activate even though I do remember testing it. So i fiddled around and found none of the screen savers activate at any time delay from 1 to 10mins. But then neither does the power saving options which turn off the screen or put it into standby.

The funny thing is, they don’t even activate if you have nothing plugged into a USB device and no programs running. I don’t even have a USB mouse I only have a PS 2 one (noted from a previous post as a possible issue solver).

Please help, maybe a fix is needed??

I was running the "Improve Power Usage" utility from the Control Panel - Troubleshooting section. If you have a Screen Saver enabled, the troubleshooter will turn it off, but not recognize it has done so. The utility still shows the problem is not fixed.

It might be a glitch, but it seems something on the system is not being reset correctly for the troubleshooter to be able to recognize the Screen Saver is not enabled...

Any ideas as to what might be happening? If you run the troubleshooter, it may reset some of your power settings unless you select Advanced and uncheck the automatic repair.


I'm having a problem with my screen saver and such. I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread, I don't really know how to phrase it so I can't really search.

I'll explain the situation.
I have my screen saver set to go on after 5 min, then turn of the monitors after 20 min. When I leave for enough time for one of both of them to come on, I come back and move my mouse to wake up my monitors (I have 3). Then I see my background, nothing else, no task-bar, icons nothing other then an image. So I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del and then go to talk manager, and then it comes back normal as it should.

Please let me know what you think and if there are any ways I can help in better explaining.

Thanks Brennan.

I've recently installed XP Pro on my PC, but whenever I attempt to
change the screen saver I get an "Run a DLL as an App" error. I only
get as far a clicking on the "Screen saver" tab on the Display
Properties, the window does not change and the error appears.

I've found what the error report contains, it's an error against
themeui.dll, ModVersion: 6.0.2600.0 Offset: 0001f601

Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this ?!

Cheers, Rich

I've had this laptop for less then a month and It seem that recently , like
the last 2 week my screen saver will not come up. It's set to come on after 1
minute and I'll watch it for 5 and no screen saver. I tried this site that
was listed on another post,
" line 51 click the fix for
screen saver and run it thru." And that didn't do anything. So what can I do
to get my screen saver back?

OK I know how to change the logon screen saver. I have a small batch
file to do it as part of our install process and it works. What I
would like to do is use our university logo and have it move around
the screen.

How do I have my scr file move around the screen like logon.scr ?

:: Install a blank screen saver

@echo off
copy /y %Z%packagesblank.scr %WinDir%system32

:: Change logo screenscaver from logon.scr to blank.scr
reg add "HKU.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop" /v SCRNSAVE.EXE /t REG_SZ
/d blank.scr /f nul

:: Change blanking time to 60 seconds
reg add "HKU.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop" /v ScreenSaveTimeOut /t
REG_SZ /d 60 /f nul

i would recommend that you set an adminster password on your office computer, that way, when you come out of screensaver, it will prompt you for your log in password name on XP, if you havent created a password, thats the reason its not asking you for 1.
Many thanks


"Andrew" wrote:

I am running WinXP Professional on both my home and office
computers, and I am trying to set password protection on
my screen saver. When I right-click on the desktop, I
click on "Properties," then go to the "Screen Saver" tab.
There is a check-box that reads "On resume, password
protect," and I click on that, and a little check mark
appears in the box. According to the Win XP on-line help,
that should set the password protection.

The problem is the password prompt never appears. On
previous versions of Windows, clicking on the "Preview"
button will start the screen saver, and it would prompt
for a password, but not in WinXP. I just move my mouse,
and the desktop appears as usual. When I set the screen
saver to start after just one minute on inactivity, same
result. No matter what I try, I can't seem to enable the
password protection on the screen saver.

Yes, I know there is a way to lock the computer via Task
Manager, but I'd gotten used to the convenience of putting
a shortcut to my favorite screen saver on the Taskbar or
the desktop, and just clicking on it to start the password-
protected screen saver.

I do need this at work, for obvious security reasons. If
I'm missing something, or if anybody has any ideas, I
would appreciate it. BTW, I am the administrator on my
home PC, but not my office PC, if that helps, but it
doesn't make any difference for this problem, because it
is the same on both my home and office PCs. Thanks.

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This is a problem in which I've found many of the same online searching for a solution. What the problem is, is that when I go to Standby or Hibernate on my computer, it will say "Preparing to Hibernate" infinitely, and also the computer keeps running. The only way to get out of this is the shut the computer off by the button which causes loss of all recent setting changes, etc. Now if your one to say, go to the Windows Update website, they have a patch for it; i've already been there. The message I get for uploading the patch is that my current patches are more up to date than this one. Well obviously this patch is from 2002. (Heres the website to that patch in case you think i'm thinking of a different patch.;NoWebContent=1

Now the alternative I have currently is that I don't have a 3D-based screen saver on and it works perfectly (Hibernation). But there has to be an alternative, or a solution to this. If you could help I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks.


My laptop PC (running on AC power) sometimes exhibits an annoying behavior:
- I've walked away from it for a lengthy time (an hour or two or even more).
- I come back to it and the screen saver is on (that's ok).
- I move the mouse and the screen saver goes away (ok).
- It's replaced by my desktop background with no icons (ok).
- I wait for the system to give me the welcome screen so I can select my user id and get back to work - never happens.

Now the system seems frozen. CTRL+ALT+Delete does nothing, not even a task manager. The only recourse I seem to have is to turn the system off, wait a little, and turn it back on. This usually works, although there is a noticeable delay after selecting my ID (which is the only one on the machine) while XP is setting up my desktop.

I've checked my screensaver and power settings. Nothing obvious. But I'm not sure I'd recognize anything to change in the power settings even if there was something there.

This doesn't happen often and I haven't seen any pattern in terms of how long I might be away. I've left the machine on over night and not had this happen. Then again, it happened last night when I went out to dinner for about 2 hours. I recently loaded SP2 but it's happened both before and after that.

I've done a search of the index and found 1 item that seemed remotely related. Checked the EVENTVWR but didn't see anything obvious (then again, I'm not sure I know what I was looking at).

Any ideas?



I have an unusual problem that has only just started happening. If I turn the computer on, then go away, when you come back the screen saver is not working. But if you do something on the computer and go away, when you come back the screen saver is working. Any ideas as to what has gone wrong, it used to work just fine. I have tried turning it off then back on, but that dosn't help. Any help would be much appreciated.

On one of my PCs at home, when I move the mouse or hit a key to remove the screen saver, I then attempt to enter my password to get back to the desktop. Occasionally, the PC won't accept my password. I try several times, and make sure the caps lock isn't on, all to no avail.

To see what was happening, I tried typing over my user name, and I get garbled text and numbers. The only cure is to reboot the PC, then all is well until it happens again.

I'm using Windows XP SP3. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

my screen saver suddently did not work, the pictures I was using did not show and my desktop shows all the time
in personalization/screen saver when I select a line in the drop down window it quickly goes back to the first line (none). the same happens with power management (my monitor is always on) , I cannot select a line from the drop down windows in services either (MS config).
I can force the selection of a line by holding the Ctrl key at the same time I select a line but when I click apply/OK it does not acknoledge my choice and goes back to the top.
what I have done so far to try to fix the problem (without success)

1. Update the driver for the mouse (device manager) ( it was up to date), and change USB port for the mouse .
2. Did a windows repair at startup (F8), everything was OK
3. Run in save mode an SCF/scannow, everything was OK
4. Uninstall program that were installed in the past 10 days
5. Did a System restore to the earliest date available
6. Run Ccleaner, Microsoft security essential, registry cleaner, Malwarebytes.
Nothing worked!
is there anybody with this problem who was able to fix it?

Is there a way of preventing users from disabling or changing the screen saver which has been set on their PC..? Basically what we want is a standard screen saver on the users' desktop, which kicks in automatically after 5 minutes and is password protected. The users shouldn't be able to change this.

Ideas anyone?

Many thanks,

C. Le Cras

Here's a good one. Usually when I download a screensaver in XP it goes into C:windows and then all you have to do it go into Control Panel and select the screensaver you downloaded.

Well I downloaded Titanic Screensaver; it deposited itself in C:windows, BUT I couldn't find it in Control Panel. I then used the compatibility wizard because it was a Win 95/98 screensaver, and that still didn't work.

What I have to do whenever I want to use the Titanic Screensaver is right click on it,and then click on configure. When the screensaver goes off (after I press the spacebar), the only way to get it working again is to right click on it and then click on configure.

Can anyone tell me why this particular screen saver will not show up in Control Panel so I can choose it there? All the other screensavers that I have downloaded do.

I've looked in all of the Windows ME posts and can't find the exact situation I'm trying to solve. Any help is appreciated!

We have a WinME standalone PC in a patient education area. Patients will be going to the Internet researching patient education information. They will be assisted by paid staff. So far no big deal.

We want to prevent unauthorized folks from using this PC during the off hours. Obviously, Windows passwords aren't the answer since you can simply "cancel" to get around them. We have no problem turning on a screen saver password. Unfortunately, all someone has to do is to turn the system off and then on to get around the screen saver password.

Going WAY back to my DOS days, I thought maybe we could add a line to the autoexec.bat that turns on the screen saver at some point after startup but before they can do anything with Windows. Can it be done and what would the command be? And, yes I know going to WinNT or WinXP would solve this but it isn't an option (let's not go there!).

I have a non-Microsoft screen saver that displays graphics files. It runs fine on my Windows NT PCs, but on my Windows 2000 PCs when it starts itself, it runs as a small bar like it is minimized just above the start button at the lower left. If you click on it enough, it enlarges to show the upper left quarter of the screen saver and does change images. If you start the saver manually, it runs perfectly (full screen, image changes, etc.). It was written in Visual Basic 6. The 2000 PCs have NTFS or FAT32, some have Service Pack 2, one user has administrator authority, some have DirectX 8, but none of them show the saver correctly when it runs after idle time. I remember (at least I think I do) reading a post somewhere claiming that NT screen savers were broken by Windows 2000 Service Pack 1but can not find anything to prove it. Any ideas of what settings I could change on the PCs to fix this or what the programmer could change in his screen saver to fix this would be greatly appreciated.



Right ive got a small problem with windows 7 ive just put on my system, i'm certain it's my ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT graphic's card what's causeing it, this is what it's doing:
Everytime i start my pc up, just before the desktop comes on, my screen flashes dark red, then the desktop comes on,

it does this when i click the screen saver off as well, ( like for instance, i left my pc switched on, but i return 20 min's later, i then move the mouse so the screensaver goes off then my screen flashes red),

it didnt do this when i had xp pro,
ive got all the latest graphic driver's installed, but it's still doing it, ive got no idea what's doing this, i wish this red flash would go away, do any of you know what's causeing it? any help will be much appretiated, cheer's.........Dean.

I was just doing a disk cleanup in Vista Home Premium and noticed that many of the boxes are not ticked. I was wondering what is best to leave alone. I know that you can delete the Hibernation File cleaner, but then cannot use that option. Since I never use the Hybrid Seep or Hibernation (or whatever it's called) I was wondering if it would be OK to delete that file. It's almost 3 GB and would free up a lot of space. I just turn my computer on in the morning and have the screen saver set to kick in after 10 minutes, but never on the sleep setting. Also the other files (Downloadable Program Files, temp. Internet files, Setup Log files, thumbnails, Per User Windows error Reporting, etc.)....Which of these can be deleted and which should be left alone? I read in the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Vista, that you shouldn't delete your Temp. Internet files too often as it would slow down your web browsing. BTW, has anyone else seen this book by Koroush Ghazi? It was recommended by someone on one of the forums and I've used it to set up Media Player and a few other things. It has a lot of suggestions for tweaking IE, which I did , but have since done a system recovery so everything's back to default...but I digress.. any suggestions on Disk Cleanup?

I have read dozens of threads containing similar questions. Let me
explain what I did, and what my system is now doing.

I only have one user account (my own) besides the disabled guest
account, and the hidden admin and hidden account. For over
two years, my
system was fine. It always went back to the welcome screen when the
screen saver kicks in and I just click my name, type my password, and
am back in.

ALL I did was changed my screen saver settings to not kick in for 45
minutes (so that when I am burning a DVD or CD, the disc has time to
complete before the screen saver kicks in).

After I did so, when my computer screen saver kicks in, when I go to
log back in, it brings up the classic 2k looking UNLOCK screen. I
went back to the screen saver settings and reset them back to the
default, but no luck. Since this has happened, I noticed 2 things.
My screen saver settings now display ON RESUME, PASSWORD PROTECT
instead of the ON RESUME, DISPLAY WELCOME SCREEN. Also, about half
the time I am on my home PC, its tunneled in to it from work via
REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION. Previously, when I would minimize my
connection and work locally here at work, if the screen saver at home
had time to come on, when I click to maximize my home PC, I could tell
that the screen saver was running, and it would immediately refresh
and bring me back to my desktop (assuming that since it was set to ON
RESUME, DISPLAY WELCOME SCREEN and since that would not be a possible
thing connected via RDC, it just turned the screen saver off and I was
ready to work.

Now, when I am tunneled in, when the screen saver comes on and I go
back to my home computer session, it brings up the UNLOCK PC prompt
and requires me to logon.

Everything I have read about this says that the reason it is doing
this is because I only have one user account setup. But I ran for
almost 2 years
with it set this way and no problems like this have ever occurred.
(Although I have never been required to change any of my screen saver
settings, so I think that has something to do with it).

I have read posts after posts and microsoft people suggest to go to
the registry and change or edit some registry settings (no luck) and
download a tweak from kelley's corner but that didn't help either.
(There were only 3 registry changes in the .REG file, and all it
seemed to do was make the option to change the ON DISPLAY PASSWORD
PROTECT field greyed out and I just had to undo those changes...but
still it is not doing what it should be doing.

I don't want anyone to give me "guesses" or "things to try"... I
simply want someone with knowledge of this issue (who knows EXACTLY
what I am talking about) to reply and give me the SOLUTION of exactly
what to do...

[quote name='Pilgrim' post='775102' date='13-May-2009 21:55']This can also happen if you are using a wireless mouse with a USB receiver. The signal between the receiver and the mouse is sometimes considered "activity" and thus screensavers won't launch.[/quote]

I have had this problem off and on ever since I got my computer with vista installed.
Sometimes the screensaver works and sometimes it doesn't. I only use the screensavers that came with Vista and seem to have more trouble with the My Pictures screensaver than the generic windows ones.
It also seems to not want to work when I have shut down my broadband internet connection.
What I usually do is shut the monitor off overnight if I'm not shutting down the computer, though I understand that 'burn-in' is not so much of a problem with the newer flat screen monitors.
It doesn't affect the computer function at all, it just doesn't kick in..

I'd be interested in knowing the cause..

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