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My display adapter is freaking me out... I have re-installed Windows XP Pro
on my machine and since than the display adapter is not installing the
drivers correctly.

The problem is that the resolution is stuck to 640x480 with 4-bit color
(yuk!!). The funny thing about it is that if I enter windows in safe-mode,
the resolution and colors are good.
Also, if i uninstall the display adapter from the Device manager and reboot
the colors are ok. However, since windows re-installs the drivers
automatically, when i reboot I'm back to 640x480 4bit.

I have tried THREE different graphics cards and ALL have had the same
symptoms. I'm suspecting its something with the AGP port, but i'm not sure.
Please HELP!


I upgraded my motherboard and video card and after performing a repair
installation I cannot install the new video drivers for my ATI card. It tells
me to set up my display adapter with a standard VGA driver before installing
new drivers but when I go to device manager there IS NO DISPLAY ADAPTER
LISTED! When I go to Display Properties Settings Advanced Adapter
Properties Driver, there is an adapter named VgaSave and the current status
is started with Start button greyed out and a Stop button available. Startup
type drop down menu has System selected from list which includes: Automatic,
Boot, Demand and Disabled. There is also a Driver details button that is
greyed out. When I go back to Device Manager and select Show hidden devices I
find VgaSave under Non-Plug and Play Drivers. I tried a few things: 1) I used
Add/Remove programs to remove all display driver entries which failed "unable
to locate installation log file" 2) I ran a program called RegCleaner and
removed all video driver entries, then rebooted. 3) I went to Non-Plug and
Play Drivers in Device manager and uninstalled VgaSave and rebooted. 4) I
shut down the pc, removed and reinstalled new video card and restarted. 5)
Still no display adapter in Device manager and still unable to install new
drivers so I performed a second repair installation, nothing changed except
now my network adapter is not working! The latest suggestion I have been
given is to restart in Last Known Good Configuration mode. If anyone can
point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

I am having problems with any type of Network Card or Network USB adapter working with my PC running Windows 7. I had a LinkSys WMP54G PCI card working on this computer about a year ago as I was needing to use a wireless connection but then I didn't use it for 6 months. When I went to use it again, it wouldn't pick up connections at all.

Thinking it was an issue with the card, I picked up a Edimax 7612UAn USB adapter thinking it should work out of the box. When I plug the USB adapter in, the standard Windows driver installation tries to run but an error message occurs stating "Device driver software was not successfully installed" accompanied by "Realtek RTL8191SU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB Failed". If I try to install the drivers manually, nothing changes and in Device Manager the following error message is displayed under Device Status "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)".

I am at a loss as to why this issue is occurring. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated because I only have so much hair left that can be torn out.

I've been getting an error saying "AMD Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered". Wile trying to troubleshoot this I notice that my Acer 8943g laptop has 2 drivers listed in device manager. One ATI Mobility Radeon and one Intel. Am I supposed to have 2 graphics cards like that? I tried uninstalling the Intel card , but Windows Update re-installed it after reboot. There has to be an answer to this. I'm just not seeing it. I hope someone can tell me what I'm supposed to do with the Intel driver. The specs call for Mobility Radeon HD 5650, but both drivers are listed in Acer's driver support. If I'm supposed to uninstall one of them please tell me how to stop it from coming back. I'm using Windows 7 HP x64.

This is what I find in dxdiag, device manager and rate my computer.
I'm running dual boot with xp pro and the card is fine in xp, everything show's up and the card is new, xfx geforce 6200 512mb ddr2 agp 8x vista certified.
The pic's below are from w7.
So far this is the only problem I have with w7, other than that it's great minus what can't be used as in aero.
It's like using a standard vga adapter, very limited.
Ant idea's?
In device manager there is a yellow triangle next to video card even though the driver is installed.

Thank's for any help.


I used the automatic update to install Windows XP Pro SP2 on my kids
computer. It has an Epox 8K5A board with an AMD 1900 XP processor. The
graphics card is an ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra with 32 MB of RAM. After the
install, there is no display adapter in the device manager. The graphics
adapter is some 60 Hz system driver.

When I try to install the driver manually from the ATI CD, it fails with a
message to try again in VGA mode. In safe mode, I cannot even attempt to
install the graphic driver using the ATI setup software. Plug and play does
not seem to be working for the driver, although the ATI utility can
correctly identify the graphics board.

It seems like SP2 is like a bad STD, I could not figure out how to roll it

Any help on getting the graphics driver to correctly install would be much



Hi Everyone

I am convinced that unless I am lucky enough to reach someone who has had this same problem .. I will never be able to fix it.

I have a Gateway GM5045E MCE PC.

It is based upon the xp pro.

It has the Nvidia GeForce 6200 Turbo Cache card. (Integrated with the onboard chip)?

Well, a little over a year ago .. The display colors went south on me.
(Washed out with the reds showing as almost black).

The pc sat in a repair shop for 2 months with everything being tried.

New video card, new and more powerful power unit, new drivers .. etc. etc.
Nothing ever worked and no solutions were ever given.

I put the pc in the closet for 6 months and then one day, on a whim, I pulled it out and did a complete destructive re-install.

It had Beautiful color again after the install .. for about a week.

I kept using it for a few weeks and .. once in a while the colors would flash back to the correct colors.

They would only stay 'correct' for a short time then revert to the washed out look.

New cables, different monitors .. all the hardware checks out.

Heres my Dilemma: From right out of the box, I could never get a display when hooking up to the 6200 card.
It's always had to run through the onboard port.

Checking in Device Manager, Belarc Advisor and Everest .. according to their stats: I have only a GeForce 6100 in the display Adapter category.
(I'm guessing that is the Northbridge Chip)?

I've tried and I can't load the GeForce 6200 driver and have no clue as to why not? (the video card is still in the pc)

As an aside: Is there a way to check the video card's "slot" with a multi-meter for power?

ANY Ideas would be Greatly Appreciated.


BTW: Two other pieces to the clue .. This has always been a Media Center 2005 Edition but my system specs now read as 2002!

A BIOS problem maybe?

I also have an "Unknown" device with a question mark beside it.

It's says Bus CardBus.
Would that be causing my problem?


I own an LG P1 Express Dual J346P laptop computer, which has the following features:
- Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7200 - 2.03Ghz, 667Mhz FSB, 4Mb L2 Cache
- 4096MB DDR2 667MHz RAM (2x2048MB - it originally had 2x512MB)
- Chipset Mobile Intel® 945PM
- Screen: 15.4" WXGA(1280x800), Fine Bright Technology
- Display: ATI® MobilityTM Radeon® X1400 HyperMemory up to 512MB

This laptop is bundled with an OEM version of XP Home and today I decided to install an MSDNAA Windows Vista Business x86 operating system.

The whole setup process is done on a weird looking GUI, at a 640x480 resolution, with a 4bpp color depth (16 colors). After the setup is finished, the resolution and color depth are still the same.

I also installed the ATI drivers provided by LG. Unfortunately this didn't work, as the ATI driver keeps saying that the drivers are not working.

I finally tried to install the official ATI/AMD catalyst drivers with the help of the Mobility Modder (a tool that allows one to install the ATI common drivers on any laptop that features an ATI graphics adapter), but that still didn't work.

According to the device manager, the graphics card isn't working because it doesn't have enough free resources (Code 12).

At this point I don't know what else to do. And that's why I need your help: is there anything I can do in order to make the graphics adapter work properly?

Best regards.

Im new here,so hello everyone. Ive just built a new PC and come back to Windows *im using W7 Home Premium* from using Ubuntu Linux and Nvidia. So quite a switch. Ive got an Asus 22" VW246.I just had my computer built *specs down below* by a custom PC company,ive contacted them and am awaiting a response,but my issue is that i dont think its recognizing my ATI Radeon HD5770.Under Display adapters in Device Manager it only lists Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.Theres no caution symbol or alerts,either. Ive tried searching for new hardware,that doesnt work. When i tried to install the driver disk that came with the PC,it says it installs correctly,and it needs to reboot.When it reboots after it says Starting Windows it shows the windows logo,and then i get a blank screen.Sometimes my mouse is present and movable. Sometimes it isnt,either way,blank screen. I have to start in safe mode and recover my PC.IVe also tried slightly over drivers,and the same thing happens. When i try to play World of Warcraft i get an error that says Suitable Display Device not found.Exiting Program. I noticed in DXDiag is says Not Available for DirectDraw,Direct 3D Accel. and AGP texture Accel.Im sure this is the issue,it must not recognize the card,so it doesnt use it? Im not sure.Ive been googling all day and i cant seem to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated,ive attached my DXdiag file. my specs are below.

AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE
Asus Crossfire iii Motherboard
4GB (2x2) Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 RAM
Corsair 750W Power Supply
ATI Radeon HD 5770

I recieved Windows 7 Ultimate yesterday from Amazon.com. I installed it and everything went perfectly fine. I downloaded the latest 64 bit video drivers for my GTX 295 CooP video card and went fine as well except I noticed that in the device manager there is a yellow esclamation point next to one of the display adapters.

I then went back to the Nvidia website and d-loaded the latest drivers for my nvidia 650i motherboard and got incompatability error messages...... One of them said it was not a 32 bit application .....and my OS system is 64 Bit .......Anyone had this problem or know how I can fix it?

I have a new acer laptop (aspire 7738G) with a Nvidia GT 130m video card with 1 GB dedicated mem.
Now, I have just installed win 7 on this laptop and since acer is kinda slow they have not yet released any working drivers for win 7.

When I look in device manager and display adapter it says: Standard VGA graphics adapter and when I look at the driver, it is a windows driver form 2006 that is installed. When I try to install the latest nvidia drivers manually, windows just says: "the best best driver software for your device is already installed" NO IT IS NOT!
I have tried to unistall this freaking driver and install the one from nvidia but it will just not work.

Please help me!

Ok so I have been working on this all day yesterday and all day so far today. I have been on the phone with Nvidia Tech Support, Windows 7 Tech Support and Dell Tech Support. With Windows 7 Tech Support remotely accessing my computer trying to figure it out, but couldn't. Anyone who can solve this riddle I would be willing to pay you $50 for the solution! haha

This originally started with having two monitors. I originally had a windows vista(i think) operating system on the computer then I downloaded the Windows 7 system last week. Since the download the device manager will not recognize my Nvidia graphics card. The only display adapters that show is an Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation- WDDM 1.1). I have tried to disable and uninstall this driver in hopes that it would detect the Nvidia card, but it doesn't detect it. I restart the computer or check for new hardware and all it does is automatically redownload the above intel one. I've tried disconnected my internet and it still automatically redownloads the above intel one. I've tried changing my system settings to where no automatic windows adjustments could be made and it still automatically downloads the intel one. I've gone into the BIOS and changed the Advance Chipset Features to the PCI-Express option. (there are only three options to chose from-Onboard, PCI & PCI express) Which one of the tech guys said to do PCI express. The graphics card is in the PCIE slot. I have inserted it and re inserted it a thousand times over, making sure it is properly seated each time. I have installed the driver on a different computer with a different operating system and it detects it and works just fine. I have downloaded the latest BIOS version to the computer then have re performed all the above things. I have gone to nvidia website and selected the correct driver to download for my graphics card, but it won't finish the download because the system won't detect the hardware on my computer. So I have saved the most up to date driver software needed for my graphics card to my desktop, which is as far as I can get with it because when I try to run the driver it stops due to not detecting my hardware. The windows 7 tech people are from the Philippines and while they are polite and nice to talk to, I don't believe anyone there is smart enough to figure this out. The only option they have suggested is to do a custom re installation of windows 7 disabling the intel card from being installed, but I don't have the time to redownload the software, back up everything, etc, as it would be an all day event. I am a pretty technologically savvy person and have tried everything I can possibly think of to fix this as well as tech support from Nvidida, Dell and Windows 7.

i have gone to the power options, change plan settings, change advanced power settings, selected the PCI Express drop down tab, then the link state power management drop down, then put the settings to off to give the PCI Express slot the most power possible since i read somewhere that it may have to do with the graphics card not getting enough power or something like that. I have literally tried everything and am at my wits end on what to do here, because the custom re installation thing is just not going to work for me.

the below or attached picture is the picture of my screen upon start up after the Dell logo, so i know my computer is detecting the graphics card, but windows 7 won't allow me to find it in my device manager in order to get my second monitor working! And the below steps it asks me to follow i have done a hundred times over with no luck...

Please, please, please help if you know how to fix this!!!

The Nvidia graphics card I have is the Geforce 210
My operating system is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz 2.19GHz
Installed Memory(RAM): 4.00 GB (2.96 usable)
System Type: 32-bit Operating System
Computer: Dell Vostro 220

Hi guys I've been read threats that are simular like mine but i can't find any solution.

I was playing fifa 11 when my computer reboot and when it starts again there was a display issues of the motherboard loader.Then my windows loaded normaly but aero effects does not work and when i pressed Screen resolution/Advanced settings/adapter/
All information status was unavaible.So i removed the graphics card and paste it again, i start the computer and there were not display issues over the model of the motherboard loader. I installed a new driver got from nvidia.com for 9800gt and everythig was working,
I start playing some game and everything freezed including the sound. I pressed the reset button because there was nothing to do and windows loaded normaly but with the same display issues and without the aero effects.
When i see the display adapter in device manager Display adapters/NVIDIA Geforce 9800Gt/Properties/Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43).

So I don't know what to do?
I will be very gratefull if somebody know anythings about this type of problem.

Hey guys I did a clean install of Windows 7 last night after Secure Erasing my two HD's using Parted Magic. I have an Alienware M14x R1...I have a SSD - Crucial M4 in the main bay and the stock HD replaced the optical drive...so two hard drives. However I have run into a few major problems:

1. I can't connect to the internet at all as my ethernet port, wireless card, network controller, pci bus - they all have yellow triangles next to them in Device Manager

2. Windows isn't recognzing my second Hard Drive even though it DID when I was installing - maybe its because I don;t have the drivers downloaded yet?

3. My Display Adapter is screwed up too - max resolution it lets me pick is 1024x768 when I have a 1600x900 screen - maybe drivers related again?

This clean install has been a major PITA, I am hesitant to do it anytime in the near future. Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated as I would rather not have to pay someone to fix this.



Hardware setup:

Dell Studio 1558 laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64-bit O/S, Intel Core i3Linksys E1200 wireless routerComcast cable modem (by Motorola)

After functioning on my home WLAN for over a year, my Dell Studio laptop suddenly refused to connect to the internet:

Via the WLANVia an ethernet cable connected to a wired port on the Linksys routerVia an ethernet cable connected directly to the Comcast cable modem

Initially the error displayed by "Troubleshoot problems" was: "DNS server not responding".

Now, after all my troubleshooting efforts, the displayed error is: "The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the Internet is broken"

All the following devices function normally on the WLAN:

Dell Latitude laptop, Win XP SP3Toshiba Satellite, Win Vista Home Premium SP2iPhone 4 (two of them)iPad 2

Other than installing Windows updates a few days before, I had not made any changes to this laptop or to my WLAN (at least none that I can think of)

I have done the following in an attempt to troubleshoot:

Searched this forum (tried most of the suggestions in the "DNS server not responding?" thread)Rebooted the PC, modem, and router (multiple times, in different sequences)Updated to the latest drivers for the DW1501 Wirelss-N WLAN Half-Mini Card to to the latest drivers for the Realtek PCIe GBE Familyh Controller to 7.61.612.2012Used "Device Manager" to uninstall both of the above, then re-added using "Scan for hardware changes"Tried to connect on a public AT&T WiFi networkInstalled a USB WiFi adapterTurned on SSID broadcastTurned off MAC filteringTurned off the McAfee firewallRan "Troubleshoot problems" after most of the above changesRebooted after most of the above changesConfirmed that "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties" was set to:- Obtain an IP address automatically- Obtain DNS server address automaticallyTried manually setting the DNS server to

I have NOT yet attempted to reinstall Windows or "restore to an earlier point in time" (not sure how to One of the threads suggests this worked, but I'll admit to being nervous about trying it!!

An suggestions for other troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I have an older computer I have upgraded to W7
I have allocated 128MB shared memory in BIOS.
I have 2GB installed RAM.
W7 reports Total Available Graphics Memory = 32MB
Device manager Display Adapter is indicating three Memory Ranges

Could this be a driver issue?????????
Unfortunately, there are no Vista or W7 drivers for this computer.

I am having a problem with the Network Connections
control panel applet not showing ANY of the interfaces
registered by windows after installing SP2 on multiple
computers. The problem shows up immediately with the
initial security center page not being able to load the

Event viewer shows a System event ID 7022 "The COM+ Event
system service hung on startup", and "The Network
Connection Service hung on startup". Both services
display a status of "Starting".

Issuing a "NETSH DIAG SHOW ADAPTER" command produces the
message: "WARNING: Could not obtain host information from
machine: [MACHINE NAME]. Some commands may not be
available. Access is denied. Network Adapters (WMI
error)". Other NETSH commands give similar error

Device manager shows no problems. I've tried deleting
the NIC in device manager and rebooting. Nothing

I get the same results in Safe mode for all of the above.

Installing a different network interface card produces
the same results as above.

The network connection works fine and IPCONFIG /ALL shows
the network adapter. I can release and renew a DHCP ip
address lease. However, this problem leaves me with no
way to manage the network interface, protocols, firewall,

This problem has appeared for seven out of seven (Dell
Optiplex) machines that we have updated to SP2. Each of
the machines had been built with a syspreped WinXPSP1
Ghost image that we have been using successfully for
several years. The current image has winxpsp1, officexp,
sav8, acrobat reader 6 (i.e. no unusual software) and a
simple security template that gives users access to a few
folders. I've tried loading the "Setup Security"
template to undo these changes. So far, nothing has
worked, and I have been unable to find any other
reference to this issue.

Any thoughts or ideas?

I posted this a few days ago and some kind people said they thought it was
faulty memory. I have replaced the memory in the machine and upgraded it to
512MB. It is very zippy but I still have the same problem. It won't load
drivers for anything. Anyone have any other suggestions? I am going to try
a clean install but am I wasting my time if it is a hardware problem?



I have a strange problem and I want to post this here just to hear people's
opinions. I don't know whether this is a software or a hardware problem.
This is the case...

Have a Dell 2400 Dimension, 2.4 Ghz, 128 MB DDR (I know, too little but I am
going to upgrade this in the process) running XP home. Anyway, I have a
problem that every time I boot the computer, it reinstalls the SAmsung CD-RW.
Goes thru the hardware config, tells me it can't find any drivers for it,
but it shows up in the device manager sometimes with the yellow exclamation
mark, sometimes not. But either way, it still works! That's the first
thing. It also shows in device manager a yellow question mark next to the
graphics card, but the graphics card is listed fine under the display adapter
and there is no display problem. I tried to reinstall the drivers from the
Dell disk and it says it can't find any drivers in the folder they extract
into even tho I can see the driver there. It gets stranger. I tried to
install an HP 1215 psc printer, and I can't install it. Again I think it is
a driver problem. The printer installs with no problem on the other machine
we have which is also a Dell with XP home so I know it's not the printer. It
too shows up in device manager with a yellow mark, when I try to point it and
manually reinstall drivers, it says it can't find any drivers. There are no
other HP products on the machine to interfere and I have installed and
reinstalled it several times with scrubbers and removal from registry. The
final thing is I plugged in a Kingston USB data traveler, it finds the device
but again it says it can't find any drivers for it. This is a plug and play
device and installs fine on the other computer. The computer doesn't seem to
be able to recognise drivers of any kind.

So, my question is, do you think this is likely a hardware problem or a
software problem? I am going to wipe and reinstall the whole system but if
it is a hardware problem, ie the motherboard dieing, I don't want to waste my
time or money buying more memory. I welcome anyone's two cents. Or possible


I'm running XP Pro SP3.

I was using a Radeon 7200 32MB card, with no problems. I recently
installed a Diamond Stealth S80 Radeon 9200SE 128MB card, and cannot
get the appropriate video drivers to install. The 9200 card displays
OK, but I can't get any drivers for it to load.

Every time I try to load the drivers I get a message box that says:

"Video Driver Not Found, Set up was unable to complete installation,
try to set up your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before
running set up."

I've done a lot of searching and tried many things but with no
success. I tried selecting the /BASEVIDEO in boot.ini in msconfig and
that did start the computer in basic video (640x480) but I still got
the same errors when trying to load the Radeon drivers.

I'm not sure if this is related, but in Device Manager: (1) there is
no Display Adapter listed (though the Radeon 9200 does appear when I
run System Information for Windows, and (2) the 'VIA CPU to AGP
Controller' shows: "This device cannot find enough free resources that
it can use. (Code 12)."

I tried to do an XP Repair and after I selected the Windows (option 1
of only 1) it asked for the Administrator password. I entered this
and it went to DOS (C:Windows). I didn't see anything there for
repair, so I went back into Windows.

Can anyone provide a solution to this problem?

Good morning. *I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Networking or Vista category. *As is so often the case with idiosyncratic system behavior, I suspect that Vista may be at the root of the problem, so it seems appropriate to place it here.

I have an HP Pavilion pc, with Vista Home Premium, version 6.

I experienced a loss of internet connectivity a few days ago.* An ISP tech connected me to a new v LAN, which required a new IP address. *

I entered the new info (IP address and Default gateway) in the Local Area Connection "Properties" window, but still could not connect.* I looked at the Local Area Connection "Details" window, and saw that it displayed the old IP address info.* I went back into the "Properties" window, and saw that the Default gateway fields were blank. *

After some trial and error, I established an odd work-around, but it is effective only until I log off or reboot.* I was able to get connected by re-entering the new Default gateway in the "Properties" window, then going to the "Advanced TCP/IP Settings" window, removing the new IP address from the list.* This left the old IP address as the only address in the list.* I then re-added the new IP address, which put it second on the address list (under the old address).* In the "Details" window, the IP address and Default gateway info was then correct. * I saved these changes, and was able to connect to the Internet.

Again, the aforementioned settings changes will be lost upon log-off or shut-down. Once logged back in, the Local Area Connection info reflects the old IP address info again.

The only other clue I observed was that on the first day that I tried the new IP address, an installation progress window appeared a couple of times, indicating that an attempt to install an *"Unidentified" item was being made.* Later, a failure message appeared indicating that driver(s) for the Microsoft 6to4 Adapter had failed to install.

I went to the Device Manager, clicked on the referenced Adapter, and the "Properties" window indicated that the device was not working properly.* I uninstalled that adapter, and then installed another (I found Microsoft 6to4 Adapter in the"Add legacy hardware" list.) The "Properties" window for the new adapter indicates that it is working properly.

This did not fix the problem.* I think that the adapter I installed may be an older version than the one I removed - the newly-installed one has a Driver Date of 6/21/2006.* The one I removed may have come from an Update. *(I checked the available Windows Updates, but there was none for an adapter.)

Could the problem with IP address info be related to this Microsoft 6to4 Adapter?* If so, could/should I get a more recent version?* Can this be downloaded from somewhere?

If the adapter is not the culprit, what else might be?

Thank you for any input.


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